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1 May 2008


DATE:          May 1, 2008


TO:              All Employees


FROM:         Allyson Barker

                    Pam Findley


SUBJECT:    Accounts Payable/Purchasing Update


Please note the following procedure changes and reminders concerning the purchasing process and vendor payments. 


Procedure Changes


§         Purchase requisitions will be deleted from the system after two months with no approval.


§         A copy of an approved Out of State Travel form must be sent to purchasing as approval documentation for airline ticket purchases or conference registrations.


§         Any documentation attachments must be mailed or e-mailed to the Office of Purchasing or Accounts Payable as opposed to being faxed.  Many of the faxed copies are difficult or impossible to read.


§         When a new vendor is requested, a Banner student number or employee number must be included if applicable to avoid duplications within the Banner system.  Name changes for students must be processed through the Registrar’s Office and name changes for employees must be processed through the Office of Human Resources.


§         Requisitions for membership payments require the approval of the appropriate vice president as per JSU Policy IV:03:06.


§         When entering a requisition for capitalized equipment (account code 76001), the entire cost of the asset must be entered in one line (price, shipping cost, etc.).  Each piece of capitalized equipment must be on a separate requisition (cannot have two pieces of equipment on one requisition).





·        When entering a requisition, be sure to use the correct vendor address sequence if a vendor has more than one address.


·        Two copies of documentation (such as lists, quotes, etc.) should be sent for those purchase requisitions referencing attachments.  One copy is needed for the vendor copy of the purchase order and one copy is needed for the file copy of the purchase order.


·        Please remember to advance the delivery date ahead one month when entering a requisition.


·        A State of Alabama Disclosure statement is required for all purchase orders in the amount of $5,000 or more.  The Disclosure Statement is sent out with the purchase order.  A completed statement must be received in Accounts Payable in order for payment to be processed.


·        Budget managers must sign the receiving copy of the purchase order when an order has been received complete and forward to the Accounts Payable Office.


·        Budget managers must approve requisitions electronically in order for the requisition to be processed into a purchase order.


·        Please include any special instructions/information (bid numbers, instructions to prepay, etc.) for requisitions in document text. 


·        There is no authority for a purchase to be made until a purchase order has been signed by the Director of Purchasing.   Entering a requisition or having a purchase order number is not sufficient.


Thank you for your assistance.  If you have questions, please call Allyson Barker at extension 5002 or Pam Findley at extension 5152.


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