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Photo Feature submitted by Major John Nolan

Gamecock Banner Photographed in Saddam's Palace

Manuela Woodruff writes, "I received this picture from Major (John) Nolan a couple of weeks ago. He used to teach at our ROTC and is now in Iraq. Could you put it on the newsletter? I think our students and staff might enjoy this picture. This is what he wrote with picture: 'I went into one of Saddam Husseinís Palaces today and walked into COL Barker from the 143rd Transportation Command and 7th Group LNO. His daughter Megan played soccer for Jacksonville State University, and I was an instructor there, so we decided to take a picture of the JSU banner that I brought with me in front of Saddamís throne and the big tea pot next to it. The picture of the writing in Arabic is gold.'"


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