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Testing Christmas Decorations

Many have been asking about the star that was positioned recently in front of the observation deck of the Houston Cole Library. Workers are testing a prototype of a Christmas decoration (15-feet from top to bottom) to ensure proper fit and operation. The star will be removed after the test; the next opportunity for viewing will be during the campus lighting ceremony this coming Christmas. The university is planning to place stars on the south and west sides for 2005, and a decision will be made about the other two sides in the future. Officials say the north and east sides would have limited visibility. Each star will have 20 incandescent light fixtures that each hold two bulbs -- 40 lights in all for each ornament. The frame is made of wood, painted white, and held firmly in place with eye bolts and aircraft cable (for strength against the strong wind at the top of the building). The stars were designed by university carpenters and electricians, who are constructing the units with funds from the department's existing budget for seasonal lighting. (Al Harris Photo)


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