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16 February 2007
Old Dominion Professor and Botanical Expert
to Deliver Lecture on Biblical Plants

Dr. Lytton John Musselman at entrance to Mor Gabriel Monastery, the oldest monastery in continual use in the world, near Midyat, Turkey.  He recently completed a book manuscript on plants of the Bible and the Koran and incorporated the ethnobotanical material he has garnered over the past several decades of work in the Middle East. (May 2006)

Dr. Lytton John Musselman, of Old Dominion University, will be delivering a lecture entitled "Plants of the Bible and Quran: How Understanding the Plants Helps to Understand the Text" on Tuesday, February 20 at 11:15 a.m. in Room 122 - Martin Hall.

Dr. Musselman is a botanical expert who has recently written a book on plants of the Bible. Dr. Lytton Musselman is the Mary Payne Hogan Professor of Botany, and the Chair, Department of Biological Sciences at Old Dominion University.

Dr. Musselman’s fascination with plants, especially their diversity of form and function, has demanded that much of his research time be spent in the field. Three groups have been his chief research interest for the past three decades: witchweeds (genus Striga), broomrapes (genus Orobanche), dodders (genus Cuscuta), and the family Hydnoraceae.

More recently he has been working on plants of the Bible and other aspects of Middle East and Western Asia ethnobotany (including plants of the Qu'ran). For this research he has lived and worked in several Middle Eastern countries. 

For more information about Dr. Musselman, go to the home page of Dr. Lytton John Musselman and to the Old Dominion University faculty directory.

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