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28 April 2006

Streaming Video
of Bald Eagles
Nesting on Hornby Island

This is amazing, and it’s happening right now in real time!
You can watch a pair of eagles as they take turns sitting on their eggs.  (The eggs should be hatching any day now.)

When accessing this Web site it sometimes takes a brief time for the eagles to appear. The webcam is turned off at night, so you have to know if it’s day or night on Hornby Island, British Columbia, Canada.
Click (or copy & paste) on the following link!!

You can also “right click” on the eagles and “Zoom” … “Full Screen.” (Sometimes the webcam freezes for a few seconds, but it always unfreezes after a few seconds).

To see pictures from “Hopes Domain” (Hope Weber is an art student at JSU), click on …
To read about some interesting information about the Bald Eagles, click on the following URL address:
Gordon Nelson

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