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23 February 2007

JSU Peer Educators Take Five at FSU

Members of the JSU Peer Educators group pose at FSU's famed football stadium while attending the Bacchus Network Annual Spring conference at FSU. Pictured here from left to right are Rickey S. Naugher, Director, Counseling and Career Services; Brittney Rashleigh, Angela Frazier, Christi Jackson, David Drummond, Aquilla Davis, Michael Bearden, and Adam Green, Peer Education Advisor.

Jacksonville State University's Peer Educators attended the Bacchus Network Area 8/9 Annual Spring Conference at Florida State University February 16-18, 2007. It was an opportunity for the Peer Educators to meet other organizations, learn new techniques and to be recognized for their contributions to The Bacchus Network. This year, the JSU Peer Educators were honored as Outstanding Chapter and Outstanding Program of the Year. This was the fifth year in a row that the JSU Peer Educators won Outstanding Program of the Year.

Jacksonville State University Peer Educators comprise the local chapter of an international organization, The Bacchus Network. These students have taken the initiative to offer leadership to their peers on certain issues. Their number one goal is to create a more positive, healthy campus environment. They coordinate and publicize events for: National Alcohol Awareness Week, Sexual Responsibility Week, and Safe Spring Break programs.

The programs and goals of the JSU Peer Educators are:
  • Attacking myths about college drinking that portray excessive use and drunkenness as a norm.

  • Featuring alcohol-free social events in conjunction with educational messages.

  • Using the power of peer-to-peer influence as part of the educational process.

  • Significantly influencing student drinking as it relates to impaired driving prevention.

  • Recognizing the link between alcohol abuse and other related health issues such as HIV/AIDS, depression, etc. and supporting a comprehensive peer approach to prevention.

  • Supporting state laws and campus policies and reducing overall risk to the university and individual students' well-being.

  • Engaging students in being a part of the catalyst to developing healthy campus environment.
As an affiliate of The Bacchus Network, the JSU Peer Educators focus on events and activities that meet the specific needs of the JSU campus. The Bacchus Network Annual Spring Conferences help groups stay connected with other groups throughout their area. This year Florida State University hosted the event for Areas 8 & 9. Universities and colleges from all over the South were in attendance.

"You learn so much by attending these conferences," said Angela Frazier, President of JSU Peer Educators. "It is great to see what other campuses are doing to make their student body healthier and safer," she said.

The conference consisted of several breakout sessions which enabled the students to learn more about how to facilitate groups on campus, exciting keynote speakers and an awards luncheon which was held on Saturday, February 17. JSU Peer Educators were honored for the fifth year in a row for Outstanding Program of the Year awarded for their activities done during Alcohol Awareness Week. It was really exciting to be awarded Outstanding Chapter of the Year which is awarded to a group for their hard work and dedication year round. Other award winners were Clemson University, Georgia State University and Berry College.

JSU Peer Educator Advisor, Adam Green, was proud of the group. "I have worked with this group as a graduate assistant and now as an advisor. It is great to see them continue to work so hard to make the JSU community a better place. They are truly deserving of these awards," said Green.

A representative from the Bacchus Network home office in Denver, Colorado, attended the conference, and let everyone know what an impact the southern schools have on the success of the organization.

"I didn't realize we were part of such a large organization that is worldwide," said Christi Jackson, a first-year Peer Educator. "It makes me excited to get back to campus and work even harder," Jackson said.

The 2006-2007 JSU Peer Educators are: Michael Bearden, Aquilla Davis, David Drummond, Angela Frazier, Mary Catherine Hammond, Christi Jackson, Rebecca Kelly, Alejandro Loera, Kassandra McKenzie, Lindsey Minton, Shade Nix, Jessica Peoples, Keena Perkins and Brittney Rashleigh.

2006-07 JSU Peer Educators

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