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18 February 2008

Steve Kines:  Production Technician
for JSU's Television Services

Steve Kines

A new scoreboard at Paul Snow Stadium, a new look for “Inside Gamecock Athletics,” and a new show all about JSU means a new staff person for JSU’S Television Services. Mr. Steve Kines began this new position as Production Technician by being trained to operate and program content into the Daktronics ProStar Video Display Screen at Paul Snow Stadium.

The control room for the scoreboard is located in a windowless room in the bottom of the east stands. On game day, Mr. Kines and Television Services engineer, Mr. Ted White, are busy with all the bells and whistles, not to mention animated graphics, videos, commercials and JSU ads, and sound effects that make the game day experience enjoyable. Television feeds from a production truck outside the stadium allows them to show instant replays and fan-oriented features. It is much like running an entirely separate TV broadcast.

Mr. Kines also hit the ground running by being responsible for producing “Inside Gamecock Athletics.” This television program is created weekly during football season. The program features highlights from the football games, comments from Head Coach Jack Crowe, and interviews with JSU football players. “Inside Gamecock Athletics” can be seen during football season on TV24. The program may also be seen on the College Sports Southeast (CSS) Channel. CSS is a 24-hour regional sports network serving approximately 8.5 million cable subscribers across 11 southeastern states and is based in Atlanta.

Mr. Kines and the TV Services staff are working on plans to produce a new show starting in the spring of 2008. This new show will be about current events happening at JSU. If all that were not enough to keep Steve busy, he will also be providing technical assistance to the Communication Department.

Source: College of Education and Professional Studies, Annual Report - Passport to Success 2006-2007.

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