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12 April 2005

JSUís Conroy Interviewed by NPRís ďTalk of the NationĒ

As the military restructures, communities around the country once again face the disruptive threat of base closings. Last week, National Public Radioís Talk of the Nation, looked at how towns are fighting to keep their bases -- and how life has changed in places that lost that battle.

The April 5th guests included Beverly Johnson, Mayor of Alameda, California, George Cahlink, staff correspondent from Government Executive magazine who covers the Pentagon, and Pete Conroy, Director of the Environmental Policy and Information Center at Jacksonville State University. Conroy was selected by NPR because of his current role as a member of the former Fort McClellanís local re-use authority.

Talk of the Nation is heard by millions of American weekly and is known for its exchange of ideas and opinions on the issues that dominate the news landscape. From politics and public service to education, religion, music and healthcare, Talk of the Nation offers call-in listeners the opportunity to join discussions with decision-makers, authors, academicians and artists from around the world. The show is hosted by Neal Conan, who has had a long involvement with NPR as reporter and editor for NPR News, anchor for NPR live events coverage, and host of NPR's Weekly Edition. His broadcasts are often marked by their clarity, accuracy and eloquence.

The broadcast including JSUís Conroy can be heard through the following link:

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