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18 April 2006
VPASA Quarterly Report
to Board of Trustees - 04/17/06

Board of Trustees


Faculty members who have recently been awarded promotion and/or tenure are listed below.  Promotions are effective October 1, 2006, and tenure awards are effective with the beginning of the Fall Semester 2006.

Tenure: Effective Fall Semester 2006

Dr. David Dempsey
Mathematical Computing, & Information Sciences
Dr. Jeffrey Zanzig
Accounting, Finance, & Economics

Ms. Hanrong Wang


Ms. Paula Barnett-Ellis


Dr. Tony Logsdon


Dr. George Lauderbaugh

History/Foreign Languages

Dr. John Ketterer

Educational Resources

Dr. Charles Notar

Secondary Education

Dr. Noureddine Bekhouche

Technology and Engineering

Dr. David Steffy

Physical and Earth Sciences

Dr. Cynthia Sneed

Accounting, Finance & Economics

Dr. John Sneed

Accounting, Finance, & Economics

Promotion to Associate Professor: Effective October 1, 2006

Dr. Mijitaba Hamissou Biology
Dr. David Dempsey
Mathematical Computing, & Information Sciences
Dr. Christopher Westley
Accounting, Finance, & Economics

Dr. Jeffrey Zanzig

Accounting, Finance, & Economics

Ms. Hanrong Wang


Ms. Paula Barnett-Ellis


Dr. Tony Logsdon


Dr. George Lauderbaugh

History/Foreign Languages

Dr. John Ketterer

Educational Resources

Dr. Charles Notar

Secondary Education

Dr. Noureddine Bekhouche

Technology and Engineering
Dr. William Griffin
Health, Physical Education, & Recreation

Promotion to Professor:  Effective October 1, 2006

Ms. Diane Cadwallader Art

Dr. Jan Gryko

Physical and Earth Sciences

Dr. Judy McCrary

Curriculum & Instruction

Dr. Carol Uline

Secondary Education
Dr. Cynthia Sneed
Accounting, Finance, & Economics
Dr. John Sneed
Accounting, Finance, & Economics
Dr. Roland Thornburg
Health, Physical Education, & Recreation






The Annual VAS Business Meeting and Creole Dinner was held in February and was attended by many new and old members.


The Department of Art had ten students to graduate with a BFA degree in December.  Three of these students graduated with magna cum laude honors and four with special honors in art.




The following faculty members received JSU travel & self improvement grants.


Dr. Mijitaba Hamissou ($450), Dr. Roger Sauterer ($421), Dr. Mark Meade ($750), Dr. LaJoyce Debro ($250), Dr. Benjie Blair ($149), Dr. Robert Carter ($450), Dr. George Cline ($250), Dr. Frank Romano ($250).




Dr. Mijitaba Hamissou, Received promotion to Associate Professor (March, 2006)




Drs. Rayburn James, G.R. Cline, F.A. Romano III and K.D. Gregg.  Tropical Biology: An integrated science field experience for undergraduate environmental education Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry SETAC 26th Annual Meeting   November 2005 Baltimore MD.


Moser, Bernice and Dr. James Rayburn.  The concentrations of heavy metals in tissues of select marine species from Mobile Bay Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry SETAC 26th Annual Meeting   November 2005

Baltimore MD


Dr. Mijitaba Hamissou and Dunkerley, Rachel. Molecular analyses of cadmium toxicity in Arabidopsis, Sorghum, and Tobacco. Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry SETAC 26th Annual Meeting   November 2005 Baltimore MD and at the Southeastern Regional SETAC Annual Meeting, Troy University


Dr. Mijitaba Hamissou and Dunkerley, Rachel. Comparative Analyses of the Toxic Effects of Perchlorate in Arabidopsis and Sorghum. Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry SETAC 26th Annual Meeting   November 2005 Baltimore MD and at the Southeastern Regional SETAC Annual Meeting, Troy University


Dr. Robert Carter. Spatial and Age Structure of Old-growth Mountain Longleaf Pine, Pinus palustris, Stands in the Talladega National Forest of Northeastern Alabama.  Brett Rushing, Kevin Jenne, and Robert Carter.  Presented at the Seventh Eastern Old-Growth Conference, Little Rock, AR.


Abstracts accepted

The following peer review abstracts were accepted by the American Society of Microbiologists for their annual meeting


Dr. M. Meade, Dr. B. Blair, J. Beavers, and Dr. C. Olander.  Photodynamic dye therapy for the treatment of aquatic pathogens including the external ciliates Tetrahymena pyriformis and Ichthyophthirius multifiliis.


Dr. B. Blair, M. McCluney, and L. Connell.  Cross species induction of antimicrobial activity in an aquatic bacterium.


Dr. L. Debro, E. Curtis, and R. Watkins.  Targeting of cell products to the space between the exosporium and the spore coat of Bacillus thuringiensis.


The following abstracts were accepted by the Association of Southeastern Biologists for their annual meeting.


Dr. George Cline and Sara Viernum.  Crevice use by salamanders in northeastern Alabama with an emphasis on the green salamander, Aneides aeneus.


Dr. George Cline and Clifford Webb.  Habitat use by plethodontic salamanders in northeast Alabama.


Dr. George Cline, Jason Adams, and Melissa Dunaway.  Comparison of herpetofauna of two sites in northeastern Alabama.


Drs. James Rayburn, George Cline, Mijitaba Hamissou, and Kaci Rodgers.  The historical background of Craspedacusta sowerbii in various regions of Alabama and proposed genetic diversity study.

Dr. George Cline and Clifford Webb.  Diet study of two species of demersal fish predators (Synodus poeyi and Synodus foetens).


Dr. Robert Carter and Brent Womack.  Landscape scale ecosystem classification in the Talladega Mountains of Alabama.


Dr. Roger Sauterer.  Incubation of frog embryos in waters and sediment extracts near the Monsanto plant (Anniston, AL) result in growth inhibition and abnormal behavior.


Dr. James Rayburn and Bernice Moser.  The concentration of three metals in tissues of select marine species from Mobile Bay.


Dr. James Rayburn.  The use of a double stain technique for visualizing hard tissues in a comparative vertebrate class.


Dr. Frank Romano and Robert Dafoe.  Preliminary results of a leaf litter tardigrade survey on Dauphin Island, AL.


Dr. Mijitaba Hamissou and Ray Dunkerley.  Molecular analyses of cadmium toxicity in Arabidopsis, sorghum, and tobacco.


Dr. Mijitaba Hamissou and Casie Sanders.  A study of oxidative stress responses and photosynthetic activities of Arabadopsis thaliana in a high UV-B environment.

Dr. Mijitaba Hamissou and Nagarajan Vasumathi.  Investigating the activities of ß-glucosidase and insulin potentiating factor (IPF) in bitter gourd (Momordica charantia proteins.


Dr. Mijitaba Hamissou and Ray Dunkerley. Comparative Analyses of the Toxic Effects of Perchlorate in Arabidopsis and Sorghum.


The following abstracts were accepted by the Alabama Academy of Sciences for their annual meeting;


Dr. Roger Sauterer.  Examination of contaminated watersheds near the Anniston, AL Monsanto site using the FETAX assay and development of additional developmental toxicity assays.


Dr. George Cline and Sara Viernum.  Crevice use by salamanders in northeastern Alabama with an emphasis on the green salamander, Aneides aeneus.


Dr. George Cline and Clifford J. Webb.  Habitat use by plethodontid salamanders in Northeast Alabama.  and, Jacksonville State University


Dr. George Cline, Jason R. Adams and Melissa J. Dunaway.  Comparison of the herpetofauna at two sites in northeastern Alabama. 


Drs. Mark Meade, Benjie Blair, and Charles Olander.  Photodynamic dye treatment of fish pathogens. 


Dr. Mark Meade, Misty Chapman, Dr. Benjie Blair and Dr. Charles Olander.  Some effects of Phyloxine B on Tetrahymena pyriformis in vitro. 


Dr. Mijitaba Hamissou, Amanda Henderson, and Dr. NagarajanVasumathi.  Investigating the activities of -glucosidase and insulin potentiating factor, IPF in bitter gourd (Momordica charantia). 


The following abstracts were accepted by the 7th Eastern Old-Growth Conference.


Dr. Robert Carter’s abstract entitled ‘Spatial and age structure of old-growth Mountain Longleaf pine,Pinus palustris


The following abstracts were accepted by the Sixth International Congress on the Biology of Fish.


Dr. Christopher A. Murdock, Brian C. Small, A. Lelania Bilodeau, Brian C. Peterson, and Geoffrey C. Waldbieser abstract entitled ‘Evaluation of reference genes for quantitative PCR analyses in channel catfish tissues under varying physiological conditions’




Dr. Robert Carter, T. Boyer, H. McCoy, and A. Londo.  2006.  Community Classification of Green Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia oreophila (Kearney) Wherry) Bogs of the Little River Canyon National Preserve, Alabama.  Natural Areas Journal.  26: 84-93.


Dr. Robert Carter. Community classification in the Pine Mountains of Upson County, Georgia. Submitted to Castanea – under review


G. R. Shurette, Dr. Robert Carter, and G. Cline. The effects of hardwood midstory removal in montane longleaf pine (Pinus palustris) stands on breeding bird communities in the Talladega National Forest, Alabama.  Submitted to Forest Ecology and Management– under review


Peter S. Silverstein, Robert Li, Dr. Christopher A. Murdock, and Geoffrey C. Waldbieser. Treatment of channel catfish ovary cells with poly I:C inhibits the expression of channel catfish virus immediate-early gene ORF 1 at early times after infection in the Journal of Fish and Shellfish Immunology – under review


Grants (funded)


Dr. Safaa Al-Hamdani submitted a grant entitled ‘Alabama View Scholarship’ to Alabama View that was funded for $1,000.


Dr. Roger Sauterer received a faculty research grant for $1483.


Sara Viernum (Dr. George Cline’s graduate student) received the Walter F. Coxe Research Grant from the Birmingham Audubon Society for her project entitled ‘Natural history and habitat selection of the green salamander, Aneides aeneus, in northeastern Alabama’ for $1260.


Grants (submitted)


Drs. George Cline and James Rayburn submitted a grant entitled ‘Distribution and habitat analysis of eastern hellbenders (Cryptogranchus alleganiensis alleganiensis) in Alabama’ to the US Fish & Wildlife Service for $41,299 – pending.


Drs. James Rayburn and George Cline submitted a grant entitled ‘A weekend extensive survey of the distributions of the Eastern Hellbender (Cryptogranchus alleganiensis alleganiensis) in northeastern Alabama’ to the Crytobranchid Interest Group for $500 – pending.


Dr. Robert Carter submitted a grant entitled ‘Plant community analysis in the Pine Mountain Region of Georgia’ to the National Geographic Society for $1,650 – pending


Dr. Robert Carter submitted a grant entitled ‘Ecological Land Classification of Montane Longleaf Pine Ecosystems of the Dugger Mountain Wilderness and Nances Creek Region of the Talladega Mountains, Alabama’ to the National Science Foundation for $34,338 – pending.


Dr. Robert Carter submitted a grant entitled ‘Ecological Land Classification in the Dugger Mountain Wilderness, Talladega National Forest’, Faculty Research Grant for  $826 – pending


Scull, G., Dr. Robert Carter, and Dr. Mark Meade submitted a grant entitled ‘ Population study of the American Black Bear in the Shoal Creek Ranger District, Talladega National Forest, AL’ to the American Society of Mammalogist for $1500 – pending


Dr. Cole Benton attended the Assessment Workshop at Marion Institute.


Dr. Frank Romano served as a member of the student paper judging committee for the Association of Southeastern Biologists (Mar 06).


Dr. Benjie Blair hosted Dr. Charles Perry of the Harrison School of Pharmacy will be on campus to meet with pharmacy students.


Dr. Benjie Blair attended the Alabama Health Professional Advisors Meeting at Auburn on January ‘06.


Dr. Benjie Blair hosted a representative of Georgia's "Philadelphia School of Osteopathic Medicine" to speak to interested individuals.


Drs. Benjie Blair and Mark Meade are teaching a MCAT preparation course to help students prepare for this exam.


Dr. James Rayburn was elected as Secretary of the Alabama Academy of Science (Oct 05).


Dr. James Rayburn was selected as co-chair of the student poster judging committee for the national Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (Nov 05)


Dr. George Cline was elected as second Vice President of the Alabama Academy of Sciences (Nov 05).


Dr. Mijitaba Hamissou was elected as Treasurer of the Alabama Academy of Sciences (Since Nov 04). Prepared and presented the Treasurer’s financial report to the Alabama Academy of Science Executive Body and Board of Trustees at the quarterly meeting October 2005, Birmingham Southern University and at the annual meeting March 2006, Troy University.


Dr. Robert Carter reviewed the following grant:  Loudermilk, E.L.  Spatial modeling of fire dynamics to assess longleaf pine regeneration success on multiple scales for the University of Florida.


Criminal Justice


Dr. Richard Kania joined JSU as the new department head of Criminal Justice effective 1 January 2006.  Dr. Randy Wood had been serving as interim department head and remains as the director of undergraduate criminal justice programs.


A book chapter by Dr. Richards (Rick) Davis, “Casinos, Crime and the Costs of Criminal Justice,” was published in Resorting to Casinos: The Mississippi Gambling Industry, edited by Denise von Herrmann, published by the University of Mississippi Press, 2006.


Drs. Ronald Mellen and Robert Evans collaborated on an article on “Neurotransmitters and the Impulsively Violent Inmate” which was published in the fall 2005 issue of Southern Concourse.


Ms. Laura Pettler, an expert in the field of forensic blood spatter evidence, was the guest of the department in February, and presented a program arranged for the students by Mr. Dean Buttram.  He also brought JSU CJ Alumni James Epik, Steve Botello, Jeff Walfield and Alison Welty to the campus in February to conduct a workshop on employment interviewing for JSU CJ seniors.  The students underwent simulated employment interviews, and were videotaped for subsequent critiques.


Dr. Ronald Mellen, Ms. Nancy Mellen, Dr. Richard Kania and CJ students Molley Crosser, Jason Blackburn, Megan Wallace and Jesse Scroggin attended the annual meeting of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences in Baltimore in March.  Dr. Mellen gave on a paper on “A Review of the Relationship Between Diet and Violent Behavior” with Ms. Crosser, and Ms. Mellen spoke on “The P-300: An EEG Recognition Cue For Identifying Offenders.   Dr. Kania spoke on “Religion and Criminal Justice Ethics.”


Mr. Dean Buttram planned and organized the annual Criminal Justice Department Career Day in March, bringing recruiters and representatives to the campus from more than twenty local, state and federal law enforcement and public service agencies. 


Dr. Ronald Mellen serves as a member of the Research and Grants Committee of the Southern States Correctional Association and attended their annual meeting in Charleston, West Virginia in February.  He gave a paper on “Research Grant Writing” which will be published in The Southern Concourse shortly.


Over the Spring Recess Dr. Richard Kania will be in New Orleans to attend the annual meeting of the Southern Sociological Society and to present a paper on “Stemming the Belarusian Diaspora.”  Dr. Kania was in the Republic of Belarus last year as a Senior Fulbright Professor before coming to JSU.


The new book, American Mass Media, written and edited by Drs. Igor Markhasyov and Vera Zaitseva, and containing a chapter written by Dr. Richard Kania, “The Three Keys to Understanding Mass Media,” was published in Minsk, the Republic of Belarus late in the Fall of 2005.




JSU Drama Department and Music Department spring production of CRAZY FOR YOU was held in February.  The show was well attended by the campus and local community as well as by groups such as Gadsden State’s Enzor Center students, a local home-school group, and a number of area church and senior citizen groups. The largest group to attend was Crestwood Medical Center’s Active Advantage group from Huntsville at 161 persons attending. And, we had a couple from Oskosh, WI, who “found” JSU Drama’s production on the internet and stopped by on their way to Florida for the rest of the winter.


The JSU Drama Department has been fortunate to be able to hire two new faculty members.  Mr. Randal W. Blades has filled the position of Assistant Professor of Costume Design and Costume Shop Manager.  And, Mr. Eric M. Traynor has filled the position of Assistant Professor of Acting/Directing.  Both new faculty members are bringing new and fresh ideas to the department.


JSU Drama continues with a busy spring term having just completed the first set of Directing class one-act plays held Monday, March 13 and Wednesday, March 15.  Auditions are set for March 27th for the next set of plays to be held in April.


JSU Drama and Alpha Psi Omega will present the contemporary drama, “CLOSER” by Patrick Marber, April 6, 7, 8.  The play, directed by senior drama major, Jason Skinner, is a raw and biting commentary on contemporary relationships.


Auditions will be held in April for two upcoming productions. Auditions will be held on April 11th for the 2005 Southern Playwright’s winning play, “WAS,” which will be presented in May.  And, on the next day, April 12th, there will be auditions for Mr. Eric Traynor’s adaptation of the classic children’s story, “CINDERELLA,” which will be presented by the department in July.


Alpha Psi Omega Honorary Dramatic Fraternity, under the guidance of Mr. Eric Traynor, will host their second annual theatre camp, June 26-30.  Details will be announced soon.


The JSU Drama Department is anxiously awaiting delivery and installation of new seating and a new grand drape for the mainstage theatre at Ernest Stone Performing Arts Center. Through the generosity of Mr. Joe Serviss, Dr. J. E. Wade, Dr. Rebecca O. Turner, and Dr. William A. Meehan, the department received funding to replace the very worn and uncomfortable 26 year old seats and the dry-rotting drape.  It is hoped that both the seats and drape will be installed in time for the world premiere performance of “WAS” in May.


Ms. Susan McCain, along with students Carmen Briggs, Kelly Summers, and Jacob Phillips, attended the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Irene Ryan auditions in Jacksonville, Florida in February. Briggs, Summers, and Phillips were all nominated to audition from their performance in JSU Drama’s November production of “THE MEMBER OF THE WEDDING.”


Mr. Freddy Clements and eleven JSU Drama students attended Southeastern Theatre auditions in Orlando, Florida in early March.  Students are now beginning to receive calls about jobs in regional summer theatres.  Mr. Clements will accompany another group of students to Outdoor Theatre auditions at Chapel Hill, NC later in March.  All students auditioning hope to find regional theatre jobs to further their theatre experience and education.


Mr. Randal Blades and Mr. Eric Traynor attended a high school thespian festival in Birmingham recently and made many good contacts with prospective students for JSU Drama.



Dr. Randall Davis served as discussion leader for the 15th Annual Literature and Medicine Retreat held in Prattville, AL, February 4-5, 2006.  The retreat is sponsored by the Alabama Chapter of the American College of Physicians.


Dr. Robert Felgar’s article on body politics in Richard Wright’s Native Son has been accepted for publication in The Richard Wright Newsletter.  He was also asked to chair the session on new directions in Wright scholarship at the American Literature Association meeting in San Francisco this summer.


ADOPT-A-PLATOON.  Sarah Moersch (vice president of the Writers’ Club, advised by Dr. Pitt Harding) has arranged for Kitty Stone students to write letters to soldiers in a platoon that was just deployed to Afghanistan.  The platoon leader is a local man who attended Kitty Stone.  Before they left, the members of the platoon submitted brief biographical sketches so the Writers’ Club students could correspond with them by e-mail.  By all accounts they are glad to have contact with folks back home.  Samples of the correspondence between the platoon members and the students at JSU and Kitty Stone might be published in the student literary journal Something Else.


The Writers’ Club also sponsored a creative-writing contest at Kitty Stone and will be awarding prizes at the school in the last week of March, with Olympic-style medals for the young winners.


Dr. John Jones’s chapter on “Blake’s Production Methods” appears in the Palgrave Advances in William Blake Studies, edited by Nicholas M. Williams of Indiana University, published by Palgrave Macmillan in January 2006.


Dr. Andrea Porter (along with ZTA) is bringing Beth Holloway Twitty to campus for her Safe Travels campaign on April 8th.


Dr. Steven Whitton has several events this spring.  Imagining the Holocaust writing competition; middle and high school; entries from across the state; winners in each category will be invited to read from their selections April 6, 2006 at the University Holocaust Remembrance in the Stone Center Theatre.  Southern Playwrights Competition, 15th year, national contest; winner chosen by May 1 for production next year.  Entries from across the country.  Theatre in the Mind Lecture for Alabama Shakespeare Festival April 15, 2006.


History and Foreign Languages


Dr. Paul Beezley, Assistant Professor of History, presented a paper entitled “The Funerals of Jefferson Davis” at the annual meeting of the Alabama Historical Association.


Mrs. Cathy Burrows, Adjunct Instructor of History, published “The Teaching/Learning Center and Technology” in Synergy (co-authored with Mr. Mike Zenanko).


Dr. Llew Cook, Associate Professor of History, presented two lectures at the Naval War College Strategy and Policy Classes on “Coalitions and Warfare during the French Revolution” and “Coalitions and Warfare in the Napoleonic Era.”


Dr. Jennifer Gross, Assistant Professor of History, published “’And for the Widow and Orphan’: Confederate Widows, Poverty, and Public Assistance,” in Inside the Confederate Nation: Essays in Honor of Emory M. Thomas (Louisiana State University Press, 2005) and three entries in The Encyclopedia of Women and the American Civil War.


Dr. George Lauderbaugh, Assistant Professor of History, presented a paper entitled “The Alabama Guatemala Partners: An International Success Story,” at the annual meeting of the Alabama Association of Historians.


Dr. Russel Lemmons, Professor of History, presented a paper titled “ ‘Imprisoned, Murdered, Besmirched’: The Controversy  Concerning Berlin’s Ernst Thalmann Monument and German National Identity, 1990-1995,” at the annual meeting of the European Section of the Southern Historical Association.


Dr. Harvey H. Jackson, Professor of History, presented a paper entitled “If It Didn’t Happen That Way, It Should Have: Myth and the Storyteller’s Message in Southern History” at a NEH sponsored conference on “How the South Was Spun: Southern Storytellers and Myths” held at Wallace Community College in Dothan. He presented “The Man With Two Hats: A Professor/Journalist Speaks” at the Conference on “The Emerging Mind of Community Journalism,” sponsored by the University of Alabama, The Anniston Star, and the Knight Foundation. He also addressed the Marion Military Institute Corp of Cadets and the Madison County Historical Society. In January he was added to the “Alabama Education Media Honor Roll 2005” for “outstanding coverage of public education in Alabama.”  He continues to serve on the editorial board of The Anniston Star and write a weekly column on southern politics and culture. 


Dr. Phillip Koerper, Professor of History, serves on the Board of Directors of the Alabama Archaeological Society and is President of the Coosa Valley Chapter of the group. He is also co-chair of the Anthropology section of the Alabama Academy of Science.


Dr. Donald Prudlo, Assistant Professor of History, has a chapter entitled “Scriptural Theology in the Period of the Counter-Reformation and the Council of Trent” in a book on the history of scriptural theology published by the New York University Press. He also published an op-ed piece on “Bible Literacy” in The Anniston Star.  His manuscript, tentatively titled “Convert, Inquisitor, Martyr, Saint: The Life and Cult of Peter of Verona,” is currently under review by the Penn State Press.


Institute for Emergency Preparedness


During this quarter, the Institute for Emergency Preparedness (IEP) continues to grow academically as well as serve the region through contractual emergency planning services and community and scholarly activities. 


 Academic Programs:


In response to the evolving needs of the emergency management field, the IEP faculty developed 2 new undergraduate courses and 3 new graduate level courses in emergency management.  Each of these courses will be offered for the first time during summer or fall 2006 terms.


IEP Faculty and Staff Contractual Services:

During this quarter, the IEP has 3 on-going contracts and is awaiting task assignment from 1 newly approved contract. 


Three on-going contracts totaling $717,543.00:


  1. Medical Coordinator for Alabama CSEPP FY05, ADPH.   IEP will continue to work with ADPH to provide medical planning and guidance for the six Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) counties in Alabama in this proposed contract totaling $617,653.00.


  1. Communication Plan for Alabama CSEPP Counties, Alabama Department of Homeland Security.  In this $50,000.00 contract, IEP will prepare a tactical interoperable communication plan for the six Alabama CSEPP Counties. 


  1. Smallpox and Influenza Vaccine Pandemic Planning, Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH).  This contract for $49,890.00 IEP will administer courses on smallpox/influenza vaccination and pandemic planning.


Tasks have not been assigned for one newly approved contract for the Johns Hopkins University Consortium, of which JSU-IEP is a member, for $5,000,000.00 per year for 3 years for the consortium:


  1. Center for the Study of High Consequence Event Preparedness and Response, Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  The consortium will establish a Center for the Study of High Consequence Event Preparedness and Response.  Final contract arrangements with DHS are anticipated to be completed by March 2006.  This contract will be for $5,000,000.00 per year for 3 years for the consortium.


IEP Faculty and Staff Scholarly and Community Activities:

Cox, A. Barry.  Attended the APCO Western Regional Conference, Portland, Oregon, on March 12-16, 2006, for student recruitment.


May, Fred, “By the sea, By the Beautiful Sea:  Flirting with Disaster,” Public Management, International City/County Management Association (ICMA), January/February (2006):  7-9.


May, Fred, “Hurricane Katrina and the Rise of Federal Disaster Assistance.”  Colloquium presentation at the University of Utah, Department of Geography, Center for Natural and Technological Hazards on February 14, 2006.


May, Fred.  Conducted research at Jimmy Carter Presidential Library in Atlanta, Georgia, on origins of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for a book on Hurricane Katrina and the history of federal disaster assistance.


May, Fred, “Cascading Threat Model Applications in Conducting Hazard and Risk Assessment for Wildfire and Post-Burn Flashflood.”  Abstract and outline accepted for presentation at conference to occur in Boulder, Colorado, July 18-20, 2006.


Ryan, Jeff et al., “Spatial Clustering and Epidemiological Aspects of Visceral Leishmaniasis in Two Endemic Villages, Baringo District, Kenya, “American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 74, no. 2 (2006):  308-317.


Learning Services


No report submitted


Mathematical, Computing, and Information Sciences


The Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE) approved the post-implementation report for the Master of Science in Systems and Software Design program, December 2005.


Dr. David Dempsey, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, has received tenure and promotion to Associate Professor effective October 1, 2006.


Dr. Jan Case presented a paper, “Exploring Mathematical Concepts through Applications of Technology”, co-authored by Dr. David Dempsey, at the national American Mathematical Society (AMS)-Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Joint Mathematics Meeting, San Antonio, TX, January 2006.


Dr. David Dempsey presented a paper, “JSU Math Club—A Community of New Learners and Alumni”, co-authored by Dr. Jan Case, at the national American Mathematical Society (AMS)-Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Joint Mathematics Meeting, San Antonio, TX, January 2006.


Dr. Tom Leathrum was an organizer for the MAA Session on Mathlets for Teaching and Learning Mathematics at the national American Mathematical Society (AMS)-Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Joint Mathematics Meeting, San Antonio, TX, January 2006.


Dr. Monica Trifas presented a paper, “Contrast Enhancement of Medical Images Using Multi-Scale Decomposition”, at the Society for Imaging Science and Technology/

International Society for Optical Engineering (IS&T/SPIE) Electronic Imaging Science and Technology 2006 Meeting, San Jose, CA, January 2006.


Dr. Tom Leathrum presented a paper, “Is There a Least-Squares Best Musical Scale?”, at the Alabama Association of College Teachers of Mathematics (AACTM) 56th Annual Meeting held on the campus of Jacksonville State University, February 2006.


Dr. Jan Case and Dr. David Dempsey presented a paper, “EMCAT: Exploring Mathematical Connections through Applications of Technology”, at the Alabama Association of College Teachers of Mathematics (AACTM) 56th Annual Meeting held on the campus of Jacksonville State University, February 2006.


Dr. Monica Trifas presented a paper, “Applying Multi-Resolution Methods to Medical Image Enhancement”, at the Association for Computing Machinery Southeast (ACMSE) 44th Annual Conference, Melbourne, FL, March 2006.


Dr. Jan Case presented a paper, “Using Linear Modeling Activities to 
Incorporate NCTM Standards into Secondary Mathematics Classes“, 
at the International Consortium for Research in Science and Mathematics 
Education, Nassau, Bahamas, March 2006.


Dr. Srinivasarao Krishnaprasad presented a paper, “Barrier Synchronization in Parallel Computations: Some Implementation Issues”, at the Alabama Academy of Science Meeting, Troy, AL, March 2006.


Dr. Fred Kelley attended the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) 2006 Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, which included a Department Chair Workshop, in Houston, TX, February 2006.


Ms. Audria White attended the 18th Annual International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics (ICTCM), Orlando, FL, March 2006.


Ms. Amy Franklin and Ms. Rhonda Kilgo attended the College Algebra 
Teaching Solutions workshop, hosted by Thomson Learning, in San Diego, 
CA, March 2006.




During the reporting period of January, February and March 2006, the David L. Walters Department of Music, its students, faculty and guest performers participated in the following activities:


Solo performances and degree recitals were presented by the following students during this period:


            Jacquelyn Bradley, Flute

            Shannon Hornady, Flute

            Teri Young, Clarinet

            Rebekah McManus, Piano

            Grayson Lawrence, French Horn

            Chris Ozley, Percussion

            Brooke Huddleston, Mezzo Soprano

            Aurelia Gooden, Piano


Jazz I, directed by Dr. Chip Crotts, was a featured presentation at the annual in-service conference of Alabama Music Educators Association held at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa on 19 January 2006.


The Chamber Winds of JSU, directed by Mr. Kenneth Bodiford, presented its winter concert on 11 March 2006 in the Mason Hall Performance Center.


The A Cappella Choir, directed by Dr. Patricia Corbin¸ presented a concert of sacred music at First United Methodist Church, Anniston, on 12 March 2006.


Students of the Department under the direction of Mr. Jeremy Stovall, adjunct instructor, were the pit orchestra for the Drama Department spring production of “Crazy for you” during its two-week run.


Jazz I ensemble, directed by Dr. Chip Crotts, presented a concert on 3 March 2006 featuring Guest Artist Wycliffe Gordon, trombone.  Mr. Gordon, a member of the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra and a faculty member at The Julliard School, also presented a masterclass earlier during the day of the performance.


The Chamber Winds, directed by Mr. Kenneth Bodiford, presented a spring concert of new music featuring recent compositions by JSU students and faculty composers on 30 March 2006


The Department hosted the following artists or groups in public performances for the benefit of JSU students and the greater community at large.  In most cases these artists also provided masterclass sessions designed primarily for students within the Department.


Guest Artist Recital - Jay Evans, Trombone on 15 February 2006

Guest Artist  - Luis Benetti, Percussion on 15 February 2006

Percussion Ensemble, “Chix with Stix” in Concert on 26 February 2006

Guest Artist - Andy Harnsberger, Percussion on 8 March 2006

Guest Artist - Aaron Misenheimer, Trombone on 10 March 2006


The JSU chapter of the Collegiate Music Educators National Conference sponsored, hosted and operated a day long music teaching event on campus for elementary school children attending public schools in Calhoun county.


Dr. Chip Crotts served as director of the Alabama Honors Jazz Band at the annual in service conference of the Alabama Music Educators Association held at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa on 19-21 January 2006.


Mr. Chris Hosmer, adjunct instructor of low brass, appeared as tuba soloist at the Alabama Music Educators Association annual in-service conference on 19 January 2006


Dr. Wendy Faughn¸ Assistant Professor of Piano, appeared as piano soloist in the premier of a new piano concerto with the Etowah Youth Symphony Orchestra in two performances, including one at the Alabama Music Educators Association annual in-service conference on 19 January 2006.


Dr. Michael D’Ambrosio was present at Rice University for the premier performance of his recent composition for brass choir.


Dr. Gail Steward had her latest composition for choir with piano accompaniment featured on a program of works by Alabama composers.


Dr. Nathan Wight was featured as bass soloist in “Requiem” by W. A. Mozart for a production in Phoenix, Arizona.


Mrs. Christina D’Ambrosio, adjunct instructor, presented a faculty piano recital on 29 March 2006.


Dr. Wendy Faughn appeared as collaborative pianist with Mr. David Rice, baritone, in the Music at the Museum series at the Museum of National History, Anniston.


National Council for Geographic Education


The National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE) has its administrative headquarters housed within the Department of Physical and Earth Sciences.  Staff on the Jacksonville State University campus includes Dr. Michal L. LeVasseur, Executive Director, Ms. Allison Newton, Associate Director, and Ms. Peggy Pritchard, Administrative Assistant.


Dr. Osa Brand is the Director of Educational Outreach.  She represents members in the NCGE in Washington, DC, working closely with other national organizations, institutions and government agencies to advance geography education. 


Dr. Michal L. LeVasseur serves as Executive Director of NCGE, coordinating and directing the activities of the organization, and serving as its official representative to other organizations and events.  In addition to her role as Executive Director, Dr. LeVasseur promotes geography education in other venues:  she serves as a moderator and judge for local school and the state level National Geographic Bee (March 31, 2006), directs teacher workshops and has been invited to direct the National Teacher Institutes for the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C. in the summer of 2006.  She serves on the Editorial Board of the Southeastern Geographer, journal of the Southeast Division of the Association of American Geographers.


Geospatial Technology Report


NCGE announces the release in February 2006, of an important report “Integrating Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing for Technical Workforce Training at Two-Year Colleges.”  This report presents the proceedings of a Geospatial Education Workshop held August 15-16, 2005 in Washington, DC.  This workshop was convened by the NCGE with assistance and financial support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the United States Geological Survey (USGS), and the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI).  The full report is available on the NCGE website (  The U.S. Department of Labor has identified geospatial technology as one of the three most critical workforce skills and employment areas, and this workshop and report address the training that will be essential for students to obtain these skills.  The report also complements the recently issued publication by the National Research Council, Learning to Think Spatially: GIS as a Support System in the K-12 Curriculum, and will serve as the basis for other NCGE initiatives that support geospatial education. 


Online Distance Learning Course for Advanced Placement Human Geography (APHG)


The online distance learning course for high school teachers of Advanced Placement Human Geography has been refined by NCGE through a grant from the National Geographic Society Education Foundation.  The grant will support summer workshops for teachers of APHG in 2006 and in 2007.  The 2007 workshop will serve teachers in the Southeastern region of the United States.  The current plan is to hold the 2007 workshop on the Jacksonville State University campus under the Direction of Dr. Michal L. LeVasseur and Dr. Susan Hardwick (University of Oregon).


NASA Grant for Remote Sensing: A New Approach to Grades 4-6 Geography


NCGE was awarded a grant from NASA to support the project, Remote Sensing: A New Approach to Grades 4-6 Geography.  The project will develop curriculum materials based on remotely sensed images and GIS, to be used in geography, social studies and science classrooms.  Dr. Jan Wilson, Department of Secondary Education, Jacksonville State University, will serve as science educator advisor for the project.


Current Collaborative Projects with other organizations


Teachers’ Guide to Modern Geography in collaboration with the Association of American Geographers; development of materials for pre-service teacher training and organize teacher workshops.


Young Scholars’ Social Science Summits in collaboration with social science associations and funded by the American Psychological Association; provide series of one-day panel presentations and workshops.


Partnership for 21st Century Skills, an alliance of business, government and education organizations established to identify and encourage the integration of information, communication, and technology (ICT) skills into the K-12 curriculum.  NCGE provided the matrix for integration ICT skills into the geography curriculum, which has been discussed in the Partnership’s 2004 report, A Policy-maker’s Guide to 21st Century Skills and is displayed on the related website:  NCGE continues to advise the Partnership with respect to geography.


NASA Explorer Schools program, a NSTA-managed educational initiative.  NCGE serves on the advisory board and works with NASA and NSTA to offer teacher workshops.


Collaborative projects between the Executive Director and the Geographical Association (United Kingdom), the Australian Geographic Society, and the International Geographic Union.


Legislative Initiative


In response to the No Child Left Behind Act, in which geography is identified as a core discipline but without funding, Senate bill S.1376 has been introduced in the Senate.  NCGE is working cooperatively with its members, other geography organizations and members of Congress to secure support for this bill.  NCGE is currently preparing a proposal to administer the $15 million requested in the Senate Bill.


Physical & Earth Sciences


Dr. Thomas Baucom received a $4,500 grant from AlabamaView, a remote sensing consortium in Alabama, to expand the AlabamaView Educational Remote Sensing website and to conduct a remote sensing workshop this summer for local Alabama science high school teachers. Brandon Phillips, geography major in the Dept. of Physical and Earth Sciences, was award a competitive $1,000 Undergraduate Scholarship by AlabamaView, a remote sensing consortium in Alabama.


Dr. Jan Gryko received a grant “Research Site for Educators in Chemistry” for $15,800.


Dr. Jonathan Herbert presented a paper “Future climate change scenarios for Big Bend National Park, Texas” at the Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL. March 2006


Dr. Miriam Hill and Dr. Bryan Burgess will present "GIS and AEGIS at JSU" at the Alabama chapter of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association meeting at JSU on March 29, 2006.


Dr. Howard Johnson participated in the Grantees Meeting at the invitation of the National Geographic Society in February.  While in Washington, he visited with Jeff Session’s staff to discuss S1376, an amendment to the No Child Left Behind legislation.


Dr. Johnson also attended the spring Executive Board meeting of the Gamma Theta Upsilon, the International Geography Honor Society.  He currently serves as First Vice-President of that organization.


Dr. Nixon Mwebi received the faculty travel grant of $750.00 from the university.

He is also presenting “Investigating into the mechanism of the Fenton Reactions” at the National American Chemical Society meeting in Atlanta, GA., March 2006.


Dr. Al Nichols, Dr. David Steffy and Candice Kohute presented "Movement of Mercury from Contaminated Soil into an Aquatic Food Chain", at the annual meeting of the Society of Toxicology, March 2006.


Dr. Al Nichols, Dr. Nagarajan Vasumathi and Stephen Craig presented "Synthesis of 4-Amino Derivatives of 5,7-Dichlorokynurenic Acid that Led to Unexpected Products Via Detosylation" at the Alabama Academy of Science meeting in Troy, AL. on March 17, 2006.


Dr. Al Nichols, Dr. Nagarajan Vasumathi and Stephen Craig are also presenting

"Investigation on the reactions of the 4-tosylamino derivative of

5,7-dichlorokynurenic acid with glycine, glycolic acid and thiglycolic acid” at the National meeting of the American Chemical Society, March 27, in Atlanta, GA.


Dr. David Steffy received a contract and an extension valued at $25,605 from HGS Engineering, Anniston, AL. The project is entitled: Testing of Resins for their Absorption Capabilities of 1,1,2,2 Tetrachloroethane (1,1,2,2 TeCA) and their Subsequent Regeneration and Deterioration.


Dr. Nagarajan Vasumathi, Dr. Mijitaba Hamissou and Amanda L. Henderson  presented a poster “Investigating the activities of β- glucosidase and insulin potentiating factor, IPF in bitter gourd (Momordica charantia)”, at the Alabama Statewide Chemistry Undergraduate Research Symposium at the Annual Alabama Academy of Sciences meeting to be held at Troy University, Troy, Alabama, March 16-18, 2006.


Dr. Laura Weinkauf has reported the Planetarium has had an overflow of attendance for the second Saturday Space Safaris with about 50 people in January and 35 each in February and March. Over 50 fifth graders and chaperones attended a show on March 14 and nearly 60 girl scouts have attended 3 shows.  A show was also given for about 40 from the Youth Leadership Calhoun County.


Dr. Nouredine Zettili, Principal Investigator and writer of IMPACTSEED IV (Improving Physics And Chemistry Teaching in Secondary Education), a  “No Child Left Behind” Grant, approved in January 2006 for funding by the Alabama Commission on Higher Education. Implementation period: March 2006--July 2007. External budget approved: $125,000.00.


Dr. Nouredine Zettili presented "On An Exactly Solvable Model of the Many-Body Problem," and poster presented at the International Conference on Quantum Computing and Many-Body Systems, January 31 - February 3, 2006, Key West, Florida.


Dr. Zettili also gave a workshop to students at White Plains High School on “Electromagnetic Induction and Wonders of Electromagnetism” on March 02, 2006


Political Science and Public Administration


Dr. Owens book, Original Intent and Judicial Confirmations, was published by the Mellen Press in February, 2006.  She will also act as sponsor for the Model Arab League contingent from JSU. 


Drs. Barnett, Lester and Krejci all received funds from the JSU Faculty Development Program for the dissemination of research for papers:


Barnett, “Urban Dilemmas in Post-Katrina New Orleans,” Western Political Science Conference, Albuquerque, NM, March 16-18, 2006.


Krejci and Lester, “Federalism and Disaster Response: How Transformative Leadership Can Help to Bridge the Gap,” at the Southern Political Science Association Convention in Atlanta.


Krejci and Lester, “Incorporating Ethnic and Cross-Cultural Diversity in University Teaching,” this paper has been accepted for presentation and publication for the 13th Annual Georgia Conference on College and University Teaching. 


Drs. Veasey and Krejci are in the process of establishing the Southeast Community Development Institute (SECDI) for the purposes of community and economic development training/certification, outreach, and formal education programs in the southeastern United States.  The SECDI will be housed at JSU and will be established under a partnership agreement with JSU, the University of Georgia (Fanning Institute), and the University of Florida-Gainesville.  Non-profit, corporate, and public organizations that are supporting this effort include, but are not limited to: Alabama Electric Cooperative (AEC), Southern Company (Alabama Power and Georgia Power), Auburn University, and The Alabama and Georgia Planning and Development Districts. The first SECDI is tentatively planned for the second or third week of August, 2006. 




Dr.  Claudia McDade has been named acting department head of Psychology until such time a permanent department head can be named.


Department of Sociology and Social Work


The BSW Program and the National Association of Social Workers, Coosa Valley Unit presented the 25th Annual Social Work Day Conference on March 16, 2006.  There were approximately 230 students and professionals in attendance.  There were 25 agencies that had displays at the conference.  The conference offered 10 workshops with a varied list of guest speakers.  Dr. Maureen Newton, Ms. Robyn Snider, Ms. Kim Womack, Ms. Dee Barclift, Mr. Jonathan Adams, Mr. James Powe, Ms. Julie Nix, Ms. Gail Childs, Ms. Charlene Stephens, and the JSU Student Social Work Club planned and coordinated the conference.    


Dr. Rodney Friery attended the Alabama Mississippi Sociological Association meeting at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS at and took six sociology students from JSU.


Ms. Kim Womack was re-appointed to the Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors Annual Conference Committee as 2006 Conference Chair for the 2006 National Conference in Los Angeles, CA.  She is also serving her 2nd term on the BPD Finance Committee.


Dr. David LoConto made the following publication: With Danielle Jones Pruett, "The Influence of Charles A. Ellwood on Herbert Blumer and Symbolic Interactionism," The Journal of Classical Sociology, (2006, Vol. 6, 1, pp. 75-99).  He had the following presentation:  "Pragmatism and Its Application Toward an Understanding of Grieving of People with Mental Retardation," The Southern Sociological Society, March 23, 2006, New Orleans, LA.  He also served on the Program Committee for the Mid-South Sociological Association and the Student Paper Awards Committee for the Alabama-Mississippi Sociological Association.


Dr. Nancy Francisco Stewart made the following presentations: (1) “Be Extreme, Inside and Out: Prevention, Promotion and Promise,” co-presenter with Maureen Sullivan, MSW and Tina Riddle, MS of the Cleburne County School System on March 14, 2006 at the 16th Annual Alabama Transition Conference, Auburn, AL. (2) “Properly Directed? Supervision and Skill Development,” presented to the 2006 CSWE Annual Program Meeting, Chicago, IL, February 18, 2006. (3) “Prevention, Promotion, Promises- Be Extreme:  Empowering at-risk adolescents,” co-presenter with Maureen T. Sullivan, MSW, presented to the 25th Annual Social Work Conference, March 16, 2006, Jacksonville, AL.


Dr. Clark Hudspeth performed Treasurer duties at the 37th annual meeting of the Alabama-Mississippi Sociological Association, February 23-24, 2006 at the University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS.

Dr. Mark Fagan made the following presentation: “Retiree Migration in Georgia,” at the Economic Forecasting Conference by the Economic Forecasting Center at Georgia State University on February 22, 2006, Atlanta, GA.  He also received the following publicity: (information for state and federal policymakers, journalists, advocacy groups, research organizations, polling groups, and the general public made available on a national level) on March 7, 2006.  He received a 25-Year Award for 25 years in social work at the Alabama Conference of Social Work on February 27, 2006.


Mr. Jonathan Adams and Mr. James Powe had the following presentation: “Safety Issues for Social Workers,” 25th Annual Social Work Conference, Jacksonville State University, March 16, 2006.


Dr. Tina Deshotels had the following publication: Tina Deshotels and Craig J. Forsyth. 2006 "Strategic Flirting and the Emotional Tab of Exotic Dancing" Deviant Behavior Issue: Volume 27, Number 2/March-April 2006 Pages: 223-241.  She had the following presentations: (1) "Sex Rules: How Exotic Dancers Negotiate Club Rules," Mid South Sociological Association, Atlanta GA, October 27, 2005 and (2) "Gender, Activity, and Depression: Working With Seniors," The 25th annual Social Work Day Jacksonville State University, March 16, 2006.






The Annual Spring Picnic for CCBA students, faculty and staff was held on Wednesday, March 15.


Dean William Fielding attended the Alabama Association for Higher Education in Business (AAHEB) Meeting in Orange Beach, Alabama, March 16-17, 2006.


Dean Fielding attended the 2006 Annual Meeting of the Chamber, Gadsden and Etowah County on Friday evening, January 20.  The meeting was held in Gadsden’s Convention Center.


Dean Fielding completed an Economic Impact Study of the Fort McClellan National Guard during March 2006.


Dean Fielding attended the 2006 Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce and Economic Summit on Thursday, January 26. 


 Finance, Economics, and Accounting Department


Dr. Ronnie Clayton, as Executive Director of the Southern Finance Association, is directing the planning and administration of the Annual Meeting of the Association to be held November 15-18, 2006 at the San Destin Hilton Resort in Destin, Florida.  The meeting will bring approximately 250 Finance scholars from the United States and from around the world together to present their latest research.


Dr. Clayton, editor of Financial Decisions, a web-based academic journal continues to evaluate submitted manuscripts (approximately 50 in the past 12 months), select individuals to conduct blind reviews of the manuscripts and evaluate the reviews.


Dr. Clayton’s manuscript entitled “Debt and Equity Market Reaction to Employment Reports,” coauthored with Asim Ghosh, has been accepted for publication in the Review of Pacific Basin Financial Markets and Policies.  This journal is published by the World Scientific Press and is a very high quality journal.


Mr. Floyd Kirby, faculty advisor for the Student Accounting Association coordinated the Annual Student Accounting Association Banquet which was held on February 9.  The following awards were presented:


Northeast Chapter of ASCPA Scholarship: Katherine Czaja

Pearce Bevill Leesburg & Moore Scholarship: Brandy Faulkner

Robert Trathen Scholarship: 1st place – Katherine Czaja

Robert Trathen Scholarship: 2nd place   Brandee Moore and Shane Withey

Freeman Scholarship: Katherine Czaja

AL Society of CPA’s Outstanding Student Award: Shane Withey


Dr. Cynthia McCarty made a presentation to the Northeast Alabama Entrepreneurial Center on February 2 entitled “Economic Outlook for 2006.”


The Center for Business and Free Enterprise Education and Entrepreneurship received a grant from 3M, the EPA and the Georgia Council on Economic Education.  Part of these funds were used to send four teachers to a workshop in Atlanta entitled “Economics and the Environment” on January 26-27 for training.  The funds will also be used to sponsor two free workshops for area teachers.  Dr. McCarty is the director of the Center.


Dr. Chris Westley had an article accepted for publication in the Journal of Business and Economic Perspectives entitled “Why Health Costs Spiral: The Case of Emergency Department Regulation” (co-authored with Benjamin B. Boozer).


Dr. Westley had an article published in the February 19, 2006 edition of the Birmingham News entitled “Laws Shouldn’t Hinder Property Rights.”


Dr. Westley had an articled entitled “The Full Costs of FEMA” published in the November/December 2005 issue of JSU’s Center for Economic Development’s Economic Update.


Dr. Westley wrote two articles for the March/April 2006 edition Economic Update entitled “A Dixie Economist Goes North (And Likes It, Mostly)” and “Restricting Eminent Domain: First, Do No Harm.”


Dr. Rob Landry had an article published in the February 2006 edition of Rutgers Business Law Journal entitled “An Empirical Analysis of the Causes of Consumer Bankruptcy: Will Bankruptcy Reform Really Change Anything?”


Dr. Landry attended the Midwest Business Administration Association International 2006 Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois on March 15-17, 2006.  He presented his paper entitled “The New Big Chapter 13: Individual Chapter 11 Reorganizations after BAPCPA.”  This paper was published in the Proceedings of the Midwest Academy of Legal Studies in Business (2006).


 Department of Management and Marketing

Dr. Patricia Borstorff
Dr. Borstorff will present a paper, Virtual Teams: The Challenge of Effective
Communication, at the International Academy of E-Business Conference in
Orlando, FL on March 24, 2005. It is co-authored with Mr. Mike Featherstone 
and Mr. Stan Newton. This paper has been accepted for publication in the 
"E-Bix Review" for Spring 2006.


Dr. Richard Cobb

Dr. Cobb presented an article discussing the survey results on the market impact of the Very Light Jet industry to the Southeastern Decision Sciences Institute meeting at Wilmington N.C. Feb. 23th, 2006.


Dr. Kenneth W. H. Day

Dr. Day submitted a manuscript titled, “Differentiating Culture and the Environments in International Business Courses:  The Case in Marketing,” for publication in the Journal of Teaching of International Business.  Dr. Day presented a paper titled, “Distinguishing Course Content in International Business Courses,” to the 36th annual conference of the Southeast Decision Sciences Institute at Wilmington, N.C. on Thursday, Feb. 23, 2006.  To be published in their proceedings.


Mr. Mike Featherstone

Mr. Featherstone has submitted three articles for Publication:

A Methodology for Extracting Quasi-random Samples from World Wide Web Domains” by M. Featherstone, P. Borstorff, S. Adam, “Employing Simple Business Models in E-Commerce Education" by M. Featherstone, P. Borstorff, D. Palmer, and An Exploration of Indigenous Business Models of the World Wide Web” by M. Featherstone and P. Borstorff.


Mr. Featherstone will be presenting a paper entitled “Sampling the Internet” at the International Academy of E-Business” March 25, 2006 in Orlando, FL


Dr. Carl Gooding                  

Dr. Gooding served as program chairperson for the Beta Gamma Sigma Student Leadership Forum, February 9-12, 2006, San Diego, CA.


Dr. Gooding visited Queen’s University of Charlotte as AACSB accreditation advisor, Feb 2-4, 2006.  Dr. Gooding served as an invited panelist discussing, “Academic Street Smarts,” at the Annual meeting of Southeast Decision Science Institute, February24, 2006, Wilmington, NC


Dr. Joann Williams

Dr. Williams attended the Applied Assessment Conference sponsored by AACSB 
in Tampa FL.  The information disseminated in this conference will assist the 
college in developing its assessment program for AACSB accreditation.  
Dr. Williams arranged for W. Douglas Parker, CEO of U. S. Airways to speak 
with the students in MGT 535: Organization and Leadership regarding business 
leadership on March 9, 2006.  Dr. Williams arranged for the students in Mgt. 372 - 
Organization Dynamics to visit Honda on March 28th, 2006.  This trip will provide 
the students with the opportunity to see classroom concepts in action.


Center for Economic Development and Business Research (CED)

Small Business Development Center (SBDC)


Presentation to Gadsden State Community College’s (GSCC) Faculty & Staff Convocation


At the invitation of Alabama District 30 Representative Blaine Galliher, Mr. Pat Shaddix, Director, JSU CED addressed GSCC Faculty, Staff, and invited guests during its Convocation on January 4, in Wallace Hall on the Wallace Drive campus in Gadsden.  Mr. Shaddix spoke to attendees on the economic impact of GSCC on Gadsden and the surrounding area.


Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan Clinics


The JSU SBDC, partnering with the JSU CED, the U.S. SBA, and the Alabama Small Business Institute of Commerce participated in three SBA loan clinics.  The clinics were sponsored by local chambers of commerce.


The focus of the clinics was to provide information on small business loans for working capital requiring no collateral.  The program included group presentations and free technical assistance.  Business owners were required to be present in person to apply for loans, and to bring franchise agreements and other appropriate documentation with them.


During the clinic the Community Loan Express Program was explained to participants.  This non-traditional, unsecured financing program is sponsored by the U.S. SBA and offers entrepreneurs an excellent business loan opportunity to access working capital.  Business Loan Express (BLX) in Alabama is the approved lender for the program, and the JSU SBDC is a technical assistance provider.


Clinics were conducted at: the Talladega Chamber of Commerce on January 25, 2006;  the Pell City Chamber on February 23;  and at the Sylacauga Chamber on March 30.


Annual Meeting, The Chamber, Gadsden and Etowah County


The Director, JSU CED, with staff members of the JSU CED and SBDC attended the 2006 Annual Meeting of the Chamber, Gadsden and Etowah County on Friday evening, January 20.  The meeting was held in Gadsden’s Convention Center.


Annual Meeting and Economic Summit, Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce


The 2006 Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce and Economic Summit was attended by the Director CED and staff of the SBDC and CED on Thursday, January 2.  The Economic Summit was conducted in the Zannie Theater in the McClellan area of Anniston, and the Chamber Annual Meeting was held in the Buckner Arts and Exhibits Center in the same complex at McClellan.


A CCBA team presented the comprehensive Economic Summit information, which included an update on both the Calhoun County and State of Alabama economies.  Information presented to attendees was developed, in part, by a research team of the JSU CED.


2006 Economic Development Association of Alabama (EDAA) Winter Conference


A JSU CED staff member represented JSU at the 2006 EDAA Winter Conference held February 1 through 3.  The Ross Bridge Hotel Hoover/Birmingham in the Birmingham area was the conference location.


EDAA’s mission is to educate, network, and positively impact economic development in Alabama, following a vision to provide the leadership to help Alabama be the premier state in economic development.


On-Site Financial Examination, JSU SBDC


Mr. Reginald Teamer, Federal Examiner, U.S. SBA Office of Small Business Development Centers in Washington, D.C., conducted an on-site financial examination of the JSU SBDC on February 14.  Mr. Teamer’s audit revealed that the JSU SBDC is in compliance with all SBA financial policies.  Mr. Teamer reported that (1) financial and management data of the JSU SBDC has been reported accurately; (2) costs incurred and claimed for reimbursement were allowable and allocable; (3) JSU is in compliance with SBDC program policies, operating procedures, and applicable laws and regulations; and (4) the center is operating in an effective and efficient manner.  


Westinghouse Anniston Roundtable Meeting


JSU CED Associate Director Robbie Medders and other community leaders attended a Roundtable meeting sponsored by Westinghouse Anniston at the Anniston Outreach Office on February 15.  Westinghouse Group International holds the contract with the U.S. Army to build, operate, and dismantle the facility to destroy chemical weapons stored at the Anniston Army Depot.  Tim Garrett, Anniston Chemical Agent Disposal Facility Site Manager; and Robert Love, Project General Manager, delivered information on the disposal progress of the chemical stockpile and answered questions from Roundtable attendees. 


Southern Growth Policies Forum, Gadsden


A team from the JSU CED participated in the Southern Growth Policies Forum at the Joe Ford Center, Gadsden on February 15.  The forum was sponsored by JSU, Gadsden State Community College, and the East Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission (EARPDC). The EARPDC facilitated the forum. The session of strategic planning for economic development developed findings that will be forwarded to the Governor of Alabama.  Brainstorming session topics included education, workforce development, and commercial development in the area.                   


Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Association (AAMA) Quarterly Meeting


JSU CED personnel attended the AAMA Quarterly Meeting, on February 16 and 17, held in Mobile, Alabama at the Riverview Hotel.  The AAMA provides a forum for interaction among automotive companies in Alabama, to share information among its members and to provide an awareness of manufacturing trends, techniques, and concerns.


Leadership Etowah County Program


Dr. William Meehan, President, JSU; and Dr. William Fielding, Dean, JSU CCBA; and Mr. Pat Shaddix, Director CED gave a presentation to Leadership Etowah County on February 21.  The program was held on the campus of Gadsden State Community College (GSCC) in Gadsden, AL.


The subject of that meeting was education, thus providing an excellent opportunity for JSU presenters to represent the university.


Leadership Etowah County is a cooperative effort of GSCC and The Chamber, Gadsden and Etowah County.



Etowah County Growth Club


Mrs. Robbie Medders, Associate Director, JSU CED and Mr. Keith Lowe, JSU SBDC attended the Etowah County Growth Club, on February 28, 2006.  The meeting was held in the board room of The Chamber, Gadsden and Etowah County.


Mr. Lowe provided a presentation on SBA's financial assistance programs for new and existing small businesses in Etowah County.  Also included in the presentation was information on JSU SBDC business outreach programs.


Loan programs presented were:


Business Loan Express (BLX) programs up to $50,000


SBA 7(a) Guaranty Program


SBA 504 Certified Development Co (CDC) program


The Chamber, Gadsden and Etowah County Membership Breakfast


Mr. Pat Shaddix, Director, CED and a CED staff member attended the breakfast meeting on March 17, held at the Gadsden Senior Activity Center.


Guest speakers were members of the area’s state legislative delegation:  Senator Steve Means, Representative Craig Ford and Representative Blaine Galliher.





Dean’s Office


Dr. John Hammett presented ‘Windows of Opportunities’ at the American Association of College of Teacher Education in San Diego.


Dr. Cynthia Harper made a presentation at the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) 2006 Conference in San Diego, California, on January 31st.  The title was Highly Qualified Teacher Status:  Does It Really Improve Collaboration?


Dr. Cynthia Harper attended the Education Committee meeting at the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce in Anniston, Alabama on March 1, 2006.


Dr. Cynthia Harper served on the NCATE Review Committee for Birmingham Southern College March 4-8, 2006. 


Dr. Cynthia Harper presented information about the College of Education and Professional Studies to Leadership Calhoun County participants on March 16, 2006.


Dr. Cynthia Harper made a presentation at the 2006 National Council for Exceptional Children Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah April 5-8, 2006.


Dr. Cynthia Harper presented programs offered through the College of Education and Professional Studies to the Professional Women’s group at the Anniston Army Depot on April 13, 2006.


Department of Child Development Center


The JSU Child Development Center has an enrollment of 113 children ages six weeks through school age. We are currently taking enrollment for our summer camp program.    There are currently fifteen full time employees and 8 part time employees operating eight instructional classrooms.  The Center is opened 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Teachers conduct daily lesson plans and provide quality childcare to the community.


The Center is currently hosting the following J.S.U. practicum classes: Child Growth and Development 352 (approximately 32 students), Early Childhood Education 306 (approximately 4 students) and Family and Consumer Science 460 (3 students).  We are also offering two optional, extra curricular activities for our three and four year olds.  Ms. Sharon Carroza comes to the Center each Monday and holds basic computer classes. These classes are held in the computer lab.  Mrs. Stephanie Carroll of Carroll’s Gymnastics visits on Wednesdays and holds basic tumbling classes in our indoor play area.  Parents must enroll their children in these classes in order for them to participate.


Plans are ongoing in the Center’s efforts to become accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).  The NAEYC’s primary goal is to act on behalf of the needs and interests of young children by providing developmental and educational resources to adults who work with children from birth through age eight.  NAEYC accreditation has grown enormously since its inception and now involves thousands of early childhood schools and centers that represent the broad diversity of types of settings available for young children and their families.  The NAEYC accreditation is an effective strategy for improving program quality and identifying high quality programs for parents, families and policy makers. The NAEYC Commission is to convene at the end of March and announce their decision concerning our accreditation.


Under Dr. Meehan’s direction, a committee was formed to explore ways to identify budget savings for the Child Development Center.  The committee was chaired by Mr. Clint Carlson, Vice President for Administrative and Business Affairs.  After the committee completed its work, they reported, identified, and made recommendations to the President that will result in an estimated savings of approximately $400,494.83.  The President has approved these recommendations and these recommendations are currently being implemented.


Department of Communication


Exit interview is a regular activity in the Department of Communication—done prior each student graduation. Fall 2005 exit interview revealed that internship in the department is getting stronger as several interns are moving from internship to permanent jobs. Fifty-six percent of the department’s fall 2005 interns received permanent job offers from their internships. All job-offer recipients reported being elated not only because they were able to secure jobs before graduation, but also because the jobs they were offered are exactly what they wanted. Fifty percent of the remaining interns who did not get a job offer expressed a high likelihood of receiving a job offer within six months. 


The Department of Communication formed its Self Study committees at the close of fall 2005, and the committees have started looking at the accreditation standards of the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (ACEJMC) in preparation for its Self Study which begins in fall 2006. The department is also implementing its assessment data collection.


The 2006 Ayers Lecture Series took place on Wednesday, February 8, 2006.  The lecturer was Mr. Alberto Ibaguen, former editor of the Miami Herald, and current president and CEO of the Knight Foundation. The highlight of this year’s lecture was his (Ibarguen’s) donation of his honorarium to the Department of Communication for student scholarship.


Following the Ayers Lecture there was a national conference on Community Journalism sponsored and hosted by the Anniston Star in Anniston. The conference featured distinguished journalists—practitioners and educators/scholars from across the nation. The conference was well attended by both communication faculty and students. Dr. Kingsley O. Harbor, head of the Department of Communication at Jacksonville State University was among the panelists at the conference.


The department’s seminal newsletter—The Jacksonville Communicator—is currently ready for printing. The newsletter is directed at the department’s alumni and other friends of the department. As at now, the newsletter will be an annual publication, but the frequency might change over time.


The department will be holding its second annual Communication Advisory Board meeting tomorrow, March 16, 2006. The focus of the meeting will be on familiarizing Board members with departmental goals and discussing how to involve members in the process of achieving those goals.


Assistant professor, Mr. Jerry Chandler and Ms. Terasha King, the Ayers Chair of Broadcasting in the Communication Department, were guests on President Meehan’s daily program on WLJS 91.9 FM a few weeks ago. Respectively they discussed Asian media and the needs of broadcasting students as they prepare for the work force. Chandler teaches print and broadcast journalism while King teaches broadcasting.


Dr. Augustine Ihator, professor of public relations, presented a paper to the Behavioral Science Association in Las Vegas two weeks ago. His presentation dealt with international corporate communication.


Dr. Kingsley O. Harbor, head of the Communication Department completed a text book review on communication ethics for Allyn and Bacon about three weeks ago.


Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Dr. Gena Riley made a presentation to the Coosa Valley Elementary School faculty on January 4th.  The JSU In-Service Education Center sponsored this training session.  The topic was Math Testing for Elementary Grades.


Mrs. Sandra Sudduth attended the AEA Divisional Conference which was coordinated with the SAEA Spring Conference.  This meeting was held in Birmingham on January 21st.  She serves as the JSU faculty advisor for the Student Alabama Education Association (SAEA).


Kappa Delta Epsilon’s Fall Project, Heartline to Eastpark Elementary, has been completed.  Four large boxes containing over $500 worth of school uniforms, underwear, socks, belts, and basic school supplies were shipped to the Eastpark Elementary School in Mosspoint, Mississippi.  All of the items shipped were collected by KDE members as well as other education majors.  The school was heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina and also suffered severe fire damage in early December 2005.  Mrs. Phyllis Taylor and Dr. Gena Riley are JSU sponsors for this education organization.


Dr. Gena Riley made a presentation to the Anniston City School System, Grades K-2 teachers on January 30th.  The JSU In-Service Education Center sponsored this training session.  The topic was Exciting Ways to Teach Math.


Dr. Cynthia Harper, Dr. Nina King, and Mrs. Lynetta Owens made a presentation at the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) 2006 Conference in San Diego, California, on January 31st.  The title was Highly Qualified Teacher Status:  Does It Really Improve Collaboration?


Dr. Gena Riley and Dr. Dale Campbell made a presentation to the Anniston City School System, Grades 3-5 teachers on February 6th.  The JSU In-Service Education Center sponsored this training session.  The topic was Exciting Ways to Teach Math.


Dr. Patsy Lowry attended the 23rd Annual Academic Chairpersons Conference in Orlando, Florida on February 8th-10th.  Full attendance provided 13 hours of continuing education credit.


Dr. Dale Campbell made a presentation to the teachers in Grades K-2 within the Anniston City School System on February 13th.  The JSU In-Service Education Center sponsored this training session.  The topic was Additional Ways to Teach Math, Grades K-2.


Mrs. Sandra Sudduth represented JSU at the Spring Convention of the Future Teachers of Alabama which was held at the Auburn/Opelika Conference Center on February 17th-18th.  She provided information to the students in attendance concerning educational opportunities at JSU.


Dr. Larry Beard currently serves as Treasurer for the Alabama Federation Council for Exceptional Children (AFCEC) and President of the Teacher Education Division of AFCEC.  He also served as the Chair of the Registration Committee for the AFCEC Super Conference in Birmingham on February 23rd-25th.


Dr. Steve Armstrong attended the University Forum at the AFCEC Super Conference in Birmingham on February 23rd.  He was the representative from JSU.


Dr. Larry Beard made a presentation at the AFCEC Super Conference in Birmingham on February 24th.  The title was Assistive Technology and Ethics.


Dr. Teresa Gardner made a presentation at the AFCEC Super Conference in Birmingham on February 24th.  The title was Collaborating with Parents.


Dr. Aquilla Mims made a presentation (along with two of her undergraduate SPE students) at the AFCEC Super Conference in Birmingham on February 24th.  The title was Medical, Legal, & Ethical Aspects of Exceptional Education That All Teachers Should Know.


Dr. Gena Riley and Dr. Dale Campbell made a presentation to the teachers in Grades 3-5 within the Anniston City School System on February 27th.  The JSU In-Service Education Center sponsored this training session.  The topic was Additional Ways to Teach Math, Grades 3-5.


Department of Educational Resources


Drs. Nancy Fox, Kathleen Friery and Gordon Nelson made a presentation entitled Personality Traits and Learning Styles  - What does it have to do with Student Learning?  for Pleasant Valley High School teachers.


Dr. Isreal Eady along with Dr. Jan Wilson had a manuscript accepted for publication entitled:  Restructuring music’s role in the middle school curriculum.


Drs. Tommy Turner, Nancy Fox, Hayden Center and Jerry Kiser have published an article entitled:   Uniting Spirituality and Sexual Counseling:  Eastern Influences in the Family Journal:  Counseling and Therapy for Couples and Families.


Dr. Donna Herring presented at the 2006 America’s Choice National Conference in Los Angeles.  The title of her presentation was, “Instructional Coaching in the High School Mathematics Classroom”.


Dr. Hayden Center assisted a local mental health center in writing a “Student Drug-Testing” grant.  The grant was awarded and Dr. Center will assist with the evaluation of this effort.


Dr. Donna Herring attended training on Assisted Technology for Math Success.  She also attended the PRAXIS II session to set “cut scores” for technology education.


Dr. Hayden Center made a presentation entitled, “Pathways to Effective Programs & Positive Outcomes” for the Georgia Department of Human Resources Office of Prevention Services and Programs in Macon, GA.


Counselor Education faculty held their Counselor Education Advisory Committee meeting on February 24, 2006 at JSU.


Educational Administration faculty held their Educational Administration Committee meeting on February 27, 2006 at JSU.


Library Media held a banquet for area media specialists.  Denise Oliver with the Alabama State Department of Education was the guest speaker.


Dr. Gordon Nelson attended the Distance Learning & Outreach Technology Conference in Auburn.


Department of Family and Consumer Sciences


The Department of Family and Consumer Sciences is planning the annual Senior Reception to be held April 14, 2006.  This annual event honors seniors in the department.  Several Outstanding Student Awards will be presented as well as three departmental scholarships.


Dr. Tim Roberts, Ms. Robbie Boggs, Ms. Karen Nemeth participated in Preview Day on February 18. Mrs. Karen Nemeth, Dr. Debra Goodwin and Dr. Tom Phillips participated in the March 11 Preview Day.


Dr. Debra Goodwin, Dr. Tim Roberts attended the Alabama Dietetic Association Annual meeting at the Birmingham Civic Center March 15 – 17.  Dr. Debra Goodwin is a member of the Alabama Dietetic Association Scholarship Committee.  Several JSU students have applied for ALDA scholarships to be awarded at the ALDA meeting.  Alison Del Carmen, a JSU Dietetics student has been named Jacksonville State University’s ALDA Outstanding student.


Ms. Karen Nemeth and Dr. Tommy Phillips attended the Alabama Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Annual conference at Auburn University March 2-3.  Ms. Nemeth presided at the Awards Luncheon and serves on the Executive Committee.  Dr. Tommy Phillips participated in the Research, Creative Works and Innovative Teaching session.  His presentation was “Using Instructional CD-Rom’s to Deliver Parent

Education Materials.”


Ms. Sonya Jones, a Family and Consumer Sciences student was elected 2005-06 President of the Alabama Student Family and Consumer Sciences Association at the Annual meeting. 


Dr. Tim Roberts and his FCS 422, Foodservice Management class participated in a field trip to Samford University’s Sodexho foodservice facility on March 10.  This is a modern state-of-the-art foodservice facility.


Ms. Karen Nemeth attended a PRAXIS meeting in Montgomery January 17-18.  She participated in activities to assist in the setting of passing scores for the PRAXIS exam for teacher certification in the area of Family and Consumer Sciences.


Ms. Paula Napoli presented a workshop for parents and child care workers entitled “Discipline” at the Grace Episcopal Church in Anniston on January 23rd.


Ms. Robbie Boggs and a number of her Merchandising students attended the viewing of seasonal fashions at the AmericasMart in Atlanta, GA on January 27.


Ms. Karen Nemeth participated in the Spring Board meeting for Alabama Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences (ATFACS) at Lee High School in Huntsville, AL on January 31st.  Ms. Nemeth serves as the Higher Education Vice President.


Ms. Paula Napoli and a number of her Child Development students participated in an on-site visit of the Montessouri Program in Birmingham on January 31st


Ms. Karen Nemeth attended the Alabama Association of Family and Consumer Sciences board meeting in Birmingham, Al on February 2.


Dr. Tommy Phillips and a number of Family & Consumer Sciences Child Development students toured the Harris Early Learning Center in Birmingham, AL on February 10th.


Ms. Paula Napoli presented “Teachables from Trashables” at the Grace Episcopal Church in Anniston on February 6th.


Ms. Karen Nemeth attended the Academic Chairperson Conference in Orlando, FL February 7th through the 11th.


Department of Health, Physical Education & Recreation


Dr. William Hey published an article in the January edition of the HPP Journal: Use of body-mind-spirit dimensions for the development of a wellness behavior inventory for college students, Health Promotion Practice Journal, 7(1), 125-133.


The HPER Outstanding Alumni Committee chaired by Ms. Donna Hey recently announced the 2006-2007 recipients of the Outstanding Alumni Award.  Female – Ms. Linda Galloway – a 1966 from JSU in HPER. Male – Mr. E. C. Wilson - a 1949 from JSU in HPER. 


Dr. Willie Hey received the College/University Health Educator of the Year from the American Association of Health Education. 


Ms. Donna Hey served as a guest teacher at Wellborn High School for 12 contact hours.  She taught a dance unit that included, hip-hop and country line dances, and the waltz, swing, and cha-cha.


Dr. Roland Thornburg participated in the Standard Setting Process for the Praxis II Teacher Certification Examination for the use in the State of Alabama, in Montgomery, AL. 


Dr. Roland Thornburg presented at AACTE 2006 in San Diego, CA: Opening Windows of Opportunity: Orientation for Future Educators, with Dr. Kelly Ryan and Dr. John Hammett.


Dr. Roland Thornburg presented at Spring 2006 Student Teaching Seminar @ JSU: Interviewing and Resume Techniques for Beginning Professionals in Education.


Dr. Jeff Chandler attended the National Strength and Conditioning Association Sport Specific Conditioning Symposium in Dallas, TX. 


Mr. Jim McLaughlin, Ms. Gina Mabry, and Dr. Jeff Chandler attended the Southeast American College of Sports Medicine regional meeting in Charlotte, NC, February 9-11.  At the conference, they attended a workshop on a new accreditation for exercise science programs through CAAHEP, the Committee on Accreditation for Exercise Science. 


Dr. Jeff Chandler was co-presenter of the following poster presentation at Southeast American College of Sports Medicine in Charlotte, NC:  EXCESS POSTEXERCISE OXYGEN CONSUMPTION AND INTERVAL TRAINING


Ms. Gina Mabrey's PE 441 - Design of Wellness Programs class assisted Jacksonville High School's health class with a blood drive. 

Dr. Willie Hey, Ms. Donna Hey and Ms. Gina Mabrey attended the Southern District American Alliance of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance conference in Virginia Beach, VA March 2- 5.  Donna and Gina presented a workshop at the conference, “Banding Together for Rhythm”.


Ms. Donna Hey attended the ASAPHERD meeting in Clanton to plan the 2006 Spring Conference in April.


Ms. Donna Hey visited counselors at 10 area schools and gave them CEPS brochure packets for preview day for prospective students for the New Student Population Committee.


Mr. Kory Hill successfully defended his dissertation and will receive his doctorate in the spring semester of 2006. 


Ms. Donna Hey presented a "Yoga for Specific Sports" workshop in Montgomery at a Southern District AAHPERD conference. 


Dr. Glenn Roswal presented at the 2006 International Symposium for the Professional Tennis Registry; “Inspire Greatness - Develop a Special Olympics Program”. 


Dr. Glenn Roswal served as tournament director Southeast Region USA Tennis Tournament for Special Olympics in Hilton Head Island, SC. 


Dr. Glenn Roswal organized a work day for JSU HPER students at Camp ASCCA.

Department of Instructional Services


Faculty/staff accomplishments:  Mr. Mike Zenanko edited the “Passport to Success: Annual report of CE&PS” for the sixth year. Four thousand of these booklets were printed. Mr. Zenanko has edited and published three newsletters for the Jacksonville State University Chapter #0116 of PDK. Mr. Zenanko has also edited three newsletters for the Association for the Tutoring Profession. He has edited and composed the ATP’s National Conference Program. 


The Learning Resource Center has improved holding information with the help of Houston Cole Library staff. A new 8“Ellison die of the JSU Gamecock has been added to the LRC collection of graphic dies. Mrs. Penny Lane has worked to update the descriptions of LRC holdings. Mrs. Lane has completed a training course on Athena, the library’s software.


During the spring semester, The Teaching/Learning Center had 198 tutors working with 164 community children.  A total of 1,980 hours of free tutoring is being provided.


Mr. Stan Cates, the MIL technician has installed a Symposium, LCD Projector and a computer in HPER. Mr. Cates is working on installation of two copiers that JSU students can use and pay for copies with their JSU print accounts.

Department of Secondary Education

The faculty has advised students for the Spring 2006 semester as follows: 483 students advised by eight faculty, averaging 60 students per faculty member.


Interviews conducted for admissions into the Teacher Education Program during the Fall 2005 semester total as follows: 53 undergraduates, 21 graduates       Total:  74 students


Dr. Jordan Barkley provided eight hours of instructional service to a 6th grade English class at Opelika Middle School.  His topics were grammar, writing, and journalism.


Dr. Jan Wilson, Dr. Carol Uline, Dr. Charles Notar, and Dr. Denise Richardson completed external evaluations for the federally funded PT3 technology grant in Dalton, Georgia.


Dr. Jan Wilson, along with Dr. Jan Case of the Mathematics, Computing and Information Science Department, completed follow-up classroom visits for the in-service teachers at Jacksonville High School who participated in the EMCAT grant, which was funded by the Alabama Commission on Higher Education.


Dr. Jordan Barkley and Dr. Denise Richardson presented at the regional NACADA conference at Georgia State University, March 6, 2006.


Dr. Jan Wilson and Dr. Jan Case presented at the ICRSME International conference in Nassau, Bahamas, March 8-12, 2006.  The topic was “Exploring Mathematical Concepts Through Application of Technology”.


Dr. Charlie Notar and Dr. Denise Richardson attended a workshop addressing assessment, held at Marion Military Institute, Marion, Alabama.

Department of the Teacher Service Center


Dr. Kelly Ryan presented ‘Windows of Opportunities’ at the American Association of College of Teacher Education in San Diego.


Dr. Kelly Ryan served as a judge for the Alabama District Three Teacher of the Year Committee.


Dr. Kelly Ryan completed his two year appointment as Omicron Delta Kappa’a Southeastern Province Director and attended the National Convention in Washington, DC.


Dr. Kelly Ryan served as a NCATE accreditation consultant for Faulkner University and served on a review team for Talladega College.


The JSU Teacher Hall of Fame Committee reviewed 66 applications and scheduled 15 follow-up interviews.

Department of Technology & Engineering


The departmental self-study has been submitted to the National Association of Industrial Technology.  The accreditation team will be on-campus from April 19-21, 2006. 


Dr. Noureddine Bekhouche presented at the 2006 American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) conference in San Antonio, TX in January 2006.  His presentation was “A Comparison between Transfer and Non-transfer Electronics Students.”


Department of TV Services

Started work on three new commercials for the “American Cancer Society Relay for Life 2006” campaign.  One commercial will be to ask for sponsorship, one will be to promote the event itself, and one will be a thank you type ad after the event.  Relay for Life is an annual fund-raising       event.  The totals will be announced on the night of the Relay celebration in May.  The first of the three, “I Relay For…” is now airing on Cable One and TV24.

Completed a video for JSU Baseball Head Coach Mr. Jim Case. Coach Case requested TV-Services shoot and edit a program concerning baseball drills.  This presentation will be used by the coach in future seminars and clinics where he will be speaking.

The Spring commercial for Continuing Education is airing on Cable One and TV24.

TV Services inventoried all of the new Canon XL 2 video cameras.  Mr. Keith Thomas and Mr. Ted White instructed Ms. Terasha King’s Communication classes on the use of the new video cameras.  These five cameras are now being checked out and used by the Communication Department.

The English Language Institute video is approved.  This program will be used at international seminars and for recruiting purposes.  The first showing will be at a seminar in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  One thousand copies of the program are scheduled to be made.

Television Services taped a speech by Dr. Rod Paige.  Dr. Paige was the former secretary of the U.S. Department of Education from 2001 – 2005.       


Television Services met with the staff of Admissions to make plans for revising the current JSU Recruiting video, brainstorming about the next recruiting video, and discussing ideas for new JSU commercials.

Taped the Ayers Lecture featuring Mr. Alberto Ibarguen.  Mr. Ibarguen is the current President and CEO of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

Taped Nursing presentations for Ms. Becky Bertalan’s NU 422 class. Students were graded according to how well they presented themselves in public and in front of a camera.

Edited a video for the Softball Alumni Banquet.


Mr. Michael Edwards has been instructing Ms. Terasha  King’s Communication classes on how to use the new Final Cut Pro Editing systems. 






Faculty/staff accomplishments:   Dr. Franklin King, Ms. Sherri Restauri, and Mr. Mark Camp attended the Perfecting the New Paradigm II: Best Practices in Distance Education conference at Auburn University Conference Center, Montgomery, Alabama, March 2-3, 2006.


The Office of Distance Education participated in the February and March 2006 Preview Days at JSU.


Organizational items:


The Office of Distance Education has restructured its Blackboard Course Management Workshop series.  There are now 4 levels of workshops, each lasting approximately 3 ½ hours. These workshops now include:


  • Level I – Basic Content & Navigation,
  • Level II - Advanced Content,
  • Level III – Communication and Student Management Tools, and
  • Level IV – Assessment


The new structure reflects Office efforts to better serve faculty and staff while presenting continually improved tools and supplemental information that coincide with the upgrades on the Bb system. 


An Introductory Blackboard Training Workshop was conducted on January 26, 2006.  A Blackboard Level II – Advanced Content workshop was also held on Tuesday, February 14, 2006 from 13:00 – 16:30.  A Blackboard Level lII – Communication and Student Management Tools workshop was held on March 9, 2005 from 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm. A Blackboard Level IV Assessment workshop was conducted on March 30, 2006 from 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm. Faculty completing each workshop received a certificate indicating their expertise in the specific areas of Blackboard covered in the session.


Improvements to Blackboard included:


Implemented a Virtual Private Network connection between the JSU network and the Bb Application Service Provider environment to encrypt sensitive data communications.


Installed and configured snapshot integration tools on the JSU network and verified, secure connectivity between the integration tools and the hosted Bb Learning System.


Provided JSU staff with direction for creating, managing and interpreting JSU-Specific reports.


In addition, Blackboard was upgraded to Version 7.  Many instructor-requested tools were added into the system, including the following areas:


Adaptive Release:  allows instructor to control on an individual-student basis what portions of a site are available, for example, based on prior quiz performance.


Blackboard Quick Tutorials:  animated tutorials integrated into the Bb system for instructors on important content creation and student management techniques.


Advanced Assessment Questions:  a completely revamped online quiz implementation featuring several new types of questions, such as “calculated formula,” “file upload,””hotspot,””likert scale,” and more.


Blackboard Backpack:  allows downloading of content from Bb to PC, enabling offline access to Bb content, announcements, calendar, and tasks.


Additional enhancements, such as Multilingual Support (including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, and more), Performance Dashboard, and Review Status.


An upgrade to Blackboard Enterprise Version 7.1 is anticipated in the near future. This enhancement is currently being evaluated by the Office of Distance Education staff on the Blackboard test served hosted by the Blackboard office. Enhancements in this upgrade will allow improved communication and grading capabilities in the asynchronous discussion board tool, strengthened student assessment capabilities in terms of practice tests and multiple attempts as well as feedback specializations, and much more.


Individual training sessions between the Instructional Media Specialist and Distance Education staff members with faculty interested in the Blackboard system, instructional design issues, course construction, and other pertinent instructional technology concerns were offered during the reporting period. The Instructional Technology & Design Laboratory continued to be used extensively by faculty members, in conjunction with the Distance Education staff, for one-on-one training on Blackboard, as well as instructional design and instructional technology assistance.


The Office of Distance Education remains excited as the county-wide fiber optic project continues to progress.  The applications for fiber and the resultant educational opportunities are apparent.


A number of innovate software programs are currently being evaluated for consideration by the Office of Distance Education. These include:


  • Respondus Lock-Down Browser Beta-Test: This browser is compatible with the Blackboard Course Management System. Respondus works by locking down the testing environment inside of Blackboard so that, while testing, students are unable to print, copy, travel to other URLs, or access other applications. This lockdown works until the student has submitted his or her test. Beta-testing on this product has been approved, and will begin April 3, 2006 and run through July 31, 2006. All faculty members using Respondus for test deployment will be offered the opportunity to test out the Respondus Lock-Down Browser. Based on feedback from faculty and intensive review of the software’s capabilities by the Office of Distance Education, a decision to purchase this software will be determined at that time.


  • ePortaro: an ePortfolio (online portfolio) that is compatible with Blackboard.  It would give professors the ability to create course templates for students to create online portfolios related to each specific area of study while allowing students the security of choosing who is allowed to view or visit their portfolio.  This tool is being evaluated by the Office of Distance Education for consideration of adoption to augment the Blackboard system and meet the problem-based and anecdotal-evaluation needs of instructors and students across campus.


  • iTunes U: a free, hosted, service for colleges and universities that provides easy

access to educational content, including lectures and interviews. Through this service, college professors can post lectures for students to download onto their handheld iPods (a brand of portable digital media player designed and marketed by Apple Computer). If selected as an iTunes University participant, JSU instructors would be allowed to post audio and video “podcasts”, and JSU students and faculty would be able to download these files at their convenience.


Spring 2006 Distance Learning Course and Enrollment Data – Revised 02/02/06





Course Sections



Bb Online (includes STEP)


2,530 (1,677 unique students)

Other Online


119 (87 unique students)

All Online (Bb, Other, STEP)


2,649 (1,706 unique students)


33 ( 5 courses)

168 (149 unique students)



130 (128 unique students)


Overall student count:  The above represents 2,947 enrollments in all DL formats, and 1,903 unique students in all DL formats.


Bb Supplements:  329 Blackboard courses, with 8,096 student enrollments (representing 4,004 unique students).


Bb Workshops:  Approx. 8 to 13, with approx. 50 to 100 users. 






Continuing Education


As of March 1, 2006, the Office of Continuing Education conducted 145 classes with 1816 students generating 16,288 contact hours of educational activities.


On February 22, 2006, The Office of Continuing Education, in partnership with the East Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission, conducted a workshop entitled, “The ABC’s of Economic Development.”  John Paradise from the State of Alabama Revenue Department and David Echols from the Alabama Development Office conducted this seminar directed toward community leaders to encourage them to use the services offered through the State to encourage businesses to relocate in the area. 


On October 19, the Office of Continuing Education, in partnership with the Retired and Senior Volunteer program and the National Community Service Foundation conducted a training session for RSVP Centers to learn to develop their own websites.  As a result of this session, all 15 participants were able to create and publish their center’s website.


Business and Industry customized computer training was conducted for Dixie Pacific, Regional Medical Center, and the Town of Lincoln.  Wellborn Cabinet, after completing its first year of Supervisory training, started another 57 hour training session for supervisors in 2006.  It is to be completed in November, 2006.


On February 17, the Office of Continuing Education worked with the JSU Athletic Department in handling registrations for the Annual Coaches Clinic.  It was attended by 54 participants.


On February 17, 2006, the JSU Auctioneer School began its 85 hour school with eight enrollees.  It was completed on February 26 when all eight students graduated.  The successful completion of the school enables them to take the State of Alabama Auctioneer test so that they can be an apprentice auctioneer. On February 25, the students conducted an auction for the Jacksonville Christian Outreach Center bringing in $2,600 used for assisting needy families in the Jacksonville Community.


UPACE, the University Partnership for Alabama Continuing Education, continues to offer certificate programs for the Association of County Administrators, Association of County Engineers, County Revenue Officers Association of Alabama, and the Alabama Association of 911 Districts. Participating in the program at this time are 198 County Administrators, 116 County Engineers, 103 Revenue Officers, and 81, E911 administrators. 


On January 18, 19, the UPACE partnership conducted two training sessions in Montgomery for county administrators on “General Management and Supervision,” and for county engineers, Purchasing and Equipment Management.”


The UPACE partnership also continues to offer the Certified Law Enforcement Executive Program.  On January 19, 20 the New Chiefs Development Seminar was conducted in Montgomery with 38 attendees.  On February 23, a training session on Harassment, Racial Profiling, and Discrimination was conducted in Montgomery at the Association of Chiefs of Police Conference for which 223 police chiefs participated and took tests to participate in the certificate program. At this time, there are 696 participants in the CLEEP program.


In-Service Center


The In-Service Center has provided a series of eight Math Training Workshops for Anniston City Schools during the months of January and February.  The sessions were attended by every teacher of math within the school system.  They were taught by Dr. Jan Case and Dr. Gina Riley.


On January 10-13, 2006, the In-Service Center facilitated a Science Textbook Expo for the Textbook Committees within the JSU region to select Science textbooks for adoption.  Twenty textbook publishers displayed their materials and over 250 teachers attended from the 15 school systems served by JSU.  The Expo was held at JSU, McClellan.


In January, February, and March, the In-Service Center participated with the Alabama Department of Education in monthly School Improvement Training Sessions for Anniston City Schools, Etowah County Schools, and Gadsden City Schools.  These sessions were held jointly with other systems from the Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Montevallo areas.


On January 26, 2006, the In-Service Center co-sponsored a conference with the Alabama 6th District Elementary Principals' Association at the Gamecock Center.  Over 40 Elementary principals from 15 school systems were present to hear Dr. Marsha Tate, from Conyers, Georgia, provide a session that helps principals improve presentation techniques.


On February 16-17, 2006, the In-Service Center hosted the Alabama Council of Regional In-service Directors at JSU McClellan.  In-service Directors and staff members from the 11 Regional Centers came to McClellan for this quarterly meeting.


On March 6-7, 2006, Jacksonville State University sent representatives from the In-Service Center and the Alabama Science, Math, Technology Initiative (AMSTI) to the Governor's Conference on Math and Science at Ross Bridges Hotel in Birmingham.   The AMSTI project was showcased at this Conference for Educators, Politicians, and Business and Industry.




Wireless Internet access was installed throughout the library.


The Jacksonville Republican, 1837-1895, was digitized and placed on a server so it can be accessed online through the library catalog.


Two new photocopiers were placed in the lobby and on the second floor.  Both photocopiers employ debit card readers.


Mr. Noah Cleveland was named JSU Employee of the Year at the 2005 Staff Appreciation Luncheon.


Ms. Sonja McAbee received the Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Alabama School of Library and Information Studies.


In a library reorganization, Mr. John-Bauer Graham was promoted to Head of Public Services and Ms. Sonja McAbee was reassigned as Head of Technical Services.


Ms. Paula Barnett-Ellis and Ms. Hanrong Wang were awarded tenure and were promoted to the rank of Associate Professor effective October 1, 2006.


Ms. Laurie Charnigo presented “From Library Instruction to Finished Paper:  Tracking Education Students’ Awareness and Use of Information Sources” at the Georgia Conference of Information Literacy in Statesboro.


Ms. Hanrong Wang presented “A Proposed Collection Analysis Model for the China-US Million Book Digital Library” at the 1st International Conference on Universal Digital Library (ICUDL, 2005) in Hangzhou, China.


Mr. John-Bauer Graham refereed five manuscripts for the Journal of Academic Librarianship.


Mr. John-Bauer Graham was invited to contribute a chapter, “A Comparison of an Online and a CD-ROM Library Tutorial” in the Neal-Schuman book, Your Class Meets Where?  Library Instruction for Off-Campus Students.


Mr. Harry Nuttall submitted four author profiles for This Goodly Land – An Online Literary Map of Alabama.


Ms. Hanrong Wang published A Proposed Collection Analysis Model for the China-US Million Book Digital Library” in the Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Universal Digital Library, co-authored with William Hubbard.


Mr. John Bauer-Graham and Ms. Bethany Skaggs submitted a photograph of Houston Cole Library that graced the cover of the November 2005, issue of the journal Choice as shown below.

Ms. Jodi Poe published a review of E. H. Net Encyclopedia of Economic and Business History in Reference Reviews, 2005 (V. 19, no. 8) p. 24.


Ms. Bethany Skaggs published a review of The Historical Dictionary of Turkmenistan in Reference Reviews, 2005 (Vol. 19, no. 7) p. 65.


Ms. Bethany Skaggs published a review of Celt (Corpus of Electronic Texts):  The Online Resource for Irish History, Literature, and Politics in Reference Review, 2005 (Vol. 19, no. 7) p. 62.


Ms. Bethany Skaggs published a review of Documenting the American South (DocSouth) in Reference Review, 2005 (Vol. 19, no. 6) p. 53-54.


Ms. Bethany Skaggs published a review of The Concise Encyclopedia of the Revolutions and Wars of England, Scotland, and Ireland in Reference Review, 2005 (Vol. 19, no. 6) p. 52-53.


Ms. Bethany Skaggs published a review of The First Vial in Historical Novels Review, 2005 (V. 34) p. 19.


Ms. Bethany Skaggs published a review of What Lies Buried in Historical Novels Review, 2005 (V. 34) p. 22.


Ms. Bethany Skaggs published a review of The Jungle Law in Historical Novels Review, 2005, (V. 34) p. 28.


Ms. Jodi Poe completed the online course, Advanced Adobe Photoshop.


Ms. Jodi Poe participated in a web-based discussion on “Teaching the Millennials” presented by the Chronicle of Higher Education.


Ms. Mary Bevis and Ms. Bethany Skaggs attended a workshop on “Millennials in the Library:  Today’s Student Library Workers” in Montgomery.


Ms. Jodi Poe completed an online course, “Advanced Microsoft Publisher 2003” at the HP Learning Center.


Ms. Jodi Poe completed an online course, “How to Give a Great Presentation” at the HP Learning Center.


Ms. Jodi Poe completed an online course “E-Reserves and Copyright” as part of the 2005/2006 UMUC Intellectual Property in Academic Workshop Series.


Ms. Jodi Poe and Ms. Kim Stevens attended the Endeavor Meridian Webinar, Take Control of Your Electronic Resources Part I:  Introduction to Electronic Resource Management.”


Ms. Jodi Poe, Ms. Bethany Skaggs, and Ms. Kim Stevens attended Endeavor Meridian Webinar “Take Control of Your Electronic Resources Part II:  Seeing is Believing – Meridian in Action.”


Ms. Jodi Poe attended web-based and telephone training for “Take Control of Your Electronic Resources Part III:  Getting Your Library Ready for ERM.”


Ms. Linda Cain, Ms. Mary Bevis, Ms. Paula Barnett-Ellis, Mr. John Graham, Ms. Laurie Charnigo, Mr. Doug Taylor, Ms. Kim Stevens, and Ms. Bethany Skaggs attended Science Direct training.


Ms. Bethany Skaggs and Ms. Paula Barnett-Ellis attended the “CUS Workshop:  Metadata” in Birmingham.


Ms. Bethany Skaggs and Ms. Jodi Poe attended the 2nd Annual Blackboard Showcase JSU.


Ms. Hanrong Wang attended “Central Search” from Serials Solutions.


Ms. Paula Barnett-Ellis attended the Alabama Health Libraries Association Annual Meeting.


Ms. Kim Stevens, Ms. Bethany Skaggs, Ms. Jodi Poe, and Mr. John Graham attended the Emerging Technology Showcase at the University of Montevallo.


Ms. Jodi Poe completed the online course “Web Programming Basics with Java Script” at the HP Learning Center.


Ms. Joe Poe attended the archived presentation of the webcast “eBooks Take the Ivory Tower” presented by Library Journal.


Ms. Paula Barnett-Ellis attended the ACRL College Libraries Section Research for College Librarianship Committee mid-winter virtual meeting via Blackboard.


Ms. Paula Barnett-Ellis attended the ACRL web-based seminar “Assessing Student Learning Outcomes.”


Ms. Jodi Poe participated in web-based training on “CINAHL Database with Full-Text/ProQuest Nursing Journals.”


Dr. George Whitesel and Ms. Jodi Poe participated in web-based training on “Criminal Justice Periodical Index by ProQuest.”


Ms. Jodi Poe participated in web-based training for Books in Print presented by R. R. Bowker.


Ms. Jodi Poe participated in web-based training for MetaPress Administration presented by Springer.


Ms. Hanrong Wang attended LexisNexis Congressional Research Service Digital Collection training.


Ms. Mary Bevis, Mr. Harry Nuttall, Mr. Doug Taylor, Ms. Joe Poe, Ms. Hanrong Wang, and Mr. John Graham attended a WestLaw new product demonstration.


Ms. Paula Barnett-Ellis participated in a live webcast “Shifting the Balance:  Faculty –Led Information Literacy Instruction” sponsored by the Association of College and Research Libraries.


Ms. Bethany Skaggs attended the Depository Libraries’ Meeting in Montgomery.


Ms. Jodi Poe participated in an online course “Macromedia Dreamweaver 8” at the HP Learning Center.


Ms. Kim Stevens, Ms. Mary Bevis, Mr. Harry Nuttall, Ms. Bethany Skaggs, Ms. Hanrong Wang, Ms. Jodi Poe, and Ms. Paul Barnett-Ellis attended an Emerald MCB Database training session.


Ms. Hanrong Wang attended the Lexis/Nexis Congressional Research Service’s New Interface training session.


Ms. Jodi Poe and Ms. Paula Barnett-Ellis attended the Blackboard 7 Updates Workshop.






Enrollment in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS) has increased 66% in the last 5 years; faculty and professional staff have increased 50% (see table below).  The traditional undergraduate BSN program is filled to capacity, but the RN to BSN program (STEP) and the MSN programs continue to grow.  The STEP and MSN programs are completely online and because these students are licensed RNs, the only limit to enrollment is sufficient qualified faculty.  Recruitment visits for the STEP and MSN programs were recently made to the following community colleges:  Wallace State, Gadsden State, Northeast Alabama, and Coosa Valley.  The VA Hospital in Birmingham was also visited in March.


Fall 2001

Fall 2002

Fall 2003

Fall 2004

Fall 2005

Spring 2006

Generic: 174



Total: 210


Staff: 16

Generic: 189

STEP: 11

MSN:  24

Total:  224

Faculty/Prof Staff:  17


STEP: 12

MSN: 20

Total:  226

Faculty/Prof Staff: 18

Generic: 202


MSN:  29

Total: 240

Faculty/Prof Staff: 19

Generic: 244 

STEP: 54

MSN: 36

Total:  334

Faculty/Prof Staff:  21

Generic: 252 

STEP: 69

MSN: 28

Total:  349

Faculty/Prof Staff: 24

Faculty/Professional Staff includes full time clinical associate (s) & dean.


Substantive revisions in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences (CNHS) curriculum were approved for fall 2006 implementation by the JSU Curriculum Committee and Dr. Rebecca O. Turner, Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.  The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Essentials for Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nurses, the American Nurses Association (ANA) Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice, and the NCLEX-RN Test Plan were critically evaluated and provided the framework for the curriculum changes. Curricular changes designed to improve outcomes include:  increasing pharmacology content and labs, adding a new course, NU 455 Transition to Professional Nursing, and increasing the practicum hours from 80 to 240.  The upper division will increase from 4 semesters to 5, but the semester hours required for a BSN will remain 129.  The new curriculum is outlined in the revised BSN brochure published in January 2006.


The Nursing Alumni News was circulated in early spring.  Events that were highlighted included the CNHS faculty and student trip to New Orleans for recovery efforts after Hurricane Katrina, CNHS participation in the Sickle Cell Walk-A-Thon, Stringfellow Hospital’s financial support for a CNHS nursing student to participate in the National Student Nurses Association national convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, and faculty involvement in scholarly activities.


Dr. Barbara Broome, Associate Dean and Chair Community/Mental Health, University of South Alabama, conducted a day-long seminar for faculty on March 30, 2006.  Dr. Broome has extensive experience in integrating cultural diversity into nursing curricular and serves as a consultant to the CNHS for the Recruitment and Retention of Diverse Populations project.


Dr. Deborah Curry was invited to present her scholarly work with mentoring African-American faculty at the Oxford Education Round Table, March 11-18, 2006, London, England.


Mrs. Amanda Bonds, full time Clinical Associate, will present the poster “The Greatest Generation:  Gerontological Sensitivity Training for the Classroom and Beyond” at the Villanova University’s conference Nursing Education on the Move:  Technology, Creativity and Innovation.  Ms. Lynn Hillhouse, Instructor, and Ms. Mendy Wright, Instructor co-authored the presentation with Ms. Bonds.


Each year the CNHS recognizes a “Lamplighter Award” recipient at the Alabama League for Nursing annual meeting.  This year’s CNHS recipient was Ms. Lynn Hillhouse, Instructor.  Ms. Hillhouse was recognized on March 16, 2006 for her work with Senior RX and for recovery efforts after Hurricane Katrina.


The annual Elizabeth A Morris Clinical Education Sessions-FACES is the largest and most prestigious nursing conference in Alabama.  The April 25, 2006 conference in Montgomery, AL featured CNHS faculty with the following presentations:


·        Ms. Shannon Morrison, Instructor, Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 in Adolescence:  A Family Affair

·        Ms. Amanda Bonds, Clinical Associate, and Ms. Shawn Wilson, Instructor, From Diagnosis of Hepatitis C to the Organ Transplant Process

·        Ms. Kristi Beam, Instructor and Ms. Sumer Gaymon Buckner, At a Point of No Return:  A Look at Teen Suicide

·        Ms. Sherron DeWeese, Instructor, Somewhere Over the Rainbow:  An Examination of Trends in Teen Behavior

·        Ms. Mendy Wright, Instructor, Take a Walk in My Shoes…A Day in the Life of a Disabled Senior (poster presentation)


NU 426 Community Health Across the Lifespan faculty Ms. Lynn Hillhouse, Ms. Carrie Elkins, and Ms. Shawn Wilson collaborated with Ms. Sabrina Foster of the East Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission to offer assistance to senior citizens in applying for Medicare D options.  Senior nursing students enrolled in NU 426 assisted senior citizens in the CNHS computer lab as they navigated the complex system of registering and selecting Medicare benefits.


The BSN Advisory Council is comprised of CNHS faculty/professional staff and representatives from healthcare agencies that provide clinical experiences for CNHS baccalaureate students.  The BSN Advisory Council provides a mechanism for communication/collaboration between nursing education and nursing service.  Clinical agencies are afforded an opportunity to provide updates on changes in healthcare, to have input into the CNHS nursing curriculum, and CNHS faculty provide feedback to the agencies.  The BSN Advisory Council met February 10, 2006 in the JSU library.  Thirty five members of the Council reviewed the new CNHS curriculum and identified critical concepts for inclusion in the new course NU 455 Transition to Professional Nursing.


In December, 2005, the Alabama Commission on Higher Education (ACHE) approved a new Master of Science in Nursing program at the University of North Alabama (UNA).  One component of UNA’s MSN program is that UNA students will take up to four courses through the JSU CNHS MSN program.  Collaboration continues between the CNHS and UNA graduate faculty.  A Letter of Agreement between UNA and JSU has been drafted. JSU courses that UNA MSN students may take include:


·              NU 442G  Transcultural Nursing and Healthcare

·              NU 534 Statistics and Data Management

·              NU 550 Developing Instruction Programs in Collegiate Nursing Education

·              NU 551 Teaching, Leaning, and Evaluation in Collegiate Nursing Programs





 Department of Military Science


The Department initiated a broad campaign to market JSU as a “Premier Officer Training Environment” that develops leaders for both the active and reserve components of the United States Army.  The Army’s Senior ROTC program, combined with superb facilities, tremendous support from the University and its alumni, and degree opportunities ranked as “the best value in higher education” in the state, make for a combination that is unmatched for aspiring Army Officers in the southeast.


In the past quarter, the department published a new website ( to market this message to our online audience.  ROTC faculty have actively recruited Army Soldiers for the University through a network of hundreds of ROTC alumni currently serving across the globe.  Lieutenant Colonel Hester, Professor of Military Science, personally addressed more than 820 high school students in Alabama and Georgia marketing JSU, Army ROTC, officer career opportunities, as well as opportunities for tuition assistance.


The University has commissioned 10 Army Officers to date for 2006 and projects commissioning a total of 22 officers; 5 officers (29%) more than the University’s Army mission of 17 officers for the year.


Highlights for the quarter include a January military ball, a February orienteering meet in which Gamecock cadets placed 2d among 45 teams that competed, and a March ROTC alumni scholarship board that selected 10 top cadets to receive $10,000 in scholarships raised by Army ROTC alumni.  The quarter culminated with a March training exercise on Fort McClellan in which the ROTC Department hosted more than 300 cadets from 7 universities to hone their skills in leadership, land navigation, and tactical training. 





Student Life


Freshman Forum


Freshman Forum has had an extremely successful 2006 spring semester by completing various service projects including Project Valentine.  This project was composed of gathering and taking donations of used cell phones that will be distributed to patients waiting for organ transplants.  This year they collected over 100 cell phones that will be distributed to local hospitals.  They concluded Project Valentine by having the founder of Project Valentine and JSU Alumnus, Mr. Kel Kelley, come to speak to Freshman Forum. 

These students also completed the INSPIRE (Involving Necessary Student Participation in Realistic Experiences) program where they travel to local high schools to inform students about the differences between high school and college leadership and the transition from high school to college.  These visits also allowed the students to tell about their experiences and involvement here at JSU.  This year we reached out to more than 500 students at 6 local high schools.

Freshman Forum also held a mixer with the SGA Student Senate for Valentine's Day where they made hand-made Valentine's to give to underprivileged children.  JSU Freshman Forum worked with Concern for Children, a division of United Way, to distribute these Valentine's Day cards and candy to children at Cobb Elementary School in Anniston. 


Student Government Association/Multicultural Programming

The SGA kicked off the spring semester with Dr. Martin Luther King Week.  This week spotlighted several successful events on campus.


To kick off Black History Month 2006, the SGA sponsored its first event on January 31, 2006. This event was a combination coffeehouse, jazz music, and spoken word. Galen Abdur-Razzaq with Flute Juice Production supplied the entertainment and background music for those willing students anxious to demonstrate their poetic abilities. The next audience participation event held was “Hollywood Showdown Game Show.” It consisted of black history trivial questions, and the winners received door prizes. The SGA movie shown in honor of Black History Month was “The Gospel.” The closing event was the Soul Food Banquet. This year’s theme was “A Night of Music.” A host of local musical talent from the Calhoun County area provided the entertainment. We were serenaded by JSU student Michael McDonald, local gospel quartet, “Praise” accompanied by the praise dance group “Proverbs.” The JSU Gospel Choir under the direction of Dr. Myrtice Collins continued their tradition of performing for the event as well.


 March found the Student Government Association busy finalizing plans to go to Montgomery, Alabama for the Higher Education Day Rally and Collegiate Legislature. This event was held on March 2, 2006. This year Jacksonville State University had an outstanding turn out for this event and took 6 buses to the state capital. To date, this was the largest number of students ever to participate at the rally. The SGA executive officers worked diligently with the administrators at JSU on planning this event and it was a huge success. Collegiate Legislature events kicked off later that day and concluded on March 4, with an awards luncheon. Jacksonville State University once again came out in the winner’s category at this event.


The following JSU students were elected for office:


Amanda Tucker, former House Clerk was elected Conference Coordinator for 2007

Tremaine Kelley elected House Chaplain

Kenn Catoe elected Senate Sgt. at Arms

Evan Jackson elected Senate Pro-Tempore


Greek Life


As a community, all three councils have decided to implement one meeting per month where all chapters are allowed to share their calendars for the upcoming months.  They have coined this meeting the “Greek Senate.”  This meeting is held the last Wednesday of each month.  Also, we have begun planning our first Gamecock Greek Fest which will take place on May 13, 2006.  Gamecock Greek Fest is an event where we invite high school juniors and seniors along with students that have applied and been accepted to JSU for fall 06 to come to campus and preview our Greek system.  That day we will host activities centered around Greek life on campus. 


Panhellenic Council (PC) 


Spring 2006 has started off wonderfully within our Greek system.  Our Panhellenic women have more enthusiasm than ever.  This semester we are implementing our recruitment team to visit high schools to give juniors and seniors information on JSU and going Greek!  Also, we’ve had professional sales training with our 2006 recruitment counselors (Gamma Rho Chi’s).  Sorority visibility has been an issue with our sorority women.  So we’ve decided that during JSU recruiting endeavors, we’ve partnered with university housing to have 5 sorority women at check points during housing campus tours to pass our water bottles to prospective students and their families.  On March 30 – April 1, 2006 Panhellenic executive officers as well as our 5 Panhellenic delegates (representatives from each chapter) will travel to Atlanta, Georgia for the Southeastern Panhellenic Association meeting. SEPA is centered on developing our young women into affluent leaders here in our Greek community.  Here they will be able to network with other sorority women throughout the southeast. 


Interfraternity Council (IFC) 


The Interfraternity Council (IFC) recently was recognized at this years Southeastern Interfraternity Conference (SEIFC) for “Excellence in Interfraternal Relations” as well has gaining several honorable mentions (campus and community relations, risk management and judicial procedures, & outstanding publication). Also, Mardracus Russell, IFC Public Relations & Scholarship Officer was elected into a regional position on the SEIFC board (Area III Vice President)  Mardracus will represent (Alabama, Louisiana, & Mississippi) on the SEIFC board. Also, Terry Casey was confirmed as the Associate Executive Director for SEIFC.  Terry served as Assistant Executive Director for the past 6 years. IFC is planning the Formal Recruitment for fall 06 which will be held during the week of September 18.      


National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)


National Pan-Hellenic Council has transitioned their Greek forum into a “Greek Premiere.”  This event is geared towards the students participating in a mixer to learn more information regarding our 7 groups within this aspect of the Greek community.  Also, the council is sponsoring a delegation of 3 to the National Black Greek Leadership Conference on April 20-23, 2006.  This will be an opportunity for the 3 Greek leaders to network with students on other campuses as well as gain some applicable leadership development.  This semester the council has developed several mechanisms to hold our members accountable for their actions (positive and negative).  They have implemented a council wide mandate that all affiliate chapters must maintain a 2.4 GPA to be considered an active chapter.  The idea is to motivate our chapters to strive for a higher academic standard.  In the future we are planning to make it mandatory for students to attend the Greek Premiere in order for student to petition for membership into one of the seven organizations here on campus.  This way, one will know the core values of not only the NPHC, but all of the host organizations as well.




The Orientation Staff selected 14 outstanding students to be Gamecock Orientation (GO!) Leaders for 2006.  The students chosen for this year’s team are:  Dana Roberts, Matt Morgan, Raynard Cargill, Summer Watts, Krystle Bell, John Worthington, Janele Sharp, Jessica Firestone, Ashley Canham, Angela Icolano, Ashlie Holland, Lucas Hackney, Moody Duff, and Valencia Cantrell.  These students have already started making preparation for an exciting year which will welcome back former Peer Counselor for a reunion in August.  The students chose this year’s theme to be “I Love Jax State,” the back drop will be center around New Your City.


The Gamecock Orientation program for 2006 is now under way.  The new 2006 GO! Leaders and GO! Advisors were chosen on January 20, 2006 and were honored by JSU’s President at his home on February 3rd. 


The new Orientation Team started work right away February 18th and March 11th when they helped JSU conduct its Spring Preview Days, which were a big success. A few changes were made were made to the March 11th Preview Day which made things run much smoother. Instead of having a General Session in Leon Cole Auditorium, the students and parents were separated immediately after the browse session in Stevenson Hall. The parents were taken to the TMB Auditorium and were presented with a Parent Session where they were given helpful information to use while their student is at JSU. The students were taken to Ayers Hall where they were assigned a GO! Leader and GO! Advisor. The GO! Leaders presented the students with a Student Service Report that will help their transition to college. After the Student Service Report, the GO! Advisors advised and registered the students for Fall 2006 classes.


At the annual GO! Leader Retreat held in Guntersville, AL on March 3rd - March 5th, the GO! Team got to know one another and learned more about their responsibilities as a GO! Leader. The weekend was full of fun and games, but it was also a lot hard work as the GO! Team began planning Gamecock Orientation 2006. We are proud to announce that the theme for Gamecock Orientation 2006 is “New York”.


Over the next few months, Coordinators Dana Roberts and Matt Morgan will expand on this theme and begin to plan the Opening Session for Orientation 2006. The GO! Team will continue to work this semester in preparation for the summer.


Department of University Housing and Residence Life


Occupancy Report:


Please see the attached occupancy report for Spring 2006.

The re-application process for current housing residents for the 2006-2007 academic year is scheduled for February 27-March 31. As of March 15, 2006, the occupancy percentage is 47% in the halls and 24% in the apartments.


Staff Report:


We are currently interviewing for 52 Resident Assistant (RA) positions for 2006-2007; 67 applications were received (28 returning Resident Assistants and 39 new applicants). 


Facilities Report:


Sparkman Hall will be continuous housing and accommodate both females and males.


Fitzpatrick Hall and Daugette Hall will no longer be continuous housing.


Daugette Hall will only house students if there is no availability in the other halls.


Curtiss Hall will open fall 2006 and will be a sorority hall.  All sororities currently located in Sparkman will relocate to Curtiss.


Summer Projects:


Sparkman Hall:

Paint interior rooms

Replace baseboards

Replace outlets and cover plates

Remove wall lighting


College Apartments:

Replace carpet w/VCT

Replace windows


Curtiss Hall:

Paint entire interior

Replace ceiling tile

Replace fire alarm system

Replace HVAC piping

Basement renovation


Logan Hall:

Replace mattresses


Patterson Hall:

Replace mattresses


Fitzpatrick Hall:

Replace lobby furniture

Replace TV lounge furniture

Replace study lounge furniture


Program Report:


Programming Dimension: LEARN (Life Skills, Education, Awareness, Responsibility, and Needs).


Program Title: Super Bowl Extravaganza (15)

Residents were invited to join in watching the Super Bowl in the residence hall lobby and enjoy refreshments.


Program Title: Make Valentine Cards (11)

Residents made and delivered Valentine cards to nursing home residents.


Program Title: Come Learn About Montenegro (4)

Residents were informed of the culture and tradition of Montenegro with residents of the International House.


Program Title: Big Brothers & Big Sisters Get Involved! (12)

Guest speaker from Big Brothers & Big Sisters gave a presentation to spur interest with the residents.


Program Title: Lets Be Safe!! (14)

Residents were invited to the program of the topic of Safe Sex.


Residence Hall Association (RHA) Report:


RHA Fundraiser “Valentine Grams” was held in the TMB.  RHA sold V-Grams to 188 students and staff members.


RHA meetings are held every Wednesday from 6pm-7:30pm in the Round House.


RHA president was elected as the ALURH Director for the upcoming year.


RHA continues to amend their constitution.


The Advisor is currently working amending RHA Executive Branch expectations and duties.


The RHA office is located in the basement of Fitzpatrick Hall.






# of Residents


Spring 2006











































































# of Residents


Spring 2006


Campus Inn (Eff)







Campus Inn (1Bd)














Jax (1Bd)







Jax (2Bd)














Penn House






































# of Residents


Spring 2006


All Houses














Specialty Houses



# of Residents


Spring 2006


International House







Panhellenic House






























Total Capacity

# of Residents


Spring 2006









Spring 2006 Occupancy Report:  (March 1, 2006)



Disability Support Services


Disability Support Services is currently serving 220 students which include:

ADD               21                                                        LD                   57

AD/HD           21                                                        MEDICAL      68

BLIND              2                                                        MS                    2

CP                    6                                                       ORTH                5

DEAF               6                                                       TBI                     3

HOH               17                                                        VI                    12


$329,000 has been authorized for 153 DSS students registered with ADRS.


55 exams per proctored between January and March.  17 were brailed.


In February the CMP library ranked 4 out of 29 in total transactions.  This is a grant for captioned media.


DSS staff presented/attended 20 different events January – March.  Listed below are selected programs.



Mr. Daniel L. Miller was invited to present at the A.E.A. Postsecondary Conference at the BJCC – January 4


Mrs. Linda Turner was invited to present at Council of Organizations Serving Deaf Alabamians (COSDA) in Montgomery – January 19.



Mrs. Linda Turner was one of two people selected in the Southeast to attend special training of Assistive Listening Devices for Head of Hearing in Portland, OR.  All expenses were paid through a federal grant. – February 8-10.



Mrs. Cindy Camp was requested to provide an assessment of support services to deaf/hard of hearing students at Georgia Highlands College, formerly Floyd College in Rome, GA – March 6.


Mr. Adam D. Green was invited to participate in a think tank.  The topic was writing appropriate documentation guidelines. – March 16.


Mr. Dean Evans, Mrs. Sarah Eiland, and Mrs. Cindy Camp were selected to present at the Southern Regional Conference/Georgia AHEAD 2006.  Mr. Evans’ presentation is titled “From Collision to Collaboration: VR and DSS Developing a Team Approach to Comprehensive Service Provision”.  Mrs. Sarah Eiland’s presentation is titled “Positive Connections:  Working together to prepare well in advance” Mr. Daniel L. Miller will also attend this conference in Atlanta, GA – March 29-31.


Future Plans

Mr. Daniel L. Miller, Mr. Dean Evans, Mrs. Jennifer Yocum, Mrs. Sarah Eiland, Mrs. April Prater, Miss Katerri Krebs, and Mrs. Cindy Camp will be attending the Annual Postsecondary Education Programs Network, PEPNet, in Louisville, KY – April 5-8.


The State Department of Education has invited and will support Mr. Daniel L. Miller and Mrs. Linda Turner to present at the Annual MEGA Conference - July 9-14


Disability Support Services/Jacksonville State University has entered year five of five of the $40,000 federal grant through the Postsecondary Education Consortium house at The University of Tennessee.  There is every reason to believe that this program will be renewed at the end of this cycle.

Career Placement Services

27 students are currently participating in co-operative education

American Cast Iron and Pipe interviewed on campus and hired two students.

Ms. White met with the regional manager of Cintas International to establish a new partnership.

Ms. White and Ms. Turner provide orientation to the Education majors on February 17th.

Career Placement Services hosted its annual Education Fair on February 24th with 56 school systems from the Southeast region. Over 250 students participated.

90 students are registered for a Professional Business Etiquette meal on March 9th.

Career Placement Services of Jacksonville State University will host its Annual Professional Connection Interview Day on April 6, 2006. This event will  provide JSU’s graduates and alumni the opportunity to experience multiple interviews with the many participating businesses and agencies. The Professional Connection Interview Day will be held in Stephenson Hall.

Anniston Army Depot currently has 7 undergraduate co-ops and 6 graduate co-ops.

Ms. White sees an average of 75 students a month for resume help and job strategies.

Office of Admissions

The Office of Admissions is pleased to announce that spring preview days were a great success.  215 students registered in February and 225 registered in March for a total of 440 new students registered for the 2006 fall semester. This is the third highest total since the beginning of registration at preview days in 1995.  A chart has been provided with comparison numbers from 1997-2006.

We are also pleased to announce that the fall application and acceptance numbers are among the highest in a fifteen year period.  The current applied and accepted freshman numbers are the highest with the exception of 2005.  The current applied and accepted transfer numbers are the highest with the exception of 2004.  A chart titled “Fall Application Count” dated March 29, 2006 has been provided with comparison numbers from 1993-2006.






























































































































Grand Totals


















































































March 29, 2006

































































































































































































































































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