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18 January 2006

Hammond Hall Hosts DeSoto Fiber Guild Invitational Through Jan. 20th

By Leslie Gober
JSU News Bureau

The Jacksonville State University Art Department is hosting the DeSoto Fiber Guild Invitational through Jan. 20th in Hammond Hall Art Gallery. Admission is free and the public is invited.

Diana Cadwallder, associate professor of art, helped design the exhibit, whose theme is Wrap and Weft: Functional to Fun Fiber. The exhibit displays works made from raw material and some man-made products.

"Common to all fiber work is a deep connection to culture and historical background," said Ms. Cadwallader. "The delight of making something with one's hands that is both a pleasure to see and touch."

The works in this exhibit range from traditional to modern.

Examples of basketry and papermaking are also on display. The works were created by people with years of experience as well as those just beginning.

"The exhibit is by no means comprehensive, and indeed, several large shows could be dedicated to a single weave pattern or technique, but it does demonstrate the range of fiber arts," said Cadwallader.

Fiber Arts in the exhibit are on sale. For more information please call Cadwallder at 782-5564.

Elliot Sarver

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