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3 January 2007

Hansel & Gretel Make Their Way to JSU

A cast of six seasoned collegiate opera singers, joined by 16 “angelic” choristers from Kitty Stone Elementary School and Gadsden Performing Arts Center, will bring the classic fairy tale, “Hansel & Gretel” to life January 11-14, 2007.  Englebert Humperdinck’s opera will be staged in Jacksonville State University’s Mason Hall Performance Center, which will be transformed into an enchanted forest. 

The set, completely hand-painted by Director Nathan Wight and the cast, will set the mood for two children, Hansel and Gretel, to get lost in the woods, only to be found by a wicked witch who at first appears to be kind.  In innocence, the two hungry children trust the kind lady who offers them sweets from her house made of gingerbread.  The children rush in to eat the sweets with glee, only to find out later that they are trapped in the witch’s house and held captive until she can eat them. 

Humperdinck’s intriguing music leads the audience through a nail-biting plot that can only end one way – the children must escape – but how?  Come to the enchanted forest and see what happens to Hansel and Gretel.


See Winter Opera Production for performance dates and ticket information.

Before the performance on Saturday, January 13, 2007--join us for dinner and a lecture before the opera!


Hansel – Estefania Cuevas

Gretel – Jean Allen

The Witch – Timothy M. Ballard

Peter (the father) – Matthew Headley

Gertrude (the mother) – Judy Holt

Sandman – Kimberly Westbrooks

Dew Fairy – Kimberly Westbrooks


Children – Alex Roberts, Allison Hamilton, Allison Judge, Alysia DesCoteaux, Brooke White, Cathy Boudousquie, Devin Carter, Drennan Beam, Jessica Hill, Katie Neisler, Kelsey Matthews, Kyle Bacchus, Lyne Hall, Madison Faile, Natalie Owens, Will Renfroe


Angels – Brooke White, Cathy Boudousquie, Katie Neisler, Natalie Owens, Madison Faile, Kelsey Mathews


Dancers – Holly Smith (JSU Senior) & Julie Batson ( White Plains High School Senior).

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