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23 April 2005

Photo Feature By Al Harris

Introducing Ariel

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Renee Morrison, coordinator of Jacksonville State University's Little River Canyon Field School, introduced the field school's Harris' hawk, Ariel, to about 20 youngsters Saturday morning during a special presentation at Hobson City's Kids Into Nature program, which is funded in part by Legacy, Inc. Mrs. Morrison, who holds a federal permit to use birds of prey in educational programs, says Ariel will be visiting many other groups in the field school's corridor, which is "from the deepest canyon to the highest mountain in Alabama."

A youngster tries out a bird call as he listens to Mrs. Morrison present interesting facts about raptors.

Mrs. Morrison shows the children a talon and explains how powerful raptors are -- and why handlers need to use leather gloves.

Ariel came "on stage" wearing her hood, which helps helps her remain calm.

Children carefully pet Ariel under the watchful eyes of Mrs. Morrison and Chris Raney, Field School assistant.

Stretching out a measured ribbon to get an idea of a raptor's possible wingspan.

Experimenting with another bird call.

Learning how to identify birds.

Want to meet Ariel? To find out more, call Mrs. Morrison at 782-5697.


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