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5 May 2006
Eddie Burkhalter Joins University News Bureau

Eddie Burkhalter

Jacksonville State University sophomore Eddie Burkhalter recently joined the University News Bureau as a student writer.

A native of Kennesaw, Ga., Burkhalter  came to JSU in the spring of 2004. He is currently working toward a bachelor's degree in English with a minor in communication. He expects to graduate in 2008, and afterward enroll in the alternative fifth year graduate program through JSU's College of Education and Professional Studies.

"I remember sitting in the parking lot at work, reading Jack Kerouac's 'On The Road' and thinking, yeah, that's what I want to do," Burkhalter  said, when asked what got him interested in writing.

It has been a long road for him so far. After graduating from Paulding County High School in 1992, Burkhalter worked more odd jobs than he said he'd like to recall. Six of those years he spent as an assistant grocery manager at Publix Supermarkets in Atlanta, and later he worked as a route manager for a large beer distributor.

"I don't regret waiting to go to college. I think I take it more seriously now than I would have. And I have three great kids and a wonderful wife who keep me focused."

Eddie also writes for the "Chanticleer" and has won two awards for his short fiction from the JSU Writer's Club's annual RUM awards.

"The writer's Club is a great place to meet other writers, and I've learned a lot about writing from its members and faculty sponsor, Dr. Pitt Harding," he said.

Burkhalter  hopes to continue learning the craft of writing, and one day, "finish that book I've been talking about for years."

After graduation, he plans on teaching high school English. Although he says everyone at JSU has been great, he's moving to St. Augustine, Fla., where there are fewer tornadoes and golf-ball sized hail.

"I'm going to get us as close to the beach as my bank account will allow," he said.

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