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5 February 2007
Time for Residents to Reapply for University Housing
February 19 - March 9

It’s time to “RE UP!” Now is the time to “re up” for housing for the Fall 2007 – Spring 2008 academic year before any incoming students are placed. You have a specific week to sign up for your current space, if it is available, or seek a new accommodation. Residents may begin reapplying for housing Monday, February 19, 2007, beginning at 9:00 a.m. at 103 Bibb Graves Hall.

If you do not submit an application during this time, you will be considered as a new resident and will be assigned according to the date in which your application is received. Come to University Housing and Residence Life, 103 Bibb Graves Hall to re-apply.

Check the following dates below to see when you can re-apply:

DATES                              TIME                          WHO CAN RE-UP
                                                                           ON THESE DAYS?

February 19-23                  9 a.m. - 4 p.m.              SQUATTERS

– Residents that wish to continue to live in the exact same space for next year. (Daugette, Logan, Patterson, Dixon, Sparkman, Campus Inn, College, Jax, Pannell, and Penn House residents only)
  • A resident who does not squat for his/her space will lose their current space.

February 26-March 2       9 a.m.- 4 p.m.                 DISPLACED

– Residents that are not allowed to live in their current space next year due to departmental changes. (Crow, Fitzpatrick, and Curtiss residents only)

  • Crow Hall is designated for first time freshmen and student-athletes.

  • Fitzpatrick is designated for first time female freshman.

  • Curtiss Hall is designated for sorority members.

March 5-9                         9 a.m. – 4 p.m.             EVERYONE

- Any resident who did not re-apply for the Fall 2007-Spring 2008 academic year or any resident wishing to change his/her Fall 2007-Spring 2008 assignment.

  • During the March 5-9 week, a resident is permitted to change his/her Fall 2007 assignment only once! Additional changes must take place during the Fall 2007 room change week. Anyone wishing to move from a hall to an apartment must meet the requirements at the time of applying for housing (not at the end of the semester).

NOTE: Current residents wishing to request a roommate may simply request each other in the “Roommate Preference” section of the lease agreement. Potential roommates must come to the Housing Office together.

Jacksonville State University
Department of University Housing and Residence Life
103 Bibb Graves Hall

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