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22 January 2008
JSU Peer Educators & CCS
Sponsor Tobacco Awareness Day

Jacksonville State University Peer Educators and Counseling & Career Services will be sponsoring “Tobacco Awareness Day” Wednesday, January 30.

Peer Educators and CCS Counselors will be in the 2nd floor lobby of the TMB from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. with general information about tobacco as well as facts and figures on tobacco use. There will be a special presentation at 3:00 p.m. in TMB room 303 by Coretta Grant, LBSW, Tobacco Prevention and Control Coordinator.

The Bacchus Network reports the following facts and figures at

  • 28.2% of college students indicated using tobacco (cigarettes, chew, or snuff) in the past 30 days. (2005 Core Survey)
  • Smoking just four cigarettes can give a person a 90% chance of becoming addicted.
  • Smoking causes more deaths in the U.S. than AIDS, automobile accidents, homicides, suicides, drug overdoses and fires combined.

Peer Educators encourage everyone to come out to Tobacco Awareness Day and learn more about tobacco and its impact on our campus community.


Counseling and Career Services sponsors a variety of workshops and events designed to assist students in their career, education, and personal development. These programs are provided free of charge to members of the JSU community.

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