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Order Parking Decals Online

11 January, 2005 — In an effort to better serve the campus community, the University Police Department has automated the procedure for purchasing parking decals.  The registration process is quick and easy.  Faculty, staff, and students must register online at .  Online registration is mandatory for all JSU faculty, staff, and students. Anyone wishing to apply for a handicap decal must register for their blue or red decal prior to applying for their JSU handicap decal at UPD.  

Student Procedures - Students will have 3 options of purchasing their parking decals.  Students must register for their parking decal through the Student Access System (SAS).  Students can have their student account charged, order by credit card or register their State Issued Jacksonville State University Tag (J-TAG).  Students must pick up their decals at the Theron Montgomery Building Auditorium.  A representative from UPD will be available at the Theron Montgomery Building Auditorium each day from 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m.  UPD will also have a representative available at the Theron Montgomery Building Auditorium from 4:30 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. on Wednesdays for convenience of students who are attending night classes.  Students must present a valid JSU ID when picking up their parking decal.  

Faculty & Staff Procedures - Faculty and staff must register their vehicle through the Faculty & Staff Access System (FAS).  Faculty and Staff will have 3 options for ordering parking decals.  They may use a credit card, authorize a one time payroll deduction, or receive a free decal by registering their Jacksonville State University Tag (J-TAG).  Faculty and staff will not have the option of ordering a faculty or staff decal in the form of a sticker.  Faculty and staff can register only 1 vehicle per decal.  Faculty and staff will be allowed to move their hang tag decal between vehicles.  Faculty and staff decals will be delivered through campus mail.  Faculty and staff who do not have access to a computer should take time to visit one of the computer labs on campus to insure that their vehicle registration is current.

The University Police will begin enforcing parking rules and regulations on Monday January 17th.    

If you need assistance registering for your decal at, please contact UPD at 256-782-5050.  If you have questions about JSU Parking Rules & Regulations, please visit the University Police Department online at

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