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Legislative Update from HEP

2 February 2005 The following summarizes the view of the 2005 legislative session as stated by the Higher Education Partnership:

  • On the issue of the 2005 Education Trust Fund budget, the Partnership maintains a consistent position that this should be The Year for Higher Education. The 2005 ETF appropriation requests are threefold:

    1. Start with the previous year's appropriations as a base,

    2. Fund the mandates to cover the retirement contribution for current employees and the PEEHIP contribution for retirees, and
    3. Provide sufficient funding to allow university employees the same percentage compensation increase as other education employees.

  • On the unfunded mandates of the past, the Partnership encourages the legislature to "make things right" by providing the funding that was not provided in the previous year.

  • On the issue of accountability, the Partnership and its members commend the universities for their current levels of efficiency. However, if additional steps can be taken that will strengthen the public's comfort level with university accountability, the Partnership is certainly willing to listen. The Partnership has always been supportive of accountability proposals as long as they make universities stronger.

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