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JSU Nursing Classes Not Listed in the Fall Class Schedule Book

June 22, 2004 -- This is an announcement regarding nursing classes which will be offered in Fall 2004 that are not in the JSU Fall Class Schedule Book. Students must be accepted in to upper division to take any of the following undergraduate classes; only MSN students or others approved by Dr. Beth Hembree may take NU 550.

  • NU 442 & 442G Transcultural Nursing and Healthcare (3SH): Elective in Nursing. An exploration of theoretical foundations for cultural diversity in health and illness, with emphasis in assessment and analysis of selected cultures as related to nursing and health care practices. This online course is appropriate for both undergraduate traditional & STEP students (442) and MSN students (442G)

  • NU 456 Population-/Based Health Care (9SH): Prerequisite: Acceptance to STEP Program. For RN students only. Course designed for the Registered Nurse to apply theoretical concepts related to primary, secondary, and tertiary care of families, aggregates, and populations. Emphasis is on the application of the nursing process and education for at-risk aggregates. Clinical experiences will be designed to meet the individual learning needs of the Registered Nurse student. STEP students in their 2nd semester should register for this required online course.

  • NU 550 Developing Instruction Programs in Collegiate Nursing Education (3SH). Development of curricular components for nursing instructional programs. Examines the relationships among philosophy, goals, and outcomes for various learning environments. This MSN course may be used as an elective or as a required component of the Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education.

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