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12 June 2006

Area High School Teachers Attending IMPACTSEED Program

Area high school teachers of chemistry and physics are meeting at Jacksonville State University through June 16 to train in the annual IMPACTSEED program while their students enjoy the summer sun. Dr. Nouredine Zettili, a physics professor at JSU who runs the program, said the training consists of an intensive, two-week long professional development program offered to in-service and pre-service  teachers. The training consists of a series of lectures and hands-on-activities dealing with the basic concepts of  chemistry and physics, class demonstrations, and a number of essential experiments as outlined in the Physics and Chemistry Core sections of the Alabama Course of  Study.

Instructors of this year's IMPACTSEED program are, from left to right, Dr. James Conely, Title II Staff Assistant, Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning, Alabama Commission on Higher Education; Dr. Alfred Nichols who teaches chemistry; Dr. Laura Weinkauf, physics; and Dr. Nouredine Zettili, physics.

Area high school teachers of chemistry and physics attending the IMPACTSEED Program this year are pictured here in a group photo. A list of their names and high schools follows.



Kenna Allen

Minor HS, Birmingham

Dawn Alves

Pres service

Annette Blythe

St. Clair County HS

H. Rick Brown

Woodland High School

William Chandler

White Plains High School

Jason Cole

Ranburne High School

Rita Collier

Gadsden City HS

Eugene Dallas, III

Handley Middle School

Jennifer Dasinger

Cleburne County High School

Donnie DiValentin

Pre Service

Barbara Brittain Dorsett

Westbrook Christian

Cindee East

Lineville High School

Tara Gautney

Pre Service

John E. Haynes

Pell City High School

Douglas Hickman

Carver High School

(Atlanta Public Schools)



Gwendolyn Hill

Munford High School

Hilarie Howard

Spring Garden School

Kevin Horton

Etowah High School

Amanda Lee

Pre Service

Joe Nance

Roanoke City Schools

Laura Norris

Pre service

Katherine Kirkwood Ray

Alexandria HS

Marcus Snead

West End High School

Robin Spoon

Weaver HS

Kyle Stephens

Pre Service

Hollie Terry

Pre Service

David Umphrey

Southside HS

Marrion Allen Woodley

Pre service

Leslie Wright

Munford  HS



For further information, please see related article "IMPACTSEED Summer Institute in Progress - June 5-16" and visit IMPACTSEED's website:

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