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27 April 2005

Magical Season Finale: Frog Pond Adventure

Imagine a dark swampy forest underneath a vast nighttime sky. Lightning bugs dance with their illuminated pond reflections. Thousands of frog voices fill the air. A small crowd gathers on the boardwalk...mesmerized as a jolly man stands knee-deep in muck, headlamp shining down on a handful of spring peepers. Reach out and feel the little critter's sticky toe pads: this is cool stuff!

The Frog Pond Adventure is one of our most popular events of the year. Join the one-and-only, “Dr. Frog” George Cline, for an unforgettable evening that will take you back to those magical childhood times of butterfly nets and mason jars full of creepy crawlies. This is definitely an enchanted family-friendly hands-on learning experience!!

For more information on JSU’s Frog Pond, visit our website at

  • Date of Event: 05/07/05
  • Time of Event: 8:00 p.m.
  • Location of Event: JSU Frog Pond (White Plains, AL)
  • Admission Charge: $5 adult / $1 child
For more information contact Renee Morrison, LRCFS, at 782-5697 or

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