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17 April 2007
VPASA Quarterly Report to Board of Trustees



APRIL 16, 2007






Department of Military Science

JSU was saddened by the tragic death of U.S. Army Captain Donnie Ray Belser Jr. who was killed in action in Iraq on February 10, 2007.  Captain Belser graduated from JSU in 2001 with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and is the first JSU ROTC alumnus killed in action supporting the Nation’s Global War on Terror.  Captain Belser is survived by his wife Marshawn and their children Morgan and Myles. 


The Army ROTC program at Jacksonville State University is on track to exceed its 2007 commissioning mission of 17 lieutenants for the United States Army.  


We are completing final preparations to send 30 of our cadets to leadership development activities across the U.S. this summer.  Opportunities will include the Leader Development and Assessment Course at Fort Lewis, WA, Army Nurse Training at Madigan Medical Center at Fort Lewis, WA, the Leader Training Course at Fort Knox, KY, Airborne School at Fort Benning, GA, and Air Assault School at Fort Campbell, KY. 


The Department of Military Science planned and hosted a rigorous 4-day joint field training exercise March 8-11, 2007 on Fort McClellan.  The exercise included 280 cadets and faculty members from seven Senior ROTC programs throughout the state of Alabama.  This was the culminating training event for the semester as our cadets prepare for summer training.  


Other highlights for the quarter include a January 2007 land navigation exercise on Fort McClellan, a February 2007 Military Ball, a March 2007 battlefield staff ride at the Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield, and dozens of individual recruiting events marketing JSU’s Army ROTC program.


Department of Art

Dr. Karen Henricks, Ms. Diana Cadwallader, and Mr. Doug Clark attended the 2007 College Art Association Conference in New York in February.


Dr. Karen Henricks presented lectures in January and March as part of the Auburn University Center for Arts and Humanities Series.


JSU Department of Art presented the annual Juried Student Show in February.

Department of Biology

Mr. Brian C. Small and Dr. Christopher A. Murdock.  Seasonal Pituitary mRNA Expression of Steroidogenic Factor-1 and a Splice-Variant during Ovarian Steroidogenesis and Development in Channel Catfish, Ictalurus punctatus. Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Meeting (Jan. 3-7, 2007)


Dr. Robert Carter.  Lyme Disease: cause and effects.  Wilderness First Responders.  (February 23, 2007)


Ms. Misty Chapman, Dr. Mark Meade, Dr. Benjie Blair, and Dr. C. P. Olander.  Some effects of phloxine B on Tetrahymena pyriformis in vitro. 


Mr. Jason Whisante and Dr. James Rayburn.  The Developmental Toxicity of Hand Soap to Palaemonetes pugio embryos.


Mr. Kelli Hudson, Ms. Wendy Gregory and Dr. Safaa Al-Hamdani.  The Relation Between High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and Occular Impairment.


Ms. Wendy Gregory, Ms. Kelli Hudson and Dr. Safaa Al-Hamdani.  Assesment of Hygiene Practice and Proper Utilization of Contact Lens Among College Students Mr. R. Tyler Greer, Mr. Jonathon Adams, and Dr. Frank A. Romano III. Water quality and habitat assessment of Cathy's Creek, Cleburne County, Alabama.


Mr. Robert Dafoe and Dr. Frank A. Romano III.  A seasonal transect survey of Leaf litter tardigrade communities from a Gulf of Mexico barrier island (Dauphin Island, Alabama).


Ms. Amanda Henderson, Dr. Mijitaba Hamissou and Dr. Nagarajan Vasumathi.  Investigating the Activities of â-Glucosidase and Insulin Potentiating Factor (IPF) in Bitter Gourd (Momordica charantia) Proteins.


Mr. Clifford J. Webb and Dr. George Cline.  Efficacy of leaf litter refugium bags for sampling adult streamside salamanders (Caudata:Plethodontidae). Ms. Sara E. Viernum, Dr. Benjie Blair and Dr. George Cline.  Aeromonas Hydrophila skin infections in the green salamander, Aneides aeneus, from Northeastern Alabama.


Mr. Clifford Webb – best student paper.


Mr. Robert Dafoe – honorable mention for best student paper.


Ms. Janet E. Roberts, Dr. Mijitaba Hamissou, and Dr. David R. Whetstone, Jacksonville State University.  A taxonomic analysis of Prunus Serotina and P. Alabamensis (var.) using molecular techniques. 


Dr. James R. Rayburn, Dr. George Cline, and Cliff Web, Jacksonville State University.  Snorkel/scuba survey of historic hellbender streams (What to do when hellbenders don’t come?)..


Mr. R. Tyler Greer, Jonathon Adams, and Dr. Frank A. Romano, III, Jacksonville State University.  Water quality and habitat assessment of Cathy's Creek, Cleburne County, Alabama. 


Dr. George Cline and Dr. Robert Carter.  Jacksonville State University.  Analysis of selected southeastern herpetological communities. 


Ms. Wendy M Gregory, Kelli N Hudson, and Dr. Safaa H. Al-Hamdani. Jacksonville State University.  Assessment of hygiene practice and proper utilization of contact lenses among college students. 


Dr. Chris A Murdock, Brian C. Small, Lelania Bilodeau, and Brian C. Peterson. Jacksonville State University; USDA-ARS Catfish Genetics Research Unit.  Analysis of commonly used reference genes for quantitative real-time PCR studies in channel catfish. 


Ms. Misty A. Chapman, Dr. Mark E. Meade, Dr. Benjie G. Blair, and Dr. C. P. Olander.  Jacksonville State University.  Further evaluation of the effect of the photodynamic dye phloxine B on the growth of Tetrahymena pyriformis in vitro. 


Ms. Sara E. Viernum, Dr. Benjie Blair, and Dr. George Cline.  Jacksonville State University.  Aeromonas hydrophila skin infections in the green salamander, Aneides aeneus, from Northeastern Alabama.


Mr. Clifford J. Webb and Dr. George R. Cline.  Jacksonville State University.  efficacy of leaf litter refugium bags for sampling adult streamside salamanders (Caudata:Plethodontidae). 


Ms.Bernice Moser, Dr. James R. Rayburn, Dr. George Cline, and Dr. Mijitaba Hamissou.  Jacksonville State University.  A preliminary analysis of a novel assay for vitellogenin in Xenopus laevis plasma.   Ms. Jasmine M Olander, Mr. Matthew English, Mr. Lei Xie, and Ms. Jianhua Zhang.  Jacksonville State University; University of Alabama, Birmingham.  Novel mouse models for studying epilepsy and excitotoxicity.  


Mr. Kaci L Rodgers, Dr. James R Rayburn, Dr. George Cline, and Dr. Mijitaba Hamissou, Jacksonville State University.  A preliminary comparison of freshwater jellyfish, marine jellyfish and sea anemone. 


Mr. Justin B Whisante, and Dr. James R Rayburn, Jacksonville State University. The developmental toxicity of hand soap to Palaemonetes pugio embryos. 


The Biology Department has 25 presentations accepted at the ASB conference.


Dr. Christopher A. Murdock, Dr. Benjie Blair, Dr. LaJoyce Debro, and Dr. Mark Meade SmartSystem Real-time PCR Laboratory Collaborative Grant.  Cepheid, Inc.  $71,995


Dr. Christopher A. Murdock.  Identification and characterization of gonadotropins in snakes.  JSU Faculty Research Grant.  $2,995

Department of Criminal Justice

Dr. Ron Mellen presented a paper before the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences in Seattle in March on “Cranial Electrotherapy as a Treatment for Stress in Sheriff Deputies and Jail Security Staff.”


Ms. Nancy Mellen presented her paper on “Demographic Data as a Predictor of Scores on Three Psychological Inventories for Jail Security Staff,” also at the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.


Dr. Richards Davis also presented a paper to the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences in Seattle on “Gambling Loophole Games: Alabama as a Case Study,” and chaired a panel there.


The CJ Department hosted its annual Career Fair on the 7th of March with an excellent turn-out of students and state and local criminal justice agencies.


Amanda Kaye Stephens Freeman, an undergraduate CJ major, was the recipient of a $1,500 award to participate in the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences conference in Seattle.  The award came from a gift of Mr. Ed Nevala.


Drs. Vance McLaughlin and Richard Kania were sworn as deputies in the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department where they will be providing training for the officers of the department.

Department of Drama

In February Seussical had a successful run with 2280 in attendance.


A license has been granted for the production of Fiddler on the Roof.  It was first presented in 1993.


When Les Miserables finishes its run, the department is hoping to be granted a license for this production

Department of English

Mr. Don Noble filmed three segments of the APT series Bookmarks in conjunction with the On the Brink conference.  English department faculty arranged for this, and JSU is recognized in the opening segment of each show.


Dr. Margo E. Bond Collins edited Before the Count:  Early Vampire Tales, 1732-1897, Zittaw Press, forthcoming; contracted for editing The Dime-Novel Vampire:  Nineteenth-Century American Vampire Mysteries, Zittaw Press, forthcoming and is the Book Review Editor, The Eighteenth-Century Novel, AMS Press.


She also gave the following papers:  “Feminine Violence in the British Long Eighteenth Century” Alabama Historical Association, February, Jacksonville AL, “Writing Gender in Haywood’s Jemmy and Jenny Jessamy,” South-Central Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (SCSECS), February, Tulsa OK, and “‘The blood ran down like rain’:  Feminine Violence in Eighteenth-Century England,” American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (ASECS), forthcoming, March, Atlanta GA.


She chaired:  “Women Writing Women” (SCSECS), “Eighteenth-Century Theater” (SCSECS), and “Women in and of the World in the Long Eighteenth Century” (SCSECS).


She completed a Noel Foundation Fellowship:  Fellowships include a $500 travel stipend and “star treatment” at the Noel Collection, a unique collection of rare printed materials from the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries and contracted to write five book reviews for The Eighteenth-Century:  A Current Bibliography.


She was also elected President of the Mid-Western American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies and Vice-President of the South-Central Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies.


She accompanied two JSU graduate students to the South-Central Society conference, where they presented papers for her Fall 2006 graduate-level Eighteenth-Century Novels course.

Dr. Randall Davis served as discussion leader for the Sixteenth Annual Literature and Medicine Retreat, held in Prattville, AL, on January 27-28, 2007. This annual retreat is sponsored by the Alabama Chapter of the American College of Physicians. Works discussed included Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, David Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross, poetry by Philip Larkin, and short stories by Eudora Welty.

Dr. Teresa Reed, Associate Professor, has taught two service-learning classes during the 2006-2007 academic year. Service learning requires that volunteering be part of the curriculum of a class. The experiences volunteering serve as the basis for the students’ main grades during the semester. Students must complete various types of assignments that encourage them to reflect on their experiences and then write about them, integrating experiences from the service experience with information, guidelines, and expectations of the classroom as well as with other classes & experiences.

Evidence indicates that service learning allows students to do better work. Students often raise grade point averages, develop writing skills and critical thinking more quickly, have a better understanding about activism and how lines of race and class can divide, and take on leadership roles they might not have considered otherwise. Because service-learning courses can relate the subject matter of courses to the real world, students are more likely to be excited by that subject matter and retain it.

Over the past two semesters, students from Dr. Reed’s freshman composition courses have volunteered at the following locations: Be Latino, Retired Senior Volunteer Program (where students helped with an adult literacy program), Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore, Meals on Wheels, Anniston Soup Bowl, The English Language Institute, Kitty Stone Elementary School, and Jacksonville Health & Rehabilitation, a local nursing home.

The Southern Playwrights Competition (15th year) winner is being selected.

The Annual Holocaust Remembrance will be April 5, 2007 (24th year), Stone Center Theater, Dr. Eugen Schoenfeld, survivor.

The "Imagining the Holocaust" writing competition (7th year) is being judged. Entries from middle and high schools are from around the state. The winners are submitted to the Alabama Holocaust Commission competition.

Dr. Steven Whitton gave the following papers:  "The Salesman as American Literary Archetype" Theatre in the Mind Lecture for Alabama Shakespeare Festival March 10, 2007, and "Miller's Death of a Salesman" for Shelby County Public Library Series March 29, 2007.

Department of History and Foreign Languages

In February, 2007, the Department of History and Foreign Languages and Jacksonville State University hosted the annual meeting of the Alabama Historical Association here on campus. Dr. George Lauderbaugh, president of the AHA, coordinated the meeting. At the gathering Dr. Paul Beezley, Assistant Professor of History, presented a paper titled “Confederate Monuments and Claiming Space”; Dr. Llew Cook, Associate Professor of History, discussed his work with JSU ROTC students in a session on“ Conducting ‘Staff Rides’ of Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield for Future Army Officers”; Dr. Tamara Levi, Assistant Professor of History, spoke on “Fighting Women in the American Revolution and Civil War”; Dr. Donald Prudlo, Assistant Professor of History, presented a paper on “Medieval Christian Conceptions of Martyrdom”; and Dr. Russel Lemmons, spoke on “Germany’s Eternal Son: Ernst Thalmann."

At the graduate student session three JSU history majors presented papers. Brian Reed on “Big Jim Folsom & Alabama Constitutional Reform”; Loren Girman on “Mantle of Glory: Cardinal Gil Alvarez Carillo de Albornoz and the Conquest of the Papal States, 1353-1367"; and Jeff Kretzchmar, “Marshall Ney and the Summer of 1812.”

Dr. Llew Cook, Associate Professor of History, presented “Austria’s Alliance with Napoleon for the Invasion of Russia, 1812,” at the annual meeting of the Consortium on the Revolutionary Era, 1750-1850. As History Club advisor he chaperoned the group on a trip to Horseshoe Bend Battlefield, the historic sites in Montgomery, and a play at the Shakespeare Festival.

Mr. Jason Gurner, Instructor of History, spoke to the History Club on “From Celts to Christians to Patriots: Celebrating Irish History & Legacy.”

Dr. Russel Lemmons, Professor of History, presented a paper titled “’Out of your sacrificial death grows our socialist deed’: Ernst Thalmann, the Antifascism Myth, and Buchenwald Concentration Camp” at a conference on “Propaganda and the Mass Media in the Making of Cold War Europe," which was held at University College, Dublin, Ireland. He also spoke on “Resistance in Buchenwald Concentration Camp” at a seminar on the Holocaust at Shorter College in Rome, Georgia.

Dr. George Lauderbaugh, Associate Professor of History, published “German and American Rivalry in Ecuador during World War II” in SECOLAS Annals, the journal of the South East Council of Latin American Studies.

Dr. Harvey H. Jackson, Professor of History, took part in the conference titled “They Call Us Storytellers: A Celebration of Narrative Writing,” that was sponsored by The Anniston Star, The Knight Foundation, and the Society of Professional Journalism. He spoke on the “Non-Fiction Narrative.” He continues to serve on the editorial board of The Anniston Star and write a weekly column on southern politics and culture. 

Dr. Donald Prudlo, Assistant Professor of History, delivered an invited lecture on “The Inquisition: Separating Fact from Fiction” at Holy Spirit College, in Atlanta.

Institute for Emergency Preparedness

The Institute for Emergency Preparedness (IEP) once more continues to grow academically as well as serve the region through contractual emergency planning services and community and scholarly activities. 

Academic Programs:

BS-Emergency Management and MS-Emergency Management programs continue to exceed Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE) viability standards in both enrollment and program completion projections.  

The post-implementation report for the BS-Emergency Management program, due March 1, 2007, illustrated that all program projection goals and graduate employment standards have been met.  This report will be included on the next ACHE agenda in June 2007.  Although this revised deadline occurred during the fifth full year of the program’s implementation, rather than upon completion of the fifth full year of the program, nevertheless, all enrollment and program completion projections were exceeded.  Likewise, survey results established the employment status of 80% of graduates, and of these individuals, 93.9% indicated that they had acquired emergency management related employment.  This, too, exceeds the 75% standard set by ACHE.

Undergraduate and graduate Emergency Management course enrollment numbers/head counts show an overall increase between Spring 2006 and Spring 2007 term comparisons as follows:  on average, undergraduate emergency management course enrollment/head counts increased 8.1%, and graduate enrollment/head counts increased 11.7%.  Introductory undergraduate and graduate course enrollment numbers, in particular, show a significant increase as follows:  EM 301 Introduction to Disaster Management increased by 32.8%, and EM 505 Foundations of Emergency Management increased by 10%.  Most other emergency management course enrollment numbers also show a significant increase in enrollment numbers for the specified time-frame.

IEP Faculty and Staff Contractual Services:

During this reporting time-frame, the IEP has completed 3 contracts, has 5 on-going contracts and has 1 contract proposal pending approval. 

Three completed contracts totaling $312,211.00.

Medical Coordinator for Alabama CSEPP, ADPH (FY04).   IEP will continue to work with ADPH to provide medical planning and guidance for the six CSEPP counties in Alabama under other contracts noted below; however, the FY04 portion of this work totaling $251,556.00 has been completed.

Smallpox and Influenza Vaccine Pandemic Planning, Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH). IEP administered courses on smallpox/influenza vaccination and pandemic planning for this completed contract totaling $49,890.00.

Autauga County Emergency Management Agency.  IEP developed and presented pandemic flu and school terrorism tabletop and school terrorism functional exercises for this completed contract totaling $10,765.00.

Four on-going contracts totaling $775,496.00:

Medical Coordinator for Alabama CSEPP, ADPH.   IEP will continue to work with ADPH to provide medical planning and guidance for the six CSEPP counties in Alabama with FY06 and FY05 (reallocated) contracts totaling $739,576.00.

Center for the Study of High Consequence Event Preparedness and Response, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Johns Hopkins University Consortium.  The consortium will establish a Center for the Study of High Consequence Event Preparedness and Response, and work will occur over three years.  JSU will assist in the development of emergency preparedness awareness courses during the first year.  JSU’s contract for the first year is $15,420.00.

Clarke County Emergency Management Agency.  IEP will develop and present a full scale exercise with this contract totaling $10,500.00

Cleburne County Emergency Management Agency.  IEP will develop and present a tabletop and a full scale exercise with this contract totaling $10,000.00.

The IEP has one proposed contract to continue as medical coordinator for Alabama CSEPP, ADPH for FY 07 for $91,400.00.  This will involve JSU-IEP continuing to work with ADPH to provide medical planning and guidance for the six CSEPP counties in Alabama.

Faculty and Staff Scholarly and Community Activities:

Dr. Barry Cox:

Appointed as Educational Representative on the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International Standards Development Committee (SDC).  APCO has been accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to develop national standards for telecommunicator training and education. March 2007.

Meeting with Johns Hopkins University for “The National Center for the Study of Preparedness and Catastrophic Event Response (PACER) Contract”: Baltimore, MD:  March 2007.

Conference exhibition:  “Alabama Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) State Conference.”  Orange Beach, AL:  April 2007.

Conference exhibition:  “Mississippi Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) Conference.”  Tupelo, MS:  April 2007.

Dr. Bill Lowe:

Conference Presentation:  "Career Development and Mentoring." Fire Service Leadership Conference - "Going for the Gold" sponsored by the Women Chief Fire Officers' Association: Chicago, IL: November 2006.

Conference Presentation:  "Developing Partnerships with Fire Departments and Emergency Medical Services for Achieving Business Continuity Success." Business Continuity Insights Conference: New Orleans, Louisiana. Accepted for presentation.

Conference Presentation:  "Establishing Command" of YOUR Career Development to Achieve Fire Service Success!" International Association of Fire Chiefs' Conference: Atlanta, Georgia, Accepted for presentation.

Conference Presentation:  “Leadership Principles and Practices for Putting Plans into Action,” International Association of Emergency Managers Annual Conference: Orlando, Florida.November 2006.

Conference Presentation:  "Officer Development: Personnel Handling Skills" International Association of Fire Chiefs' Conference: Atlanta, Georgia, Accepted for presentation.

Lowe, W.  "An American Fire Officer's Journey Across 'The Pond!'" Firehouse Magazine, Accepted for publication.

Lowe, W.  "Vehicle Accident with Entrapment: Start a Physician to the Scene!" Fire Engineering Magazine, Accepted for publication.

Lowe, W., and C. Kearns.  Disasters and People with Disabilities. Journal of Emergency Management:  January/February 2007.

Dr. Jeff Ryan, A. W. Kirchner, J. G. Glarum, J. Davey, M. Lavender, D. George, M. Abernathy, A. Knight, H. Horn, M. Castillo, and F. M. Cain.  2006. "Training the Nation’s Responders for Pandemic Influenza:  A Department of Homeland Security Planning and Preparedness Initiative."  Journal of Emergency Management.  November/December: 4 (6) 1-7.

Wortmann, G. W., L. P. Hochberg, B. A. Arana, N. R. Rizzo, F. Arana and J. R. Ryan.  2007. "Diagnosis of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Guatemala Using a Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction and the SmartCycler."  American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. In Press.

Ms. Denise DaSilva, Ms. Lora Spivey and Ms. Mallory Pusch:

Presentation:  Leadership Calhoun County,” JSU-McClellan, Alabama:  March 2007.

Dr. Fred May:

Dr. Fred May participated in monthly activities of Leadership Calhoun County, since September 2006 and will continue through May 2007.

Dr. Fred May, 2006, Wuhan University Report, Academic Exchange Visit – May 2006, Report prepared for Jacksonville State University, International House, January 2007, 30 pp.

Dr. Fred May, Windswept Shores, a book on Hurricane Katrina and the natural history of Gulf Coast hurricanes, written for the University Press of Mississippi. Sections/Chapters  completed include: "Acknowledgments," "Preface," "Introduction," "Chapter 1: By the Beautiful Sea," "Chapter 2: Restless Air;" "Chapter 3, Unconformities;" "Chapter 5: Bigger But Familiar;" and "Chapter 6: The Merry Dance." Three chapters remaining. Note: The content of this book is based partly on several field trips to the Mississippi Gulf Coast since Hurricane Katrina, as well as on microfilm studies of coastal newspapers from selected Gulf Coast hurricanes.

Dr. Fred May. 2007, Cascading Disaster Models In Post-Burn Flash Flood, 2nd Fire Behavior And Fuels Conference: The Fire Environment - Innovations, Management, And Policy, March 26 – 29, 2007, Destin, Florida; International Association of Wildland Fire, Conference Presentation and manuscript submitted (20 pp) for Proceedings Volume.

Dr. Fred May, Entrusted with America's Safety: Who Manages Our Nation's Disasters? A book proposal submitted to Greenwood – Praeger Publishers, based on documents collected from the Presidential Libraries of Presidents Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Bush, Reagan, Clinton, and other documents from George W. Bush.. The editor accepting the proposal has indicated a likelihood of publishing this book and asked me to begin writing on it. The proposal is being presented formerly at this present time.

Drs. Paul Whitworth and Fred May. "Disaster Reduction Planning for Recreation Areas via Cascading Models," Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, Special Issue: The Role of Public Parks and Recreation in Urban Area Homeland Security Strategies, Vol. 24, no. 4, Winter 2006, pp. 1-21.

Learning Services

Learning Services was awarded Distinguished Certification for its Developmental Coursework Program by the National Association for Developmental Education from 2007—2014.  The first program to achieve certification in Alabama, Learning Services is one of only six programs nationwide to reach the “distinguished” level.   The certification was recognized at the NADE awards luncheon in Nashville, TN over spring break.

Mathematical, Computing, and Information Sciences Department

Dr. Jan Case received tenure and promotion to the rank of Professor, both to be effective October 2007.

Dr. Edwin Smith received promotion to the rank of Professor to be effective October 2007.

University Travel and Self-Improvement Grants were awarded to three faculty—Dr. Zizhong Chen, Dr. Jeff Dodd, and Dr. Monica Trifas—March 2007.

Dr. Tom Leathrum served as a chair and panelist at the Joint American Mathematical Society/Mathematical Association of America (AMS/MAA) meeting in New Orleans, LA, January 2007.

Dr. Jan Case presented a paper, “The Evolution of an Arts and Sciences Student Symposium,” at the Joint American Mathematical Society/Mathematical Association of America (AMS/MAA) meeting in New Orleans, LA, January 2007.

Dr. Jaedeok Kim presented a paper, "Rank Preserving Maps on CSL Algebras," at the Joint American Mathematical Society/Mathematical Association of America (AMS/MAA) meeting in New Orleans, LA, January 2007.

Dr. Monica Trifas, Mr. David Thornton, Mr. Jerry Reaves, and Ms. Candice Truitt (graduate assistant) helped approximately twenty Boy Scouts earn their computer merit badge at Boy Scouts of America Day held on the JSU campus January 20, 2007.

Dr. David Dempsey presented a paper, “Mathematical Knowledge Needed for Teaching: The High School Perspective,” at the 11th Annual Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE) Conference in Irvine, CA, January 2007.

Dr. David Dempsey presented a paper, “Mathematics Capstone Course—Historical Connections,” at the Alabama Association of College Teachers of Mathematics (AACTM) 57th> Annual Meeting at the University of Alabama, February 2007.

Dr. Jan Case served as coordinator for the Arts and Sciences Student Symposium February 14-15, 2007.

Dr. Srinivasarao Krishnaprasad presented a paper, “Design and Performance Issues of Non-blocking Algorithms in Java,” at the 84th Annual Meeting of the Alabama Academy of Science held at Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL, March 2007.

Dr. Jeff Dodd presented a paper, “Generalizing a Coring Property of the Sphere,” at the Joint Mathematical Association of America/Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Southeastern (MAA/SIAM-SE) Conference held at Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA, March 2007.  He also participated in the TA Rush and the departmental liaison meetings.

Dr. Zizhong Chen presented a paper, “Self Adaptive Application Level Fault Tolerance for Parallel and Distributed Computing,” at the 21st Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium in Long Beach, CA, March 2007.

Dr. Guillermo Francia, III is serving as a Fulbright Scholar in Malta January-May, 2007.

Dr. Youngmi Kim attended the Joint American Mathematical Society/Mathematical Association of America (AMS/MAA) meeting in New Orleans, LA, January 2007.

Ms. Rhonda Kilgo attended the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Conference in Atlanta, GA, March 2007.

David Walters Department of Music

During the reporting period of January, February and March 2007, the David L. Walters Department of Music, its students, faculty and guest performers participated in the following activities:

The Jacksonville Opera Theater presented a highly successful four production run of the opera, “Hansel and Gretel”, by Engelbert Humperdinck in Mason Hall Performance Center on 11-14 January 2007.  Directed by JSU faculty member, Dr. Nathan Wight with orchestra direction by Mr. Kenneth Bodiford,  the production used students and visiting artists for this very popular work.  This production used Jacksonville Opera Theater’s “Opera Apprentice Program“ to allow local high school students to become involved in all aspects of opera production from behind the scenes assistance to on-stage performances.

The first Foothills Piano Festival was presented on 25-28 January 2007 in various local area venues.  The festival opened with a piano recital by JSU faculty member Dr. Wendy Faughn on 25 January 2007 in Mason Hall Performance Center. 

On Friday 26 January 2007 the series continued in collaboration with the Knox Concert Association in a presentation of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, featuring Llyr Williams, Piano,  in a performance of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21.

On 27 January 2007 the department presented Dr. Mark Laughlin in a piano improvisation workshop for students and local music teachers.  In the afternoon of 27 January 2007 a piano master class was offered with guest artist, John Kenneth Adams, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of the University of South Carolina.  On the evening of 27 January 2007 JSU faculty member, Mr. Tracy Tyler, appeared with guest artists Christina D’Ambrosio, piano, Kevin Chance, piano, and Lisa Gillespie, percussion, in a concert featuring, among other works, the Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion by Bela Bartok. 

The Festival concluded on Sunday afternoon with a concert at the Anniston Museum of Natural History by John Kenneth Adams featuring a "Piano Portrait of Claude Debussy."  These presentations were part of the JSU Kaleidoscope Arts Festival series for 2007.

A concert by the renowned ensemble, The St. Louis Brass Quintet, was presented on 9 February 2007. This concert received wide community interest in the local media and garnered a standing room only audience.  It was preceded earlier in the day by a series of master classes, lessons and coaching sessions by the members of The St. Louis Brass Quintet.

The Mace Hibbbard Quartet, led by jazz faculty member Mr. Mace Hibbard, presented a jazz concert on 15 February 2007 in Mason Hall Performance Center.

The first "JSU Day of Percussion" was presented on Saturday, 24 February 2007 in Mason Hall.  This consisted of a daylong series of lectures and masterclasses by Jack Bell, former Principal Percussionist of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and former percussion director at Georgia State University and by She-e Wu, Artist in Residence at Rutgers University.  Over 300 students from schools in Alabama and Georgia attended.  The Festival concluded with a public concert by She-e Wu. Mr. Clint Gillespie organized and directed the event.

Semplice Duo with Cristina Ballatori, Flute, and Kevin Chance, Piano, presented a concert on 2 March 2007 as part of Kaleidoscope.  Ms. Ballatori conducted a flute masterclass for JSU flute students and visiting high school students and teachers during the afternoon.

The Seven Hills Opera Company presented a concert version of “Die Fledermaus” by Johann Strauss on 3 March 2007 in Mason Hall Performance Center.

The Chamber Winds of JSU, directed by Mr. Kenneth Bodiford, presented a spring concert on 8 March 2007 in Mason Hall Performance Center.

JSU percussion ensembles directed by Mr. Clint Gillespie, presented a spring concert, JAXPAN 2007, on 14 March 2007.

JSU Chamber Singers presented a concert on 15 March 2007 in Mason Hall Performance Center.

The following students presented degree recitals during this period:

  • Mr. Chris Cushing, Clarinet

  • Mr. Josh Brandon, French Horn

  • Ms. Kimberly Westbrooks, Soprano

  • Ms. Melanie Carter, French Horn

  • Mr. Kehri Magalad, Percussion

  • Mr. Brandon Dodge, Percussion

  • Mr. Morgan Tucker, Flute

  • Mr. Brandon Landry, Euphonium

  • Mr. Darin Medders, Trombone

JSU Faculty who attended the annual In-service Conference of the Alabama Music Education Association in Tuscaloosa included Dr. Renee Baptiste, Mr. Kenneth Bodiford, Dr. Patricia Corbin, Mr. Clint Gillespie, Dr. Tony Logsdon, Dr. Legare McIntosh, Mr. Jeremy Stovall.

Dr. David L. Walters, Professor Emeritus, was presented the Mentor Award from the National Bandmasters Association at the Alabama Music Educators Association annual In-service Conference in Tuscaloosa.  This is the most prestigious award of the Association.  It was also announced that Dr. Walters had been elected to the Alabama Bandmaster’s Hall of Fame and will be inducted in April during a ceremony at Auburn University.

Dr. Wendy Faughn, Piano, presented a Faculty Recital on 25 January 2007

Dr. Aaron Hilbun, Oboe, presented a Faculty Recital on 13 March 2007.  He was assisted by Dr. Legare McIntosh, Piano.

Dr. Renee Baptiste and Dr. Patricia Corbin attended the annual meeting of the American Choral Directors Association in Miami, Florida.

Myrtice Collins attended a meeting of the National Association of African American Studies in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Dr. Legare McIntosh attended a meeting of the Alabama Association of College Music Administrators in Birmingham.  He serves as Secretary/Treasurer of the organization.

Other Activities

The JSU A Cappella Choir under the direction of Dr. Patricia Corbin appeared as a featured ensemble at the annual In-service Conference of the Alabama Music educators Association in Tuscaloosa on 19 January 2007.  The JSU A Cappella Choir was one of only two collegiate vocal ensembles in the state to be granted a coveted evening performance time.

Department resources were provided to assist in the Drama Department production of the musical, “Seusical”.   Student musicians from the Department under the direction of Mr. Jeremy Stovall comprised the orchestra for the two week run.

The Department’s petition to establish a chapter of the National Music Honorary Society, Pi Kappa Lambda, was approved and the JSU chapter, Iota Chi, was installed in a ceremony led by National President, Dr. Mark Wait, Dean, Blair School of Music, and Vanderbilt University on 15 March 2007 in the Gamecock Center.  Six JSU faculty members were inducted as Charter Members: Dr. Michael D’Ambrosio, Dr. John Anthony Logsdon, Dr. Wendy Faughn, Dr. Legare McIntosh, Dr. Aaron Hilbun and Dr. James E. Roberts.  Thirteen student members were proposed as members and inducted at this event.  A reception and dinner followed the ceremony and the membership then attended a concert by the JSU Chamber Singers.

Student Awards/Recognition

Mr. Jarrod Lee – 3rd place at state competition of the National Association of Teachers of Singing.   Also awarded 3rd place award at Alabama Federation of Music Clubs Competition with $400 cash prize.

Ms. Estafania Cueavas -  winner of the Opera Birmingham Competition with $1,000 cash prize.

Mr. Matthew Headley – 2nd place at the Alabama Federation of Music Clubs Competition with $600 prize.

Mr. Peter Wilder - Honorable Mention at the Opera Birmingham Competition

Ms. Estafania Cueavas and Mr. Jarrod Lee – performed in Opera Birmingham’s production of “La Boheme” by Puccini.

Department of Physical & Earth Sciences

In January, Dr. Howard Johnson began serving a three-year term as Vice-President of Finance for the National Council of Geographic Education and a two-year term as President of Gamma Theta Upsilon, the International Geography Honor Society.

Dr. Howard Johnson participated in the annual National Geographic Society Education Foundation's winter meeting for Alliance Coordinators and is currently serving his 21st year as co-coordinator of the Alabama Geographic Alliance.

Dr. Al Nichols and Dr. David Steffy attended the Southeastern Section Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of American and presented "Adsorption Characteristics of Trichloroethylene on Polymeric Resins", along with two JSU seniors, Courtney Bowers and Jasmine Olander, March 29-30, 2007.

Dr. Nichols and Dr. Steffy presented "Removal of Trichloroethylene from Contaminated Water using Ambersorb and Dowex Polymeric Adsorbents" along with Courtney Bowers, Jasmine Olander at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, March 25-29, 2007.

Dr. Al Nichols and Dr. David Steffy also presented "Uptake of Mercury from Contaminated Soil by Deciduous Trees" at the annual meeting of the Society of Toxicology, March 25-29, 2007.

Dr. Steffy and Dr. Nichols presented at poster "Purification of Groundwater Contaminated with Trichloroethylene Using Polymer Based Sorbents" at the annual meeting of the Alabama Academy of Sciences with Courtney Bowers and Jasmine Olander, March 1-3, 2007.

Dr. Laura Weinkauf gave a presentation at the Alabama Academy of Science in March titled: PHYSICS TEACHING:  Formal and Informal Science Teaching in an Upgraded Planetarium.

Dr. Nouredine Zettili contributed on a paper presentation “Mastering Physics and Mathematics Skills” at the joint national conference of the American Astronomical Society and the American Association of Physics Teachers, January 5-10, 2007 in Seattle, Washington.

Department of Psychology

No report given.

Department of Political Science and Public Administration

Dr. Dan Krejci, Dr. Tim Barnett, and Dr. Bill Lester have had articles accepted for publication in the Encyclopedia of the U.S. Constitution to be published by Congressional Quarterly Press.

Nine students from JSU, under the direction of Dr. Lori Owens, attended the Model Arab League conference in Spartanburg, SC during spring break.

Tim Barnett and Bill Lester are completing chapters for Church and State Issues in America Today, to be published by Praeger Publishers.

The Community Development Institute (CDI), under the Direction of Lawson Veasey, was approved by the Community Development Council in late February, 2007.  The Alabama CDI will hold its first week of instruction May 14-18, 2007 on the 11th floor of the library.

Department of Sociology and Social Work

Mr. Jonathan Adams participated in case scenario development activities with Ms. Gretchen Peppers of Alabama DHR for the Alabama Higher Education Consortium on Child Welfare.  The case scenario and associated teaching tools were one of twelve case scenario packages completed through partnership between social work faculty and DHR representatives across the state.  These will be used for education purposes in the university setting and training purposes in the agency setting.

Dr. Mark Fagan served on the following: Advisory Board for the development of Aging and Disability Resource Centers for The East Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission; Advisory Board for the University of Alabama’s MSW Program in Gadsden, AL; Alabama Universities’ Child Welfare Consortium; and as The representative of the Social Work Education Programs in Alabama to work with the Alabama Board of Social Work Examiners on improving social work licensure exam pass rates in Alabama.

Ms. Julie Nix completed a special study and presented it in July entitled Permanency. It looked at permanency planning practices in Etowah County for children in foster care. It was completed over the course of two semesters with the assistance of the Student Unit and was presented to the Etowah County Quality Assurance Committee and also sent to the State Department of Human Resources.  This was in conjunction with the Higher Education Consortium on Child Welfare.

Dr. Nancy Francisco Stewart served as an Alabama Poverty Project Board member, Executive committee, elected Secretary, 2007.  Dr. Stewart served on the University Wellness Center Committee.  She participated as demographer for Homeless Count for the Homeless Coalition for Calhoun & Etowah Counties.   She had the following mention in the media:  Commentary column, “We must address poverty and wellness,” The Birmingham News, page 6C, Sunday, February 18, 2007; "Wellness Facts in Alabama," column published in The Anniston Star, February 15, 2007; The Birmingham News, Letters, faxes & emails, letter by Brandy Duncan, Thursday February 22, 2007; and the Alabama Poverty Project, News, Director’s Blogs, News from Nick.  She also had the article,  “Wellness Facts in Alabama,” published in the National Association of Social Workers’ Alabama Chapter newsletter, The Alabama Network Newsletter, Volume 24, Issue 2, page 7 in the March-April, 2007.

Ms. Kim Womack served on the Planning Committee for the Alabama Conference of Social Work held in Orange Beach, Alabama on February 26-28, 2007.

Dr. Tina Deshotels had the following public relations activities.  The Anniston Star article, “JSU Women’s group holds car-care clinic,” featured an article about an activity sponsored by WISE for which she is the faculty advisor. This activity was a car clinic which helped teach women minor emergency roadside repairs and preventative maintenance.  She was also featured in the JSU President’s Minute with Al Harris: 10 spots about research on exotic dancing; 5 spots about the impact of music on people’s behavior; 5 spots about the book she is writing on exotic dance; and 5 spots about the sociology department and the student organizations (WISE, SAFE, Sociology Club; and AFSA).

Dr. Rodney Friery accompanied a group of Sociology students to the annual meeting of the Alabama-Mississippi Sociological Association on February 22-23, 2007 in Montgomery, Alabama.

Dr. Clark Hudspeth had the following presentation: “How is Prejudice in Society Perpetuated? A Symbolic Interactionist Explanation;” 38th annual meeting of the Alabama Mississippi Sociological Association; February 22-23, 2007; Montgomery, Alabama.  He served as Treasurer for the Alabama-Mississippi Sociological Association for 2006-2007.  He also continued as Faculty Advisor to the All Faith Student Alliance at JSU where he secured $300.00 Community Support Contribution from Wells Fargo Financial.  He also served as Faculty Advisor for S.A.F.E. (Social Acceptance for Everyone).


The CCBA Business Advisory Council met February 15, at 6:00 p.m. at Classic on Noble to discuss the College Mission Statement, review the CCBA accreditation status, and discuss outcome assessment.

The first graduation class of the Anniston Army Depot Training was held on February 5 in Merrill Hall.

Dean Dave Billings (University of Alabama in Huntsville) and Dean Randy Boxx (Shenandoah University) are serving as AACSB Reaffirmation Consultants.  They will be on campus for a mock review on April 1-2, 2007.

Department of Finance, Economics, and Accounting

Dr. Rob Landry’s manuscript titled “Individual Chapter 11 Reorganizations: Big Problems with the New “Big” Chapter 13” was published in the University of Arkansas Little Rock Law Review in February 2007.

Dr. Landry made a presentation at the Second Annual Consumer Bankruptcy Law Practice Seminar on March 9 in Gadsden entitled, “The Not So Safe ‘Safe Harbor’ of Passing the Means Test: Dismissals Under 11 U.S.C. Section 707.”

Dr. Chris Westley and Dr. Doris Bennett’s article “The Carriage Trade Trend” was published in The Journal of Health Care Finance, Spring 2007, Volume 33.

Dr. Westley had two articles published in The Anniston Star.  “A Bizarro Beginning to a New Year” was published January 19, 2007 on page 6A, and “’Confession’ Hits Home” was published February 18 on page 4E.

Dr. Westley’s article entitled “More Spending to Lure Business Silly was published in The Birmingham News on March 18, 2007 on page 1B.

Department of Management and Marketing

Dr. Patricia Borstorff

Dr. Borstorff has been one of trainers in the Executive Development Training sessions for AAD in January and again in March. 

Dr. Patricia Borstorff, Sandberg, and Sakurai, Women’s “Place” in Japan:  Perceptions and Reactions of young Japanese Females.  

of Academy of International Business, Federation of Business Disciplines, San Diego, CA. March 2007. 

Dr. Patricia Borstorff, Marker, Michael, & Hill, Gwen. Retention of Hourly Workers: What is Important. Proceedings of Academy of Southwest Management, Federation of Business Disciplines Conference, San Diego, CA, March 6-13, 2007. 

Dr. Borstorff has three other papers accepted for conferences in April. 

Borstorff and Sandberg, E-Monitoring: Is There a Balance between Protection and Privacy? E-Business Review, VII, (1). April, 2007. Academy of International E-Business, Vancouver, B.C., Moran, Florencia, Palmer, David, and Borstorff, Patricia. The Sources of Sustainable Competitive Advantage: Social Complexity, Causal Ambiguity and Imitation. (Accepted by Allied Academies, April 2007)., and Borstorff, Collum, and Newton. Foreign Direct Investment in Alabama: A Case Study of the automotive Sector. Accepted by International Academy of Case Studies, Allied Academies, Jacksonville FL, April 2007.

Dr. Richard Cobb

Dr. Richard Cobb presented an update on the economy of Calhoun County and the State of Alabama at the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce Economic Summit on January 25, 2007.

Dr. Cobb has been one of trainers in the Executive Development Training sessions for AAD in January and again in March. 

Dr. Cobb has a paper accepted for publication; Cobb, R., Thomas, J , and Cobb, L.A., “The Very Light Jet (VLJ) Arrives: Stakeholders and their Perceptions, Journal of Air Transportation, University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Dr. Kenneth W. H. Day

Presentation of a research paper to annual conference of the Southeast Decision Sciences Institute in Savannah, Feb. 21-23, 2007.   This was also published in the Proceedings. “Environmentally-evoked Uncertainty as a Base of Power in the Channels  Setting” 

Dr. Day is working on a manuscript for journal publication to further the work above.  The title will probably be, “Environmentally-evoked Uncertainty as a Management Tool in the Channels Setting.” 

Dr. Day served as a reviewer for one journal article for the Journal of Teaching in International Business, February, 2007.  “Challenges of Teaching to Polish Business Programs in a new Political and Economic Climate: A Case Study of the Perspectives of MBA Students and Teachers” 

Dr. Day serves as a discussant for one conference paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Southeast Decision Sciences Institute, Savannah, GA., Feb. 21-23, 2007, “Perceptions of Supplier Certification Programs on Firm Performance”

Dr. Day has work progressing on revamping Marketing 590, Graduate International Marketing, including a new text and a new focus. 

He is working to further qualify himself in the use of Blackboard, a tool for video-conferencing and on-line courses.  Some features have already been incorporated in his courses, but he is expanding his familiarity with it each term.

Dr. Mark Hearn

Dr. Mark Hearn presented an update on the economy of Calhoun County and the State of Alabama at the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce Economic Summit on January 25, 2007. 
Dr. Hearn has been one of trainers in the Executive Development Training sessions for AAD in January and again in March.

David Palmer

Dr. Palmer has a paper accepted for Proceedings of the Allied Academies, Jacksonville, FL, April 11-14 with Dr. Patricia Borstorff and Graduate Student, Florencia Moran: "An Exploratory Analysis of the Relationship Between Organizational Culture, Regional Culture, Causal Ambiguity and Competitive Advantage in an International Setting".

Dr. Palmer has been one of trainers in the Executive Development Training sessions for AAD in January and again in March.

Dr. James Thomas

Dr. Thomas has a paper accepted for publication; Cobb, R., Thomas, J , and Cobb, L.A. “The Very Light Jet (VLJ) Arrives: Stakeholders and their Perceptions, Journal of Air Transportation, University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Dr. Joann Williams

Dr Williams, with her Management 372, Organizational Dynamics class visited the Honda plant in Lincoln, Alabama on March 14, 2007.

Dr. Williams has been one of trainers in the Executive Development Training sessions for AAD in January and again in March.

Center for Economic Development And Business Research (CED)

Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

JSU SBDC Counseling and Training

The JSU SBDC provided counseling to over 153 small businesses, and presented training to 88 individuals during this reporting quarter.

Army Depot (ANAD) Leadership and Management Program

The JSU SBDC and CED, under contract, perform administrative management, and coordinate the internship program of the Anniston Army Depot (ANAD) Leadership and Management Program.   Classroom instruction is primarily conducted at JSU by either the CCBA or the Department of Technology.  Week one of the instruction is conducted at ANAD under the ANAD Command Group.

This program was established by the current Commander, Anniston Army Depot, COL Alexander B. Raulerson, to prepare classes of normally eight selected leaders with high potential for positions of greater responsibility at the depot. The students are selected by a rigorous screening process by the depot Command Group.

The program is six weeks in length and is conducted twice a year.  Course topics are:

  • Business Communications & Change Management;
  • Government-Industry Partnerships
  • Human Resources Management
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Organizational Behavior & Leadership
  • Production Planning & Materials Management
  • Project Management; Safety Management
  • Six Sigma
  • Supply Chain Management & Business Strategy
  • Team Building

The one week internship with industries at locations across the United States is designed to acquaint students with best practices of civilian industry. Upon completion of internships, and course completion, the students are expected to return to their ANAD assignments and use what was learned to improve operations. The Depot encourages students to learn the following during the internships:

  • What business process tools does the company utilize?

  • What performance measures are in place and how are they tracked?

  • What factors determine marketing practices?

  • How does the company define success?

  • How are strategic objectives identified? How are they tracked?

  • What process improvements have been integrated, e.g., Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma?

Class 2, currently in session, began on February 26, 2007 and is scheduled to graduate on April 13, 2007.  Internships for Class 2 students will be conducted during the week of April 2 – 6, 2007. Class 3, the second class of 2007 will begin on October 1.

The Alabama Inventor’s Conference

Inventors from around Alabama and the Southeast (Georgia, Florida & Mississippi) gathered on February 21st, 2007, at the JSU Library to hear and learn from experts in the invention arena.  Speakers provided helpful information and answered individual questions from participants. 

The keynote speaker for the event was Mr. John Calvert, Administrator of the Inventor Assistance Program at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Mr. Calvert gave a presentation as well as talking privately with inventors throughout the day.

Approximately forty-five participants took part in the day-long conference which was filled with information from speakers to include such topics as product liability protection, financing an invention, licensing a product, patent search, and available inventor assistance.  Two successful Alabama inventors – John Mitchell and Bill Fargason – spoke of their invention experiences and answered questions as well.

The Center for Economic Development and the Small Business Development Center host the Alabama Inventors conference on a biennial basis and have done so since the late 1980’s.

Office of Distance Education

Faculty/Staff Accomplishments Dr. Sherri Restauri was invited as a keynote speaker at the HBCU-ALN conference at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia. Dr. Restauri presented on “Numbers Talk: Faculty and Student Satisfaction in Online Learning”, and also served as part of a 4-person team for a panel discussion on effective practices in Distance Education. A host of colleges and universities from the southeast were represented at this event.

Dr. Franklin King, Dr. Sherri Restauri, and Ms. Misty Cobb attended the Perfecting the New Paradigm II conference at the Auburn University, Montgomery Campus.

Dr. Sherri Restauri presented to the JSU Alumni Board in February 2007 on the Impact of Distance Education at JSU.

Organizational Items

Ms. Misty Cobb joined the Office of Distance Education in the position of Instructional Design Specialist.  The Instructional Design Specialist facilitates the integration of instruction and technology to enhance teaching and learning by providing instructional design assistance for faculty in the development of online, interactive, videoconferencing and web-based supplements.  The position is the primary contact for faculty members for individual or group training as well as general instructional support for the Blackboard course management system, and also oversees the Instructional Technology Design Lab, located in Self Hall.

Several members of the Office of Distance Education participated in the February 2007 and March 2007 Preview Days, handing out informational brochures to the potential JSU students and their parents.


The Office of Distance Education continued to offer university-wide seminars via the Internet, termed “Webinars”, during the Spring Semester for the campus community.

The “Integrating Effective Assessment Programs with Online Course Design” webinar explored how to link course design and assessment.  The goal of the seminar was the development of creative assessment practices, such as the use of case studies, authentic assessments based in real-life application of concepts, and collaborative activities that move away from tests and quizzes and toward assessing learning.  The design and use of rubrics as tools for assessment were also discussed.

The “Increase Enrollment, Retention and Student Success with Web-Based Class Capture,” helped the audience to understand the uses of Tegrity as a web-based classroom technology tool intended to boost enrollment, increase student performance levels, and reduce student attrition rates.

In the “Managing to Thrive in the Online Classroom” webinar, the audience learned ideas related to the management of online classrooms, explained in five primary categories:  authoring course content, teaching strategies, revision and management of existing courses, institutional approaches, and support strategies.

The webinar entitled, “College Scheduler LLC” demonstrated how the web based scheduling system integrates into existing registration and scheduling environments.  It provides an easy to use interface for students and advisors that will ultimately improve student attendance, participation and retention.

Blackboard & Educational Technology Training Workshops/Instruction

The Office of Distance Education continued to offer Blackboard Course Management System workshops to the JSU faculty, staff, and administration during the Spring 2007 semester.

The Office of Distance Education offered the Basic Content & Navigation Blackboard Training Workshop to faculty, staff, and administrators on January 23 and March 26.  The workshop included an introduction to online learning, basic navigation, basic content addition, course announcements, and course design.

The Office of Distance Education offered the Advanced Content Blackboard Training Workshop to faculty, staff, and administrators on February 6 and March 28.  The workshop included mastering advanced content, course design, student/instructor file exchange and the review of tools available for the electronic grading of students’ assignments.

The Office of Distance Education offered the Communication & Student Management Tools Blackboard Training Workshop to faculty, staff, and administrators on February 22 and April 4.  The workshop included Course Links, Learning Units, advanced Visual Text Editor Tools, Glossary Manager, menu and tool modification, Assignment Manager, Adaptive Release and Review Status functions, and electronic grading options.

The Office of Distance Education offered the Assessment Blackboard Training Workshop to faculty, staff, and administrators on March 8 and April 9.  The workshop included the Test Manager, Survey Manager, Pool Manager, Course Statistics, Gradebook and Gradebook Views, and Performance Dashboard.

Faculty and Staff who attend the Blackboard Training Workshops are now able to complete a workshop evaluation via the JSU Online Survey System.  The results of these evaluations assist The Office of Distance Education in meeting the needs of JSU’s faculty and staff.

Additionally, approximately twenty-five one-on-one in-person trainings with faculty on distance education and educational technology were held during this reporting period.

Also during this reporting period, the Office of Distance Education organized this year’s Educational Technology Showcase (this is a new name, which expands upon the Blackboard Showcase by incorporating new and upcoming educational technology).  Approximately nine faculty are expected to present topics that range from the use of creative learning tools to collaborative learning in the online classroom.  The showcase is schedule for Friday, April 6, 2007 from 2:00-4:30 p.m. in the Houston Cole Library.


The bid for replacing JSU's videoconference system is in the process for review by vendors.  The estimated timeline calls for the new system to be put into place during the summer of 2007 and to be fully functional for Fall 2007.

New Programs & Initiatives

The Office of Distance Education is pleased to list the addition of another Jacksonville State University graduate degree program through the online course delivery format. JSU will be offering the Master of Science in Manufacturing Systems Technology in the fall term of 2007. This will be the 11th program to offer all of its degree requirements in the online course format. Additional programs in the Master and Bachelor level are currently under development at this time.

The Office of Distance Education has completed the process for establishing a presence on iTunesU.  iTunesU is a free Apple sponsored hosting service for higher education podcasting.  Distance Education is working closely with various faculty and departments on campus to implement this program, and anticipates the first implementation of iTunesU during the fall of 2007.


The Office of Distance Education has initiated several advertising and public relations efforts over the past three months. The promotional efforts are designed to support Distance Education in general, as well as support the individual degree programs offered through distance education.

One of the most exciting projects was the acquisition of a new domain name – When internet users access the domain, it will automatically redirect to the current JSU online webpage – which promotes the 11 online programs.   Ownership of the domain name allows for the design of DE advertising to be consistent with the Jacksonville State University brand.  

Thanks to collaboration with the University’s Office of Publications, this domain name will be featured on a billboard in the Metro Atlanta area.     Additional print advertising ran in a special education supplement of the Fort Payne paper on March 23, as well as the spring issue of the “Gem of the Hills” and the March issue of Anniston Gadsden Christian Family.  Additional ads ran in the Higher Education Partnership annual report sent out in early February, and will also be featured on the back of the Coke Trucks that run out of the Oxford Distribution Center. 

A table is included below indicating internet traffic to the website.




January 2007

February 2007

March 2007

Average Number of Hits

Number of Hits*





             * “Hits” are defined as views per page.


Additional promotion was done through feature articles originating in the Office of Distance Education.  An article on how education is linked to pay scale and how workers can continue their education with Distance Education ran in the March issue of Anniston Gadsden Christian Family.  An article on distance education formats was included as part of an 8-page tip purchased by Institutional Advancement in Business Alabama.  A feature article on an Alumna of JSU’s STEP and Master of Science in Nursing program will run in the spring issue of the Gem of the Hills.  This article was an opportunity to highlight not just the STEP and MSN programs, but distance education as a whole.

The Office of Distance Education also utilized the University’s news bureau to promote events and programs.  The Office of Distance Education advertised via the “JSU Digest” to promote internal events such as webinars on College Scheduler, Online Classroom management, and Effective Online Assessment, as well as works on the Blackboard course management system.  The Office of Distance Education also issued press releases through the News Bureau geared toward both the internal JSU audience as well as the general public – including an announcement publicizing the Office of Distance Education new instructional design specialist, Ms. Misty Cobb, as well as a detailed announcement on Master of Science in Manufacturing Systems Technology which will be available online in the Fall of 2007.


The Office of Distance Education continues to positively impact the University enrollment as shown in the following tables:


Spring 2007 Distance Learning Course and Enrollment Data



Course Sections


All Online (Bb, Other, STEP)*

149 (116 courses) – 157 sections offered

 3,823 (2,374 unique students)

Bb Supplements**

315 Bb courses (may represent more sections)

7,426 (4,529 unique students)


 22  (7 courses) – 28 sections offered

  211 (195 unique students)


   3 (3 courses)

   72 (72 unique students)

All distance formats*

174 (124 courses)

4,106 (2,454 unique students)

All formats and supplements**

At least 489

11,331 (6,041 unique students)

*Data provided by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.

   Source: DSTFU8IE, DMSCO4PS and DSTFE6SD Post-Registration Reports from 01/17/2007

**Data provided by the Office of Distance Education.

     Source:  SQL Queries run against Blackboard Advanced System Reporting (ASR) Database – 01/17/2007;

     Data accumulated in Office of Distance Education from MS03 and other IT reports;

     Data entered based on information provided by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.


AMSTI (Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative)

Jacksonville State University will sponsor Alabama Math, Science, and Technology (AMSTI) Summer Institute which will train approximately 450 teachers and administrators from thirty-one public schools in the JSU In-Service Education Centers Service area from its In-Service Region.  The Summer Institute will be held July 9 – 20, 2007.  Ten schools have been pre-selected to attend the AMSTI Summer Institute in 2008.


Leading up to the AMSTI Summer Institute, three hundred forty-five math kits and one hundred eighty-five science kits will be assembled by the AMSTI-JSU staff.  By the fall of 2007, approximately six hundred math and science teachers in JSU’s Service area will be trained and using AMSTI math and/or science kits.

Continuing Education

As of March 31, 2007, The Office of Continuing Education conducted 175 classes beginning October 1, 2006. Service was provided to 1600 students and 14,943 contact hours were generated.


On February 28, a workshop was conducted in partnership with East Alabama Regional Planning Commission entitled, “Open Meetings:  The Public Has a Right to Know.” Presenters for the workshop were Mr. Sonny Brasfield, Assistant Executive Director of the Association of County Commissions and one of the authors of the bill in the Alabama Legislature.  Mr. Bob Davis, editor of The Anniston Star, presented the viewpoint of the Alabama Press Association. There were 52 attendees.


UPACE, the University Partnership for Alabama Continuing Education, continues to offer professional development programs for the Association of County Administrators, Association of County Engineers, County Revenue Officers Association of Alabama, E911 Administrators and the Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police.  Participating in the program at this time are 203 County Administrators, 118 County Engineers, 117 Revenue Officers, 83 E911 Administrators and 702 police chiefs.


In January, the UPACE Partnership conducted a training program in Montgomery, AL entitled “General Management and Supervision II,” with 15 attendees including county administrators and 911 district directors. Also in January, 13 engineers and 911 directors received training on “Disaster Preparedness.” On February 8-10, County Revenue Officers received training on “Legal Considerations of Local Revenue.”  On February 14, and 15, “General Accounting and Financial Management I” was provided for 21 county administrators and county engineers. Also, on February 14, fifteen (15) 911 district administrators received training entitled, “Fundamentals of Emergency Communication I.”


In January, classes were provided in Anniston for the Association of Chiefs of Police.  The New Chiefs’ Development Seminar was held on January 18-19 for 18 new chiefs and “Understanding Human Relations,” and “Managing Conflict,” was conducted for experienced chiefs as a part of the Certified Law Enforcement Executive Program.


On February 22, the UPACE Partnership facilitated training in Montgomery for 212 police chiefs on the topic, “Ethics and the Police Executive.”


On February 16, the Fourth Annual Auctioneer School began and continued for 10 days until graduation on February 25.  The student auctioneers in the class conducted an auction for the Jacksonville Christian Outreach Center on February 24 which brought in over $2,400. One of the past graduates of the 2005 school was named “Rookie Bid Caller of the Year” for 2006 by the Alabama Association of Auctioneers.  The award was presented at their conference in 2006.


New business and industry projects were initiated.   ITC DeltaCom requested the Basic Supervisory Principles Certificate program for 15 of their management team.  Their program began February 6 and will conclude April 24, 2007.  Tyco Fire and Building Products brought 164 employees from two locations to JSU McClellan for training on Microsoft Excel, Generational Difference in the Workplace, and the DiSC Personality Profile Analysis.  Wellborn Cabinet has returned for the third year, with 15 more employees receiving their Certificate in Basic Supervisory Principles.  Computer training was also conducted for the Northeast Alabama Regional Medical Center.


The Principles of Private Investigation course was conducted beginning on February 17 and concluding on February 25.


The Human Resources Test Preparation Review Course began on February 10 and will conclude April 10.  Eleven (11) area Human Resource professionals are attending to prepare to take their certification exam in May 2007.


During the period January 1, 2007 through March 31, 2007, the In-Service Education Center has provided 115 professional development sessions for 1,650 participants.


In February and March, 2007, the In-Service Education Center has provided mentors and mentoring sessions for 13 teachers who are participating in National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification.


On February 19 at JSU, McClellan, the In-Service Education Center provided a Classroom Management seminar for the 26 member faculty of Anniston Middle School.  Dr. Carol Uline was the presenter.


On January 2, 2007, the In-Service Education Center provided Best Practices training for the K-12 math teachers, and 6-12 Language Arts, Science and Social Studies teachers of the Anniston City School System.  The sessions were held at Anniston High School.  Trainers from both JSU and other public school systems were utilized.


On January 3, 2007, the In-Service Education Center provided 18 professional development sessions for the entire faculty of Cherokee County School System on their in-service day.


On February 12, 2007 the In-Service Education Center cooperated with Alabama Public Television and Honda Manufacturing to provide professional development credit for 50 teachers in a session entitled, “What’s Up In Factories?  The session was held at the Honda Plant in Lincoln and concluded with a tour of the factory.


On February 5-6, 2007 the In-Service Education Center hosted textbook vendors and textbook committees of 20 school systems at a Textbook Expo.  The expo allows committee members to review textbooks that are currently presented for adoption.


The In-Service Education Center is collaborating with the Alabama Department of Education to provide a program for school systems entitled, “Meeting the Challenge of 2014.”  This program will train teachers and administrators to better understand the challenges presented to schools by the Alabama Department of Education,  standardized testing and the No Child Left Behind legislation.  Fourteen school systems are participating in the program that will extend through the 07-08 school year.  The program is quickly becoming a model for implementation in other regions within Alabama.


The In-Service Center in conjunction with the Fifth District Elementary Principals’ Association provided a seminar for elementary school administrators on February 21, 2007 entitled “Principles of Leadership.”  The session was provided by Dr. Ron Sparkman, Superintendent of Jasper City Schools.


On January 21 and March 13, 2007 the In-Service Education Center sponsored 23 educators attending the Alabama Staff Development Council Conference entitled, “Failure is Not an Option.”  The training was provided by the Hope Foundation.


Alabama Science in Motion trained 30 Biology and Chemistry teachers on January 19-20, 2007 at Martin Hall on the JSU Campus.




Dean’s Office

Dr. Cynthia Harper attended the University Instructional Leadership Programs - Redesign Universities Sharing Session in Montgomery on January 17, 2007.  The purpose of the meeting was to provide information concerning the redesign of educational leadership programs offered through Alabama’s Institutions of Higher Education.


The College of Education and Professional Studies held its annual spring meeting on January 19, 2007 in Ayers Hall.  Lunch was served to all faculty and staff participants.


Dr. Cynthia Harper attended the Alabama Partnership for Children’s Board Meeting in Prattville, Alabama on January 25, 2007.


Dr. Cynthia Harper and Dr. John Hammett attended the Alabama School Superintendent’s meeting in Auburn, Alabama on January 22, 2007.


Dr. Cynthia Harper and Dr. John Hammett attended the Alabama Federation for the Council for Exceptional Children’s Super Conference on February 2, 2007.  JSU helped sponsor the Dean’s Breakfast for conference participants.


Dr. Cynthia Harper attended the Huntsville Rotary Club meeting on February 13, 2007.  Dr. William A. Meehan was the guest speaker.  Ms. Melanie Delap and Ms. Sissy Spence also attended.


The College of Education and Professional Studies was well represented at Preview Day on Saturday, February 17, 2007.


Dr. Cynthia Harper and Dr. John Hammett, along with Mr. Randy Harper made a professional presentation at the American Association for Colleges of Teacher Education Annual Conference in New York City February 23-27. The title of the session was “Developing an Effective Assessment System through Collaboration.


Dr. Charlotte Berry, Principal at Mitchell Elementary School in Gadsden, Alabama was the guest speaker in Dr. Nina King’s Early Childhood Education classes on March 1, 2007.


Dr. Cynthia Harper attended the Ayers Lecture Series on March 6, 2007.


Dr. Cynthia Harper attended the Greater Birmingham Mathematics Partnership (GBMP) meeting in at Birmingham Southern College in Birmingham, Alabama on March 7.  The Greater Birmingham Mathematics Partnership (GBMP) is fundamentally targeting the improvement of middle school mathematics, with implications for both future and current teachers, and with a secondary focus on high school teachers of mathematics.


Dr. Cynthia Harper, Dr. John Hammett, and Dr. Kelly Ryan attended the ALACTE Dean’s meeting in Montgomery on March 9, 2007.  The purpose for attending the meeting was to gain information about the new Quality Teaching Standards for all teacher education programs and the Performance Assessment Templates.

Dr. Cynthia Harper served on the University of Montevallo’s National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) Review Team March 10-14, 2007.


Dr. Cynthia Harper has been recommended for training as a Board of Examiner for the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). Training sessions are conducted annually in July and November.


Dr. Cynthia Harper made a professional presentation at the Oxford Round Tables in Oxford, England March 25-31.  The presentation title was “Public Versus Religious Education in P/12 Settings:  Perspectives from Experienced Teachers”.


Dr. John Hammett made a professional presentation at the AAHPERD 2007 Conference in Baltimore, Maryland March 15-17, 2007.  The presentation title was “LiveText: A Tool in Meeting Standards in Physical Education Teacher Preparation Programs”.


Dr. John Hammett, along with Ms. Phyllis Taylor, Ms. Jennifer Strain, Dr. Dale Campbell, Dr. Charlotte Eady, and Dr. Nancy Fox attended the National NCATE Continuing Accreditation Conference in Washington, D.C. March 28-April 1, 2007.


The College of Education and Professional Studies’ co-sponsored with the Department of Secondary Education a High School Senior Recruitment Day on March 5, 2007.  165 high school seniors from P/12 partner schools attended. In addition to attending sessions about program offerings in the College, the student enjoyed lunch at the Jack Hopper Dining Hall

Department of Child Development

On January 2nd, we opened our doors for the New Year to many new families.  Our CDC Family has continued to grow and we now have 114 children enrolled.  We are aiming for our capacity enrollment of 132 by fall.


Thanks to the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Abbott, we had a Magic Show on February 8th in the Multi-Purpose Room, featuring Magician Archie Wade from Southside.  It was great fun for the kids and teachers alike. 


All classes had Valentine’s Day parties on February 14th.


On February 19, 2007, we had a staff professional development day in which we received training on working with children with behavior problems from Laura McCullars, Executive Director of Concern for Children.


We’ve had monthly fire and storm drills, and although we hope we never have the real thing, we'll be ready.   During the severe weather episode on March 1, 2007, when we received word that we would be closing early, all children were picked up within an hour of notification.


During our weekly staff meeting on March 5, 2007, we had the first in a series of monthly professional development seminars for our teachers presented by JSU faculty.  Dr. Tom Phillips spoke on the importance of promoting a healthy self-concept in young children.

Department of Communication

The Department of Communication held its fall 2006 Communication Advisory Board meeting on Wednesday, November 29, 2006. Two external board members—Mr. Graham Hadley of the Talladega Daily Homes and Mr. Roy Williams of the Birmingham News—were each presented with a plaque as a token of appreciation by the department for their service on the Communication Advisory Board.


The Ayers Lecture Series for the 2006-2007 academic year took place on March 6 2007. The speaker was Mr. Gay Talese, a journalist (New York Times), historian and author. Talese, who has authored over seven books, spoke about “The life of a writer” to an audience of over 200 who gathered on the 11th floor of the Houston Cole library at Jacksonville State University. The audience was made up of students, faculty, JSU staff, Anniston Star staff, and members of the community at large.


Four communication students participated in this year’s national journalism conference organized by the Anniston Star, the University of Alabama, and the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), and held in Anniston. This year’s conference was about narrative journalism, and the theme was, “They Call Us Storytellers.”


The Department of Communication is currently conducting its self study in preparation for the visit of the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (ACEJMC) in February, 2008. The deadline for submission of the self study is November, 2007. This will be the department’s initial accreditation since its inception.


The Communication Department has installed a new Promethean ActivBoard in its computer lab. This device is an interactive whiteboard that allows instructors to display real-time computer activities for the class. The board is currently being used in publication design and internet production classes, and will be used for other classes in the future.


The radio station is continuing its equipment update, and hopefully will be using the new digital equipment in 2007.


WLJS News Director Brandon Hollingsworth has become the anchor for Alabama Public Radio's new Daily News Podcast. This feature began Jan. 17 and will be available through the websites of all APR stations, including WLJS in Jacksonville. Brandon will continue to anchor WLJS's Morning Edition broadcasts each weekday in addition to providing the daily podcasts. To subscribe to the podcasts, go to and follow the link on the right.

Department of Curriculum and Instruction


Dr. Dale Campbell made a presentation to the Anniston City School System elementary teachers on January 2nd.  The JSU In-Service Education Center sponsored this training session.  The topic was Innovative Ways to Teach K-1 Math Concepts.

Dr. Larry Beard currently serves as Treasurer for the Alabama Federation Council for Exceptional Children (AFCEC).  He also served as the Chair of the Registration Committee for the AFCEC Super Conference in Birmingham on February 1st – 3rd.


Dr. Teresa Gardner serves as the Publications Chair for the Alabama Federation Council for Exceptional Children (AFCEC).  She also coordinated the Student Council of Exceptional Children (SCEC) from JSU assisting with the Registration Committee for the AFCEC Super Conference in Birmingham on February 1st – 3rd.


Dr. Steve Armstrong attended the University Forum at the AFCEC Super Conference in Birmingham on February 1st.  He was the representative from JSU.


Dr. Larry Beard (along with Dr. Denise Richardson/ESE) made a presentation at the AFCEC Super Conference in Birmingham on February 2nd.  The title was Students with Disabilities in the General Science Class:  Accommodations and Suggestions.


Dr. Slenda Haynes, Dr. Larry Beard, and Dr. Gena Riley made a presentation at the AFCEC Super Conference in Birmingham on February 2nd.  The title was Linking Parents to On-line Literacy.


Dr. Teresa Gardner, Dr. Larry Beard, and Beth Levstek (SPE undergraduate student) made a presentation at the AFCEC Super Conference in Birmingham on February 2nd.  The title was Speech-to-Text Applications in Post Secondary Environments.


Dr. Celia Hilber made a presentation at the AFCEC Super Conference in Birmingham on February 2nd.  The title was Adapting Curriculum for Hearing Impaired in the Classroom.


Dr. Aquilla Mims received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the AFCEC Super Conference in Birmingham on February 3rd.  She was honored for her lifetime of service to exceptional students.


Ms. Kelly Looney (SPE undergraduate student at JSU) received the top award in the state of Alabama for the Poster Contest at the AFCEC Super Conference in Birmingham on February 3rd.  The focus was student directed research for exceptional children.


Kappa Delta Epsilon inducted 14 new members on Sunday, February 4th.  The induction ceremony was held on the 11th floor of the Houston Cole Library in Jacksonville with approximately 50 parents and friends of the inductees in attendance.  The faculty sponsors of the organization are Mrs. Phyllis Taylor and Dr. Gena Riley.


Mrs. Sandra Sudduth represented JSU at the Spring Convention of the Future Teachers of Alabama which was held in Birmingham on February 9th and 10th.  She provided information to the high school students in attendance concerning educational opportunities at JSU.  She also serves as the JSU faculty advisor for the Student Alabama Education Association (SAEA).


Dr. Elizabeth Engley presented at a conference at Kennesaw State University in Atlanta, Georgia on March 17th.  The topic was Developing Professional Dispositions in the Pre-Service Teacher.


Dr. Celia Hilber presented at a conference at Kennesaw State University in Atlanta, Georgia on March 16th.  The topic was Developing Assessment Tools Based on the State’s COS.


Dr. Nina King presented at a conference at Kennesaw State University in Atlanta, Georgia on March 17th.  The topic was Developing Professional Dispositions in the Pre-Service Teacher.


Dr. Patsy Lowry presented at the AACTE Annual Conference in New York City, New York on February 25th.  The topic was From Vision to Action:  Preparing Qualified Career Technical Educators.

Department of Educational Resources

Tommy Turner spoke to a class at Coosa Valley Youth Services Detention Home on Bullying (along with Dr. Denise Richardson on Emotional Intelligence).


Dr. Tommy Turner worked with a group of employees of the Oxford School system following the recent tragic bus accident there.


Dr. Tommy Turner participated in a faculty panel to assist Dean Harper with research on “Religious versus Public Education” to be presented at the Oxford Round Table in London.


The Counselor Education faculty hosted the Character Education Training for the Alabama State Department of Education on campus in February.  Approximately 100 counselors and teachers from the northeastern part of the state attended the training.  This is designed to train educators to provide character education for students in the school setting.  Dr. Nancy Fox served as the JSU liaison with the state department to organize the training.


Dr. Nancy Fox and Dr. Charlotte Eady attended the NCATE Accreditation Conference in Washington.


Dr. Tommy Turner, Dr. Jan Chandler, Dr.  Nancy Fox and Dr. Kathleen Friery attended the Alabama Counseling Association Chapter V Winter Workshop held at Gadsden State Community College.


Dr. Tommy Turner and Dr. Nancy Fox attended the Alabama Counseling Association Winter Executive Council meeting at the 4-H Conference Center in Columbiana.


Dr. Stephen Nowlin administered a questionnaire to the Jacksonville City Board of Education that measures the performance of their superintendent, Dr. Eric Mackey.


Dr. Stephen Nowlin conducted an orientation session about superintendent evaluation for Butler County Board of Education.


Dr. Stephen Nowlin presented a superintendent’s completed   evaluation report to the Clay County Board of Education.


Dr. Stephen Nowlin addressed the Bessemer City Board of Education and explained the evaluation report for their superintendent, Dr. Deborah Horn.


Dr. Stephen Nowlin administered a questionnaire to the Oxford City Board of Education that measured the performance of their superintendent, Dr. Jeff Goodwin.  He surveyed the school administrators and principals about the performance of Dr. Goodwin.


Dr. Stephen Nowlin surveyed the school administrators and principals about the performance of their superintendent, Mr. Ben Griffin, in the Clay County school system.


Dr. Stephen Nowlin delivered a presentation entitled, “High Performing Schools and Counseling” to a meeting of the Area 5 Guidance Counselors Chapter at GSCC.


Dr. Isreal Eady chaired the university’s Affirmative Action Committee, which developed a University-wide “Diversity Strategic Plan” to be presented by Dr. Meehan to the Board of Trustees in April.


Dr. Mary Montgomery presented an in-service workshop for Haralson County School system’s Freshman Academy faculty on motivating students for high academic achievement.  Dr. William Kiser is an on-going consultant to several of the high schools in Bartow County school district in Georgia.


Dr. Mary Montgomery and Dr. William Kiser have been accepted as trainers for the curriculum modules of SREB’s Leadership Initiative.


Dr. Tommy Turner, Dr. Nancy Fox & Dr. Jerry Kiser have an article accepted for publication by the Family Journal:  Counseling and Therapy for Couples and Families.  The title of the article is: Uniting Spirituality and Sexual Counseling:  Semitic Traditions.

Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Ms. Karen Nemeth served on the Jacksonville High School Family and Consumer Sciences Advisory council and Career Technical Education council on December 14, 2006.


Plans are under way to begin updating the cooking lab by replacing the current appliances.  This will be an ongoing project that should be completed over the next five years.


Dr. Tom Phillips, collaborating with Dr. Debra Goodwin, Ms. Robbie Boggs, Ms. Paula Napoli, Ms. Karen Nemeth, and Dr. Tim Roberts, has submitted an article for review to the journal of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.  The article is titled “Surviving and Staying Relevant in the 21st Century:  Using an Advisory Committee to Maintain a High Quality FCS Program.”


Ms. Karen Nemeth served on the ALAFCS Board on January 25, 2007.


Dr. Debra Goodwin and Ms. Karen Nemeth presented a power point presentation entitled “Family and Consumer Sciences at JSU: Improving the Lives of Individuals, Families and Communities” at the Georgia Family and Consumer Sciences winter conference on January 26, 2007. 


The Family and Consumer Sciences Department has ordered promotional items for the Preview Day scheduled for February 17.  Ms. Napoli and Dr. Roberts will be representing our department.


The Dietetic students will participate in next week’s Wellness Wednesday program titled “Save your Sweetheart”.


The FCS Club is hosting a bake sale on February 13th from 10:30-2:00 in the TMB.


On February 1, 2007, Ms. Karen Nemeth met with SDE staff at the University of Montevallo to discuss the impact of Perkins legislation on FCS programs.


Dr. Debra Goodwin and Ms. Paula Napoli were accepted to present “Positive Approaches in the Prevention of Childhood Obesity: A Proactive Method for Teaching Nutrition in an Early Childhood Classroom Setting” for the 2007 Association for Childhood Education International Annual Conference and Exhibition May 2-5, 2007 in Tampa, FL.


Dr. Debra Godwin and Ms. Paula Napoli were also accepted to make the above presentation in Reno, NV in June for the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.


During a recent faculty meeting, plans were made to invite area high school FCS students to visit our department for FCS Day to be held on May 11. Students will be able to talk to current FCS majors and instructors, tour our facility, and have lunch with the faculty. Campus tours will be offered as well.


Plans are also underway to host the annual FCS Senior reception on April 13th.


The FCS Department will host Advisory Committee Meetings on May 18th in the Gamecock Center.


The Preview Day held on February 17, 2007 was a great success for the FCS Department.  While visiting our booth at Stephenson Center, thirty two prospective students requested additional information about our concentrations. Many others also stopped by to see what our department has to offer.


Ms. Karen Nemeth presented “From Vision to Action: Preparing Qualified Career Technical Educators” at the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education in New York, NY on February 26, 2007.


On February 23, 2007, Dr. Debra Goodwin attended the Alabama Dietetic Association scholarship committee meeting in Guntersville, AL.


Several of the faculty members from our department participated in various activities at the Alabama Association of Family and Consumer Sciences conference which was held in Huntsville from February 28 through March 2, 2007.  Ms. Karen Nemeth facilitated the student session of the Alabama Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.  Ms. Robbie Boggs presented at the student session, as well as supervised the ten FCS students who attended. Dr. Debra Goodwin and Ms. Paula Napoli presented “Positive Approaches in the Prevention of Obesity: A Proactive Approach in Teaching Nutrition in the Preschool Classroom” and Dr. Tommy Phillips presented “Between Memories of the Past and Expectations of the Future: Young Adults in Romantic Relationships”.  


The March Preview Day was again successful for our department.  Approximately twenty five prospective students requested additional information regarding our concentrations.


Dr. Tim Roberts and his Foodservice Management class toured the Honda Manufacturing foodservice facilities to assess the facility design and layout on March 16, 2007.

Department of Health, Physical Education & Recreation

Dr. Jimmy Griffin reports that the 7 graduates in Recreation Leadership for the Fall of 2006 was the largest number of REC graduates for a Fall graduation. 


Dr. Glenn Roswal conducted a keynote presentation, ”Leadership Skills for the Nonprofit Organization Executive,” at the Nonprofit and Social Services Group Annual Symposium on Leadership and Strategic Planning, Iselin, New Jersey.


Ms. Gina Mabrey presented a talk to Roxanna Conroy’s LS 100 class on Health, Fitness, and Nutrition January 10. 


Dr. Jeff Chandler – attended the NSCA Sport Specific Conditioning Conference in San Antonio, Texas, January 10-12.


Dr. Jeff Chandler was recently named as a Fellow of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (FNSCA).  Dr. Chandler is one of only 20 members of the NSCA to be recognized with this honor. 


Dr. Jeff Chandler, Ms Gina Mabrey, and Dr. Claire Egret attended the Southeast American College of Sports Medicine Meeting in Charlotte, NC February 8-10 with 6 ESW students. 


Dr. Willie Hey, Dr. Kory Hill, Dr. Glenn Roswal, Ms. Donna Hey, and Ms, Gina Mabrey attended the AAHPERD Southern District meeting in Chattanooga, TN, February 13-17. 


Dr. Jimmy Griffin presented at the State ARPA Conference January 29.  The title of session- Focus Groups: You too can do.


Dr. Mac Gilliam announced his retirement effective May 31, 2007. 


Dr. Glenn Roswal presented at the Professional Tennis Registry International Symposium in Hilton Head February 20; “Special Olympics Short Course Tennis – Transition from Skills to Match Play”.


Dr. Jeff Chandler and Mr. Mark Kovacs (Adjunct Professor in HPER) made two presentations at the Professional Tennis Registry International Symposium in Hilton Head February 18 and 19 titled “Periodization for Juniors” and “Stretching to Enhance Recovery and Performance”. 


Mrs. Donna Hey, Ms. Gina Mabrey, and Dr. Margaret Pope attended the Mental Health Seminar, Anniston City Meeting Center, February 21, 2007.


Mrs. Lori Thornburg and the PE staff sponsored a “PE to the MAX” workshop for students and area PE teachers February 28.  Over 200 participants attended the workshop. 


Dr. Willie Hey has been accepted for publication as follows:  Luleci, E, Hey, WT, Subasi, F & Mandiracioglu, A (2007). Assessing selected quality of life factors of nursing homes residents in Turkey, Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics, (Accepted)


Dr. Willie Hey made the following presentations at the Southern AAHPERD Conference in Chattanooga, TN:

Ballard, M & Hey, WT (2007). Moving into administration, SDAAHPERD Conference, Chattanooga, TN.

Roy, J, Geiger, B, & Hey WT (2007). Teaching tips for physical educators, SDAAHPERD Conference, Chattanooga, TN.


Dr. Willie Hey served as a presider for the following meetings Southern AAHPERD Conference in Chattanooga, TN. 

Health Linkage Breakfast, SDAAHPERD Conference, Chattanooga, TN

Health Division Assembly of Members, SDAAHPERD Conf., Chattanooga, TN


Dr. Willie Hey was appointed by the SD President to be the 2007-2008 SDAAHPERD Nominating Committee Chair for SD board of director election and selected as a Poster Session Reviewer for the Second Annual Alabama Governors Conference on Obesity


Dr. Kory Hill reports the completion of the NASPE Standard I assessment project for secondary physical education. The last video for what has been a two year project has been completed.


Dr. Kory Hill presided over several sessions at the SDAAHPERD Conference in Chattanooga including “Food Marketing: Responding to Obesity and Public Health Initiatives” and “A Multidisciplinary approach to Weight Management”. 


Ms. Gina Mabrey and Mrs. Donna Hey presented at the Southern District AAHPERD in Chattanooga.  The titles of their presentations were: “Country Dance Craze” and “Yoga for Community Health”.


Dr. Glenn Roswell made the following presentation at the SDAAHPERD Conference in Chattanooga:  “Providing Recreation Opportunities to People with Disabilities”. 


Dr. Jimmy Griffin presided over a session at the SDAAHPERD Conference in Chattanooga titled “Team Building for Cohesive Teams”.


Dr. Glenn Roswal took a group of over 40 HPER students to work for the 7th annual Special Olympics Tennis Championships, March 12-14, 2007, at the Van der Meer Shipyard Racquet Club on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. The event attracted nearly 250 Special Olympics athletes, coaches and volunteers from nine states, including Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia.


Dr. Glenn Roswal attended the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance annual conference in Baltimore.    Dr. Roswal is presenting a “Lead Session” titled “Special Olympics:  a University Curriculum” and presenting a paper “Overview of Special Olympics University Project”. 


Dr. Willie Hey attended the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance annual conference in Baltimore.  He made a presentation titled “Levels of Crisis Management Preparedness in K-12 Education: A Descriptive Study”. 


Dr. Roland Thornburg attended the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance annual conference in Baltimore.  He made a presentation with Dr. John Hammett titled “Livetext: A Tool in Meeting Standards in PE Teacher Preparation Programs.”


The JSU Wellness Center successfully started health promotion campaign, “Get Well JSU,” by sponsoring Wellness Wednesdays in the cafeteria.  The following topics have been presented along with a healthy lunch:

January 10th…………Resolution: Healthy Habits

February 14th………..Save Your Sweet Heart

March 14th…………...Eat Well to Live Well


Dr. Mac Gilliam took a group of 35 JSU students on the annual ski trip to Boone, NC. 


Dr. Jeff Chandler has the following article ACCEPTED for publication in Strength and Conditioning Journal:  “Appropriate Submissions to Strength and Conditioning Journal” coauthored with Dr. Jim McMillan, Georgia Southern University.   


Ms. Gina Mabrey and Dr. Jeff Chandler spent one day at Auburn University observing the Auburn “Tigerfit” Wellness Program. 


Dr. Jimmy Griffin’s Camping and Outdoor Education Class went on a weekend camping trip to Shocco Springs Baptist Conference Center and Campground. 


The Gamecock Recreation ConneXion will be held Wednesday April 4 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.   Recreation professionals from around the south will join us for a day of recruiting, networking, and professional development.

Department of Instructional Services

Mr. Mike Zenanko edited the 2006 Passport to Success, the annual report of the College of Education and Professional Studies. He also designed and edited the Association for the Tutoring Profession conference brochure.


The Teaching/Learning Center will provide 1,714 hours of free tutoring to 101 community children. The practicum will involve 124 JSU students.

Department of Secondary Education

Dr. Carol Uline presented at an in-service meeting on “Reading and Writing”, January 2, 2007, at Weaver High School.


Dr. Carol Uline presented at an in-service meeting on “Managing Behavior in Classrooms”, January 3, 2007, at Cherokee County High School.


Dr. Charles Notar and Dr. Jan Wilson were published in the refereed journal International Journal of Arts & Sciences, 2007, Vol. 2, No. 2, “Website Evaluation Form for Teachers”.


Dr. Jan Wilson and Dr. Jordan Barkley were published in the refereed journal International Forum of Teaching and Studies, 2(44), 51-57, “The Effect of High Stakes Testing on Secondary Classroom Teaching Patterns”. 


Dr. Denise Richardson presented “Students with Disabilities in the General Science Class:  Accommodations and Suggestions” at the Alabama Federation Council for Exceptional Children on February 2, 2007, in Birmingham, Alabama.


Dr. Jan Wilson attended training for 21st Century Community Learning Center Summer Camps, held at Auburn University on February 13, 2007.


Dr. Carol Uline presented at an in-service meeting on “Managing Classroom Behavior”, February 18, 2007, to the Anniston Middle School faculty at the JSU In-service Education Center at McClellan.


Dr. Denise Richardson presented “Integration of Technology Into Instruction Best Practices”, February 23, 2007, at Stillman College, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


Dr. Israel Eady and Dr. Jan Wilson were published in the refereed College Student Journal, (41)1, 239-241, “Restructuring Music’s Role in the Middle School Curriculum”.


Dr. Carol Uline conducted a workshop entitled “Managing Classroom Behavior”, March 13, 2007, at the Randolph County High School.  Six schools from the Randolph County school system were represented at the workshop, which was arranged through the JSU In-service Education center.


The Department of Secondary Education hosted Senior Visitation Day on March 5th, 2007, which was attended by 164 high school seniors from 17 surrounding high schools.  The high school seniors received recruitment and application for admissions information about JSU and orientation materials regarding teacher certification degree programs in the CEPS.


The Department of Secondary Education Advisory Council met on March 7, 2007, to discuss the progress made on the 2006-07 action plan recommendations, as well as to propose an action plan for the 2007-08 academic year.

Department of Teacher Service Center

Dr. Kelly Ryan and Dr. Gena Riley presented at the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education in New York City.  Dr. Kelly Ryan conducted six Banner Orientation workshops for JSU Faculty.

Department of Technology & Engineering

The first class of the Anniston Army Depot Leadership Training Program graduated on February 5, 2007. The second class started on February 26, 2007.


Mr. Terry Marbut and Dr. Jess Godbey had a paper accepted for publication and presentation at the national conference for the American Society of Engineering Educators in June 2007.


Mr. Lyle Barnard, long-time pro-rata instructor for the department, passed away on February 26, 2007.


Equipment continues to be installed in the Transportation Center Building. Some classes are already utilizing the facility with increased activities scheduled for the summer.


JSU hosted the regional technology fair for the Alabama Council for Technology in Education on February 23. Approximately 600 students (3rd through 12th grade), teachers, and parents were on campus for a fun-filled day of technology based competition.

Department of TV Services

Copied, labeled, and distributed 12 copies of the November 16th Alumni Panel Discussion “Secrets to Success” for Career Placement Services.  These DVD’s were given to the ten panelists who participated. The footage from this event will be used in the full length video we are working on for Career Placement Services.  The other two DVD’s were for The Office of the Career Placement Services and for Dr. Turner.  The Office of Career Placement Services is running the “Secrets to Success” DVD continuously during working hours on their new 37 inch wide LCD television located in the lobby.

Produced and broadcast the 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Fall Graduation Exercises live on TV24 and live over the Internet.  The ceremonies were also rebroadcast at later dates and times.  DVD copies of the ceremony are being sold through the Campus Bookstore.

Taped Dr. Meehan’s intro to an interactive DVD for Financial Aid.

The International House video that premiered at the 60th reunion in Paris, France July 7-9, 2006 will soon be available for viewing by visiting the International House website.

Taped the opera, “Hansel and Gretel” performed by the Dr. David L. Walters Department of Music.  Sixty DVD’s of the performance were distributed.

The new Spring 2007 Continuing Education commercial aired over Cable One and TV24.

Mr. Keith Thomas along with Mr. Bobby Mikel and Mr. Jonathan Sikes conducted camera, lighting, and Final Cut Pro editing workshops for Ms. King’s 320 Video Production/Editing class.

Taped soundbites from Mr. Bob Kennamer and Mr. Randy Owen for use in the Capital Campaign “Power of 125” fund-raising video.  Mr. Kennamer and Mr. Owen are Co-Chairs of the Capital Campaign.

Taped a career workshop presented by Ms. Becca Turner of Career Placement Services.  Footage from this workshop will be used in the long form video promo TV Services is currently working on for CPS.  A DVD copy of the workshop will also be run on the 37” LCD television located in the lobby of the CPS offices.

TV Services met with members of the Admissions Office, Ms. Martha Mitchell, Mr. Andy Green, Ms. Karen Maxwell, and Mr. Chris Newsome of Academic Computer Services to discuss the next Admissions video.  Andy Green led the meeting handing out an outline of ideas.  Admissions would like to do a main video about JSU and then other videos highlighting various colleges, student life, the president, facilities, sports, financial aid, etc.  The desired timeline for this DVD to be completed is August 1, 2007.  While this is an aggressive deadline, considering all that TV Services is already committed to, it was agreed upon that both parties would move as fast as possible to complete as much of the desired project as possible by the August 1st date.

Mr. Bobby Mikel is officially hired as the new Production Assistant.  Mr. Mikel has served as a student worker in Television Services for the past two years. 

Taped the dress rehearsal of “Seussical, the musical” for the Drama Department.  This footage will be used to represent the department in commercials and recruiting videos.  A short segment of the taping appeared the following day on the TV24 News at 5, 6, & 10 p.m.

Taped the Education Fair in Stephenson held on February 23rd.  Footage from the Fair and sound bites with participates will be used on the Career Placement Services video.

Mr. Mike Hathcock and Ted White judged various videos for the annual JSU Technology Fair.

Videotaped Dr. Meehan doing an introduction for the Capital Campaign, “The Power of 125” video.

The Office of Admissions aired the JSU commercial, “The Best Kept Secret in Alabama” on Wednesday, February 28th and Thursday, March 1st on Fox 6 during “American Idol” and also during the nightly news from Wednesday, February 28th – Sunday, March 4th.

Taped the Ayers Lecture featuring Mr. Gay Talese.  DVD’s were made and given to the Communication Department.

Mr. Bobby Mikel, Production Assistant, attended a SPJ event titled, “They Call Us Storytellers.”  The event, sponsored by the Anniston Star, included several breakout sessions.  Mr. Mikel attended a scriptwriting for documentaries workshop. Mr. Mikel was encouraged to attend as part of his professional development.

Staged shots with students selected by the Office of Admissions.  These shots were taken on the Quad and will be used in the new JSU Recruiting video as well as commercials.






1.  Revised enrollment data.  The College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS) tabulates official enrollment numbers on the “census” date identified by JSU (the last day to add classes).  For Spring 2007, the census date was 1/11/07.  The following table differs slightly from the data submitted on 1/8/07 for the January 2007 Board of Trustee report.  Enrollment in the CNHS has increased 104% since Fall 2001.
















BSN:   174

STEP:     9

MSN:    27

Total:  210


BSN: 189

STEP: 11

MSN:   24

Total: 224


BSN: 194

STEP: 12

MSN:  20



BNS:   202

STEP:    9

MSN:    29

Total:  240




MSN:  36



BSN:         238

STEP:       100

MSN:          44

UNA MSN Transient:   21

Total:        403                          

BSN:           239

STEP:         142

MSN:            44


Transient:       4

Total:           429



2.  CNHS faculty continue to represent JSU in the international nursing arena. 


  • Four nursing faculty, Assistant Professor Dr. Debbie Curry, Instructors Ms. Carrie Elkins, Ms. Becky Bertalan, and Ms. Shawn Wilson have just returned from Australia where they were keynote presenters at the International Rural Nursing Congress.  Their topic was “Local Response to Natural Disasters”.
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Debbie Curry has been invited to present at the 18th International Nursing Research Congress Focusing on Evidence-Based Practice, July 11-14, 2007 in Vienna, Austria.  Her paper, “The Enigma of Lone Atrial Fibrillation”, was selected from more than 1300 abstracts submitted.
  • Instructor Ms. Mendy Wright has been invited to make a scholarly presentation at the Oxford Round Table in Oxford, England in August 2007.


3.  Recruitment for JSU and the CNHS continues to be an integral part of nursing’s activities.  The following table lists recruitment activities completed during Spring 2007:




Approx # of participants;

program targeted





Oxford HS

60 Generic BSN


Redmond Regional Med Ctr.



VA Birmingham



Wallace State CC



Wallace State-Selma



Jefferson State CC



Weaver HS

200 Generic BSN


Gadsden State CC



Snead State

30-High School 50- STEP & MSN


Gadsden City HS

60 Generic BSN


4.  Health care agencies rigorously recruit CNHS graduates for employment.  The following table lists agencies that have sponsored recruitment luncheons for CNHS nursing students during Spring 2007 semester.





Jan 29, 07   

Feb 5, 07

Feb 9, 07

Feb 12, 07

Feb 16, 07

Feb 19, 07  

Feb 23, 07 

Feb 26, 07

Mar 1, 07

Mar 2, 07

Mar 5, 07

Mar 8, 07

Mar 9, 07

Mar 12, 07

Mar 26, 07

Stringfellow Medical Center, Anniston

Regional Medical Center, Anniston

Baptist-Princeton Medical Center, B'ham

Trinity Medical Center, B'ham

Riverview Regional Medical Center, Gadsden

Tanner Health Systems Hospitals, Georgia

VA Medical Center, B'ham

US Army Healthcare/Nurse Corps

Floyd Medical Center, Rome GA

Children's Hospital, B'ham

Gadsden Regional Medical Center

Jacksonville Medical Center

Carraway Medical Center, B'ham

UAB Medical Center, B'ham

Brookwood Medical Center, B'ham



5. The annual Elizabeth A Morris Clinical Education Sessions-FACES is the largest and most prestigious nursing conference in Alabama.  The April 17, 2007 conference, sponsored by the Alabama State Nurses Association, in Montgomery, AL will feature CNHS faculty with the following scholarly presentations:


  • Instructors Ms. Sumer Buckner and Ms. Carrie Elkins, “A Positive Experience:  Overcoming the Fear of HIV”.
  • Instructors Ms. Shari Payne and Ms. Tammy Morrow, “Making Healthcare A Better Place…Incorporating Culture into Clinical Practice”.
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Debbie Curry and Instructors Ms. Carrie Elkins, Ms. Becky Bertalan, and Ms. Kristi Beam, “Road Trip to New Orleans…A Lesson in Disaster Response…A Journey of Caring and Hope”.
  • Instructors Ms. Betsy Gulledge and Ms. Janel Crawford, “New Approaches to Teaching Pharmacology”.
  • Instructor Ms. Becky Bertalan, “Can You Rescue This Client?”
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Kay Williams and Instructor Ms. Christie Shelton, “Metabolic Syndrome:  The Link Between Coronary Disease and Irregular Periods”.
  • Instructor Ms. Sherron DeWeese, “Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and the HPV Vaccine:  Prevention and Politics”.
  • Instructors Ms. Peggy Bone and Ms. Kristi Beam, “Watch Out For Monsters” (clostridium difficile and multiresistant staph aureus).


6.  Publishers engage recognized clinical experts in the peer review process.  CNHS faculty have been invited to review journal articles and/or book chapters.   Assistant Professor Dr. Phyllis Waits completed review of a text on patient assessment by Delmar Publishing.  Instructor Ms. Marilyn Bougere reviewed an obstetrical text by F.A. Davis.  Instructor Ms. Peggy Bone reviewed articles from the journals Nursing 2006 and Critical Care Nursing.


7.  Instructor Ms. Christie Shelton continues as the Co-principal Investigator of the Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB)  Exposure and Adverse Health Effects in Anniston, AL project.  This Center for Disease Control funded project is in its fourth and final year.  Ms. Shelton also serves as Project Director for the grant overseeing five research studies.


8.  Community service is blended with teaching opportunities in clinical courses.  Instructor Ms. Peggy Bone coordinated blood pressure screenings done by first semester nursing students for 120 residents at Regency Point during March 2007.  Students also gained extensive experience giving injections at Gadsden Regional Medical Center when they gave 300 flu shots to facility employees.


9.  Spring 2007 Preview Days have been extremely successful.  The following table illustrates the interest in nursing and the participation of CNHS faculty, staff, and students.



Faculty/Staff/Students Participating

Browse Session Contacts

Students Advised










10.  Dr. Sarah Latham attended the Executive Development Series sponsored by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing in Washington, DC, March 15-18, 2007.


11.  The American Nurses Credentialing Center has notified Instructor Ms. Carrie Elkins of her successful certification as a Clinical Specialist in Community Health Nursing.


12.  Instructor Ms. Sherron DeWeese has been asked by the Alabama State Nurses Association (ASNA) to present a program on teenage sexual behaviors and sexually transmitted diseases to the Mental Health Association in a workshop in Montgomery, 22 May 2007.  The presentation, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow" was part of the 2006 Elizabeth A Morris Clinical Education Sessions-FACES and was so well received that the ASNA is offering it to other groups.


Student Life

Freshman Forum

Freshman Forum has had an extremely successful 2007 spring semester by completing various service projects including Project Valentine.  This project was composed of gathering and taking donations of used cell phones that will be distributed to patients waiting for organ transplants.  This year they collected over 40 cell phones that will be distributed to local hospitals.  They concluded Project Valentine by having the founder of Project Valentine and JSU Alumnus, Mr. Kel Kelley as guest speaker.

These students also completed the INSPIRE (Involving Necessary Student Participation in Realistic Experiences) program where they travel to local high schools to inform students about the differences between high school and college leadership and the transition from high school to college.  These visits also allowed the students to tell about their experiences and involvement here at JSU.  So far, this year we have reached out to more than 300 students at 4 local high schools.

Freshman Forum also held a mixer with the SGA Student Senate for Valentine's Day where they made hand-made Valentine's to give to underprivileged children.  JSU Freshman Forum worked with Concern for Children, a division of United Way, to distribute these Valentine's Day cards and candy to children at Golden Springs Elementary School in Anniston.  Freshman Forum also held the Red Carpet Event: All Freshman Mixer on February 28th for all of the freshman students on campus.  This event consisted of lots of fun, food, friends, various contests and dancing. 

Greek Life


The five Executive Council Officers of the Interfraternity Council attended the Southeastern Interfraternity Conference Leadership Academy in Atlanta, Georgia the weekend of February 16 – 18, 2007.  At the Leadership Academy, Jacksonville State University received the following award: Outstanding Publication.  The wonderful note about this recognition is that JSU’s Fraternity and Sorority Life Publication was the most outstanding out of all member schools in the Southeast.  Mr. Eddie Banks-Crosson, Assistant Director of Student Life-Greek Life and Miss Emily Williams, Student Life Graduate Assistant, presented an educational session titled, “Intercouncil Communication,” which received outstanding reviews from attending students.  Also, Mr. Warren Sarrell, IFC Vice President of Recruitment, received a Greek 101 Registration Scholarship that will be used to enhance the IFC programming budget.

Kappa Sigma Fraternity began expansion endeavors to establish a colony here at JSU.  They plan on having a small contingency of men to carry the colony over into the fall.


The four National Pan-Hellenic Council Executive Council Officers attended the Southeastern African American Leadership Conference February 2 -4, 2007 in Wilmington, NC. 


Forty-three students (the largest delegation of students) attended the Alabama Greek Leadership Conference at the Birmingham Southern College on Saturday, March 3, 2007.  At this years conference Mr. Eddie Banks-Crosson presented the following sessions: “Inter-council Communication” and “NPHC: Living up to What you Were Created to Be.”


All proceeds generated from Greek Week 2007 will benefit the American Heart Association.


Student Government Association/Multicultural Programming

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Week was observed with a documentary of his life shown on January 16, 2007 in the TMB auditorium. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity performed a ceremonial ritual to pay homage to Dr. King, a former member. In closing out the week Attorney Marcus Reid, was guest lecturer, reflecting on the changes we have made in society towards diversity.


Black History Month events opened with the inspirational movie “Coach Carter.” A tribute to “Sounds of Motown” was performed by Encore! JSU Show Choir on February 15, 2007 in the TMB auditorium. Congressman Artur Davis was guest lecturer on February 19, 2007 at Houston Cole Library. This event was open to the public. Sodexho prepared a theme night meal entitled “Soul Food Night in the Café” on February 20, 20007 and later that evening there was a dance performance in the TMB auditorium by “Step Afrika,” that resulted in a standing room only crowd.

Disability Support Services (DSS)

Mrs. Katy Goodgame attended the “Evaluation and Supported Employment Issues with the Autism Spectrum Disorder” workshop at Lakeshore Rehabilitation, January 18-19.


Mr. Daniel L. Miller, Mrs. Linda Turner, Mrs. Sarah Eiland, Miss Katerri Krebs, Mrs. Cindy Camp, and Mr. Stephen Cain attended the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) Drive-In conference at Birmingham Southern, January 19.


Mrs. Linda Turner coordinated interviews for the Workforce Recruitment Program, a program for college students with disabilities. The program is co-sponsored by the Office of Disability Employment Policy, U.S. Department of Labor, and the Office of Defense. This is a resource for federal agencies and private businesses nationwide to identify qualified temporary and permanent employees from a variety of fields. Applicants are highly motivated postsecondary students and recent graduates eager to prove their abilities in the workforce.


Mrs. Katy Goodgame attended the Alabama Federation Council for Exceptional Children Conference (AFCEC) February 2-3. Mr. Daniel L. Miller and Mrs. Goodgame presented February 3, “Prepping Parents for Post-Secondary”, a presentation to guide parents through the many steps of preparing their child for college.


Mr. Daniel L. Miller, Mrs. Cindy Camp, Mrs. Sarah Eiland, and Miss Katerri Krebs attended an Alabama Association on Higher Education and Disability (AL AHEAD) Drive-In, February 2, at Faulkner University.


Mrs. Katy Goodgame attended the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD) “AHEAD Management Institutes” Conference, February 22-24, in New Orleans, LA.


Mr. Daniel L. Miller, Mrs. Linda Turner, Mrs. Cindy Camp, and Mrs. Katy Goodgame met with psychometrists, Ms. Charlene Chapman, Ms. Debbie Limerick, and Ms. Valinda Teague, March 2. The purpose of the meeting was to provide an overview of services offered through Disability Support Services to deaf and hard of hearing students. A presentation was given on the “toolbox” that DSS provides as an aid to instructors of deaf and hard of hearing students. The “toolbox” includes audiological supplies such as hearing aid batteries, alcohol pads to clean hearing aids, etc.


Mr. Daniel L. Miller, Mrs. Katy Goodgame, and Mrs. Sarah Eiland attended the Alabama Transition Conference, March 12-14, hosted by Auburn University.


Dr. Bill Meehan, Mr. Daniel L. Miller, Mrs. Linda Turner, Mrs. Jennifer Yocum, and Mr. Stephen Cain met with Ms. Judith Gilliam, President of Alabama Association of the Deaf, and Karen McLean, President of The Alabama Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, March 14. The meeting was to establish a degree program in interpreting for the Deaf at Jacksonville State University.


Mr. Daniel L. Miller, Mrs. Linda Turner, and Mr. Stephen Cain attended Alabama School for the Deaf’s Career Day, March 16. Mr. Miller presented “Prepping Parents for Post-Secondary” and Mr. Cain presented an overview of Jacksonville State University and services offered through Disability Support Services.

JSU Police Department

Officer Jerry Perkins was promoted to Corporal on February 12, 2007.


Officer Tami Conway was hired as a University Police Officer on February 19, 2007.


Sergeant Neal Fetner and Corporal Robert Schaffer attended the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies Conference in Greensboro, North Carolina, March 13-16, 2007. Both officers attended numerous law enforcement training sessions and Corporal Schaffer attended the required Accreditation Manager Certification Training.

Counseling and Career Services

JSU Peer Educators Take Florida State by Storm


The JSU Peer Educators attended the Bacchus and Gamma Area 8/9 Annual Spring Conference at Florida State University February 16-18, 2007.  They participated in several break out sessions that enabled them to learn more about facilitating groups on campus and heard informative messages from exciting keynote speakers.


At the Awards Luncheon held on Saturday, February 17, the JSU Peer Educators were honored for the fifth year in a row as Outstanding Program of the Year for the activities conducted during Alcohol Awareness Week. They also received Chapter of the Year for hard work and dedication year round. 


The group also participated in the following group sessions: How to Organize Non Alcohol Events, How to Stop Underage Drinking, How to Facilitate Smoke Outs on Campus, How to Conduct Low Cost Programming, and other topics.


Quoting other JSU students, “We did not realize we were a part of such a large organization that is worldwide”.  A representative from the Bacchus and Gamma Denver office attended this conference and shared with the participants about the difference the southern schools make in the overall success of Bacchus and Gamma.


We congratulate the Peer Educators for all their hard work and for winning three out of four awards. 


The 2006-2007 JSU Peer Educators are Michael Bearden, Aquilla Davis, David Drummond, Angela Frazier, Mary Catherine Hammonds, Christi Jackson, Rebecca Kelly, Alejandro Loera, Kassandra McKenzie, Lindsey Minton, Jennifer Nix, Shade Nix, Jessica Peoples, Keena Perkins, Brittney Rashleigh.


The following activities were or will be conducted:

February 6 - “Overcoming Test Anxiety”

February 8 - “Tobacco Awareness Day”

February 12-16 - “Sexual Responsibility Week”

February 14 - “Healthy Relationships”

February 22 - “Balancing Your Debt”

March 7 - “Dealing with Grief”

March 12-16 - “Have a Safe Spring Break”

April 3 - West Anniston Foundation: "For Your Life”

Fifty students are currently participating in co-operative education.


Ms. Turner presented “An Orientation to Career Placement Services” to five classes in Family and Consumer Science, Technology, and Freshman Orientation.


Career Placement Services hosted its annual Education Fair on February 23 with 58 school systems from the Southeast region. 


Honda Manufacturing of Lincoln, AL interviewed eight JSU students on March 7 for full time and co-op professional positions.


Approximately 60 students participated in the annual Professional Business Etiquette meal on March 14. Ms. Cassandra Burke of Mobile, Alabama instructed the students in dinner etiquette as well as corporate dress.


Career Placement Services hosted Ms. Brenda Moore, Regions Bank Human Resource Manager of East Alabama Bank for on-campus interviews on March 7.  Ten JSU graduates interviewed for Region’s newly launched manager-training program.


Ms. White and Ms. Turner presented “Career Placement Services:  Preparing Graduates for the Competitive Edgeto Leadership Calhoun County on March 15.


Anniston Army Depot currently has 13 undergraduate co-ops and 3 graduate co-ops.


Honda Manufacturing of Alabama awarded a grant to Career Placement Services for $5,000 to fund new marketing strategies for JSU students. The proposal written by Ms. Becca Turner, Coordinator of Cooperative Education, defined a marketing program for use of the grant money, which includes revising and updating current student career guides as well as other employability resources.

Honda supports JSU’s Career Placement Services consistently with their participation in campus events, but, most importantly, they hire JSU graduates and place undergraduate and graduate students in a variety of cooperative education positions. Currently they employ nine co-op students.


Ms. White meets with an average of 75 students a month for resume help and job strategies.


The following companies visited or will visit the JSU campus for interviews in the next few weeks:

March 28, 2007 - Keystone (Department of Defense)

April 5, 2007 - Steeple Technology

April 10, April 12, May 22 - U.S. Army Officer Training

April 11, 2007 - Enterprise Rent-a-Car

April 12, 2007 - Russell Corporation

April 13, 2007 - Scott Logistics

May 15, 2007 - U.S. Dept. of Treasury Financial Management

Department of University Housing and Residence Life

Occupancy Report:

Please see attachment #1 for the spring 2007 occupancy report.

The current housing residents’ re-application process for the 2007-2008 academic year took place February 19-March 9.  Please see attachment #2 for re-application numbers.

Staff Report:

We have completed our Resident Assistant (RA) recruitment process for the 2007-2008 academic year.  We interviewed 108 applicants for 52 positions of those 108 applicants 33 were returning Resident Assistants and 75 were new applicants.  Last year, we interviewed 67 applications consisting of 28 returning (RA) and 39 new applicants.

The Department of University Housing and Residence Life attended our annual, Southeastern Association of Housing Officers (SEAHO) Conference.  This once a year professional development opportunity is an excellent developmental experience for our department.  This year’s conference was held in Lexington, Kentucky during February.  At this conference, we recruit for potential Residence Life Coordinators (RLC) and Assistant Residence Life Coordinators (ARLC) for the upcoming academic year. Ms. Iyisha Hampton, staff member, facilitated a presentation.

Facilities Report:

In conjunction with the Physical Plant, the Department of University Housing and Residence Life schedule several projects throughout the department each summer.  These projects are carefully planned in order to continue enhancing the quality of living within our facilities.  Please note the following projects planned for this summer.


Crow Hall:

               Replace lobby/lounge furniture


Dixon Hall:

               Replace lobby/lounge furniture


Daugette Hall:

               Paint interior

               Remove remaining carpet

               Install ceiling tile

               Install additional lights in hallway

               Install storefront section at lobby/lounge

               Replace mini-blinds

               Glaze sinks in rooms and restrooms

               Replace supply lines, stops, and faucets

               Replace mattresses

               Replace lobby/lounge furniture


Logan Hall:

               Replace lobby/lounge furniture


Patterson Hall:

               Replace lobby/lounge furniture


Sparkman Hall:

               Replace carpet in lounges


Pannell Apartments:

               Temporary patch roof


Penn House Apartments:

               Renovate remaining units


Program Report:


Programming Dimension: LEARN (Life Skills, Education, Awareness, Responsibility, and Needs).


Program Title: Special Cards (21)

Residents created cards for people in the nursing home and their sweethearts.


Program Title: Superbowl Party (15)

The residents of the university owned apartment area were able to meet and greet while enjoying the entertainment of the super bowl.


Program Title: Twirking the Underground (39)

An RA engaged the residents in aerobic activities as the residents learned the newest steps in hip-hop.


Program Title: Let Your Voice be Heard (23)

Residents were invited to express concerns


Program Title: Exam Taking Techniques (20)

Residents were given effective exam taking techniques.


Program Title: Vote or Die (18)

Residents were able to interact with candidates that campaigned for SGA


Program Title: Celebrating Black History (12)

Residents were given black history information.


Program Title: Great, Quick, Spring Break, SEX! (12)

Guest speaker spoke on spring break, sex, and alcohol (How it can negatively affect your life if you make poor decisions).


Program Title: Breakfast to go (70)

RAs provided the residents with breakfast to go during finals as a reminder that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and shouldn’t be skipped.


Program Title: The Magnificent Mocktail (7)

Guest learned about alcohol awareness and underage drinking.


Program Title: Body Image Workshop (7)

To educate and increase awareness of issues that effect women’s self-esteem (magazines, TV, etc.)


Program Title: Valentines Door Decorating contest (13)

Roommates worked together to create a theme for a valentines door decoration.


Program Title: Creative Condoms (46)

Residents thought of creative ways to use condom other than sex while learning about safe sex and STDs


Program Title: All the Right Moves (13)

Guest speaker discussed how to choose the right career and what to do to get started.


Program Title: Girls: Safety on Campus (14)

UPD discussed safety against criminals.

Residence Hall Association (RHA) Report:


RHA is continuing the “Have a Heart JSU” program for the women of Day Break.

RHA hosted a super bowl party for the Housing Residents.


Attachment #1




# of Residents

Occupancy %















































# of Residents

Occupancy %

Campus Inn (Eff)




Campus Inn (1Bd)








Jax (1Bd)




Jax (2Bd)
















Penn House






















# of Residents

Occupancy %

All Houses



















Occupancy %








Attachment #2




# of Residents

Occupancy %

Crow (freshman)




Curtiss (sorority)












Fitzpatrick (freshman)






























# of Residents

Occupancy %

Campus Inn (Eff)




Campus Inn (1Bd)








Jax (1Bd)




Jax (2Bd)
















Penn House






















# of Residents

Occupancy %

All Houses



















Occupancy %






The Sorority Hall (Curtiss) deadline was extended to May 1st.

Student Health Center

Ms. Nancy Edge-Schmitz met with Ms. Linda Shelton of Counseling and Career Services and representatives from Jefferson County Aids in Minorities concerning programming with Aids in Minorities.


Mr. Robert Mills met with Mr. Adam Greene of Counseling and Career Services to discuss Tobacco Awareness.


The SHC assisted in purchasing promotional items for the JSU Peer Educators for Tobacco Awareness Day.


Tobacco Awareness program was presented to Peer Educators by Mr. Robert Mills.


Mrs. Nancy Edge-Schmitz presented an educational program, Sexual Choices, to JSU students in Daugette Hall.


Mr. Robert Mills presented an educational program, Spring Break Safety, to JSU students in Fitzpatrick.


Dr. James Yates was deployed to Iraq in March 2007.  Dr. Gary Keogh and Dr. James Grist will be providing health services in Dr. Yates absence.


The SHC participated in Kick Butts Day, by distributing tobacco-free stickers and educational pamphlets.


Ms. Nancy Edge-Schmitz continues to serve on the University Substance Abuse Program Committee, the University Safety and Environmental Health Committee (Chair of the SHC sub-committee), the Housing Appeal/Petition Review Board, and the Intervention Committee.


Mr. Robert Mills continues to serve on the University Personnel Counsel and the Alumni Board.


The total number of client visits this quarter was 1,481.  This total includes 1,214 student visits and 267 faculty/staff visits.  The primary care physicians provide services at the SHC 12 hours per week.  The gynecologist provides women’s health services 4 hours per week. 



JAN - MAR 2007
















Student Contacts









Total Contacts
















MD - total
















Nurse - total
















GYN - total






New Patients



Return Patients



Total Patients












Total Contacts






Prescriptions Dispensed



Office of Student Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Aid successfully went “live” with the new Banner System on February 12, 2007.  As of March 28, 2007, we have loaded over 2000 student aid reports and have submitted requests to students via their JSU email.  The aid office implemented a new way to notify students of information needed using the JSU email system.  Students now have access in real time to check information needed by the aid office, including any missing forms, see when that information was received and satisfied, and will view, accept, and/or decline financial aid offered for the Fall and Spring 2007-08 award year.


We are all very excited about the new system especially for our students.  We hosted a “Banner Beach Party” on March 7, 2007 and approximately 700 students participated.  This celebration was to take a pro-active approach for the purpose of providing registration information and to highlight the new Banner System. This was truly a very positive and successful event.  The fun festivities included food, slushies and door prizes.  Comments from students, faculty and staff were very positive.

Department of Recreational Sports

Jacksonville State University hosted the High School Northeast Regional Basketball Tournament for the 14th consecutive year.  The attendance was just shy of the 2006 tournament record but still had over 30,000 fans attend during the week.  The University is working on a contract with the Alabama High School Athletic Association to keep the event at Jacksonville State.


Mark Jones and Allen Gilbert will be attending the National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association’s National Conference in April.


The first annual Spring Fling was held during the last weekend of March.  The event, coordinated with numerous departments on campus and the City of Jacksonville, consisted of the Sara Evans concert, Alumni Golf tournament, BBQ cook off and music on the square, music and games in the RV lot, and numerous athletic events such as the football J-Day game.

Office of Admissions

The Office of Admissions is pleased to announce that spring preview days were a great success.  309 students registered in February and 284 registered in March for a total of 593 new students registered for the 2007 fall semester. This is the highest total since the beginning of registration at preview days in 1995.  A chart has been provided with comparison numbers from 2003-2007.


We are also pleased to announce that the fall application and acceptance numbers are the highest ever recorded.  A chart titled “Fall Application Count”

has been provided with comparison numbers from 1992-1999.


Preview Day Registration Information

Fall Term Registration


Feb 2007

Feb 2006

Feb 2005

Feb 2004

Feb 2003









































March 2007

March 2006

March 2005

March 2004

March 2003

















































































































Fall Application Count, March 28, 2007






















































































































































































Fall Application Count, March 28, 2007

Georgia Applicants


































































































































































































Houston Cole Library


The Library completed the international online survey of service quality, LibQUAL+.  Results will be forthcoming in May, but comments received from participants point to a high level of user satisfaction with collections, services, and personnel.


The Library participated in the American Heart Association’s 2007 Heart Walk by sponsoring the “Red Wine & Dark Chocolate: an Antioxidant Affair” fundraiser March 31 on the 12th floor.


Two new high speed printers were acquired for public access.


Dr. George Whitesel was honored with Emeritus status at the December Commencement.  Dr. Whitesel joined the Library faculty in 1975 and retired last year with 31 years’ service.


Mr. William Hubbard served on a Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Accreditation Reaffirmation Committee at Southwestern University, Louisiana.

Journal Articles:

Ms. Paula Barnett-Ellis published with Dr. Sherri Restauri “Nursing Student Library Usage Patterns in Online courses:  Findings & Recommendations,” in Internet Reference Services Quarterly, Vol. 11, no. 4: 117-138.

Ms. Jodi Poe published “Tech Notes: Want a Wiki?,” in The Alabama Librarian, 2007 (v.57 no.1) p.4-5.


Ms. Jodi Poe and Ms. Sonja McAbee submitted “Electronic Reserves, Copyright, and CMS Integration – Six Years Later,” The Journal of Access Services.


Ms. Bethany Latham’s article, “Assessing an Integrated Government Documents Collection” in Collection Building (2006) was selected as an Emerald Highly Commended Paper award winner.


Book Chapters


Ms. Hanrong Wang has had accepted “Chapter Six: Collection Development” in Theory and Practice of Academic Libraries in the United States, which will be published in June, 2007 by Beijing Press.



Ms. Bethany Latham had accepted for publication the following reviews:

EBSCO NoveList database "Read-Alikes for Margaret George."

EBSCO NoveList database "Read-Alikes for Robin Cook."

Reference Reviews "Review of Gale Shakespeare Collection."

Ms. Kimberly Stevens had accepted for publication “East Asian Collection (University of Wisconsin’s Digital Collections, photographs).”

Ms. Jodi Poe published a review of the “Internal Revenue Service” Web site in Choice, July/Aug 2006 (v.43 no.11/12) p.2042.

Ms. Jodi Poe submitted the following reviews:

“Current Issues: Reference Shelf Plus” database for Reference Reviews, due 2007 (v.21 no.5).

“OmniFile Full Text Mega Edition” database for Reference Reviews, which is due to be published in v.21 no.6, 2007.




Ms. Hanrong Wang and Ms. Jodi Poe submitted and had accepted a research paper “International Collaboration for China RTVUs: Opportunities & Challenges,” for presentation at the 2007 ChinaU.S. Forum on Distance Learning, Hangzhou, China, May 16-22, 2007.

Ms. Laurie Charnigo and Ms. Carley Suther presented an AVL training session at Spring Garden High School.


Ms. Laurie Charnigo and Ms. Paula Barnett-Ellis presented “Reconsidering” at Academe meeting February 19.


JSU Gadsden Director Mr. Ralph Burke partnered with the Admissions Office to promote a “JSU Day” at Northeast Community College in Rainsville, Alabama on March 30.  The day included Admission Counselors, along with staff from various JSU colleges, providing recruitment information to Northeast students.  Further, they provided Northeast faculty with update information on new program requirements.  Dr. William A. Meehan and Dr. Rebecca Turner attended as well.  Lunch was provided to all full-time Northeast faculty and staff.  Dr. Meehan shared remarks including a ceremonial presentation of the Presidential Transfer Scholarships to Northeast President Dr. David Campbell.  The day was scheduled as part of JSU’s ongoing recruiting effort. 


Dr. Marcia Hardney, Associate Director, co-presented a paper February 13 at the National Association of African American Studies Conference with Dr. Myrtice Collins from the College of Education.  The title of the paper was, “Take Note: African American Shape-note Singing”.  The conference was held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

In response to the growing Hispanic population in Northeast Alabama

Mr. Burke has participated in meetings with persons from the Hispanic community in DeKalb County for the purpose of discussing a role JSU might play.  Ms. Ann Wells and Ms. Belinda Blackburn from the JSU Continuing Education office have also participated in these discussions.  The talks have centered on JSU offering language, culture, and history studies through Continuing Education for the purpose of preparation for the U.S. Citizenship test.


The Paris Reunion of July, 2006 was a great success.  In addition to meeting the social and cultural objectives set for the reunion, fundraising was extremely successful too.  Conference fees covered initial IEF Foundation costs for this event.  As a result of the initiative of renaming the International House Program (the James H. and Myra Hume Jones International House Program) a total of Jones Scholarship Fund $147,755.11 was raised and/or pledged of an original goal of $150,000 for the International Endowment Foundation.  In addition, donations and funded chairs in the Stewart Memorial Room totaled $12,800.


We are currently planning the next Reunion of International House Alumni for May, 2008 in Orlando, Florida, in partnership with the JSU Alumni Affairs Office. 


The United Nations Day Tea in October, 2006 was attended by around 200 members of the campus and county community. 


International House students have visited schools, Rotary Clubs and Women’s Clubs during the entire school year.  The next scheduled visit is April 12 when 15 international students will visit Ragland High School.


The Board of Directors of the International Endowment Foundation, Inc. will hold its annual business meeting on April 3, 2007 and the Awards Banquet on April 9, 2007.


Students recruited for the 2007-2008 International House Program will represent xx countries, including the United States, Kenya, Ecuador, Nepal, Russia, Honduras, Israel, Colombia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Egypt, Japan, Zambia, the Netherlands, El Salvador, Brazil, Tanzania, Senegal, Serbia, Norway, and Nigeria.

Submit items for news releases by using the request form at