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Spring 2005 NEAPA Class at New McClellan Academy

By Randy Wilson
JSU News Bureau

1 February 2005 - Fifty-four area men and women will enjoy the honor of becoming the first class to graduate from the new facilities of Northeast Alabama Police Academy at McClellan, which provides state-mandated training for Alabama peace officers.

The academy was formerly located in Brewer Hall on the main JSU campus. However, they recently moved into the new facilities in Fort McClellan's Building 3180.

  The academy provides critical physical fitness training as well as an academic instruction, it offers cadets a golden opportunity to succeed as newly recruited police officers.

The spring commencement ceremony will be on March 24 at 11:00 a.m. at the academy on McClellan.

  The following is a list of graduation candidates.

* Beard, Kenneth, Jr.-Shelby Co. Sheriff's Dept.

* Beck, Andrew-Greenville Police Dept. 

* Bennett, Carlos-Greenville Police Dept.

* Blackwood, Joseph-Blountsville Police Dept.

* Boyd, Alan-Tuscumbia Police Dept.

* Burleson, James-Decatur Police Dept.

* Caffee, Jeremy-Decatur Police Dept.

* Caldwell, Joshua-Anniston Police Dept.

* Coleman, Cedric-Irondale Police Dept.

* Colvard, Dewey-Gadsden Police Dept.

* Davis, Brent-Lanett Police Dept.

* Ervin, Clinton-Jacksonville Police Dept.

* Findley, Kenneth-Trussville Police Dept.

* Freeman, Jason-Talladega Police Dept.

* Garcia, Tashanna-Albertville Police Dept.

* Glenn, Kerry-Alabama Board of Pardons & Parole

* Green, Donald, Jr.-Alabama Board of Pardons & Parole

* Hammac, Douglas-Shelby Co. Sheriff's Office

* Hammons, Jamie-Decatur Police Dept.

* Harkins, Jonathan-Sheffield Police Dept.

* Holzer, John-Decatur Police Dept.

* Howell, Lawrence-Lee Co. Sheriff's Office

* Humphries, Dawson-Alabaster Police Dept.

* Husk, Joel-Anniston Police Dept.

* Johnson, Robert-Alabama Board of Pardons & Parole

* Johnson, Terry-Madison Police Dept.

* Jones, Stuarts-Shelby Co. Sheriff's Office

* Jordi, Michael-Bridgeport Police Dept.

* Keefover, Douglas-Talladega Police Dept.

* Lewis, Larry-Jackson Co. Sheriff's Office

* Marbut, Jonathan-Phil Campbell Police Dept.

* Mathews, Christopher-Lineville Police Dept.

* McGhee, Brain-Alabama Board of Pardons & Parole

* Miles, Jamar-Talladega Police Dept.

* Mitchell, Michael-Auburn Police Dept.

* Moore, Eric-Jackson Co. Sheriff's Office

* Mundy, Brandon-Talladega College Police Dept.

* Penny, Jeremy-Jacksonville Police Dept.

* Pinion, Timothy-Decatur Police Dept.

* Poellnitz, Lisabeth-Homewood Police Dept.

* Presscott, John-Shelby Co. Sheriff's Office

* Robertson, Adam-Auburn Police Dept.

* Smith, John-Ashland Police Dept.

* Smith, Michael-Alabama Board of Pardons & Parole

* Sutherlin, Rance-Decatur Police Dept.

* Thomasson, Chris-Cullman Police Dept.

* Tippett, Jonathon-Decatur Police Dept.

* Walker, Gregory-Steele Police Dept.

* Walton, Carey-Jacksonville Police Dept.

* Wilbanks, Christopher-Decatur Police Dept.

* Williams, Jerry-Attalla Police Dept.

* Williams, Michallee-Phoenix City Police Dept.

* Wyatt, Martis-Gadsden Police Dept.

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