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19 January 2007

News Bureau Director Retiring

Dear Friends,

I will be retiring from Jacksonville State University on January 31 after 27 years. It's been a pleasure knowing and working with each of you.

For continued assistance at the News Bureau, please call Carol Winsor at Ext. 5636 beginning February 1. The university hopes to hire a director in the near future.

I'm proud to say I've known many of you as close friends as well as professional acquaintances.  Patt and I will continue to live in Jacksonville, so I won't fall off the radar completely. 

I leave you with my best wishes for continued success and happiness in your career. I have many fond memories of JSU, and I hope my alma mater continues to grow and prosper.

Anyone who would like to get together for a "senior coffee" can find me at or 473-0451.


Al Harris

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