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23 January 2007
VPASA Quarterly Report to Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees Report



Office of Academic Affairs


Academic Advisement


During summer orientation, for first-time freshman students, we have twelve Faculty members from across campus participate in assisting freshmen students along with their parents in transitioning to Jacksonville State University. The Gamecock Orientation (GO!) Advisors work along side GO! Leaders to make sure freshman students are knowledgeable in all facets of JSU academic and student life.  The twelve GO! Advisors and the departments they represent are:


Dr. Rodney Friery                              Sociology

Mrs. Jennifer Foster                          English

Dr. Jordan Barkley                            Secondary Education

Dr. Andrea Porter                             English

Ms. Christie Shelton                         Nursing

Mrs. Roxana Conroy                         Psychology

Dr. Mijitaba Hamissou                      Biology

Mr. Mark Brandon                             Music

Dr. Jennifer Savage                          Social Work

Mr. Mohammed Gaus Alam             Computer Science

Ms. Elizabeth Nelson                        English

Mrs. Rhonda Kilgo                            Mathematics



Department of Military Science


Jacksonville State University continues to be a leading producer of U.S. Army Officers in the Southeast United States.  In fiscal year 2006, JSU produced 22 Officers, more than any other University in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.  The Department of Military Science commissioned three Officers in fall 2006 and is on track to exceed its Department of the Army commissioning mission for fiscal year 2007. 


A total of 45 freshmen and sophomore students are enrolled in the ROTC basic course for spring 2007, a 61% increase from spring 2006.  In a time of war, with nationwide recruiting challenges, this rate of growth is significant and reflects greatly upon the University and its commitment to developing quality leaders for our Army. 


The Department received a $6,500 Army grant to fund a spring 2007 JSU ROTC advertising and marketing campaign on three of the most popular radio stations reaching North Alabama.  Combined with an aggressive high school recruiting campaign, we expect to continue double digit growth in enrollment for freshmen and sophomores next year.


Faculty members within the Department of Military Science continue to support Army operations in Iraq.  Major Dean Shackelford, the program’s Recruiting Operations Officer, deployed to Iraq in January 2007 and is expected to return in February 2008.  Captain Paul Painter, has been notified of a pending deployment to Iraq later in spring 2007. 


Captain John Reynolds was elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the East Central Alabama Boys and Girls Club. 


Other Highlights for the quarter include a JSU ROTC team participating in the Army 10-mile marathon in Washington, D.C, an October 2006 Field Training Exercise, November 2006 Cadet Ranger Challenge Competition in Huntsville, Alabama, and a November 2006 fall awards ceremony.


Office of Distance Education


Faculty/Staff Accomplishments:


Dr. Sherri Restauri presented at the SLOAN Conference in Orlando, Florida in November 2006. Dr. Restauri’s presentation included, “Build It, and They Will Learn? Course Design is Only One Part of Online Student Learning”. A joint research project by Dr. Sherri Restauri, Dr. Frank King, and Dr. Gordon Nelson was also presented by Dr. Restauri at SLOAN-C, entitled, “Gender in Online Education: Self-Selection as a Determining Factor in Enrollment & Academic Success”.


Dr. Franklin King presented at the MSERA conference in Birmingham, Alabama in November 2006 for a joint research project on, “The Role of Gender as a Variable of Self-Selection & Success in Online Coursework in Higher Education”.  This project was in cooperation with Dr. Gordon Nelson and Dr. Sherri Restauri.


Organizational items:


The Instructional Technology and Design Laboratory in Room 174 Self Hall was rolled out as the new Distance Education training lab with the beginning of the Fall 2006 semester. The lab has been well-utilized by the office in the 4-part Blackboard workshops. It has also been used in individualized instructional design and educational technology support with faculty across campus, for presentations on Distance Education, for presentations by potential applicants for open positions in the Office of Distance Education, and for use in fundraising by The Office of Institutional Development’s annual phonathon.


The new Instructional Design Specialist position received a tremendous number of very well-qualified applicants. A suitable applicant was recommended from this pool of applicants, who will report to work on January 2, 2007.


A. Webinars:

The Office of Distance Education continued to offer university-wide seminars via the Internet, termed “Webinars”, over the Fall 2006 semester for campus community.


“The Business Continuity Planning for Distance Education” webinar was held on November 29th, 2006.  Attendees, which included  administrators, faculty, and staff, learned about the importance of  business continuity plan, how they differ  from an emergency management plan, and what steps should be taken to develop  and review a Business Continuity plan for individual units  as well as University wide.


The “Integrating Telecounseling and Technology:  Building a Cross-Media Program for Enrollment Success” webinar was held on December 6, 2006.    The faulty, staff and administrators in attendance learned how to personalize technology used in admissions and enrollment management.


Gary Barnett from Tegrity Campus visited the JSU campus on December 15, 2006.  His presentation in the Houston Cole library demonstrated to the attending administrators, faculty and staff how to capture real time classroom lectures and enhance student achievement through the use of digital technology. 


B. Blackboard workshops—


The Office of Distance Education continued to offer Blackboard Course Management System workshops to the JSU faculty, staff, and administration during the Fall 2006 semester. The 4-part series includes 3 ˝ hour long workshops taught in the Instructional Technology & Design Lab in Self Hall. These workshops seat up to 12 individuals, and have shown great turnout in attendance in the new location. The workshops included an Introductory Blackboard Workshop (October 18, 2006), an Advanced Content Management in Blackboard Workshop (October 25, 2006), a Communication & Student Management Tools in Blackboard Workshop (November 2, 2006), and an Assessment with Blackboard and Educational Technology Workshop (November 28, 2006).


C. Videoconferencing:


Jacksonville State University is now able to offer videoconferencing to other locations utilizing the latest industry standard at the Oxford Videoconferencing site.  The Office of Distance Education is engaging in a project to replace all of its videoconference (VC) equipment and reengineer the supporting infrastructure.  The current time line calls for the new system to become operational by May of 2007.  These changes will bring JSU back to the leading edge of live interactive video technology.  The new system will have much expanded capabilities and through the new IP (Internet Protocol) geographic limits will be reduced.


Jacksonville State University in partnership with Jefferson State Community College will be offering undergraduate and graduate courses in Education Administration and Business at Jefferson State’s new St. Clair Center in Pell City beginning in January 2007.  The classes will be offered through Interactive Videoconferencing (IVC.)  Through IVC, students are able to share ideas with peers in the classroom and with other sites while receiving instruction from a professor through an advanced teleconferencing system.  The system combines the power of video, voice, computer and document exchange by connecting classrooms through a multipoint control unit and T1 lines.


The videoconference system in 208 Self Hall is now capable of recording the instructor’s lectures directly to a digital format and encoding the video back to a DVD for distribution.


D. Advertising


Advertising via Charter Media in Calhoun, Marshall, and Etowah counties ran the final leg during November and December 2006. These last two runs with television advertisement were aimed at increasing JSU student enrollment for the Spring 2007 term.


These commercials highlighted the new JSU Online (, or website, where complete online programs at JSU are listed and made easily accessible for students’ searching via the Web for online programs. Statistics gathered during the first two months of JSU Online going live indicated that this website was frequently visited by prospective students.  The table below shows the number of visits (“hits”) to the JSU Online website over the months of October 2006 and November 2006 since the rollout in July. Additional methods of advertising the JSU Online site, such as through the GEM of the Hills December publication, are expected to increase the Internet traffic to this site, as well.


October Hit Summary

Reported period

October 2006

First visit

01 Oct 2006

Last visit

31 Oct 2006 -


Unique visitors

Number of visits





Viewed traffic *


(1.58 visits/visitor)

(3.7 pages/visit)

(7.56 hits/visit)

229.11 MB
(59.38 KB/visit)




November Hit Summary


Reported period

November 2006

First visit

01 Nov 2006

Last visit

30 Nov 2006


Unique visitors

Number of visits




Viewed traffic *


(1.66 visits/visitor)

(4.41 pages/visit)

(8.87 hits/visit)

206.93 MB
(71.08 KB/visit)



Additional print advertising for JSU Online and Distance Education was obtained in the Anniston /Gadsden Christian Family magazine.  This is a complimentary publication that is available at places of worship in Calhoun and Etowah counties and is geared toward families.    The first of 3 quarter page color ads ran in the December 2006 issue, along with an article on Distance Education formats written by the Office of Distance Education.    The remaining ads for this publication will run at times strategic to admissions and enrollment strategy. 


E. Enrollment:


The Office of Distance Education continues to positively impact the University enrollment as shown in the following tables:


Fall 2006 Distance Learning Course and Enrollment Data



Course Sections


All Online (Bb, Other, STEP)*

141 (116 courses) – 156 sections offered

 3,564 (2,253 unique students)

Bb Online (includes STEP)**



Other Online**



Bb Supplements**

299 Bb courses (may represent more sections)

7,648 (4,878 unique students)


  19 (4 courses) – 22 sections offered

 123 (119 unique students)


    3 (3 courses)

   82 (80 unique students)

All distance formats*

163 (123 courses)

3,769 (2,385 unique students)

All formats and supplements**

At least 462

11,417 (6,336 unique students)

*Data provided by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.

   Source: DSTFU8IE, DMSCO4PS and DSTFE6SD Post-Registration Reports from 9/6/2006

**Data provided by the Office of Distance Education.

     Source:  SQL Queries run against Blackboard Advanced System Reporting (ASR) Database – 9/6/2006;

     Data accumulated in Office of Distance Education from MS03 and other IT report;

     Data entered based on information provided by the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.


NOTE:  The data above does not reflect the conversion of 1 Videoconferencing course (3 sections) to traditional format after the semester had already begun and data was generated.


F. iTunes U:


As noted in the last Board of Trustees report, the Office of Distance Education had now been designated as an iTunes University. iTunesU is a free, hosted Internet-based service for colleges and universities that provides easy access to archived educational content, such as professors’ lectures, demonstrations, and interviews. The most valuable aspect of this service for traditional, hybrid, and distance education college professors alike is that instructors can post lectures for students to download onto their computers, as well as onto their handheld iPods (a brand of portable digital media player designed and marketed by Apple Computer).


There are some delays in the setup of the iTunes U related to authentication.  Our office is working with Information Services to devise a work around until a new JSU wide system for authentication is in place and accessible for the iTunes authentication. It is anticipated that iTunes U @ JSU can begin piloting some time in the Spring 2007 semester.



College of Arts and Sciences


Department of Art


Dr. Karen Henricks and others from the Art Department attended SECAC, the Southeast College Art Conference in late October.


In November, the JSU Art Department faculty presented their new work in a show in Hammond Hall Art Gallery.


Biology Department


Dr. Benjie Blair was presented the Margaret Green Teaching award by the SE branch of the American Society for Microbiology.  (This award is presented to an individual who has rendered outstanding service in the teaching of microbiology, particularly at the undergraduate level, while at an institution within the geographic area of the Southeastern Branch of the American Society for Microbiology.  The branch covers all of Alabama and Georgia and much of the state of Florida.)


Drs. George Cline and James Rayburn won a competitive grant from US Fish & Wildlife Service entitled ‘Distribution and habitat analysis of the Eastern Hellbender (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis alleganiensis) in Alabama’ 28 November 2006 for $41,299.00.


Drs. Mark Meade and Benjie Blair submitted a grant proposal to the Beckman Coulter Company for a proteome system in the amount of $120,300. 


Dr. James Rayburn received a JSU University Travel and Self-Improvement grant for $803 in support of his travel to the National Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry meeting in November 2006.


Dr. James Rayburn received a JSU Faculty Research Grant for $1524.15 for a project entitledDetermination of Vitellogenin induction in Xenopus laevis by β-estradiol’.


Dr. Mark Meade received a JSU Faculty Research Grant for $1714.12 for a project entitled ‘Genetic diversity of the tricolor shiner, Cyprinella trichroistia, a common fish species from the Talladega National Forest.


Dr. George Cline received a JSU Faculty Research Grant for $870.12 for a project entitled ‘Habitat analysis of aquatic salamanders in northeastern Alabama’.


Dr. LaJoyce Debro and undergraduate students, Bruno Duru, Cerricka Jordan, and Tamicka Jordan received travel grants ($5200) to attend the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students in Anaheim, CA.


Dr. Benjie Blair received a JSU University Travel and Self-Improvement grant for $420.64 in support of his travel to the SE branch of the American Society for Microbiology regional meeting in November 2006.


Dr. Robert Carter received a JSU University Travel and Self-Improvement grant for $733.65 to attend the Sixth Longleaf Alliance Conference in September 2006.


Peter S. Silverstein, Robert Li, Dr. Christopher A. Murdock, and Geoffrey C. Waldbieser had a manuscript accepted for publication in the journal  Fish and Shellfish Immunology entitled ‘Treatment of channel catfish ovary cells with poly I:C inhibits the expression of channel catfish virus immediate-early gene ORF 1 at early times after infection’.


Kohute, C., A. C. Nichols, D. A. Steffy, and Dr. M. E. Meade. 2006. Mobilization of mercury from contaminated soil into an aquatic food chain. Al. Acad. Sci., 77(3-4):160-167.


Dr. James Rayburn presented a talk to the National Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry meeting entiltled ‘The Developmental Toxicity of Resmethrin To Embryos Of Xenopus laevis’ in November 2006.


Moser Bernice and Dr. James Rayburn presented a talk to the National Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry meeting entiltled ‘A Preliminary Analysis Of A Novel Assay For Vitellogenin In Xenopus Laevis  Plasma’ in  November 2006.


Bruno Duru (Dr. LaJoyce Debro mentor) presented a poster entitled “Identification of the Biosynthetic Gene Cluster for Sibiromycin” that summarized his summer research project at the University of Maryland at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students in Anaheim, CA.


Dr. Benjie Blair presented a seminar on Scanning Electron Microscopy in undergraduate research at the SE branch of the American Society for Microbiology regional meeting November 2006.


Brett Rushing, Kevin Jenne, and Dr. Robert Carter presented a talk entitled ‘Spatial and Age Structure of Old-growth Mountain Longleaf Pine, Pinus palustris, Stands in the Talladega National Forest of Northeastern Alabama’ to the Sixth Longleaf Alliance Conference, September 2006.


Brent Womack and Dr. Robert Carter presented a talk entitled ‘Landscape scale ecosystem classification in longleaf pine forest of the Talladega Mountains, Alabama’ to the Sixth Longleaf Alliance Conference, September 2006.


Dr. George Cline presented a talk entitled ‘Alabama frogs’ at DeSoto State Park in September 2006.


Dr. George Cline presented a talk entitled ‘Turtles of Alabama’ to Kitty Stone Elementary School  3rd Grade Class.


Dr. George Cline presented a talk entitled ‘Turtles of Alabama’ to Kitty Stone Elementary School  5th Grade Class.


Dr. George Cline presented a talk entitled ‘Amphibians and Reptiles Up Close’ as part of the Lecture by the Lake - LRCFS program at Coleman Lake series.


Dr. George Cline presented a talk entitled ‘Amphibians and Reptiles Up Close’ to Kitty Stone Elementary School. 


Drs. Christopher Murdock, Mark Meade, LaJoyce Debro and Benjie Blair submitted a grant to the Cepheid Corporation for a total of 61,697 to purchase real-time PCR equipment.

Drs. Mark Meade and Benjie Blair submitted a grant proposal for $371,774 to the USDA grant entitled ‘A novel chemical prophylactic treatment for Edwardsiella ictaluri infections in channel catfish’.


Drs. Mark Meade, Benjie Blair, Christopher Murdock and Al Nichols submitted a grant proposal for $832,109 to the NSF – Advanced Technology Education entitled ‘Enhancing Biotechnology Competency through Pathways in Fisheries and Environmental Science’.


Dr. LaJoyce Debro was an invited reviewer of proposals for the National Science Foundation Prokaryotic Biology Section.


Dr. Benjie Blair chaired a symposium on Microscopy at the SE branch of the American Society for Microbiology regional meeting November 2006.


Drs. George Cline and James Rayburn submitted the final report regarding their US Fish & Wildlife Grant entitled ‘Survey of the Distribution of Eastern Hellbenders (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis alleganiensis) in Alabama’ in December 2006.


Drs. George Cline, Safaa Al-Hamdani, Mijitaba Hamissou, and James Rayburn attended the Alabama Academy of Science Executive Committee Meeting in September 2006.


Dr. George Cline is the President-Elect of Alabama Academy of Science


Dr. George Cline and JSU hosted the Dauphin Island Sea Lab program committee meeting in November 2006.


Dr. Robert Carter attended a Tree Farm Inspector Training, as part of the Southeastern Society of American Foresters Meeting, Auburn, AL, September 2006.


Dr. Robert Carter attended Sixth Longleaf Alliance Conference, Tifton, GA, November 2006.


Dr. Robert Carter reviewed the manuscript “Vegetation communities of Great Smoky Mountains National Park” for the Natural Areas Journal.


Dr. LaJoyce Debro was an invited presenter at the retirement ceremony of Dr. Arthur Aronson of Purdue University.


Dr. Debro served as a judge of student presentations at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students in Anaheim, CA.


Dr. Frank Romano presented two talks at DeSoto State Park in September 2006 entitled "Alabama’s Endangered Molluscs" and "Tardigrade Biology – Let’s go on a Bear Hunt."


Department of Criminal Justice


Dr. Randy Wood demonstrated true Christmas spirit with quite an impressive gift, donating a kidney to his brother over the holidays.  Both Wood brothers are doing fine and Randy is already back at work.


Drs. Vance McLaughlin and Richard Kania co-wrote a guest editorial for The Anniston Star, “Killing, and Its Reasons,” which appeared on Sunday, 19 November 2006.


Dr. Ronald Mellen is assisting the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department by collecting data on criminal recidivism, with four JSU students working on this project with him.  He continues to work with the Director of Treatment of the Donaldson Maximum Security Unit of the Alabama Department of Corrections to develop treatment and research programs for them.


Judge Samuel Monk, a continuing adjunct faculty member in the department, retired from the counts in January, but remains very busy and productive.  In addition to teaching for JSU-CJ, Judge Monk chairs the state committee rewriting Alabama's criminal jury charges for judges.  He is negotiating with Thompson-West to co-author a manual for judges with Donald Cochran of the Cumberland Law School.


Another continuing adjunct faculty member, Alice Martin, is now Judge Martin, having won election and taken office as Calhoun County Probate Judge in January.


Two new adjuncts have been added to the JSU-CJ faculty for the new term, and both are JSU-CJ alumni:   Chief Deputy Matthew Wade of the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department and State Trooper Charles Dysart.


Dr, Robert Evans resigned from the faculty effective 31 December 2006 and has retired to Costa Rica where he once had been posted by the U.S. Government and has a home.


Dr. Richard Kania attended the annual Criminal Justice Technology Symposium at Auburn University in December 2006.  He also received confirmation that three of his peer-reviewed articles now have been published:


“The Crime Fiction and Social Criticism of Sara Paretsky," in American Studies Yearbook 2004-2005, edited by Yuri V. Stulov, Minsk, Belarus, 2006.


“Diversity and National Identity in Belarus,” International Journal of Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations, Volume 6, Issue 2, 2006. [with Alena Korshuk].


 “Multiculturalism in America,” in Language, Society, and Problems of International Communication, edited by Krzysztof Bogacki, Hanna Miatliuk and Liudmila Serada.  Bialystok, Poland, 2005.


Christina Kilgore, a regular faculty adjunct for JSU-CJ, was selected to teach at the Trial Advocacy Course at the National Advocacy Center (NAC)in Columbia, South Carolina in December, and will remain on their faculty to teach a course there once a year.  The NAC is the nation's training facility for prosecutors.  She also received the "Outstanding Professor of 2006" award from the Birmingham School of Law.


Department of Drama


JSU Drama Department has begun rehearsals for the joint production with the Music Department of “Seussical, the musical.”   Production dates are February 15-18 and 22-25.  The cast includes over thirty students.  The production will be directed by Mr. Eric Traynor.  Vocal conductor is Mrs. Teresa Stricklin.  The Orchestral conductor is Mr. Jeremy Stovall.  Sets are being designed by Mr. David Keefer.  Costumes are being designed by Mr. Freddy Clements.  Mrs. Jan Rhodes is the accompanist.  Professional choreography this year will be provided by 1987 alumna, Amy Uhl who currently resides in New York City.


Mr. Eric Traynor and Mr. Randal Blades attended and met with prospective drama students at the annual Trumbauer Theatre Festival in December.  A number of students have already expressed interest in auditioning for drama scholarships and attending JSU. 


JSU Drama students who were recommended for the next phase of Irene Ryan auditions include Jacob Phillips and Alia Johnson for acting and Adam Ellis for sound design.  They were recommended for their participation in the fall production of “MARVIN’S ROOM.”  The next phase of auditions will be held in Americus, Georgia in late January.


Remaining mainstage productions for the JSU Drama Department’s 2006-2007 season are:  “SEUSSICAL, the musical” by Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens, (based on the stories by Dr. Seuss), February 15-18 and 22-25; “PIANO” by David Hall, winner of 2006’s Southern Playwright’s Competition, April 12-15; and “DEARLY DEPARTED” by David Bottrell and Jessie Jones, June 21-24.


JSU Drama’s Student Directed One-Act Play Series auditions have been scheduled for January 31 at 4:00 p.m. and March 26 at 4:00 p.m.  Performances for the first set are in March and for the second set in April.  The student directors are under the supervision of Dr. Wayne Claeren.


David L. Walters Department of Music


During the reporting period of October, November and December 2006, the David L. Walters Department of Music, its students, faculty and guest performers participated in the following activities:


The Department presented a week-long series of special events to celebrate Octubafest during 22-28 October 2006.  Included in these events which mainly featured low brass instruments were a concert by the Jacksonville Brass   Quintet: The Faculty Brass (composed of JSU brass faculty), an appearance by artist Eric Bubacz, Tuba, various master classes and ensemble concerts by both large and small low brass ensembles.


Music Department Faculty presented its annual Gala Faculty Recital to benefit the Faculty Legacy Scholarship on 29 October 2007.


The JSU marching band, Marching Southerners, had a busy fall making numerous exhibition appearances as well as appearing at home football games and traveling to away games to Chattanooga, Furman and Starkville (Mississippi State University). In addition the Southerners celebrated their 50th anniversary with special events on 10-11 November 2007 drawing nearly a thousand alumni of the band back to campus.


Department ensembles presented programs throughout the semester.  Some of these included:

  • Calhoun County Civic Chorale concert on 12 November.


  • Joint Concert by the Chamber Winds and A Cappella Choir on 19 November.


  • Gospel Choir Concert on 19  November.


  • Jazz II/Jazz III Concert on 28 November.


  • Encore!: Vocal Ensemble concert on 29 November.


  • Jazz I Concert on 1 December.


  • Annual Madrigal Dinner on 1 and 2 December.


  • JSU Holiday Concert for the Community presented by various ensembles and soloists from the Department on 3 December.

  • JSU Community Orchestra Concert on 4 December.


Dr. Michael D’Ambrosio, Assistant Professor of Music in the area of Theory and Composition, had a new composition performed for a southeast regional symposium held at Middle Tennessee State University in October.


Mr. Jeremy Stovall joined the faculty as Instructor of Music in the area of conducting and band literature.  Mr. Stovall is a JSU alumnus.


English Department


Circle K, a service organization for college students sponsored by Kiwanis, International, chartered its JSU chapter on November 7, with 41 members.  The organization’s faculty sponsor is Gena Christopher, and the Kiwanis sponsor is Mrs. Vicki Floyd, Jacksonville Kiwanis Past President.


The Jacksonville State University Writing Project’s National Reading Initiative recently received a $7,000 grant to continue its work with adolescent readers for a fourth year.  The team leaders will travel to Berkeley, California, on January 12, 2007 for a professional writing retreat at which they will prepare the results of their third-year research for publication.  Team leaders are Gloria Horton, Jacksonville State University; Lisa Light, Oxford Middle School; Lorrie Cooper, C. E. Hanna Elementary School; and Enithie Bradford-Hunter, Central High School, Carrollton, Georgia.


Andrea Porter has been asked to be on a Vietnam Literature panel at Marist College in New York in the fall of ’07.  She’ll be presenting her research and teaching a class.  Other panel members are Andrew Lam (Vietnamese-American writer), Philip Beidler (Vietnam War scholar), and John Balaban (Poet and Vietnam War scholar).


Steve Whitton will be doing a Theatre in the Mind lecture on the Traveling Salesman as American Literary Archetype (in conjunction with their production of Death of a Salesman) for the Alabama Shakespeare Festival on April 10.  He is also associated with ON THE BRINK—14th year, Imagining the Holocaust, and the Southern Playwrights Competition and production of last year’s winner this April.


History and Foreign Languages


Dr. Paul Beezley, Assistant Professor of History, published “James K. Vardaman: ‘A Vote for White Supremacy and the Politics of Racism’” in The Human Tradition in the Civil Rights Movement edited by Susan Glisson (Rowman and Littlefield, 2006). He also presented “The Reburial of Jefferson Davis: Funerals and Political Ritual in the New South” at the annual meeting of the American Historical Associaiton.


Dr. Llew Cook, Associate Professor of History, accompanied the History Club to Atlanta to see the Louvre collection at the High Museum and the Cyclorama. In January he will participate in a conference on myths in history.


Dr. George Lauderbaugh, Associate Professor of History, is currently president of the Alabama Association of Historians and in that capacity is organizing the annual meeting which will be held at JSU in February. He also coordinated the annual Phi Alpha Theta/History Club project, “Shoe Boxes for Guatemala” which sent over 300 shoe boxes with Christmas gifts to the children of that country. The effort also raised around $860 in cash contributions. This is the 5th year the clubs have sponsored the project. The shoeboxes will be distributed through churches and social service agencies to children who live in extreme poverty in that country.


Dr. Harvey H. Jackson, Professor of History, took part in the Comer Memorial Library lecture series “Sweet Home Alabama.”  He spoke on “Growing up with Big Jim Folsom.”  Jackson also took part in a session on Alabama Liberals at the annual meeting of the Southern Historical Association. He did programs on Alabama Indians at Kitty Stone Elementary School and The Donoho School. Jackson published articles on “Tailgating” and on “The Moonshine Triangle” in Longleaf Style: Luxury Living in Northeast Alabama, which featured tailgating activities at Jacksonville State University. He will be a regular contributor to the magazine. He continues to serve on the editorial board of The Anniston Star and write a weekly column on southern politics and culture. 


Dr. Donald Prudlo, Assistant Professor of History, directed a conference on Liberty and Responsibility in Early Christianity which was held in Savannah, GA, under the sponsorship of the Liberty Fund. He served as a peer reviewer for Tradito: Studies in Ancient and Medieval Thought, wrote book reviews for Theological Studies, Faith and Reason, and the Anniston Star. He signed the publication contract for his first book, The Martyered Inquisitor: The Life and Cult of Peter of Verona, which will be published by Ashgate Press.


Mathematical, Computing, and Information Sciences Department


University Travel and Self-Improvement Grants were received by five faculty—Dr. Monica Trifas, Dr. Tom Leathrum, Dr. Jan Case, Dr. Jaedeok Kim, and Dr. David Dempsey—October 2006.


Faculty Research Grants were received by Dr. Monica Trifas and Dr. Guillermo Francia, III, November 2006.


Dr. Srinivasarao Krishnaprasad presented a paper, “Autonomic Computing: Vision, Characteristics and Applications,” and served as a judge for the student presentation competition at the Mid-Southeast ACM Chapter Conference, Gatlinburg, TN, November 2006.


Mr. David Thornton accompanied a computer science student programming team to the CCSC Southeastern Conference, Nashville, TN, November 2006.


Dr. Monica Trifas presented a paper to the International Joint Web-Conference on Computer, Information, and Systems Sciences and Engineering, December 2006.


Dr. J. Fred Kelley attended the American Mathematical Society Committee on Education Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, October 2006.


Dr. Guillermo Francia, III attended the Information Security Professional Development Workshop on Teaching Information Security at Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA, December 2006.


Physical & Earth Sciences


Dr. Miriam Hill presented a paper entitled “Comparative Geomorphic Classification: Using Blocks Diagrams and Contour Maps,” National Council for Geographic Education, October 6, 2006.

Dr. Hill also received two grants. The first was valued at $125,000.00 from Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions and the second from GeoMedia Education Grant, valued at $773,500.00 for first years and then total two-year joint award was valued at $1,424,445.00.


Dr. Harry Holstein and the Archaeological Resource Laboratory secured contracts with the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service, National Forests in Alabama, in the amount of $109,514.58.


Dr. Holstein and the ARL also provided archaeological services to private companies totaling $93,652.47.


In September 2006, Dr. Nixon Mwebi served as an abstract reviewer for both the oral and poster presentation, for the then upcoming national Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS). Later in November 2006, Dr. Mwebi again served as an on-site judge for the student presentations at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students in Anaheim California.


Dr. Al Nichols, D.A. Steffy, M.E. Meade and C. Kohute wrote an article Mobilization of mercury from contaminated soil into an aquatic food chain.  Journal of the Alabama Academy of Science, 77 (3-4):160-167.


Dr. David Steffy, Dr. Al Nichols, and Dr. Brent Helms co-wrote Comparative Study of Resins and the Adsorption Characteristics for Organic Contaminants in an Aqueous Solution, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, Dec. 11-15, San Francisco.


Dr. Nouredine Zettili was awarded the IMPACTSEED grant on December 27, 2006. This is the fifth time Dr. Zettili has received this grant with an external budget of $137,500.00. It is funded by ACHE as part of the No Child Left Behind act.


Department of Political Science and Public Administration


Dan Krejci and Bill Lester had an article published entitled, “Incorporating Ethnic and Cross-Cultural Diversity in University Teaching,” in Reaching through Teaching in Fall, 2006.


Drs. Krejci, and Lester are currently working on articles to be published in the Encyclopedia of the U.S. Constitution, to be published by CQ Press.


Dr. Barnett is currently completing the cumulative chapter for Church and State Issues in America Today, to be published by Praeger Publishers. 


Dr. Veasey participated in a Department of Homeland Security Tabletop Exercise for L-3 Titan Corporation in Claremore, OK in December, 2006.


Department of Sociology and Social Work


Ms. Kim Womack served as the Conference Chair for the National Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors’ (BPD) 2006 annual conference in Los Angeles, CA, October 26-30, 2006. 


Dr. Nancy Francisco Stewart served as an Alabama Poverty Project Board member, Nominating Committee.  She also had the following presentations: “Prevention, Promotion, Promises: Building Bridges for Teens,” 24th Annual Conference of the Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors (BPD), Los Angeles, California, with Ms. Kim Womack, October 27, 2006;

“Responding to Hurricane Evacuees: A Different Border Crossing,” 24th Annual Conference of the Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors (BPD), Los Angeles, California, with Ms. Robyn Snider, October 26, 2006; “People Get Ready: Old Song, New Meanings in Resiliency and Rebuilding: The Criticality of Culturally Competent and Socially Just Disaster Services” presented to the 35th Annual Alabama/Mississippi Social Work Education Conference in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, with Dr. Jenny Savage, October 19, 2006. 


Dr. Stewart and Dr. Mark Fagan served on the University Wellness Center Committee.


Dr. Mark Fagan served on the following: Advisory Board for the development of Aging and Disability Resource Centers for the East Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission; Advisory Board for the University of Alabama’s MSW Program in Gadsden, AL; Alabama Universities’ Child Welfare Consortium; and as the representative of the Social Work Education Programs in Alabama to work with the Alabama Board of Social Work Examiners on improving social work licensure exam pass rates in Alabama. 


He was quoted in the following publications: Columbus (Mississippi) Dispatch, November 26, 2006; Decatur (Alabama) Daily, November 19, 2006; Charlotte (North Carolina) Observer, October 26, 2006; Dadeville (Alabama) Record, December 21, 2006. 


He had a picture published in the RV Gazette (Canada’s magazine RV living), January-February 2007. 


He was the speaker at the Gadsden Rotary Club on December 21, 2006 and the Alexander City Rotary Club on December 18, 2006.


Dr. Maureen Newton made the following presentation at The 35th Annual Alabama/Mississippi Social Work Education Conference on October 19-20, 2006 at The University of Alabama: with Tina Musacchia, MSW; “A Community Affair: Professional and Personal Relationships Transform One Social Worker’s Response to Hurricane Katrina.”


Dr. Jenny Savage made the following presentation with Dr. Nancy Stewart at the 35th Annual Alabama/Mississippi Social work Education Conference in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on October 19, 2006: “People Get Ready: Old Song, New Meanings in Resiliency and Rebuilding: The Criticality of Culturally Competent and Socially Just Disaster Services.” 


She completed training from the American Red Cross for Etowah, Calhoun & Cleburne Counties to volunteer for the SHARE (utility bill assistance) program.  She also completed Trauma and Addictions training from United Way (of North Alabama) and served as a volunteer with LINC, Calhoun County Sheriff's Office, for middle-school violence prevention program and parenting classes.


Ms. Julie Nix completed a special study and presented it in July entitled "Permanency." It looked at permanency planning practices in Etowah County for children in foster care. It was completed over the course of two semesters with the assistance of the Student Unit and was presented to the Etowah County Quality Assurance Committee and also sent to the State Department of Human Resources.  This was in conjunction with the Higher Education Consortium on Child Welfare.


Ms. Robyn Snider had the following presentations at the 24th Annual Conference of the Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors (BPD), Los Angeles, California, with Mr. Jonathan Adams on October 28, 2006: “Practical University-Public Agency Collaborations: Agency-Based Field Instruction in Child Welfare” and with Dr. Nancy Stewart on October 26, 2006: “Responding to Hurricane Evacuees: A Different Border Crossing.”


Mr. Jonathan Adams had the following presentation at the 24th Annual Conference of the Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors (BPD), Los Angeles, California, with Ms. Robyn Snider on October 28, 2006: “Practical University-Public Agency Collaborations: Agency-Based Field Instruction in Child Welfare.” 


He participated and presented at a meeting between representatives from the Alabama Department of Education Prevention and Support Office and the National Association of Social Workers, Alabama Chapter.  This meeting was to promote the hiring of professional social workers in all school systems in the state of Alabama. 


He also participated in case scenario development activities with Ms. Gretchen Peppers of Alabama DHR for the Alabama Higher Education Consortium on Child Welfare.  The case scenario and associated teaching tools were one of twelve case scenario packages completed through partnership between social work faculty and DHR representatives across the state.  These will be used for education purposes in the university setting and training purposes in the agency setting.


The Social Work faculty and Social Work Club sponsored the Boys/Girls Club Christmas party for 2006. 


Dr. Tina Deshotels made the following presentations at the Mid-South Sociological Association Annual Conference on October 25-28, 2006 in LaFayette, LA with Natalie Marcom: "Covering the Bases: Components of Diversion Programs for Adjudicated Youth"; with Erin Higgs, "Doing Gendered Hair: The Creation of Gender Inequality"; and with Skyler Lauderdale, "Queering Deviance: Combining Queer Theory with Theories of Deviance."  She was quoted in President Meehan's Town and Gown column December 13, 2006, titled "Music Can Affect the Way We Shop."


Dr. David LoConto made the following presentations at the Mid-South Sociological Association Annual Conference in LaFayette, LA on October, 2006: “Pragmatism and the Future of Ethnicity;” and with Timothy Clark and Patrice N. Ware, “The African Diaspora: The Influence of West African Cultures on the United States Military Cadence Counts;” and with Candace C. Gibson, “What Would Sumner Do? A Conservative Sociological Analysis of the Foreign Policy of the George W. Bush Administration.” 


He was interviewed by Albatros Magazine, out of Salerno, Italy regarding the image of Italy and Italians around the world, and how that image can be improved.  The interview is in the December, 2006 issue.  He was also interviewed for the city of Ariano Irpino, Italy website,  on November 4, 2006 explaining his life experiences as an Arianese.


Dr. Rodney Friery made the following presentation to the American Society of Criminology Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, CA on November 9, 2006: “The Incinerator at Anniston, Alabama: Three Years Later”.


Dr. Clark Hudspeth had the following presentation: “The Power of Words;” at the 32nd annual meeting of the Mid-South Sociological Association, October 25-28, 2006; LaFayette, Louisiana.  He also continued as Faculty Advisor to the All Faith Student Alliance at JSU.


College of Commerce and Business Administration


Dean William Fielding prepared an "Economic Impact Study of 1,000 New Jobs in St. Clair County," December 2006.


On November 8, Dean William Fielding, along with other JSU administrators, toured Jefferson State in Pell City, a new video conferencing site.  The CCBA is offering a Management major at this location.


The CCBA received a $20,000 grant from Senator Dell Marsh in support of JSU’s Center for Business and Free Enterprise Education and Entrepreneurship.  The Center is directed by Dr. Cynthia McCarty, Associate Professor of Economics.


The CCBA contracted with The Princeton Review to reach out to students in a recruiting effort.  To date we have contacted a total of 386 prospective students (275 undergraduate; 99 online MBA; and, 12 traditional MBA).


The CCBA is listed in the 2007 Princeton Review’s top business schools.


A Fall faculty/staff Meeting was held on Friday, November 3. 

During the meeting, Dr. William Fielding, Dean, presented four faculty members in the College with $500 awards for excellence:  Dr. Ben Hardy, Associate Professor of Finance, 2005-2006 recipient of the Bob and Lou Kennamer Award for Excellence in Teaching; Dr. Mark Hearn, Professor of Management, 2005-2006 recipient of the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching; Dr. Jeff Zanzig, Associate Professor of Accounting, 2005-2006 recipient of the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research; Dr. Patricia Borstorff, Associate Professor of Management, Dean’s Award for Excellence in Service. 


Certificates for Excellence in Teaching during the 2005-2006 Academic Year were awarded to:  Dr. Ronnie Clayton, Dr. Ben Hardy, Dr. Rob Landry, Dr. Jim McIntyre, Mr. Gene Padgham, Dr. Doris Bennett, Dr. Shawn Carter, Dr. Cynthia McCarty, Dr. Chris Westley, Dr. Angela Sandberg, Dr. Cynthia Sneed, Dr. John Sneed, Dr. Jeff Zanzig, Dr. Frank Fuller, Dr. Bill Schmidt, Dr. Patricia Borstorff, Dr. Brent Cunningham, Dr. Carl Gooding, Dr. Mark Hearn, Dr. Mike Marker, Mr. Stan Newton, Mr. Jeff Parker, Dr. David Palmer, Dr. James Thomas, and Dr. Joann Williams. 


Certificates for Excellence in Research during the 2005-2006 Academic Year were awarded to:  Dr. Patricia Borstorff, Dr. Ken Day, Mr. Mike Featherstone, Dr. Carl Gooding, Mr. Jeff Parker, Dr. Joann Williams, Dr. Ronnie Clayton, Dr. Rob Landry, Mr. Gene Padgham, Dr. Doris Bennett, Dr. Chris Westley, Dr. Jeff Zanzig, and Mr. Glenn Graham. 


Certificates for Excellence in Service during the 2005-2006 Academic Year were awarded to:  Dr. Ronnie Clayton, Dr. Ben Hardy, Dr. Rob Landry, Dr. Jim McIntyre, Mr. Gene Padgham, Dr. Doris Bennett, Dr. Shawn Carter, Dr. Cynthia McCarty, Dr. Chris Westley, Dr. Angela Sandberg, Dr. Cynthia Sneed, Dr. John Sneed, Dr. Jeff Zanzig, Mr. Glenn Graham, Dr. Bill Schmidt, Dr. Patricia Borstorff, Ms. Paula Buchanan, Dr. Brent Cunningham, Mr. Mike Featherstone, Dr. Carl Gooding, Dr. Mark Hearn, Dr. Mike Marker, Mr. Jeff Parker, Dr. James Thomas, Dr. Joann Williams, Mr. Penn Wilson, Mrs. Debra Carmack, Mrs. Pam Pope, Mrs. Mary Klug, Ms. LaRue Gamble, Ms. Debby Jones, Mrs. Judy Porter, Mrs. Suzi Donaldson, Mrs. Amy Hall, and Mrs. Kelly Roberts.


On Monday, October 30th the CCBA hosted an Eminent Scholar Distinguished Scholar Lecturer.  Dr. Eugene F. Brigham, Professor Emeritus, University of Florida was the speaker. 


Dr. Brigham is a Graduate Research Professor Emeritus at the University of Florida, where he has taught since 1971.  Dr. Brigham received his MBA and PhD from the University of California-Berkeley and his undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina.  Prior to coming to the University of Florida, Dr. Brigham held teaching positions at the University of Connecticut, the University of Wisconsin, and the University of California-Los Angeles. 


Dr. Brigham has served as president of the Financial Management Association, and he has written more than 40 journal articles on the cost of capital, capital structure, and other aspects of financial management.  The ten textbooks on managerial finance and managerial economics of which he is the author or co-author are used at more than 1,000 universities in the United States, and they have been translated into 11 languages for worldwide use. 


He has testified in numerous electric, gas, and telephone rate cases at both the federal and state levels.  He has served as a consultant to many corporations and government agencies, including the Federal Reserve Board, the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, the U.S. Office of Telecommunications Policy, and the RAND Corporation. 


Dr. Brigham continues to teach, consult, and do research, as well as continue to work on textbooks.  He spends his spare time on the golf course and with his family and two dogs. Geoff (after Geoffrey Chaucer) and Chocolate Chip.  He also enjoys outdoor adventure activities and recently returned from a biking trip in Alaska, where he and his daughter biked nearly 300 miles in a week and took a 15-mile, seven-hour hike up a 14,240-foot peak.  He was glad to get back to textbooks!


The CCBA hosted an Open House for Alumni on Homecoming Day, October 21, 2006.


Dean William Fielding prepared an "Economic Impact Study of the Closure of the Tyson Plant in Cleburne County," October 2006.


Finance, Economics, and Accounting Department


The CCBA and Dr. Cynthia McCarty, Director of the Center for Business and Free Enterprise Education and Entrepreneurship, sponsored four area schoolteachers to attend the National Council on Social Studies Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. on November 30 through December 3, 2006.  The teachers attended workshops on innovative teaching methods in the areas of economics, history, and social studies.  This summer the Center will coordinate and offer free teacher workshops with these select teachers sharing the most effective ideas and materials from the conference.


Dr. Ronnie Clayton attended the 2006 Annual Meeting of the Southern Finance Association on November 15-18, 2006.  The meeting was held at the SanDestin Hilton Resort Hotel in SanDestin, Florida.  Dr. Clayton serves as the Executive Director of the Southern Finance Association and has been involved in all aspects of the planning and implementation of the meeting that brought together approximately 250 finance academicians and professionals to present and discuss their latest research.


Dr. Clayton also serves as the Editor of Financial Decisions, a general interest web-based academic journal.  The winter issue is nearing completion and will be available online at  The winter issue contains four excellent articles that were selected from a number of high quality submissions from authors from various universities worldwide.


Dr. Rob Landry and co-author, Dr. Amy Yarbrough of the University of Florida, presented their paper, “Navigating the Social Safety Net: A State-Level Analysis of the Relationship Between Medicaid, the Uninsured and Consumer Bankruptcy” at the Southern Management Association 2006 Meeting held in Clearwater, Florida on October 25-28, 2006. 


Dr. Landry was recently promoted from “Reviewer” to “Staff Editor” of the Journal of Legal Studies Education.


Dr. Landry served as a Site Coordinator for the Calhoun County “Saves” Program for JSU in the Fall and will continue to serve in this position in the Spring Semester.


Dr. Chris Westley and Dr. Doris Bennett’s paper entitled “The Carriage Trade Trend” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Health Care Finance.


Dr. Chris Westley attended the Southern Finance Association Annual Meeting on November 15-18, 2006 in SanDestin, Florida.  Dr. Westley served as a session chair and discussed two papers.


Dr. Jeff Zanzig presented a paper entitled “Social Perceptions of Organizational Policy for Software Reuse” at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Global Business in November 2006 held in Newport Beach, California.


Dr. Zanzig received the CCBA Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research in Fall 2006.


Department of Management and Marketing


Dr. Patricia Borstorff


Dr. Borstorff presented two papers at the Allied Academies Annual Conference in Reno, NV on October 19th and 20th, 2007.


Dr. Borstorff with Stan Newton, published in Entrepreneurial Journal, 
an article entitled "Independent Contractor Classification: The Challenge 
of Doing It Right."


Dr. Richard Cobb


Dr. Cobb, in addition to his duties as department head and teaching, worked for many hours with Terry Marbut, Technology, developing the format and content for the Anniston Army Depot Management Training Program. This program is designed to provide Senior Depot Leaders with a strategic overview of the key functional, analytical and managerial elements required for effective leadership at Anniston Army Depot. The program is designed to equip participants to lead organizational change and business process improvement and to provide them with a thought-provoking private-sector learning experience. The initial contract between Anniston Army Depot and Jacksonville State University is for two six-week sessions, training eight executives in each session, over a one-year period.


Dr. Cobb presented a paper at the Allied Academies Annual Conference 
in Reno, NV on October 19th, 2007.


Dr. Brent Cunningham


Dr. Cunningham submitted a manuscript for a “revise and resubmit” with Dr. James Thomas entitled “Client’s Satisfaction with Monopolistic Services and Commitment to the Organization: A University Context”.


Dr. Cunningham conducted a market research study for the City of Jacksonville  School System.  The study was conducted to ascertain faculty/staff and parental views on a school calendar. Dr. Cunningham was commissioned by the Superintendent of Schools to conduct the study. Data was collected in November, 2006 and presented to the Jacksonville City School Board in December 2006.


Dr. Mark Hearn


Dr. Mark Hearn attended the McGraw-Hill/Irwin Business Communication Symposium in Pasadena, California, November 9-12, 2006.  The symposium brought together approximately 20 Business Communication instructors from around the country.  The event gave participants the opportunity to debate critical issues, exchange ideas, evaluate teaching tools, and learn from each other in a unique open forum.  Participants also had the opportunity to discuss how technology is providing new avenues for students to access content, study, and interact with greater flexibility, transparency, and success.  All expenses for the symposium were paid by McGraw-Hill/Irwin.  In addition, McGraw-Hill/Irwin donated a honorarium to Jacksonville State University in appreciation of Dr. Hearn’s attendance.


Dr. Hearn participated in the planning for the Anniston Army Depot Management 
Training Program and taught during the first week of training in December, 2006. 
Mr. Stan Newton
Mr. Newton, with Dr. Pat Borstorff, published in Entrepreneurial Journal, an article entitled 
"Independent Contractor Classification: The Challenge of Doing It Right."  
Mr. Newton completed six additional hours of graduate level management courses at the 
University of Alabama in Birmingham.
Dr. David Palmer
Dr. Palmer presented a paper at the Allied Academies Annual Conference in Reno, NV 
on October 20, 2007.
Dr. Palmer participated in the planning for the Anniston Army Depot Management 
Training Program and taught during the first week of training in December, 2006. 
Dr. Palmer met with other members of the JSU Men's Basketball Strategic
 Planning Committee.


Center for Economic Development and Business Research (CED)

Small Business Development Center (SBDC)


JSU SBDC Counseling and Training Activities


The SBDC provided counseling to over 162 small businesses, and presented training to 95 individuals during this reporting quarter.


Choccolocco Economic Activity Zone Advisory Board Meeting


On October 4, 2006, JSU CED and SBDC personnel attended and made presentations at the Choccolocco Economic Activity Zone Advisory Board meeting.  The meeting was held at Classic on Noble restaurant in Anniston, Alabama.


Fall Conference, Association for University Business and Economic Research (AUBER)


A JSU CED representative attended the 60th Annual AUBER Conference, October 14-17, 2006.  The conference was held in the Fogelman Executive Conference Center, Memphis, TN.


American Association of Retirement Communities (AARC) Annual Conference


The JSU CED presented the AARC Conference, October 23 – 25, 2006, in San Antonio, TX.  The conference site was the Hyatt Regency Riverwalk Hotel.  This was the final AARC conference conducted with JSU as the AARC national headquarters.  The University of Oklahoma assumed that responsibility beginning January 1, 2007.  During the conference, the AARC Board of Directors and membership presented AARC Plaques of Appreciation to JSU CED staff in recognition of their outstanding dedication and service to AARC.


Southern Economic Development Council (SEDC) Annual Conference


Pat Shaddix, Director, JSU CED, attended the SEDC Annual Conference, October 28 – 31, 2006.  The conference was conducted at the Gaylord Palms Hotel, Orlando, FL.  The SEDC provides useful information and dynamic leadership to economic development practitioners throughout the American South.


Annual Summit on Higher Education and Economic Development, University Economic Development Association (UEDA)


A staff member of the JSU CED represented JSU at the Annual Summit on Higher Education and Economic Development, October 29 – 31, 2006.  The summit, held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Savannah, Georgia, was organized by UEDA, an organization serving institutions of higher education and their economic development affiliates.


Alabama Small Business Development Consortium (ASBDC) Director’s Meetings


On November 8, 2006, Pat Shaddix, Director, JSU SBDC, attended an ASBDC Director’s meeting.  Mr. Shaddix attended an additional ASBDC Director’s meeting on December 5, 2006.  The meeting on November 8 was held in the ASBDC office in Birmingham, AL; the one on December 5 was held at the Renaissance Ross Bridge Conference Center in Birmingham.


The Chamber, Gadsden-Etowah County 2006 Small Business of the Year Awards Luncheon


JSU CED and SBDC staff attended the Chamber, Gadsden-Etowah County 2006 Small Business of the Year Awards Luncheon on November 9, 2006.  The meeting was held at the Mary G. Hardin Center for Cultural Arts in Gadsden, AL.  Thirteen small businesses were recognized for their success and contribution to the community.


Alabama Association of Regional Councils (AARC) 2006 Annual Conference


Pat Shaddix, Director, JSU CED, and CED consultants attended the 2006 annual conference of the AARC. The conference was held November 28 – December 1, 2006.  Location was Perdido Beach Conference Center, Orange Beach, Alabama.  The AARC represents the 12 planning and development commissions and councils of government in the state of Alabama.


Northeast Alabama Entrepreneurial System (NAES) Executive Committee and Director’s Meetings


Pat Shaddix, Director, JSU CED attended a meeting of the NAES Executive Committee on December 4, 2006.  Mr. Shaddix and Robbie Medders, Associate Director, JSU SBDC, attended a meeting of the NAES Board of Directors on December 15, 2006. Both meetings were held at the NAES facility in Anniston, AL.


Anniston Army Depot (ANAD) Leadership Training Program


A JSU CED team served as facilitator and internship development contact for the inaugural class of the Anniston Army Depot (ANAD) Leadership Training Program. Training is being provided by JSU faculty and ANAD personnel on the JSU campus. 


A one-week training-with-industry internship has been arranged for each student.  The instructional segment of the program, a joint effort of JSU’s College of Commerce and Business Administration and the Technology and Engineering Department, began the first week of instruction on December 11, 2006. Private industry internships will be the week of January 29 – February 2, 2007. 


The six-week program provides high potential ANAD leaders with an overview of the key functional, analytical, technological, and managerial elements required for effective leadership.


JSU Economic Update, November/December 2006 Issue


During this reporting quarter, the November/December 2006 JSU Economic Update was completed and forwarded to the JSU Print Shop. Currently, the Economic Update is distributed to over 7,700 subscribers.  The November/December 2006 issue may be viewed on the JSU CED web site at


College of Education and Professional Studies

Dean’s Office


JSU received official notification from the National Association of Industrial Technology (NAIT) that all undergraduate programs in Technology were awarded full reaccreditation with no reporting for a period of six years at the 2006 meeting of the NAIT Board of Accreditation.


The Communication Department is currently completing its Self Study and Student Outcomes Assessment in preparation for the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (ACEJMC). The Department is currently collecting data for the second year. Dr. Beth Barnes of the University of Kentucky, an ACEJMC consultant, visited the department from November 13 to 15, 2006 to review the program. 


Dr. Cynthia Harper served as a member of the Alabama State Department of Education Review Team to review the education programs offered at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama October 1-4, 2006.


Dr. Cynthia Harper presented an overview of the education programs offered through the College of Education and Professional Studies to Ms. Katherine Peacock on October 5, 2006 as part of the JSU Capital Campaign.


Dr. Cynthia Harper, Dr. Patricia Lowry, and Ms. Karen Nemeth were honored at a luncheon hosted by the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences for their contributions to the department over the last several years.


Dr. Cynthia Harper attended the Alabama Association for Colleges of Teacher Education (ALACTE) meeting October 9-13, 2006 in Montgomery, Alabama.  Dr. Harper is the President-Elect of this organization.


Drs. Cynthia Harper and John Hammett, along with Department Heads in the College of Education and Professional Studies,  attended the organization meeting for programs involved in Program Review in 2007 on October 11, 2006.


Dr. Cynthia Harper provided the welcome on October 18, 2006 for the Alabama Family and Consumer Sciences Leadership Conference hosted by JSU’s Department of Family and Consumer Sciences.  A total of 65 students and faculty from Alabama A&M, Oakwood College, Montevallo and JSU attended.


Dr. Cynthia Harper represented the Alabama Partnership for Children at the Calhoun Community Foundation Grant Award meeting in Anniston, Alabama on October 19, 2006.


Dr. Cynthia Harper represented the College of Education and Professional Studies on October 24, 2006 in Huntsville, Alabama at a recruitment and appreciation luncheon for counselors employed in Madison County and Huntsville City service areas.


Dr. Cynthia Harper represented the College of Education and Professional Studies on October 25, 2006 in Cullman, Alabama at a recruitment and appreciation luncheon for counselors employed in the Cullman service area.


Drs. Cynthia Harper and John Hammett attended the Area Principal’s Banquet on October 25, 2006 at the Houston Cole Library.


Dr. Cynthia Harper attended the Alabama Partnership for Children Board meeting on October 26, 2006 in Montgomery, Alabama.


The College of Education and Professional Studies hosted the Superintendent’s Consortium on November 2, 2006 in Bibb Graves Hall.


Dr. Cynthia Harper and Dr. Jan Wilson made a professional presentation on November 8, 2006 at the Mid-South Educational Research Association Conference in Birmingham, Alabama.  The session title was “EMCAT- Exploring Mathematical Concepts through Applications of Technology."


Dr. Cynthia Harper represented the College of Education and Professional Studies on November 28, 2006 at a recruitment and appreciation luncheon for counselors employed in the Etowah/Cherokee County service area.


Dr. Cynthia Harper, Dr. William Kiser, and Dr. Eric Mackey attended a Southern Regional Education Board meeting sponsored by the Alabama State Department of Education on November 29- 30, 2006 in Montgomery.


Dr. Harper participated as a member of the Alabama Power First Year Teacher Grant Selection Grant on December 1, 2006 in Birmingham, Alabama.


Dr. Cynthia Harper attended the Educational Meeting of the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce on December 6, 2006 at the Calhoun County Technical Center in Jacksonville, Alabama.


Dr. Cynthia Harper attended the Alabama Commission on Higher Education meeting on December 7-8, 2006 in Montgomery, Alabama.  JSU’s Reading Specialist Program was recognized as meeting all Post-Implementation Requirements during the previous five years.


Dr. Cynthia Harper participated in the T.E.A.C.H. meeting (Alabama Partnership for Children) in Montgomery on December, 2006.  The committee further defined guidelines for applications for T.E.A.C.H. scholarships provided through the Alabama Partnership for Children.


Drs. Cynthia Harper and John Hammett attended the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation’s Fall Recognition Ceremony and Banquet for outstanding students and seniors on December 13, 2006.


Dr. Cynthia Harper attended the Phi Delta Kappa Initiation Ceremony on December 14, 2006 at the International House.


The College of Education and Professional Studies hosted a job fair on January 6, 2007 in Ramona Wood Hall for teacher education candidates beginning the internship semester this spring.  Superintendents in the JSU service area were given the opportunity to interview candidates for available teaching positions in the upcoming year.


Drs. Cynthia Harper and John Hammett, and Mr. Randy Harper, Vice President for Information Technology at JSU, were accepted to make a professional presentation at the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) Conference in New York City, New York February 23-27, 2007. 


The session title is “Developing an Effective Assessment System through Collaboration”. The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) is a national voluntary association of higher education institutions and other organizations and is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality preparation and continuing professional development for teachers and school leaders in order to enhance PK-12 student learning.

Department of Child Development Center

The Center had a staff professional development day on October 6th and received training on disaster preparedness from Dan Long of the Calhoun County Emergency Management Agency.  A speaker from Childcare Central made a presentation on discipline techniques for younger children.

Each class held a Halloween party on October 31st.  The children (and some teachers!) came to school in costume and went “Trick-or-Treating” to each classroom.


On November 13th the Center held its first Fall Festival Fun Day, and it was a huge success, with a lot of parental involvement.  The children played games for prizes, had their faces painted and had a snack as they enjoyed the afternoon with their friends from other classrooms. 


On December 7th, the children had their photo taken with Santa, which was a fun experience for the older children, but evidently a scary time for the young ones!  It was surmised that this must be a requirement that children 2 and under cry crocodile tears in their Santa photos!


Their first annual Christmas program and reception was held on December 14th.  It was standing-room-only as each class performed Christmas songs for their families and friends who then adjourned to have refreshments and meet with their child’s teachers.


The Center conducts monthly fire and storm drills, and although it is hoped they never have the real thing, the Center will be ready.


The Center's enrollment at the end of the 1st quarter 2007 has climbed to 109.


Department of Communication


The Department of Communication held its Second Annual Alumni Reunion on Saturday, October 21, 2006. The turnout was good and alumni expressed delight and interest in becoming involved in the progress going on in the department.


The department’s Self-Study is in progress as is its Student Outcomes Assessment.  The department is currently collecting data for the second year now, the same time as faculty is preparing the self study report.


Dr. Beth Barnes of the University of Kentucky, an Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (ACEJMC) consultant, visited the department from November 13 to 15, 2006 to review our program for some feedback. Her oral report was quite encouraging. She will send a written report later.


The JSU 4+7: This is the department’s newly introduced pedagogical slogan adopted in an effort to bring to the awareness of the students and the public the values and competencies that guide the pedagogical mission of the Department of Communication. The JSU 4+7 represent the four values and seven competencies that each student who graduates from the Department of Communication at Jacksonville State University is required to acquire before graduation. In a nutshell, the four values are: 1) Law, 2) History, 3) Diversity, and 4) Ethics; and the seven competencies are: 1) Theory, 2) Critical Thinking, 3) Research, 4) Writing, 5) Editing, 6) Basic numbers and statistics, and 7) Tools and Technology.


In Fall, 2006, the department held a student-faculty meeting to bring students into the mainstream of the department’s assessment and Self-Study process. That meeting was designed to increase student awareness of the goings-on in the department. In that meeting, the department’s pedagogical slogan—The JSU 4+7—was introduced to communication students. The meeting was later followed by light refreshments.


The Department of Communication held one of its 2006-07 Communication Advisory Board meetings on Wednesday, November 29, 2006. Two external members of the Board—Mr. Graham Hadley of the Talladega Daily Homes and Mr. Roy Williams of the Birmingham News—were each presented with a plaque as a token of appreciation by the department for their service on the Communication Advisory Board.


The radio station is continuing its equipment update, and hopefully will be using new digital equipment in 2007. 


Department of Curriculum and Instruction


 Mrs. Sandra Sudduth attended the Regional Medical Center Board meeting in Anniston on Thursday, October 5th.  She represented the Jacksonville City Council as a member of the RMC Board of Directors.


Dr. Celia Hilber accompanied the ECE Block students as they visited two exemplary Early Childhood programs in the Birmingham area – Birmingham Early Learning Center on Monday, October 9th and Bruno Montessori School on Friday, October 13th.


Dr. Nina King made a presentation at the Association for the Advancement of Computers in Education (AACE) Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii on Monday, October 16th.  The topic was "Supporting and Enhancing the Traditional College Course with Online Computer Technology."


Dr. Slenda Haynes made a presentation at the International Reading Association (IRA) Regional Conference in Mobile, Alabama on Monday, October 16th.  The topic was "Fab Vocabulary:  Effective Vocabulary Strategies for the Content Areas."


Dr. Patsy Lowry and Karen Nemeth made a presentation at the International Reading Association (IRA) Regional Conference in Mobile, Alabama on Tuesday, October 17th.  The topic was "Literacy Development Through Integrated Content Areas."


Dr. Dale Campbell and Dr. Gena Riley made a presentation at the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) Regional Conference in Omaha, Nebraska on Friday, October 20th.  The topic was "Integrating Math and Science Through Process Skills."


Mrs. Sandra Sudduth made a presentation at the Alabama Council for Teacher of Mathematics Annual Conference in Montgomery, Alabama on Friday, October 27th.  The topic was "Early Number Sense Experiences."


The Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC) conducted an organizational meeting for this year on Thursday, October 26th at 12 noon.  The student officers of the organization explained plans for possible fundraisers and service projects for 2006-07.  Dr. Teresa Gardner is the faculty sponsor for this organization.


The Student Alabama Education Association (SAEA) conducted its first meeting this year on Tuesday, October 31st at 12:30 p.m.  Mrs. Sandra Jackson, Student Programs Director for Alabama, was the guest speaker.  Mrs. Sandra Sudduth is the faculty sponsor for this organization.


Dr. Beth Engley’s graduate students have developed presentations for the Jacksonville Day Care Center on the following topics:


·        Making Read Alouds Interactive and Using Centers – Monday, October 2nd

·        Literacy Centers – Monday, October 23rd

·        Math Activities for Young Children – October 30th

·        Developmentally Appropriate Activities for Young Children – November 2nd


Dr. Nina King made a presentation at the Race, Ethnicity, and Place Conference in San Marcos, Texas on November 3rd.  The topic was "Teaching Latino Students in the New South."


Dr. Gena Riley and Dr. Roland Thornburg made a presentation at the Mid-South Educational Research Association (MSERA) Annual Meeting in Birmingham, Alabama on Wednesday, November 8th.  The topic was "Improving Student Performance Through Undergraduate Orientation to Education."


Dr. Nina King, Dr. Celia Hilber, and Dr. Beth Engley made a presentation at the Mid-South Educational Research Association (MSERA) Annual Meeting in Birmingham, Alabama on Thursday, November 9th.  The topic was "Developing Professional Dispositions in the Pre-Service Teacher:  Raising Standards."


Dr. Judy McCrary and Dr. Patsy Lowry made a presentation at the Mid-South Educational Research Association (MSERA) Annual Meeting in Birmingham, Alabama on Thursday, November 9th.  The topic was "An Innovative Instructional Technique:  Combining Looping with Action Research in the College Classroom."


Dr. Larry Beard and Dr. Teresa Gardner made a presentation at the Mid-South Educational Research Association (MSERA) Annual Meeting in Birmingham, Alabama on Thursday, November 9th.  The topic was "Speech-To-Text Applications in the Special Education Classroom."


Mrs. Lynetta Owens made a presentation at the Mid-South Educational Research Association (MSERA) Annual Meeting in Birmingham, Alabama on Thursday, November 9th.  The topic was "No Child with Autism Left Behind:  Sound Strategies to Facilitate Successful Inclusion."


Dr. Patsy Lowry, Mrs. Karen Nemeth, and Dr. Kelly Ryan made a presentation at the Mid-South Educational Research Association (MSERA) Annual Meeting in Birmingham, Alabama on Thursday, November 9th.  The topic was "A New Look at Providing Programs in Career Technical Education."


Dr. Gena Riley and Dr. Dale Campbell made a presentation at the Mid-South Educational Research Association (MSERA) Annual Meeting in Birmingham, Alabama on Thursday, November 9th.  The topic was "Examining the Attitudes of Teachers and Prospective Teachers Toward Mathematics Instruction in Elementary Grades."


Dr. Beth Engley made a presentation at the OMEP World Organization for Early Childhood Education in Atlanta, Georgia on November 10th.  The topic was "Play in Kindergarten Today:  Does it Exist?  Views from Kindergarten Teachers."


Drs. Larry Beard, Jordan Barkley, Patsy Lowry, Steve Armstrong, Aquilla Mims, and Jan Wilson were accepted to make a presentation at the TED/TAM 2006 National Conference in San Diego, California on November 11th.  The topic was "The JSU Secondary Integration Model:  Introducing Secondary Majors to Special Education Co-teaching/Collaboration Approaches."


Dr. Larry Beard also presented another session at the TED/TAM 2006 National Conference in San Diego, California on November 11th.  The topic was "The Assistive Technology Integration Model:  Introducing AT to Pre-Service Teacher Candidates."


The Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC) conducted a planning meeting on November 16th at 12 noon.  Two topics were discussed:  the bake sale on November 28th and the CEC State Conference in February.  The bake sale raised $275 toward expenses for JSU students to attend the conference.  Dr. Teresa Gardner is the faculty sponsor for this organization.


The JSU Judo-Jujitsu Club attended the Nationals in Kalamazoo, Michigan on November


Department of Educational Resources


Dr. William Kiser serves on the Educational Leadership Program Advisory Council, the Superintendent’s Consortium, and is a consultant for Cass High School in Cartersville, Georgia, as they study and prepare to design and implement a Freshmen Academy.  He also serves as a consultant for Woodland High School Theatre Program as they prepare for and participate in the International Theatre Festival in Scotland.


Dr. Michael Malone gave a reading at the Library Reading program at the University of Montevallo in connection with a week of recognition of the inauguration of President Williams at the university.  He read from the works of F.M. Peterson, second president of the Alabama Girl’s Industrial School (now Univ of Montevallo) at a program written at the university by faculty highlighting the glorious history of the institution and its founding.  He also presented a lecture on “Planning-Everybody’s Business” for the Southeast Regional Conference for the American Public Gardens Association.  The Birmingham Botanical Gardens hosted the conference.  Dr. Malone also attended the College Board of Trustees Conference in San Diego, CA.


Drs. Jerry Kiser, Tommy Turner, Nancy Fox, and Kathleen Friery presented at the Alabama Counseling Association meeting in Mobile.  The topic of the presentation was, “School Bullying:  Three Levels of Prevention/Intervention”.


Drs. Jerry Kiser and Tommy Turner presented at the Alabama Counseling Association meeting in Mobile on the topic of, “In-School Suspension:  Attitudes Make the Difference”.


Drs. Nancy Fox and Kathleen Friery presented at the MSERA Conference in Birmingham on the topics, “Groups Can Change the World” and “Using Music in Counseling”.  Drs. Isreal Eady, Charlotte Eady, Donna Herring, and Gordon Nelson also presented at the conference.


Drs. Jerry Kiser, Nancy Fox, and Tommy Turner are in the review process – "Uniting Spirituality and Sexual Counseling:  Semitic Traditions.The Family Journal:  Counseling and Therapy for Couples and Families.


At the request of Dr. William Meehan, Dr. Kathleen Friery and her husband, Dr. Rodney Friery, attended the inauguration of the new President at Mississippi State University.  They are both alumni of the university.


Department of Family and Consumer Sciences


On October 6, FCS hosted an appreciation luncheon for Dr. Cynthia Harper, Dr. Patricia Lowry and Mrs. Karen Nemeth for their contributions to the department over the last several years.


Mrs. Karen Nemeth presented “Literacy Development Through Integrated Content Areas” in Mobile for the International Reading Association from October 15-18, 2006.


The Alabama Family and Consumer Sciences Leadership Conference were hosted by the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences on October 18, 2006.  A total of 65 students and faculty from Alabama A&M, Oakwood College, Montevallo and JSU attended.


Mrs. Robbie Boggs and the Fashion Fundamentals/Merchandising students visited Americas Mart in Atlanta on October 20, 2006 to view the Spring 2007 fashion show.


Dr. Tommy Phillips and the Child Development students visited the Harris Early Learning Center in Birmingham on October 23.  This tour allowed the students to observe a model child development facility.


The Family and Consumer Sciences Department hosted a 40th anniversary celebration for the Dietetics Program on October 21st. Approximately 30 students, faculty, staff and alumni attended.


Mrs. Paula Napoli presented “Trash to Teachables and Treasures” to the Preschool Friends at Grace Episcopal Church on October 30, 2006.


On November 8, 2006, Dr. Debra Goodwin and Mrs. Paula Napoli presented “Positive Approaches in the Prevention of Obesity in a Preschool Population” at the Mid South Educational Research Association conference in Birmingham.  Dr. Tom Phillips presented “Personal Problems Reported by a Sample of Non-clinical Rural Youth” and Mrs. Karen Nemeth presented “A New Look at Providing Programs in Career Technical Education” at the same conference on November 9, 2006.


Mrs. Robbie Boggs attended a breakfast meeting of the Advisory Board at Bauder College in Atlanta on November 9, 2006.  The discussion topic was “Making the Classroom More Real World”.


Dr. Tim Roberts presented “Nutritional Ergogenic Aids” at the Alabama State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance Conference in Birmingham on November 13, 2006.


Mrs. Karen Nemeth served on the Executive Board of the Alabama Association of Family and Consumer Sciences meeting in Montevallo on November 17, 2006.


Dr. Tim Roberts attended the Auburn Distance Learning Advisory Committee meeting on November 20, 2006.


Dr. Debra Goodwin, Mrs. Lynn Steward, Dr. Tom Phillips, Dr. Tim Roberts, Mrs. Paula Napoli, Mrs. Robbie Boggs and Mrs. Karen Nemeth attended a departmental strategic planning luncheon on Tuesday, December 5, 2006 at the Classic on Noble.


Department of Health, Physical Education & Recreation


Dr. Glenn Roswal published the following paper:  Roswal, G.M., Seckler, K.S., & Harding, S.P. (2006). First-Ever Special Olympics USA National Games, PALAESTRA: 22(3), 26-33.


The Department of HPER sponsored the Gamecock Gallop/Youth Run.  Both events were a great success.  There was a record number of participants in the Gamecock Gallop. 


Students of Dr. Glenn Roswal were recently interviewed about their volunteer experiences at Camp ASCCA. Video clips of these interviews can be seen on the ASCCA Journal website.


Several HPER faculty attended the ASAHPERD meeting in Birmingham November 12-14 along with approximately 15 HPER students.  The meeting was attended by Dr. Hey, Ms. Hey, Dr. Chandler, Ms. Thornburg, Dr. Hill, and Dr. Harris. 


Ms. Donna Hey presented two workshops at ASAHPERD: Fun with Latin Dancing and Hot Country Dancing, Tuesday, November 14. 


Dr. Willie Hey, serving as past president of ASAHPERD, served as chair of the nominations committee.  Dr. Hey also presented “Current Issues of Concern for Physical Educators” on Tuesday, November 14. 


Dr. Glenn Roswal published the following paper:  Roswal, G.M. & Damentko, M. (2006).  "A Review of Completed Research in Sports for Individuals with Intellectual Disability." Research Yearbook  (Poland), 12(2), 181-183.


Dr. Roland Thornburg made the following presentation:  Mid Southeastern Research Association, 11/8/06, "Improving Student Performance through Undergraduate Orientation to Education."


Dr. Ronnie Harris presented at two sessions of the Alabama State AHPERD Conference in Birmingham, Alabama. The first session on Nov. 12, 2006 was, "Square Dance is Moving". The second presentation on Nov 14, 2006, was "Swing Dance is Fun".


HPER has expanded the Concentration in Coaching and has developed a Minor in Coaching.  These changes have been approved by the curriculum committee. 


The JSU Wellness Center is launching a health promotion campaign, “Get Well JSU,” in January with Wellness Wednesdays in the cafeteria.  The following presentations are scheduled:

January 10th…………Resolution: Healthy Habits

February 14th………..Save Your Sweet Heart

March 14th…………...Eat Well to Live Well

April 11th……………..Trample Obesity

May 9th…………….....Halt Hypertension


HPER faculty and the JSU Wellness Center were featured in Dr. Meehan’s “Town & Gown: Bette Davis was Right! Getting Old Ain't for Sissies”. 


Dr. Jeff Chandler’s connection with Marshall University and the recently released feature movie “We are Marshall” was featured in a recent JSU News story.  Dr. Chandler served as Department Chair at Marshall University prior to coming to JSU. 


The department of HPER participated in a series of strategic planning department meetings in the fall semester of 2006.  Congratulations to the HPER faculty who worked so diligently on this project and Dr. Jimmy Griffin for chairing the committee. 


Department of Instructional Services


Mr. Mike Zenanko edited the “Passport to Success: Annual report of CE&PS” for the seventh year. Four thousand of these booklets were printed. Mr. Zenanko, who also serves as the local chapter president, has edited and published one newsletter for the Jacksonville State University Chapter #0116 of PDK. Mr. Zenanko has also edited three newsletters for the Association for the Tutoring Profession.


During the fall semester, The Teaching/Learning Center had 122 tutors working with 101 community children.  A total of 1,637 hours of free tutoring was provided.


Mr. Stan Cates, the MIL technician has installed computers in 210 RWH. This year the ISU purchased computer tables for the lab. Dr. Cynthia Harper provided new chairs. The tables and chairs that were in the lab were moved to 218 RWH. 


Department of Secondary Education


Dr. Jan Wilson attended the Dean/Chairperson’s conference, October 6-11, 2006, at Hilton Head, SC.


Dr. Carol Uline and Dr. Jordan Barkley presented “Increasing the Use of Vocabulary & Reading Comprehension Strategies” at the International Reading Association Regional Conference, October 15, 2006, in Mobile, AL.


Dr. Sheila Anne Webb presented "Parity in Partnership Development" at The European American University Forum, October 22-28, 2006, in Krakow, Poland.


Dr. Webb presented “Is Teacher Preparation Teaching to the Test?” at the Southern Regional Association of Teacher Educators, November 2-4, 2006, in Baltimore, MD.


Dr. Webb presented “Teaching:  More Than Academics” at the Mid-South Educational Research Association, November 9, 2006, in Birmingham, AL.


Dr. Charles Notar presented “Teaching Mathematics to Elementary School Children” at the Mid-South Educational Research Association, November 9, 2006, in Birmingham, AL.


Dr. Wilson presented “Exploring Mathematical Concepts Through Applications of Technology” at the Mid-South Educational Research Association, November 9, 2006, in Birmingham, AL.


Dr. Carol Uline and Dr. Notar presented “What Makes an ‘Effective’ Leader:  The Application of Leadership”, at the Mid-South Educational Research Association, November 10, 2006, in Birmingham, AL.


Dr. Denise Richardson presented “Learn-to-Work:  A Case Study” at the Mid-South Educational Research Association, November 10, 2006, in Birmingham, AL.


Dr. Jordan Barkley presented “Efficacy Beliefs and the Student Reader” and “The JSU Secondary Integration Model:  Introducing Secondary Majors to Speed Co-teaching/Collaboration Approaches”, at the Mid-South Educational Research Association, November 8 & 11, 2006, in Birmingham, AL.


Dr. Barkley presented “Better Readers Better Writers, Better Thinkers, Better Students;  Strategies for Improving Student Performance in the College Classroom”, November 14, 2006, at JSU Academe.


Dr. Wilson and Dr. Barkley presented “SED and Collaborative 6-12 Program Developments”, at the Annual TED/TAM Conference, November 9-12, 2006, in San Diego, CA.


Department of the Teacher Service Center


167 student teachers placed in 15 local systems.


Dr. Kelly Ryan certified as a Board of Examiner for the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).   


Dr. Kelly Ryan served on an SDE review for the Tuskegee University


Dr. Kelly Ryan presented at MSERA in Birmingham.


Department of Technology & Engineering


JSU received official notification from the National Association of Industrial Technology (NAIT) that all undergraduate programs in Technology were awarded full reaccreditation with no reporting for a period of six years at the 2006 meeting of the NAIT Board of Accreditation.


The first group of JSU students received their OSHA 30 Hour Safety Certificates in December.


The first class of the Anniston Army Depot Leadership Training Program was initiated on December 4, 2006. This contract between JSU and the Anniston Army Depot is an innovative program designed to provide training in various areas of business and technology management for selected depot leadership.


Department of TV Services

Mr. Keith Thomas and Mr. Bobby Mikel conducted a workshop for COM 320 classes on how to use the Canon XL 2 cameras.

Mr. Keith Thomas and Mr. Jonathan Sikes implemented a basic lighting setup for the small studio.  Diffusion was placed over the back lights and key lights.  Lighting fixtures were aimed, spotted and barn-doored.  Unnecessary lights were unplugged so that they will not be brought up thus heating up the building, wasting electricity and expensive lamps.  The new look is a more pleasing overall lighting design as it will eliminate the excess heat and blinding lights that the students have been using.  The working lights that are now operational will be two key lights, two back lights, two fill lights, and four sets (two to a set) of cyc lights.  TV Services also ordered a roll of diffusion for the Communication classes and plan to put some sheets of it in the light kits so they will have the option of using it for a more professional looking lighting production.

“Inside Gamecock Athletics,” produced by Television Services is done weekly during football season.  The program features highlights from the football games, comments from Head Coach Jack Crow and interviews with JSU football players.  “Inside Gamecock Athletics” can be seen during football season on Tuesdays at 8 p.m., Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m., and Thursdays at 9:30 a.m. on TV24.  The program may also be seen at various dates and times on the College Sports Southeast Channel.

Select JSU commercials, produced by TV Services, aired over the Comcast Sports Southeast broadcast of the JSU football game.  The majority of these commercials (totaling 17) are new, being put together over the summer.  Almost 4.5 million homes subscribe to companies that include CSS.  CSS spans 11 southeastern states.

Mr. Keith Thomas and Mr. Bobby Mikel conducted a lighting workshop for COM 320 classes.

Mr. Keith Thomas and student workers Mr. Bobby Mikel and Mr. Jonathan Sikes redesigned the lighting for TV24’s “Wake-Up Alabama” and “Pigskin Roundup.”

TV Services put together a tape for Ms. Teresha King’s production classes to use for their news broadcast and for editing.

The department converted raw Betacam SP footage shot by the Center for Domestic Preparedness into DVD’s.

TV Services taped the Fall Career Fair at Merrill Hall and the Professional Connection Interview Day at the Theron Montgomery Building.  They shot sound bites with business representatives and students, showed students visiting business booths and students being interviewed for jobs.  This footage will be used in the Career Placement Services DVD TV Services is producing.

Career Placement Services purchased a Toshiba 37” Regza Premium HDTV Ready LCD Television based on a recommendation by TV Services.  TV Services also installed it.  The Television is hanging in the lobby of CPS.  CPS plans to run the new video TV Services is producing for them along with other career-oriented DVD’s.

TV Services taped the Homecoming Parade.  This footage was used during the CSS broadcast of the football game and will also be used in recruiting efforts.

TV Services installed FlexWriter SA2 CD-DVD Publishing Unit.  This automated unit allows for the duplication and labeling of CD-DVD’s all in one pass. 

TV Services and Distance Education duplicated 1,000 CD’s of the Marching Southerners' performances.  These CD’s were done for the 50th Anniversary Reunion of the Southerners.

The department shot new footage and provided archival footage to the Greek organizations for a Greek Life recruiting video that is being produced through Ms. Trisha Humphrey at Think Communications.

TV Services edited together a commercial for the Capital Campaign, “The Power of 125.”  This spot is a thank you to all the donors who contributed $25,000 or more to JSU’s recent fund-raising efforts.  This commercial aired for the first time Saturday, November 11th during the CSS broadcast of the JSU football game.  The commercial will continue to run on TV24.

TV Services videotaped the Capital Campaign’s “Power of 125” celebration Saturday morning.  This event was held to thank donors who have contributed $25,000 or more to JSU’s recent fund-raising efforts.  Speeches were delivered by President Meehan and Head Football Coach Jack Crow.  After the speeches, TV Services interviewed several donors for a full length video we are working on for the Capital Campaign.

TV Services videotaped Mike Marker and his class for use in the “Spring Registration 2007” commercial.

The “Spring Registration 2007” commercial will air on ABC 33/40, Cable One, and TV24 from the middle of December until January 4th.

TV Services shot aerial photos and video of the JSU campus. Mr. Mike Marker of the Alabama State Troopers took Mr. Keith Thomas and Mr. Ted White up in their chopper.

TV Services submitted three articles and accompanying photos to Mr. Mike Zenanko for use in the new Passport to Success  magazine being published by The College of Education and Professional Studies.

TV Services taped the Alumni Panel Discussion “Secrets to Success” for Career Placement Services.  This footage will be given to the ten panelists who participated in the full length video

being produced for Career Placement Services.

Television Services made 16 DVD’s for the Child Development Center here on campus.  These DVD’s were given to parents as Christmas gifts.  Mr. Mike Zenanko shot the footage of children singing songs about food.

Television Services taped the William Shakespeare comedy, “Twelfth Night” for the Drama Department.  This play featured a lavish set and costumes.  This footage will work well for commercials and recruiting.


TV Services copied, labeled, and distributed 12 copies of the November 16th Alumni Panel Discussion “Secrets to Success” for Career Placement Services.  These DVD’s will be given to the ten panelists who participated. The footage from this event will be used in the full length video we are working on for Career Placement Services.  The other two DVD’s were for The Office of the Career Placement Services and for Dr. Turner.  The Office of Career Placement Services is running the “Secrets to Success” DVD continuously during working hours on their new 37-inch wide LCD television located in the their lobby.


TV Services produced a 15-second commercial “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from JSU” featuring President Bill Meehan and wife Beth Meehan wishing viewers a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays followed by on-screen information concerning Spring 2007 Registration over a Christmas-themed backdrop.  This spot is now running over Charter Cable and TV24.

TV Services met with Ms. Renee Robertson of the Capital Campaign to review the Donor Appreciation Day footage we shot on November 11th and to discuss ideas for a full length fund-raising video.

Television Services taped testimonials from realtors who have taken Continuing Education Real Estate classes.  This footage will be used in the Spring Continuing Education commercial.

TV Services produced and broadcast the 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Fall Graduation Exercises live on TV24 and live over the Internet.  The ceremonies were also rebroadcast at later dates and times.  DVD copies of the ceremony are being sold through the Campus Bookstore.

TV Services taped Dr. William Meehan’s intro to an interactive DVD for Financial Aid.


College of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education


Continuing Education


As of January 2, 2007, the Office of Continuing Education conducted 68 classes beginning October 1, 2006. Service was provided to 475 students and 3,435 contact hours were generated.


In November, Belinda Blackburn, Assistant Director of Continuing Education, and Annette Stahl, Athletic Camp Coordinator, attended the annual LERN conference where both Mrs. Blackburn and Mrs. Stahl received training, were tested, and received their designations as Certified Program Planners.  This is a very important accomplishment which is an achievement related to much study and work during the year prior to the conference and to courses attended while at the conference. 


Jacksonville State University’s Office of Continuing Education has applied and been accepted as an authorized provider and host location for the Wedding Planning Institute.  The 40-hour curriculum is available to those interested in becoming a Certified Wedding Planner.


On September 27, a workshop was conducted in partnership with East Alabama Regional Planning Commission entitled, "Ethics and the Public Official and Public Employee.” Presenters for the workshop were Mr. Jim Sumner, Director of the Alabama Ethics Commission, and Mr. Tracy Roberts, Legal Counsel for the Alabama League of Municipalities.  There were 58 attendees.


UPACE, the University Partnership for Alabama Continuing Education, continues to offer certificate programs for the Association of County Administrators, Association of County Engineers, County Revenue Officers Association of Alabama,

E 911 Administrators and the Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police.  Participating in the program at this time are 203 County  Administrators, 118 County Engineers, 117 Revenue Officers,

83 E 911 Administrators and 702 police chiefs.


In October, the UPACE Partnership managed a training program in Montgomery, AL entitled “General Management and Supervision I,” with 29 attendees including county administrators and E 911 district directors. On November 15, the class,  “Orientation and Overview of County Government,” was also conducted in Montgomery for  29 county administrators, county engineers, and county E 911 district directors. On December 13, the class, “Personnel Management” was conducted for the same groups in Birmingham with 34 attending. 


In November, 2006 in Dothan, AL, 28 police chiefs received training in “Stress and Time Management” and 26 chiefs received training in  “Applied Problem Solving.” These courses are credited toward the Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police Certified Law Enforcement Executive Certificate Program.


In-Service Center


The In-Service Center provided 84 workshops for 1,060 teachers and administrators between October 1, 2006 and December 31, 2006.


The In-Service Center provided Alabama Reading Math Test (ARMT) training for teachers and administrators of 15 school systems at JSU McClellan on October 18 and 19, 2006.  The training was developed and presented with the cooperation of the Alabama Department of Education.  Over 200 educators participated in the training to provide teaching activities to encourage improvement of reading and math scores on ARMT.


The In-Service Center provided a Special Education Expo at JSU, McClellan for Special Education Coordinators and teachers of 20 school systems on October 26, 2006.  The expo gave Coordinators an opportunity to compare available teaching materials provided by national vendors.


On November 1, 2, 7 and 8, 2006, the In-Service Center, in cooperation with the Alabama Department of Education, provided one-day workshops at JSU, McClellan entitled, “Educational Progress in Mathematics,” for Grade 4 and/or 8 math teachers involved in the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) testing.  


On November 6, 2006, the In-Service Center hosted a workshop at JSU, McClellan entitled, “We the People,” for Social Studies teachers in the 15-system region.


On October 16 and November 14, 2006, the In-Service Center, in partnership with the Alabama Department of Education, hosted School Assistance Meetings at JSU, McClellan for the School Improvement Committees of regional schools who failed to make Yearly Adequate Improvement (YAP) according to the guidelines of the No Child Left Behind legislation.   The participants were provided strategies for improvement that support efforts made by the schools in meeting the guidelines.


November 15, 2006, Dr. William Carr and Vicky Brown represented the JSU In-Service Center at a meeting of the Council of Alabama Regional In-Service Center Directors at the Wynfrey Hotel in Birmingham.


On November 16 and 17, 2006, the Alabama Staff Development Council annual conference was attended by four school or system teams from the JSU In-Service area.  They were Piedmont Elementary School, Pell City School System, Clay County School System, and Etowah County School System.  The training “Failure Is Not an Option, Six Principals that Guide Student Achievement in High-Performing Schools,” based on the book by Alan M. Blankstein, was presented by the Hope Foundation at the Wynfrey Hotel in Birmingham.  Dr. William Carr and Vicky Brown also attended the conference.


The In-Service Center has distributed to fifteen school systems in the JSU area, a needs assessment for completion by over 5,000 teachers and administrators in those districts.  The results will be disseminated to the systems in February when the analysis is complete. 




Jacksonville State University held its first Leadership Academy for Math, Science, and Technology at Jacksonville High School on July 17 through July 28, 2006.    One hundred fifty-two teachers from seventy-five schools were trained in math or science.  Seventy-seven administrators attended the training.   Sixth through eighth grade science teachers and sixth though twelfth grade math teachers attended the summer institute for two weeks.   Kindergarten through fifth grade math and science teachers attended one week of training.  Twenty-three trainers from across the state served as our presenters.  Governor Riley was the keynote speaker at the opening session held on July 24, 2006.  Dr. Joe Morton, Dr. William Meehan, and Dr. William Carr were among the other speakers during the opening session.   The Board of Trustees of Jacksonville State University attended the opening session as well as many community leaders. 


In the two weeks following the institute, the AMSTI staff assembled one hundred fifty-four math and science kits.   The science teachers also received sixty-four GLOBE kits along with the AMSTI science kits.  Today there are two hundred and four math and science kits in classrooms.  The first round of kits were returned to the AMSTI site the second week of October.   Thirty science kits for grades first through fifth were restocked and sent out to thirty different teachers for classroom use.  In December, eighteen sixth through eighth grade science kits were returned to our site to be restocked.  Schools are picking up their kits January 8-12, 2007. 


AMSTI lead teachers attended AMSTI share day at the AMSTI – JSU site.  Teachers were divided by grade levels and subject levels to discuss their use of the AMSTI kits as well as to share other ways of incorporating AMSTI methods into their classroom.  These meetings were held November 27-30, 2006 and December 4-5, 2006. 


AMSTI – JSU hosted a statewide AMSTI Staff meeting.   In attendance was the staff of   AMSTI-JSU, AMSTI–UAH, AMSTI–UNA, AMSTI–USA, AMSTI-UM, AMSTI-UA, AMSTI-TU, AMSTI-WCC, AMSTI-UAB, and the AMSTI State Department staff on December 13-14, 2006.  There were approximately seventy-five people who attended the meetings.  Carolina Biological provided training on the live materials which teachers received with their AMSTI science kits.


December 12, 2007 an AMSTI school recruitment session was held on the JSU–McClellan Campus in the Auditorium.   Fifty-five schools were represented at the recruitment session.   Approximately one hundred seventy teachers and administrators attended the session.  AMSTI school applications are due to our site by January 10, 2007.


AMSTI-JSU has gone through many renovations.  The warehouse has been heated, new interior doors have been installed, landscaping has been added, and window blinds have been installed.  Pallet shelving has been installed in the warehouse.  Some pallet shelving was donated by Springs Industry, Piedmont, AL.  Other shelving was donated by the Joint Powers Authority. 


Houston Cole Library


The library established the Glen Browder Collection at McClellan.  The collection consists of Congressman Browder’s papers from his career as a JSU professor, state representative, Secretary of State, and U.S. representative from the 3rd Congressional District.  The collection is organized in some 300 archive boxes and the main finding aid, “Analytic Guidebook for the Browder Collection,” has been digitally scanned and is accessible online through the library computer system.


Physical Plant replaced the east side entrance and exit doors, which were worn out and energy inefficient.  The new doors seal tightly and do not demand the constant adjustment required of those that were replaced.


The MyJSU portal was successfully launched and users of the Banner Finance system received training in access.  A charter arrangement was established for users of the Groups and Channels features.


By virtue of William Hubbard’s chairmanship, the Network of Alabama Academic Libraries’ Executive Committee and its Advisory Council met at JSU October 23 and 24.  Directors of 23 academic libraries in Alabama enjoyed the hospitality and facilities of Houston Cole Library for these meetings.


Carley Suther was hired as the Fine Arts, Communication, and Language Librarian and subject specialist.  Ms. Suther has a master's degree in French, an undergraduate minor in Art, and a master's in Library and Information Studies.


The library purchased and loaded in its online system the American Council of Learned Societies’ collection of 1,294 scholarly electronic books on history and associated disciplines. 


Journal Articles:


Ms. Jodi Poe and Mr. John-Bauer Graham published “New Voices: Interactive CD-ROMs for Library Instruction and Discovering a Research Agenda” in The Southeastern Librarian (v. 54 no. 3, Fall 2006), pp.25-34.


Ms. Jodi Poe published “Marketing Electronic Reserves at a University Library: Start Spreading the News” in The Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery, and Electronic Reserves (v. 16 no. 4, 2006), pp. 93-102.

Ms. Jodi Poe published "Tech Notes: An Ode to Passport” in The Alabama Librarian (v. 56 no. 2, 2006), p. 5.


Ms. Jodi Poe and Ms. Paula Barnett-Ellis submitted their manuscript, “Nursing Programs at Jacksonville State University: Taking the Temperature of One Library’s E-Reserves” to The Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery, and Electronic Reserves. (Accepted – due to be published in v. 17 no. 1, 2007).

Ms. Jodi Poe and Ms. Bethany Skaggs submitted their manuscript, “Course Reserves: Using Blackboard for E-Reserves Delivery” to The Journal of Interlibrary Loan, Document Delivery, and Electronic Reserves. (Accepted – due to be published in v. 18 no. 1, 2008).


Book Chapters


Ms. Jodi Poe published “Marketing Electronic Reserves at a University Library: Start Spreading the News.” In Marketing and Managing Electronic Reserves, ed. Trevor A. Dawes, 93-102. Binghamton, NY: Haworth Information Press, 2006.


Ms. Jodi Poe, Ms. Mary Bevis, Mr. John-Bauer Graham, Ms. Bethany Skaggs, and Ms. Kim Stevens submitted a chapter, “Sharing the Albatross of E-Resources Management Workflow” (tentative chapter title) to The Handbook of Research on Library Electronic Resource Management, edited by Holly Yu & Scott Brievold. Hershey, PA: Idea Group Reference. (Proposal submitted June 2006, accepted July 2006, chapter submitted December 2006).

Ms. Bethany Skaggs and Ms. Jodi Poe submitted a chapter, “Evaluation and Selection of New Format Materials: Electronic Resources” in Our New Public A Changing Clientele: Bewildering Issues or New Challenges for Managing Libraries. Westport CT: Greenwood Publishing Group. (Due to be published 2007).

Mr. John-Bauer Graham and Ms. Jodi Poe submitted, “A Comparison of an Online and a CD-ROM Library Tutorial” in Going the Distance: Library Instruction for Off-Campus Students. New York, NY: Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc. (Due to be published late 2006).




Ms. Jodi W. Poe submitted a review of “Federal Tax Administrators” to Choice.

Ms. Jodi W. Poe submitted a review of “Article Finder and Goggle Scholar” to Journal of Library & Information Services in Distance Learning.




Ms. Jodi Poe and Mr. John-Bauer Graham presented the at 2006 LITA (Library and Information Technology Association) National Forum’s Poster session “A Light in the Blackboard® Jungle: Maintaining Your Library's Presence within an E-learning Software Platform." Nashville, TN, October 29, 2006.

Mr. John-Bauer Graham, Site Coordinator for Alabama Virtual Library (AVL), presented “Proquest Databases” training session held at the Houston Cole Library. October 12, 2006.


Ms. Laurie Charnigo presented an “AVL Training Session” at Spring Garden High School.  November 16, 2006.


Mr. John-Bauer Graham, Site Coordinator for Alabama Virtual Library (AVL), presented “Biography Reference Bank” training session held at the Houston Cole Library. November 14, 2006.


Ms. Hanrong Wang presented “Getting More Students from China” to VPASA’s office. October 27, 2006.



College Of Nursing and Health Sciences


1.  Student Enrollment.  The College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS) continues to experience growth.  The following table illustrates the >100% increase in student enrollment from Fall 2001 to Spring 2007.  There are 216 more students enrolled in nursing presently than there were in Fall 2001.


Fall  2001

Fall 2002











BSN: 174

STEP:  9

MSN:  27

Total: 210

BSN: 189

STEP: 11

MSN:  24

Total: 224

BSN: 194

STEP: 12

MSN:  20

Total: 226

BNS: 202

STEP:  9

MSN:  29

Total: 240

BSN: 244 STEP: 54

MSN:  36

Total: 334

BSN:   238

STEP: 100

MSN:   44

UNA MSN Transient: 21

Total: 403 

BSN:  239


MSN:   45


Transient:  4

Total: 426

*Enrollment on 1/8/07.  Official headcount will occur on 1/11/07


In considering the headcount for the nursing major, it is important to note that virtually all generic BSN students are full-time as that is a “traditional” program.  There is a blend of full- and part-time students in the STEP and MSN programs; most of the students in these two online programs also work full time.  There are 3 University of North Alabama (UNA)  MSN students enrolled in NU 544 Statistical Methods in Health Care and 1 enrolled in NU 442G Transcultural Nursing as part of JSU’s collaborative arrangement with UNA.  Analysis of these data should consider that the 4 transient UNA students are not degree seeking and the number of UNA students may vary greatly from semester to semester.  In Fall 2006, 21 UNA students were enrolled in NU 442G Transcultural Nursing; this course is designated as “core”.  The CNHS statistics course taught this term is only required of UNA students in the “Leadership Track” and the numbers are predictably lower.  We anticipate larger numbers of UNA students in the Summer and Fall 2007 terms when CNHS courses supporting the “Educator Track” are taught.  The collaborative arrangement between UNA and JSU, finalized during the 2005-2006 year, stipulates that UNA students will take up to four courses through the CNHS MSN program.


2.  New admissions and graduates for the nursing programs are reflected in the following table.



Fall 2006 Graduates

Spring 2007         New Admissions











3.  The revised STEP curriculum was implemented with the class admitted Spring 2007.  Based on student outcomes and careful evaluation by faculty, improvements in the STEP program include:


  • The addition of NU 345 Communication of Ethical Issues.  Graduates of Associate Degree programs often do not possess the skills to write professional or scholarly papers.  In consultation with Dr. Ginny Chandler, University of Pennsylvania, Amherst, NU 345 was developed to teach writing skills.  Topics for writing assignments will be gleaned from ethical issues and ethical dilemmas in health care.  Using this unique approach will allow the student to explore ethical implications of their nursing practice while concurrently developing professional communication skills.
  • The addition of NU 365 Pharmacology for the Practicing RN.  The US Congress mandated a study by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) to address the problem of medication errors.  Their report outlines a comprehensive approach to decreasing the prevalence of errors which “requires changes from doctors, nurses, pharmacists….”  Strengthening pharmacological content in the STEP program is congruent with IOM and American Association of Colleges of Nurses (AACN) recommendations related to quality and safety.
  • Other minor modifications in other courses will be implemented as well.


4.  The extraordinary growth in the CNHS has been generously supported with increased numbers of faculty, computers, desks and renovation of space to accommodate the ever growing student numbers.  Mrs. Amanda Bonds, RN, MSN, Instructor and Ms. Kimberly Hollingsworth, RN, MSN, CNP, Instructor joined the faculty in January.  Ms. Tammy Johnson, BS, MPA was appointed as Director of Student Services-STEP and MSN Programs.  Ms. Peggy Pritchard joined the staff as Secretary for the STEP and MSN Programs.  Interviews are ongoing for the new full time Clinical Associate with responsibilities for the Nursing Arts Lab and clinical supervision in NU 311 Foundations in Nursing.  An additional computer lab was created in a classroom previously dedicated to the STEP and MSN programs.  Since the STEP and MSN programs are now completely online, that space was reconfigured to accommodate 23 new computers.  Large portions of student outcomes in nursing are now tested via the Internet.  The additional computer lab allows for every cohort of nursing students to be tested simultaneously in Wallace Hall.  JSU Foundation funds were utilized to create the new student computer lab.


5.  Ms. Mendy Wright, RN, MSN, Instructor, has received the Alabama State Nurses (ASNA) Association scholarship for doctoral education.  Ms. Wright is a full time doctoral student in the Doctor of Nursing Practice program at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis.


6.  Michelle Halpin-Garcia, RN, MSN, Instructor, has been accepted in to the Harvard University Environmental Management Certificate program.  Ms. Halpin-Garcia is in doctoral study at Walden University working toward a PhD in Public Health.


7.  The International Rural Nursing Congress has invited CNHS Assistant Professor Dr. Debbie Curry, Nursing Instructors Ms. Carrie Elkins, Ms. Shawn Wilson, and Ms. Becky Bertalan to lead a 90 minute symposium related to Local Response to Natural Disaster.  Their presentation will be in March, 2007 in Albury Victoria, Australia.


8.  Assistant Professor Dr. Debbie Curry and Instructor Ms. Kristi Beam have been invited to make presentations at the Drexel 2007 Institute in Miami, Florida, June 7-10, 2007. 


9.  The Jacksonville Association of Nursing Students President, Ms. Heather Harper, has received the Alabama Association of Nursing Students (AANS) annual Nursing Scholarship Essay Contest for “Capturing the Spirit of Nursing”.  Ms. Harper also received the John Beard Scholarship from the Alabama State Nurses Association.  These scholarships were awarded at the state AANS convention.  Ms. Harper has also been named to Who’s Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges.


10.  The Society of Pediatric Nurses (SPN) has invited CNHS Instructors Ms. Mendy Wright , Ms. Kristi Beam, and Ms. Amanda Bonds to present “From Classroom to Clinical Arena:  Turning Ordinary to Extraordinary in Pediatric Nursing” at the SPN convention in April, 2007 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


11.  CNHS Instructors Ms. Kristi Beam and Ms. Sumer Buckner will be presenting “At the Point of No Return:  A Look at Teen Suicide” at the Society of Pediatric Nurses convention in April, 2007 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


12.  The CNHS has been highly visible at national level conferences.  The following table highlights scholarly presentations made by nursing faculty and faculty development activities since the last BOT report.  Funding for these activities was provided by the CNHS and is part of a master plan for faculty development.


CNHS Faculty & Professional Staff Presentations and Development Activities  

Fall 2006







Ms. Sherron DeWeese Instructor


 Attended Contraceptive Technology:  Quest for Excellence conference, Atlanta, GA, October 25-28, 2006.  Ms. DeWeese is a certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner; conference required for continuing certification

Mr. David


Director, Student Services-BSN Program

 Attended Academic Advisors Conference (NACADA), Indianapolis IN, October 18-21, 2006.  Mr. Hofland, Director Student Services-BSN Program, is responsible for advisement for 552 pre-nursing students. 

 Dr. Debbie Curry

 Assistant Professor

Presentation, 33rd Annual Professional Nurse Educator Group conference, Burlington, VT, October 25-29, 2006.

Ms. Carrie Elkins


 Presentation, 33rd Annual Professional Nurse Educator Group conference, Burlington, VT, October 25-29, 2006.

 Ms. Shawn Wilson


Presentation, 33rd Annual Professional Nurse Educator Group conference, Burlington, VT, October 25-29, 2006.

Dr. Phyllis Waits

Assistant Professor/

Director STEP Program

Attended 12th Sloan-C International Conference on Asynchronous Learning Networks, Orlando, FL, November 7-10, 2006.  Dr. Waits coordinates the completely online STEP Program.

Ms. Christie Shelton


Attended 12th Sloan-C International Conference on Asynchronous Learning Networks, Orlando, FL, November 7-10, 2006.  Ms. Shelton teaches in the STEP Program. 

Ms. Betsy Gulledge


Attended 12th Sloan-C International Conference on Asynchronous Learning Networks, Orlando, FL, November 7-10, 2006.  Ms. Gulledge teaches in the STEP Program.

Dr. Debbie Curry

Assistant Professor

Attended Cardiac Medications Seminar, December 5, 2006, Birmingham, AL.  Dr. Curry is also a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner.  Continuing education in pharmacology is required for maintenance of NP certification.

Ms. Mendy Wright


 Drexel - "From Classroom to Clinical Arena-Turning Ordinary to Extraordinary" and "Gero for a New Generation", Providence, RI, June 9-12, 2006

Nursing Update 2006, summer conference, "Pretty Woman: Teens Starving to be Thin", JSU, July 14, 2006

Ms. Kristi Beam


Drexel - "From Classroom to Clinical Arena-Turning Ordinary to Extraordinary", Providence, RI, June 9-12, 2006

Ms. Amanda Bonds


Drexel - "From Classroom to Clinical Arena-Turning Ordinary to Extraordinary", Providence, RI, June 9-12, 2006


13.  Dr. Sarah Latham contributed to the grant proposal “Collaborative Initiative for Integrating Innovative Technology into Nursing Education and Practice” submitted to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) by Dr. Gail Hill, UAB.  This project meets the legislative purpose to provide education in new technologies, Title VIII, Section 83.  The Purposes of this 5-year project are (I) to form a multi-institutional collaboration in partnership with the government to promote innovative technologies in delivery of nursing education; (II) to enhance health care delivery through sharing of innovative applications of technology and informatics in education and practice.  If funded, two CNHS faculty will spend 10% of their efforts working on this project.


14.  Ms. Betsy Gulledge, Instructor, has been awarded the Alabama Board of Nursing Scholarship for doctoral study.  Ms. Gulledge is a PhD student at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.


15.  Dr. Sarah Latham was elected to the SREB Council on Collegiate Education for Nursing Nominating Committee.



Student Affairs


Disability Support Services (DSS)


New Employees:


Mr. Stephen Cain joins DSS as the new Senior Staff Interpreter.


Mrs. Katy Goodgame joins DSS as the new Disability Specialist: LD & ADHD.


Miss Katerri Krebs joins JSU as a Full-Time Temporary Employee. She will be filling in for Staff Interpreter and Captionist, Jennifer Yocum, who is out on maternity leave since the birth of her daughter and future JSU student, Ava Caroline. Miss Krebs will be interpreting classes for our Deaf students and is also finishing up her C-Print Captionist training so that she can provide this service as well. 


Mrs. Linda Turner and Mrs. Cindy Camp presented at the 2006 Southeast Regional Institute on Deafness in Tampa, FL October 18-20. Mrs. Turner’s presentation was entitled “Assistive Listening Devices: A Primer”. Mrs. Camp’s presentation was entitled “More Than Words on the Screen”, a presentation about do-it-yourself closed captions.


Mr. Daniel L. Miller and Mrs. Sarah Eiland attended the 2006 Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa November 13-14.  Mr. Miller presented on “Attention Deficit in College.”


Mr. Daniel L. Miller, Mrs. Sarah Eiland, and Mrs. Linda Turner presented an ACT Prep Workshop December 9 at the Vocational Rehabilitation in Homewood.  Sixteen students, along with their parents, were in attendance. Mr. Miller presented a program entitled “Preparing Parents for Post-Secondary” to the parents. Mr. Stephen Cain provided C-Print Captioning.


The $55,000 agreement between JSU and the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services has been renewed for FY 2006-07.  This agreement is to assist students which are Deaf or Hard of Hearing transition into post-secondary education and provide a two-week College Prep during each summer.

Student Life

Freshman Forum

Freshman Forum has had an extremely successful 2006 fall semester by completing various service projects including visiting the Jacksonville Health and Rehabilitation Center to hand out Holiday cards they had made for the senior citizens.  They also participated in the Christmas Shoebox Project in which they prepared over 20 shoeboxes for the children.  These students are currently preparing for the INSPIRE (Involving Necessary Student Participation in Realistic Experiences) program where they travel to local high schools to inform students about the differences between high school and college leadership and the transition from high school to college.  These visits also allow the students to tell about their experiences and involvement here at JSU.  This year our goal is to present our program to at least 7 local high schools. 

Multicultural Programming/Student Government Association


The new school year began with “Welcome Week 2006.” The week of events begin with “Get On Board Day” which included a free cookout for the students and a poster sale.


September is Hispanic Heritage Month. The International Student Organization co-sponsored events with the SGA to celebrate the culture. The second annual Latin Dance party was held at the Alumni House. The attendance exceeded expectation and was a great success. The movie of the month was “Selena.” The SGA participated in a soccer game with the International Student Organization.


November is Native American Indian Heritage Month. The United Cherokee Ani-Yun-Wiya Nation out of Guntersville, Alabama held a presentation at Jacksonville State University. Students from the local schools were invited to share in the folklore and artifacts.


Greek Life


Panhellenic Council (PC) –


The Panhellenic Council has instituted a Recruitment Task Force which consists of undergraduate and Alumni Advisors.  Coordinated by Dr. Andrea Porter, the taskforce’s responsibility is geared towards assessing the current trends of our formal recruitment and making suggestions to modernize our methods based on the likes/dislikes of today’s student. 


Interfratenity Council (IFC) -


The Interfraternity Council (IFC) began their recruitment with a fall Music Festival.  This event was an incentive for any interested men to converge on Paul Carpenter Village (Fraternity Row) to get information on Fraternity Life at JSU; while enjoying food and music. Additionally, IFC has sponsored recruitment signup tables, and they have actively encouraged all chapters to send interested candidates to go through fall recruitment. Fall recruitment was September 18 – 22, 2006, which concluded with 55 men accepting bids from all chapters.


National Pan – Hellenic Council (NPHC) –


NPHC week (September 25 -29, 2006) was a big success.  This week included various service initiatives that have been adopted nationally by all 8 organizations.  In addition, they hosted campus activities for our students.  These events included skate night, a step tease, Greek parade & student mixer. 


Also, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority was reactivated at Jacksonville State.  After being inactive for five years this chapter absorbed 36 women this fall. 


As a community we have allotted money to award an independent incoming student a book scholarship.  This money was raised last spring during Greek week.  Requirements are as follows:


Incoming freshman students

Registered for at least 12 credit hours (full – time)

Have at least a 3.0 high school grade point average




The 2007 Gamecock Orientation Team has been selected.  The following Students and Faculty Members have been selected to be GO! Leaders and Advisors for the upcoming year:


Ashley Canham         Medina, NY         Music

Janele Sharp             Hayden, AL         Exercise Science & Wellness

Nanci Morales           Dothan, AL          Special Education

Jennifer Nix                Jemison, AL        Secondary Education

Angela Icolano           Chelsea, AL        Elementary Education

Drew Lindsey             Rockmart, GA     Recreational Leadership

Grayson Lawrence    Clarkesville, GA   Music Education

Chad Hoffman            Cusseta, AL         Secondary Education

Moody Duff                 Birmingham, AL   Political Science/Pre-Law

Warren Sarrell            Heflin, AL              Biology

Brett Smith                  Rome, GA            Political Science

Kristen Chapman       Arab, AL              Communication

Samantha Magee      Marietta, GA        Elementary Education

Valencia Cantrell        Heflin, AL             Secondary Education


Dr. Mijitaba Hamissou               Dept. of Biology

Dr. Jennifer Savage                   Dept. of Sociology & Social Work

Mr. Mohammed Gaus Alam      Dept. of Mathematical, Computing

                                                            and Information Sciences

Ms. Christie Shelton                   Dept. of Nursing

Ms. Elizabeth Nelson                  Dept. of English

Mrs. Jennifer Foster                    Dept. of English

Mrs. Rhonda Kilgo                      Dept. of Mathematical, Computing

                                                              and Information Sciences

Dr. Andrea Porter                       Dept. of English

Dr. Rodney Friery                       Dept. of Sociology & Social Work

Mr. Mark Brandon                       Dept. of Music

Mrs. Roxana Conroy                   Dept. of Psychology

Dr. Jordan Barkley                      Dept. of Secondary Education


The Admissions Office


Approximately 198 juniors from 75 high schools got a taste of college life courtesy of Jacksonville State University’s Emerging Leaders Day on November 7, 2006.

The event, in its seventh year at JSU, is an opportunity for the students to participate in leadership seminars, meet student leaders from other high schools as well as meet with JSU student leaders. High school counselors were asked to identify three juniors in their school who hold leadership roles and are interested in further developing leadership skills to attend the event. 


At the end of the day, several students received door prizes as souvenirs of their day at JSU.  Ashton Spurgin, a junior from North Sand Mountain High School, walked away with the grand prize: a leadership scholarship worth one year’s tuition at JSU.


JSU Police Department

UPD Communications System Upgrade


The University Police Department has received upgrades to its 800 MHz communications system as part of a county wide communications system upgrade. The system is designed to provide a clear and reliable communications. The County wide communications system upgrade is part of a Federal CSEPP grant and is provided at no cost to the County or users.


Officer Elizabeth Hill Graduated from the Northeast Alabama Police Academy on November 9, 2006.


Department of University Housing and Residence Life


Occupancy Report:


Please see the attached unofficial occupancy report for spring 2007.  An official occupancy report will be completed at the end of January. 


Please note the continuous improvement in percentages since fall ’03.  The occupancy rate has made sufficient increases each year.


Fall 2003:  80%                           Spring 2004:  86%

Fall 2004:  89%                           Spring 2005:  82%

Fall 2005:  95%                           Spring 2006:  93%

Fall 2006:  98%                            Spring 2007:  97%


Staff Report:


Ms. Lesley Hart who was a Resident Assistant (RA) has been hired as an Assistant Residence Life Coordinator (ARLC) for Curtiss and Fitzpatrick Halls.


Program Report:


Programming Dimension: LEARN (Life Skills, Education, Awareness, Responsibility, and Needs).  The following programs took place throughout the months of September, October, November, and December.


Program Title: Being Prepared (13)

Residents learned about the various programs/activities offered to the students of JSU.


Program Title: Balancing Your Checkbook! (4)

Residents were made aware of the importance of keeping a balanced checkbook.


Program Title: Who is in Your? (28)

Residents interacted with other residents to get to know who is in their hall.


Program Title: SGA Involvement Meeting (100+)

Meeting held at TMB to help residents get involved.


Program Title: Halloween Costume Contest (27)

Residents engaged in social interaction and be judged on their costume contest.


Program Title: RA Informational (7)

Residents were informed of RA responsibilities and given housing information.


Program Title: How is your studying lately? (12)

Designed to encourage good study habits and promote the effectiveness of good study habits. It also promotes tutoring outlets provided by the University.


Program Title: Abuse is Not Just Physical or Verbal… (12)

Residents were informed on the dangers of alcohol abuse.

Program Title: Smash Tournament (55)

Residents engaged in a tournament of super smash brothers’ melee.


Program Title: Let’s Talk About Sex (45)

Residents were informed of STD’s and prevention. 


Program Title: Living the Life on JSU Campus (12)

Program designed to address the concerns and needs of students that reside in University Housing.


Program Title: Scavenger Hunt (30)

Residents engaged in team building and bonding with other residents by participating in a Scavenger Hunt.


Program Title: Quilting Party (38)

Each resident decorated a “life lesson” on paper. The residents combined all the life lessons to make a quilt.  The quilt of life lessons was also displayed for others to view.


Program Title: Spelling Bee (12)

Residents competed in a spelling contest.


Program Title: Now is the time to present your self. (33)

Male residents were given demonstrations on how to tie different types of ties.


Program Title: Self Defense (15)

A program to teach residents what to do in a situation and self-defense is needed.


Program Title: Exam Taking Techniques (18)

Residents were given techniques for taking and studying for exams.


Program Title: If you were lost could you survive (9)

Residents were given information on how to survive if they ever got lost in the woods/wild.


Residence Hall Association (RHA) Report:


The Advisor is currently working on amending RHA Executive Branch expectations and duties.


RHA held a bake sale fundraiser for the month of October.  $100 was raised.


RHA has made plans to attend the annual ALURH conference at UAB on January 19, 2007.


RHA assisted in the distribution of final exam care packages for students.




# of Residents

Occupancy %















































# of Residents

Occupancy %

Campus Inn (Eff)




Campus Inn (1Bd)








Jax (1Bd)




Jax (2Bd)
















Penn House






















# of Residents

Occupancy %

All Houses



















Occupancy %







Recreational Sports


Jacksonville State University will be hosting the 14th year of the Northeast Regional High School Basketball Tournament. Last year's tournament set a new attendance record of 27,156 tickets sold. With participants and tournament passes, over 30,000 people attended last year. This year the tournament will begin on Monday morning, February 19 and conclude on Saturday, February 24. The week will include 36 high school games and 4 Jacksonville State games.


Office of Financial Aid


Financial Aid has disbursed out to students the following amounts of aid for the first three payables for spring 2007:


    FEDERAL PELL GRANT                                    $  3,285,241

    FEDERAL SUPPLEMENTAL GRANT              $     150,600

    ALABAMA STATE GRANT                                 $       51,300

    ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT GRANT               $         8,225

    FEDERAL SMART GRANT                                $       55,000

    FEDERAL STAFFORD LOANS                        $13,226,451

    FEDERAL PARENT LOANS                              $     529,150

    ALTERNATIVE LOANS                                       $     510,806


A total of 6393 Offers of Financial Aid have been mailed to students for the 2006-07 award year as of 1-8-2007.



This is an update on the JSU Peer Educators. They are gearing up for a busy spring semester.  During the month of January, they will be hosting a “Welcome Back” for the JSU students.  During the month of February, they will be promoting two big events.  February 8th they will be promoting Tobacco Awareness Day. They will be conducting a tobacco use survey in the TMB. This survey will help indicate the usage of tobacco among college students. On February 14th, they will be conducting a Relationship Awareness event. They plan to have tables set up in the TMB with information on HIV, AIDS and Cervical Cancer Prevention. They will also have a guest speaker present.  In February, they are also planning on attending the Bacchus and Gamma Peer Educators Regional Conference at Florida State University. They are up for another award for Area 8.


I am very proud of this group, as you may or may not be aware, they have won Program of the Year for the past 4 years.  We are hoping this year will be the 5th in a row.

Good luck to the Peer Educators, who are sponsored by Counseling and Career Services. 


Career Placement Services


30 students are currently participating in co-operative education


American Cast Iron and Pipe interviewed on campus and hired two students for Spring Co-Op.  Honda interviewed last Fall on campus and hired 4 students for Spring.  Honda now has a total of 8 co-op students.  Woodmen of the World, Russell Corporation and Southwire all held on-campus interviews in the Fall.


Mrs Tai Stewart was a guest attendee at the lighting of the green at the President’s house, following her presentation of opportunities for cooperative education and career choices within Southwire, to the Technology Club.


Choice Fabricators hired 1 co-op student full-time, following graduation.  Honda hired 1 co-op students for full-time employment, upon completion of graduation.  General Dynamics hired 1 co-op student, upon graduation.  All of the previous graduates were in the school of Technology.  Dr. Wade’s Chiropractic Office hired 1 Exercise Science Wellness graduate.  Deltacom hired 1 full-time alumnus.


Enterprise hired 1 alumnus for a full-time position, at it’s Anniston location, after attending the CPS Career Fair, in October.


Miss Turner established new partnerships with Southern Tool, Buyers USA, and Deltacom, the Longleaf Lodge & co-op students were placed at each business.


Miss Turner spoke to Senior Social Work students, Senior Seminar Family & Consumer Science students, and RAs on interview skills and resume writing tips.  Miss Turner spoke at the coach’s meeting to inform all athletic head coaches of Career Placement Services upcoming events for our student athletes.   


Miss Turner is scheduled to speak to Senior Social Work students, Senior Technology students, Senior Family & Consumer Science students, Freshman Fitzpatrick residents on interview skills, choosing a career, and resume writing skills, during the Spring 2007 semester. 


The Federal Application Workshop was held on November 9th & both sessions were at maximum capacity with 25 attendees, per session. 


Career Placement Services hosted its Career Fair on October 12th, followed by Professional Connection Interview Day on October 13th.  Over 150 students attended the fair, and 29 companies attended.  The annual Education Fair will be February 23.


Career Placement Services partnered with Institutional Advancement for its annual Alumni Panel Discussion, “Secrets to Success” which was held on November 16.  Each panel guest received a DVD copy of this event.


Professional Business Etiquette meal is scheduled for March 14, 2007.


Anniston Army Depot currently has 10 undergraduate co-ops and 3 graduate co-ops, 1 was hired full-time, after graduation in December.


Ms. White sees a average of 75 students a month for resume help and job strategies.


Miss Turner sees an average of 75 students per month for resume help, interviewing skills/mock interviews, cooperative education opportunities, high school senior recruiting, & any assistance that AOII’s request.