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20 June 2005

Spirit Roster Announced

By Sherry Kughn
JSU News Bureau

The thrilling sounds of brass instruments and drums will penetrate the air soon as Drum and Bugle Corps International competitions begin in late June. Fortunately, Alabama has its own drum and bugle corps, Spirit from Jacksonville State University, which competes among the nation’s best. They will head out on their summer tour June 22. Below is a list of those chosen for membership, their instruments, sections, and hometowns.

Members consider themselves lucky to be a part of this great American art form. They tryout for Spirit from JSU in November of each year and must travel to JSU once or twice a month for practices. In June, members live at JSU and practice day and night for three weeks before heading out on tour. During tryouts, about 300 try out for each of the 135 places.

“Those who are chosen each year are so excited,” said Ken Bodiford, the corps director. “They are the best musicians from high schools and colleges throughout the United States, and we have had members come from as far away as California, Texas, and New York. They all love taking part in this exciting phenomenon.”

Members of Spirit from JSU, who are between the ages of 16 and 21, sleep on gymnasium floors during the rigorous two-month tour. They are usually in a different city each day and must perform 4-6 times per week.

Watching the performance of a drum and bugle corps is entrancing,” said Mr. Bodiford. “Most fans love the performances so much that they remember the first time they saw a drum and bugle corps. The sight of so many students marching in precision with their colorful uniforms and the rich sounds gets you hooked.”

Spirit from JSU performs before about 600,000 fans each season.






Fairhope:  Brooke Dailey, Guard.


Spanish Fort:  Angela Palumbo, Percussion, Snare. 




Alexandria:  Alan Schmiedl, Brass Contra.


Jacksonville:  Chris Ozley, Percussion, Tenors. 



Jemison:  Bradley Pate, Percussion, Bass. 




Hanceville:  Kristin Connell, Guard. 




Geraldine:  Lauren Lingerfelt, Brass, Contra. 


Henagar:  Joseph Allen, Guard. 




Birmingham:  Meghan Blalock, Guard; Aaron Gertler, Brass, Mellophone; Andrew Lee, Percussion, Tenors; Drew Morton, Brass, Baritone; Daniel Price, Brass, Trumpet.


Pleasant Grove:  Andy Reeves, Brass, Contra.

Trussville:  Robert Adams, Percussion, Snare; Stan Renda, Brass, Contra.




Huntsville:  Drew Balance, Brass, Mellophone; Brent Harrison, Brass, Mellophone; Frank James, Brass, Baritone; Ben Weed, Drum Major. 


Mobile:  Jennifer Reynolds, Guard; Kevin Whittington, Guard. 




Montgomery:  Russell Carroll, Brass, Contra. 

Pike Road:  Nathan Fuller, Brass, Mellophone.




Moulton:  Heath Steele, Brass, Baritone.        




Reform:  Josh Walker, Brass, Mellophone.




Wilsonville:  Jesse Skelton, Brass, Trumpet.


ST. CLAIR             


Odenville:  Matt Atkinson, Guard.




Jasper:  Jerry Kelley, Guard; Zack O'Bryant, Percussion, Bass.




Chatom:  Brad Parnell, Brass, Trumpet. 




Dadeville:  Emma Cahill, Brass, Trumpet.





San Jose:  Kathryn Linder, Guard. 




Norwalk:  Austin Avery, Brass, Baritone. 




Boca Raton:  Jose Guimaraes, Brass; Justin Tanacredi, Brass, Mellophone.


Frostproof:  Clinton Hodge, Percussion, Tenors. 


Jacksonville:  Jennifer Miles, Brass, Trumpet.


Jay:  Mamie Spurlock, Guard.


Lake City:  Ginnine Morse, Guard.


Lake Wales:  Autumn Hassell, Brass, Mellophone.


Miami:  Raul Perez, Brass; Daniel Sanchez, Brass.


Oldsmar:  Bryan Sintos, Brass, Trumpet.


Orange Park:  Angelina Thomas, Guard.


Orlando:  Kassi Gulliford, Brass, Baritone.


Pensacola:  Elanders Frazier, Percussion, Snare.


Sarasota:  Brandon Dodge, Percussion, Pit.


Wauchula:  Carla Shayman, Guard.




Acworth:  Patrick Duncan, Brass, Trumpet; Kyle Turner, Percussion, Bass.


Atlanta:  Bryan Cochran, Brass, Trumpet.


Buford:  Samantha Blahut, Guard.


Carrollton:  Melanie Carter, Brass, Mellophone; William Chesser, Guard. 


Clarkesville:  Grayson Lawrence, Drum  Major. 


Cumming:  Kayla Mashburn, Percussion, Pit; Joel Rabanal, Brass, Baritone;  Claire Smith, Percussion, Pit.


Douglasville:  Brandon Degroff, Brass, Trumpet; Josh Jordan, Brass, Trumpet; Andrew Lightner, Percussion, Snare.


Fayetteville:   Kehri Magalad, Percussion, Pit.


Jonesboro:  Merrell Holmes, Guard.


Kennesaw:  Patricia Mantooth, Guard; Jimmy O'Neill, Percussion, Bass.


Lawrenceville:  Adam Swan, Brass, Baritone.


Lithia Springs:  Jaime Bass, Guard; Ethan Chandler, Percussion, Pit.


Marietta:  Peter Abbott, Brass, Baritone; Christina Aycock, Guard; Lauren Aycock, Guard; Marissa Hunt, Guard; Michael Wentworth, Percussion, Bass.


Moreland:  Katie Moore, Guard.


Newnan:  Zack Kent, Brass, Contra.


Oxford:  Joshua Stiles, Percussion, Tenors.

Powder Springs:  Brian Kinnett, Drum Major; Terry Wilson, Brass, Baritone.


Rockmart:  Matt Owen, Brass, Contra; Robbie Owen, Brass, Contra.


Rome:  Adam Roebuck, Percussion, Tenors; Brandon Rucker, Brass, Trumpet. 


Roswell:  Jill Albertson, Guard. 


Rowe:  Lee Reeves, Brass, Baritone.  (Rome?)


Sharpsburg:  Jonathan Boyd, Brass, Baritone; Jonathan Findley, Brass, Baritone. 


Smyrna:  Caity Jimenez, Percussion, Bass.


Sugar Hill:  Phillip Morgan, Percussion, Pit.


Suwanee:  Allison Staples, Guard.


Temple:  Brad Emory, Brass, Contra; Clark Hunt, Brass, Trumpet; Micky Summerville, Brass, Trumpet.


Villa Rica:  Adam Green, Brass, Trumpet; Nathan Prather, Brass, Baritone.


Warner Robins:  Eric Jackson, Percussion, Snare; Stephen Leotis, Percussion, Snare; Kevan Pena, Brass, Contra.




Lexington:  Adam Kindler, Percussion, Pit; Caryn Lasley, Guard. 


Winchester:  Jessica Dussex, Brass, Mellophone.




Abbeville:  Justin Gautreaux, Brass, Baritone.


Crowley:  Brandon Lejeune, Percussion, Pit.


Erath:  Tim Darbonne, Brass, Contra.


LaFayette:  Miguel Gonzalez, Brass, Trumpet; Brad Webb, Percussion, Pit. 


New Iberia:  Nicholas Broussard, Brass, Mellophone; Jordy Saravia, Percussion, Snare.


Thibodaux:  Lacey Bourgeois, Guard.




Gulfport:  Shane Cordray, Brass, Baritone.


Long Beach:  Thomas Finch, Brass. Trumpet; Len Jenkins, Brass, Trumpet. 


Morton:  Jose Rodriguez. Guard.


Ponotoc:  Wesley Hayes, Brass, Baritone; Amber Morgan, Guard.




Advance:  B. J. Noa, Brass, Baritone.


Bryson City:  Kody Reeves, Percussion, Bass.




Howes Cave:  Janette LaBarre, Brass, Mellophone.


Medina:  Aaron Hurt Brass, Baritone.




Cincinnati:  Justine Fugate. Guard.




Chattanooga:  Aimie Long, Guard.


Cleveland:  Caitlen Parish, Guard.


Franklin:  Jacob Anderson, Brass, Mellophone.


Lebanon:  Lindsey Murphy, Brass, Baritone; Velvet Rogers, Guard.


Murfreesboro:  Lee Hamric, Brass, Trumpet; Steve Hamric, Percussion, Pit;

Robin Winkler, Guard.

Watertown:  Aaron Christenbury, Brass, Baritone.



Richardson:  Stephanie Pettus, Guard.

San Antonio:  Joe Pabon, Percussion, Pit.




Hampton:  Ben Faircloth, Percussion, Tenors.





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