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29 June 2006
Shipment of Books for Baghdad University Underway

Jacksonville State University's Dr. Safaa Al-Hamdani, biology professor and founder of Books for Baghdad, reports on the status of the nearly 19,000 textbooks and a large number of scientific journals collected and packaged for shipment to Baghdad University. Dr. Al-Hamdani says the first of two containers has been loaded and is on its way to Georgia to be shipped to Baghdad University.

Dr. Al-Hamdani sends many thanks to the Maintenance crew of Jacksonville State University. He says the crew came with a load of enthusiasm and positive attitude to work under the heat of Martin Hall. The books were loaded as individual boxes; a total of nearly 10,000 books were included in the first container. On June 29 the second container will be completed for shipment in the same manner.

Dr. Al-Hamdani states: Without the help from the wonderful people that we have on campus, faculty, students and staff we would not have been able to accomplish this monumental task.

Please see the attached photos.

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