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10 February 2006

JSU Student Ready to Help
on a National Level

David Drummond

When David Drummond went to The BACCHUS Network National Convention in November 2005, he did not have plans to seek an elected position of any kindólet alone a seat on the Student Advisory Committee.

"I wanted to represent the JSU Peer Educators to the best of my ability," David said.

The JSU Peer Educators are part of the international organization, The BACCHUS Network. For 30 years The BACCHUS Network has devoted itself to promoting healthy and safe lifestyle decisions on college campuses throughout the world. The BACCHUS Network is organized into 12 areas in the United States. One student is elected from each area to serve a one-year term.

The student leaders of The BACCHUS Network are peer educators selected by their peers at the General Assembly each year. One student is selected to serve as the Student Advisory Committee (SAC) member for each of the twelve regional areas, and two students are selected as Student Trustees.

Drummond, a junior majoring in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Forensics, will be serving Area 8 which includes Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

"As the Area 8 Student Advisory Committee member, I am here to facilitate connections to help campus affiliates get the most out of BACCHUS," Drummond said.

David has already started some of his new dutiesóworking on the area conference and completing his first Area 8 newsletter. He will be formerly recognized at a meeting in Americus, GA, next weekend.

Fred Mays, a counselor at JSU and a JSU Peer Educator Advisor said, "David is a hard worker and very dependable. I believe he will serve Area 8 well, and be a fine representative for JSU."

Drummond will be responsible for disseminating information to the 26 affiliates at colleges and universities in his area. He will undergo training this summer in Denver and later in the year in Anaheim, CA.

"I've never flown before. It will be an experience," Drummond said.

The Jacksonville State University Peer Educators have been recognized by the Bacchus Network for the last three years as Area 8óOutstanding Program of the Year and recently were recognized with six other universities for their impaired driving programs. David Drummond is the first JSU Peer Educator to serve on the Student Advisory Committee.

To learn more about the Peer Educators, visit their Web site: JSU's Peer Educators.

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