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JSU Foundation Implements New Software

June 21, 2004 -- The JSU Foundation is currently implementing new software that will affect account managers in at least three ways:

First, new account numbers are being assigned. New numbers had to be assigned for reporting purposes. Part of these new account numbers will include the ability to allocate income and expenses based on the type of transaction. This is similar to the object codes used by JSU. It should help to keep track of income and expenses by type. The codes will be assigned by the JSU Foundation office and a simple list follows.

Account Codes:
    Other Revenue

    Printing and Publications
    Scholarships and support
    Other Expenses

Next, check requests need to be submitted with just one payee per request. We cannot process multiple vendors on the same form. The office can email or fax you a blank form if you would prefer to use it. Please call ext. 5306.

Finally, monthly statements that are sent to account managers will be different. The monthly report will continue to evolve as we learn to use the system and its capabilities.

Thank you for your patience during this time of transition. Transactions will take longer to process while we are in training and transitioning to the software. Please feel free to call Melanie Delap at ext. 5306 or stop by the Rock House if you have any questions or concerns.

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