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4 January 2007

New Weight Watchers at Work Session

Interested in participating in a Weight Watchers at Work program? If so, please contact Karen Davis or Diane Marshall in Human Resources.

The Weight Watchers at Work session will begin Wednesday, January 17 and will be fifteen weeks in length. The classes will meet each Wednesday at Noon in TMB room 302.

Weight Watchers has revised the program and will have new materials and a more personalized “points” plan.

The cost for employees will be $150; this may be paid with three checks. All three checks must be submitted to HR prior to beginning the class on January 17. For individuals who participate in PEEHIP and have a BMI of 30 or more, the cost will be $85 and may be paid in two installments; these payments must also be in the Office of Human Resources prior to the beginning of the class. We will need at least 15 paid participants in order for the class to begin.

For those employees who are lifetime members, you are welcomed to attend the classes at no cost.

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