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8 January 2008

Phi Delta Kappa Presents Address
on Classroom Teaching Model
Featuring Discipline without Stress Approach

Dr. Marvin Marshall

Marvin Marshall of Cypress, California, will visit the JSU Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa on Tuesday, January 22, 2008, to make two presentations concerning discipline in the classroom—"Discipline without Stress, Punishments, or Rewards”—to Kappans, teacher education students, and faculty. The Phi Delta Kappa Educational Foundation is sponsoring his visit to JSU under its Traveling Scholars program.

Dr. Stan Easton is leading local planning and arrangements for Dr. Marshall’s presentations. Dr. Easton says Dr. Marshall's first presentation is in the early afternoon beginning at 1:30 p.m. at the Theron Montgomery Building auditorium primarily for undergraduate teacher education students and faculty. There will be limited seating at this session. The second presentation is in the evening beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the Theron Montgomery Building auditorium for graduate students, Kappans, and area educators and is open to all. Both presentations are free to the public.

Dr. Marshall is the developer of a discipline and learning system based on concepts from Stephen Covey, William Glasser, W. Edwards Deming, and Abraham Maslow. He is a staff development consultant whose professional experience includes classroom teaching, school counseling, and school administration at the elementary, middle, secondary, and district levels.

Marshall says his approach to student discipline is “totally non-coercive, yet not permissive.”

In addition to numerous presentations across the United States, Marshall has appeared in thirteen foreign countries and publishes a monthly electronic newsletter with over 13,000 subscribers. For more information about Dr. Marshall, visit his Webpage at

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