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26 January 2007
JSU to Host Annual Meeting of Historians Feb. 2 & 3

Jacksonville State University’s Houston Cole Library will be the site of the annual meeting of the Alabama Association of Historians on February 2 & 3.  Presentations on the Civil War, Women’s History, European History, Alabama History and Teaching Techniques will begin on Friday afternoon at 3:30 on the eleventh floor of the library.  Panels will continue on Saturday morning starting at 8:30. 

Students, faculty and staff are invited to attend any panel of interest as listed below.

Alabama Association of Historian (AAH) Panels
February 2&3
11th Floor - Houston Cole Library
Jacksonville State University

  1. Patterns of Martyrdom: Cross Cultural Contexts
    Friday, February 2,  3:30, Room 1103A
    Moderator: William J. Wallace, Samford University

    • “Jus Primae Noctis in the Middle Kingdom:
      A Critical Account of Chinese Accusations of Rape
      against Martyr Alberic Crescitelli (Gui Xide)”
      Anthony Clark, University of Alabama

    • "Germany’s Eternal Son: Ernst Thalmann”
      Russel Lemmons, Jacksonville State University

    • “Medieval Christian Conceptions of Martyrdom”
      Donald Prudlo, Jacksonville State University

  2. Graduate Student Panel
    Friday, February 2, 3:30, Room 1103 C
    Moderator: Hardy Jackson, Jacksonville State University

    • “Mantle of Glory:
      Cardinal Gil Alvarez Carillo de Albornoz
      and the Conquest of the Papal States, 1353 - 1367”
      Loren Girman

    • “Big Jim Folsom & Alabama Constitutional Reform”
      Brain Reed

    • "Marshal Ney Summer of 1812"
      Jeff Kretzschmar, Jacksonville State University

  3. Breaking the Mold – Women outside the Stereotype
    Friday, February 2,  3:30 Room 1101A
    Moderator:  Jennifer Gross, Jacksonville State University

    • “Representations of Feminine Violence in the Restoration and Early Eighteenth Century”
      Margo Bond Collins, Jacksonville State University

    • “Fighting Women in the American Revolution
      and Civil War”
      Tamara Levi, Jacksonville State University

  4. Battlefields as Teaching Tools
    Saturday, February 3, 8:30 Room 1103 A
    Moderator: George Lauderbaugh, Jacksonville State University

    • “Conducting ‘Staff Rides’ of Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield for Future Army Officers”
      Llewellyn D. Cook, Jacksonville State University

    • “Walking Civil War Terrain: Shiloh & Chickamauga Battlefields”
      Jim Day and Ruth Truss, University of Montevallo

  5. Memories & Legacies of the Civil War
    Saturday, February 3, 8:30 Room 1103 C
    Moderator: Marty Olliff, Troy University-Dothan

    • "Confederate Monuments and Claiming Space”
      Paul Beezley, Jacksonville State University

    • “The Use & Misuse of the Confederate Flag”
      John Davis, Donaho School

    • “Whoa Boys? We Got the Wrong Flag!”
      Bob England, Northwest-Shoals Community College

  6. Civil War Alabama
    Saturday, February 3, 10:30 Room 1103 A
    Moderator: Paul Beezley, Jacksonville State University

    • “Slavery in the Chattahoochee Valley"
      Anthony Gene Carey, Auburn University

    • “Effects of Union War Policy on the Citizens
      of Athens, Alabama"
      Chris Paysinger, American History Institution
      Sparkman High School, Madison County, AL

  7. Innovative Teaching Approaches
    Saturday, February 3, 10:30 Room 1103 C
    Moderator: Marty Olliff, Troy University-Dothan

    • "Unwrapping the Gift:
      Discovering the Past in the Present:
      Applying Family History to the Classroom”
      Rene Day

    • “Current Events and the Classroom:
      Applying the Past to the Present.”
      Elizabeth “Scout” Blum, Troy University

    • "Alabama History Day”
      Dr. Karen Riley, Auburn University-Montgomery

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