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Safety Tips for Spring Break

14 March 2005 — UPD would like to remind everyone to “Buckle Up” during Spring Break and if you plan to drink, always use a designated driver.

Here are a few safety tips to remember while you are on break.  Spring Break is usually a time for fun, but because of past disasters in nightclubs and individual incidents, we are urging students to take to take a few minutes and think about the importance of personal safety. Please take a moment to read the suggestions below, as they could save your life.


Make sure you are either in possession of or track your baggage and personal belongings at all times.

Make sure someone at home has a copy of your travel itinerary.


If you're attending a ticketed event, like a concert or game, make sure someone at home has basic details such as where you are seated, who you are with and what time you plan to return. If any incident does occur, they'll know how to locate you to be sure you're ok.

Don't plan on going to a crowded event alone. You should always have at least one other person looking out for you. A helping hand in a crowd crush can mean the difference between life and death if you've fallen or become injured.

Always have your ID, any special medical information, and a cell phone.


When you get to the venue, keep track of where the exits are located. In an emergency, the closest exit might not always be the best one to use.

Watch your drink; don’t accept a drink from a stranger. If you need to use the restroom, have your friend watch your drink, take it with you, or order a new drink when you return.

Know your limits. Do not drink to the point you are unable to understand what is happening to you. Have a designated driver.

Don’t accept rides from strangers. Rapists and killers can be sweet, charming, and helpful and appear concerned for your safety while they are setting you up to get you alone.

If something happens to you, seek help immediately.

Have a safe and secure 2005 Spring Break!

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