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25 January 2006

Surplus Property in Curtiss Hall Available for University Use

Don Richardson, Inventory Manager, announces the availability of surplus property for University use only, not personal. Mr. Richardson reports there are many chairs, several desks, some bookcases and several tables scattered throughout Curtiss Hall.

If your office or department chooses to secure any of this surplus property, simply send someone over to view this property at Curtiss Hall. Property labeled "McClellan" and "Housing" as well as dorm furniture denotes items already designated for specific offices and not available for selection. Items not labeled or labeled "Surplus" are considered as "free picking" ones available to be claimed for University use.

Upon making your selection, label the item(s) and make arrangements for moving the item(s) to the specific University location.

Contact Don Richardson, Inventory Control (INVT) - JSU Warehouse, Ext. 5448 or send e-mail to to let him know your selection(s).

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