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26 June 2007
The Chanticleer Staff Issues Annual Summer Edition
Introducing New Students to Life at JSU

In their column entitled "Letter from the Staff," The Chanticleer staff addresses incoming students:

Fellow students,

Hello there.

Chances are you have received all the advice you can handle at this point. "Get involved," "Don't waste your dad's money," "Make the most of your opportunities," and so forth. So allow me this opportunity to not do that to you anymore. Instead, I'll just try to explain what exactly this is that you are holding in your hands.

Each summer, the incumbent staff of JSU's student newspaper, The Chanticleer, puts together a paper designed to introduce new students to life at JSU. However, this year's version is a little different.

For one, we no longer referred to this paper as The Abstract. We all agreed that the title was, well, a little abstract. Instead we gave it the placeholder name of Orientation 2007, and it kind of stuck. Our hope is that next summer's staff won't also refer to their paper as Orientation 2007, and will come up with something a little more creative (and less abstract).

Inside you will find articles from us and some of our student reporters. Please know that you are all invited to come and write for The Chanticleer. Just come by Self Hall, room 180. We are always looking for unique student perspectives.

From all of us here at The Chanticleer, we welcome you to JSU. Make the most of it.

Kevin Jeffers
Managing Editor
The Chanticleer
A sampling of articles in this issue include:
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