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11 March 2008

Volunteers Needed
for United Way Day of Caring

Roll up your sleeves, JSU. It's time to gather at Jacksonville Day Care Center for the United Way Day of Caring!

After teams worked in intense summer temperatures on the Day of Caring for the past two years, organizers moved the date of this year's work day to March 28. Although this earlier date means less time to recruit volunteers, campus coordinators are confident that JSU employees and students will step up and meet this need.

This year, the JSU team will gather at the Day Care Center, 620 Gardner Drive, S.E., at 8 a.m. to get started on this year's wish list. Some of our tasks for this year include putting up shelves, building a puppet house, putting up a soundboard for noise control in the lunchroom and cleaning up the play yards.

As always, volunteers will receive free lunch on-site, and the time spent on the site will not count against their annual leave.

Please plan to join the JSU team for this worthwhile endeavor. Many hands make the work lighter!

If you would like to volunteer or have questions, please contact Joe Whitmore at ext. 8555 or via e-mail at; or Angie Finley at ext. 8144 or via e-mail at

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