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12 April 2006

NCATE Continues Accreditation
for College of Education

The unit accreditation board of the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) recently notified Dr. Cynthia Harper, dean of Jacksonville State University's College of Education and Professional Studies, that accreditation has been continued for JSU's professional education unit.

The board met the first week of April to determine the accreditation status of 76 institutions. A formal letter and action report will be mailed to the institution.

Dr. Harper said, "This is a wonderful day in the history of JSU's College of Education and Professional Studies. Fifty-two years of continuous national accreditation is something to shout about, as far as I am concerned."

Dr. Harper had this comment for faculty: "A special thanks for the contributions you each have made to shape us into the outstanding teacher education unit that we are today. Just know that I appreciate all of you and the monumental effort required for us to achieve this milestone in the life of our college."

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