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26 April 2005

Kris Rosser Receives Judo Award

By Randy Wilson
JSU News Bureau

The Judo Club of Jacksonville State University announced that one of their own, Kristopher Rosser, was recognized by United States Judo Association as the Most Outstanding Senior Competitor for the State of Alabama. This is a national award given by each state affiliate. Rosser had to win a combination of several tournaments across the south to earn the award. Rosser competes in the welterweight division (155-180 lbs), which includes 20 competitors from Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi.

"Winning this award was outstanding," said Rosser "But a lot of the credit should go to my teammates and to my coach. I couldn't have done it without them."

Dr. Larry Beard, coach and JSU faculty sponsor of the JSU Judo Club, said, "Kristopher is a talented young man. He truly has a passion for this sport."

Judo was first founded by Prof. Jigoro Kano of Japan in 1882. Judo is derived from Jujitsu. Jujitsu is an art for either attacking others or defending oneself with nothing but one's own body. Judo became an official event in the Olympic Games of 1964.

"You have to have a true love for this sport to participate in the tournaments since you win very little prize money competing." said Rosser "It is very athletic and also very rough."

Dr. Beard said, "It goes beyond being dedicated for Kris. He lives, breathes, and eats Judo.  It is a pleasure being his coach."

According to Rosser, the current president of the JSU Judo Club, the club was founded more than two years ago. The club accepts members from the JSU student body as well as from the faculty and staff regardless of experience. Black belts or beginners are accepted. The only requirement is to have a willingness to learn. For more information about the JSU Judo Club, please contact Dr. Larry Beard at

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