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Youth Leadership Calhoun County
Makes A Stop At JSU

By Sherry Kughn
News Bureau

March 17 --
More than two dozen participants from area high schools toured Jacksonville State University as part of their participation in the Youth Leadership Calhoun County on March 11.

Once each month the students visit key places and people within the county in an effort to learn more about leadership and responsible participation in the affairs of the community.

Director Lynda Aker said the JSU visit helped students learn about admissions and financial aid, environmental issues, career prospects, athletics, and student life.

"The students' evaluations rated the planetarium visit as the highlight of their day," said Aker.

The director of Continuing Education at JSU, Ann Wells, was this year's tour guide. She is a 2003 graduate of Leadership Calhoun County.

"The students were enthusiastic. Their evaluations said they learned things about JSU they never knew before, and a couple of students said they might decide to attend here because of the visit. Also, they loved eating in the dining hall," said Wells.

This year's YLCC class of 2004 is comprised of 33 students, representing public, private and home schools, who have been selected by their schools to participate in this program designed to prepare students for constructive leadership and participation in the affairs of the community.

Anniston High School: Janine Bates, Ashley Wilson

Alexandria High School: Jarrod Bundrum, Whitney Wright

Ohatchee High School: Jesse Clark, Jenna Kelley

Pleasant Valley High: Larry Atherton, Tiffany Tate

Saks High School: David Smith, Monquita Woods

Weaver High School: Lindsey Bender, Jessica Rose

Wellborn High School: Micah Junior, Katie Lane

White Plains High School: Zach Lee, Mykel Storey

Jacksonville High School: Casey Green, Carlin Tighe

Oxford High School: Whitney Clifton, Leland Hughes

Piedmont High School: Jonathan Gunnels, Lindsey Minton

Trinity Christian Academy: Erin Hutchins, Paul Niggl

Jacksonville Christian: Que'Anna Cole, Emory Pruitt

The Donoho School: Casey Calhoun, Rob Kay

Faith Christian School: Ben Bradbury, Lacee Nisbett

Sacred Heart Catholic: Lindsay Barton, Ben Williamson

Home School Program: Phillip Sides

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