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UAB Awards Doctoral Scholarship to IH Student

JSU International House student Alexander Zotov, left, with Dr. John Ketterer, director of the IH Program.

By Randy Wilson
JSU News Bureau

2 March 2005 — Jacksonville State University International House student Alexander Zotov, a native of Tula, Russia, will pursue a doctorate in neuroscience at the University of Alabama at Birmingham on a scholarship from UAB.

Mr. Zotov will be studying and conducting research into the structure, function, and disorders of the brain and nervous system. The five-year scholarship includes tuition, health insurance, and an annual stipend.

“This scholarship means the world to me,” said Mr. Zotov. “I can continue to follow my dreams and live up to family expectations.”

Mr. Zotov's mother is a high school principal, his brother is a university professor in micromechanics, and both maternal grandparents are teachers.

“We were a little concerned about Alexander when he first arrived,” said Dr. John Ketterer, director of the International House. “He was a frightened adolescent who spoke very little English.”

Mr. Zotov enrolled at JSU in 2001 at the age of 18 when he arrived from Tula, a town just south of Moscow. He came to JSU specifically to join the IH program, which began in 1946 with five students from France.

Zotov became a member of the IH family of forty students—twenty American students and twenty international students. IH students are chosen through a competitive process, and only the most qualified are selected. Each international student selected receives a scholarship for one year. Exceptional students may be offered an additional one-year scholarship.

“I attribute a lot of my success to the IH program and my fellow students,” said Mr. Zotov.  “I saw how dedicated, committed, and driven to succeed the other students are, and that motivated me.”

According to Dr. Ketterer, “Now he is a self-confident and competent young man. He has achieved success at the highest level at JSU through hard work and dedication.”

After his studies at UAB, Mr. Zotov plans on combining his skills in microcomputers and neuroscience with his bother's skills in micromechanics to develop innovative ways of helping people.

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