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27 June 2007
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of Little River Canyon Center
Construction Site

Little River Canyon, DeKalb County

June 27, 2007


Like the new sign says, JSU’s Little River Canyon Center is “Now Under Construction.”

Since the successful June 11th Ground Breaking, over 300 truckloads of dirt have been brought in and compacted to create an elevated foundation for the 25,000 square foot building. With this fill, the building’s floor has been raised nearly 10 feet, allowing for an even more dramatic back view of the rolling hills and farmland.

The construction site is bustling with activity. Trucks, bulldozers and backhoes have filled the site, moving earth on the hot, dry and dusty hillside. The forest separating Highway 35 and the building has been carefully cleared while protecting 100% of the large hardwoods that will provide shade in the Center’s parking areas.



Countless stakes now mark the surrounding driveways and building perimeter. Additionally, tons of rebar are being tied and prepared for Friday, June 29, when a parade of cement trucks will begin to pour footings for the floor.

            Throughout the next 18 months of construction, periodic trips and tours of the site will be arranged for the public, JSU faculty, staff and students. If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact the Environmental Policy and Information Center at 256-782-8010 to be included when such events occur.

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