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20 February 2007
North East Regional Technology Fair

The North East Regional Technology Fair will be hosted by the JSU Technology Department at Leone Cole Auditorium Friday, 23 February 2007. Over 300 students from the third grade through the twelfth grade from our area schools are expected to attend the all-day event.

The Alabama Council for Technology in Education (ACTE) is the sponsoring organization for the Alabama Technology in Education Fairs. These fairs are held on an annual basis at regional and state levels.

The Alabama Technology in Education Fairs are made possible through the efforts of the members of ACTE and teachers throughout the state. Funding is provided by ACTE to support the state fair and to help with the regional fairs.

The fairs are organized for the purpose of enhancing the use of technology in education in both public and private schools and to give students the opportunity to demonstrate how they are using technology in their schools. Students in grades 3-12 are encouraged to participate.

Online Registration Preliminary Information for the 2007 Fairs

Please refer to the region for which you are trying to find registration information. As of now, the South Central Regionís 2007 Technology fairís registration site will be open in January 2007. The State Competition site will be open in March 2007. Each region has a different registration procedure and you should look up your region on the region page.

You can only compete in the State Competition if you have placed first or second in your regional competition.

Please Register to create a login and password or Login if you have already registered for the state competition this year.

ACTE State 2007 Schedule/Registration

2007 State Fair

2007 Technology Fair Rules & Guidelines and Competition Categories

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