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7 May 2007

JSU Field Trips K-12 Adventures:
Jacksonville High School

More than 100 JHS students enjoyed an adventure at Coleman Lake last month by visiting unique learning stations led by Dr. Frank Romano (JSU Biology Dept.), Dr. Chris Murdock (JSU Biology Dept.), Bobby Floyd (JSU Graduate Student), Greg Scull (JSU Student), Chris Raney (USFS), Jeff Gardner (USFS) and Renee Morrison (JSU Field Schools). The instructors overheard the following comments:
  • "I didn't know we had places like THIS so close to Jacksonville!"

  • "Can I hold that snake?"

  • "Look! There is a goose sitting on a nest!"

  • "I hear a that a Red-cockaded woodpecker?"

  • "Look at the size of that long leaf pine cone!"

  • "How can I become a biologist?"

  • "We want to come to JSU next year and study science."

  • "Can we volunteer for the field schools?"

  • "Do we HAVE to leave now?"

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