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4 April 2008
Academe Features Forensic Science Program "CSI: The Real Thing"

Mark Hopwood, Director, Jacksonville Forensic Laboratory, Alabama Dept. of Forensic Sciences, and an expert in forensic science, will present "CSI: The Real Thing," at the Tuesday, April 8, meeting of Academe. The meeting will be held in 1101C Houston Cole Library beginning at 3:15 p.m. and is open to the public.

Mr. Hopwood will discuss the actual capabilities of a working forensics lab and will show that everything about crime solving is not as easy is it is made to seem on television.

Mr. Hopwood holds both bachelor's and master's degrees in forensic science from the University of Alabama-Birmingham and an MPA from Jacksonville State University. Be sure to mark Tuesday afternoon on your calendar to come hear about what makes a crime lab tick.

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