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“Arrive Alive in 2005” Campaign Successful

President Bill Meehan poses with the 2004-2005 Peer Educators, who conducted the Arrive Alive in 2005 campaign.

9 February 2005 — The Arrive Alive in 2005 safety campaign was a huge success, according to Peer Educators.  

Some 2,200 JSU students signed pledge cards in connection with the following five points:

  1. Don’t Drink and Drive
  2. Buckle Up
  3. Drive Defensively
  4. Check Your Emotional Health
  5. Reach Out to Others

Approximately 50 posters were placed around campus.  Six large banners were placed near entrances of several campus buildings.  A campaign Web site was coordinated by Peer Educator Amara Chekwa.  Other Peer Educators set up and manned a table to get pledges and hand out “Guardian Angel” cards, which are personal alcohol tests.  The cards measure blood alcohol levels instantly.

Apparently, no JSU student died on the road this past holiday break. 

The 2004-2005 Peer Educators who did the campaign work are:

Krystal Aaron                         Crystal Higgins

Mary Blackwell                       Diangelo Perry

Amara Chekwa                      Brian Smith

Rachel Cleveland                   Kajuna Washington

Melissa Criswell                     Megan Willerson

Ashley Cromer                       Amber Woodruff

Beth Green                             Leah Goggans

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