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Photo Feature By Sharlet Keilman

In the Nick of Time

Sharlet Keilman shared these photos along with the following information: "This picture was of my daughter, Ryann Ashley Johns, standing in front of the huge tree that fell over the weekend by the art annex. The day before I had this idea to walk up the street from where we live and take pictures of my children in front of the beautiful trees that are in the lot next to the art building. The very first picture I took was of my daughter in front of the big tree that fell. I thought it interesting that it completely uprooted and fell the next day due to high winds. The beautiful vines wrapped around the tree assumingly robbed the tree of it's life. I am glad we went. I might have been upset the next day if I had not gone. You see, the day we went, my husband could not understand why I wanted to go so bad. It was nearly dark and about to down pour. It just seemed like the right time. The second picture is of my daughter in front of the tree just adjacent to the other tree."


All photos copyrighted by the photographer. Please contact Sharlet Keilman for permission for commercial use.

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