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31 January 2008
CAST Presents Dearly Beloved

CAST's production of the comedy Dearly Beloved is coming to the JSU/McClellan Theatre in February. Twink Futrelle (Denise Davis) wants to convince her boyfriend of 15 years to marry her; she's not doing too well with the endeavor. Her sister, Frankie (Kathy Ewing), keeps talking to their dead mother, which is weirding everyone out. Another sister, Honey Raye (Debby Tyson), tends to get married on a regular basis.

Meet the Futrelle sisters, the center of the comedy Dearly Beloved. Set in the Texas town of Fayro, these three sisters meet and mingle with the other, slightly off-center residents of the town over the course of one hectic day - the wedding of Frankie's daughter (Erin Mahaffey). Of course, the weddin's wheels start coming off quickly, which makes for a "day" of hilarious fun!

The cast also includes JSU employees Mike Stedham and Glenn Davenport. Rounding out the cast are Lolly Payne, Mike Crosby, Matt Burleigh, Suzanne Payne and Pati Tiller.

Performances are 8 p.m. February 7-9 and February 14 - 16 and 2:30 p.m. February 10 and 17 at JSU/McClellan Theatre, 1000 Gamecock Drive, McClellan. For more information, call 820-2278.

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