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25 June 2007
President's Radio Show Features Dr. Harry Holstein
JSU Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology
June 25 - June 29

Dr. Harry Holstein, Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology, Jacksonville State University, is featured on the President's Radio Show this week. Dr. Holstein talks about the Archaeology Resource Laboratory and current research covering such local phenomenon as the Shelton Mounds and Wall Complex project consisting of over 138 stone mounds and nearly 14 or 15 stone walls situated along a steep slope of Choccolocco Mountain overlooking White's Gap. The lab is also working on a site featuring a snake serpentine of rock built into the slope of a mountain 1,000 ft. above the flood plain overlooking the city of Anniston. Current belief is that Woodland Indians created these and there is some religious and commemorative link to these works of stone.

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