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7 June 2006

Valuable Introductory Course for Summer II

The Jacksonville State University political science department will be providing the course “State and Local Government” (PSC 102) during Summer II, which begins Wednesday, July 5.  The course as taught by Professor Tim Barnett uses a highly readable text on state-level government across the nation as well as a supplemental text on Alabama’s state and local governments.

Dr. Barnett is the immediate past president of the Alabama Political Science Association.  Dr. Barnett believes that an understanding of Alabama government is helpful to most students, not just political science majors.  Regardless of whether a student plans a business career or perhaps something in social work, community development, or a science field, a knowledge of how government works in Alabama can be an important boost to one’s career prospects.

The PSC 102 class will meet Monday through Thursday, 12:30 - 3:00 p.m. in Brewer Hall. For additional information please see the 2006 JSU Summer Schedule or contact Professor Tim Barnett at 782-5653.

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