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7 May 2007

JSU Field Schools Treat Saks Elementary Gifted Class to a Naturalist Adventure

One Lovely Spring Day, Two Dedicated Biologists, Three Unique Stations and Saks Elementary Gifted Program!

Ms. Jill Brooks, teacher at Saks Elementary, has enjoyed almost every program that JSU Field Schools has to offer...she has hiked the deepest canyon, climbed the highest mountain, snorkeled in the freshwater streams, paddled down the creeks, and much more.

"Ms. Brooks is the COOLEST teacher ever!" according to her third graders. Her class enjoyed her stories of adventure so much that she called Renee Morrison and asked for a special program known as a Naturalist Adventure...and WHAT an adventure it was...tadpoles, insects that look like sticks, snapping turtles, leaping frogs, slimy salamanders, unnatural trail scavenger hunts, wildflowers, habitat identification, and the grand finale?

A wild hognose snake laying across the trail...when Dr. Murdock and Dr. Rayburn (JSU Biology Department) captured it, the children were delighted by its incredible act of feigning death!

"This is the best time I've ever had," said Oliver with sparkling eyes and an ear-to-ear grin!

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