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Annual Faculty Award Presentations

May 19, 2004 -- The annual Faculty Recognition reception was held May 17 in the Houston Cole Library. Honorees are cited below.

Donna Hey

Ms. Donna Hey, Department of Health, PE & Recreation, received the Earlon & Betty McWhorter Outstanding Teacher Award.

Dr. Howard Johnson receives award on behalf of Dr. Gregg
from Cleo and Carla Thomas

Dr. Kelly Gregg, Department of Physical and Earth Sciences, received the Cleo and Carla Thomas Award for Outstanding Community Education & Service.

Dr. Safaa Al-Hamdani

Dr. Safaa Al-Hamdani, Department of Biology, was named the Faculty Scholar Lecturer for the upcoming academic year.

Faculty members from the College of Arts and Sciences receiving research awards include Diana Cadwallader, Department of Art; Safaa Al-Hamdani, George Cline, Mijitaba Hamissou, James Rayburn, Department of Biology; Dean Buttram III, Richards P. Davis, Robert Evans, Ronald R. Mellen, Department of Criminal Justice; Gena Christopher, Carmine Di Biase, Joanne Gates, Gloria P. Horton, Teresa P. Reed, Lisa Williams, Department of English; Harvey H. Jackson, George M. Lauderbaugh, Department of History & Foreign Languages; David M. Neal, Institute for Emergency Preparedness; Jan Case, Guillermo A. Francia III, Srinivasarao Krishnaprasad, Edwin H. Smith, Department of Mathematics, Computing & Information Sciences; Wendy Channel, Myrtice Collins, James Roberts, Gail Steward, Department of Music; Miriam Helen Hill, Hunter B. Johnson, Al Nichols, James Sewastynowicz, David Steffy, Laura M. Weinkauf, Nouredine Zettili, Department of Physical & Earth Sciences; Mike Clayton, Claudia E. McDade, Department of Psychology; Mark Fagan, Clark D. Hudspeth, Maureen Newton, Donna Kerns Smith, Nancy Francisco Stewart, Department of Sociology & Social Work.

Faculty members from the College of Commerce and Business Administration receiving research awards include Ronnie Clayton, Ben Hardy, Angela H. Sandburg, Cynthia Sneed, John Sneed, Christopher Westley, Department of Finance, Economics & Accounting; Patricia Borstorff, Brent Cunningham, Mark Hearn, Department of Management & Marketing.

Faculty members from the College of Education and Professional Studies receiving research awards include Augustine Ihator, Department of Communication; Larry Beard, Rita Boydston, Elizabeth Engley, Slenda Haynes, Celia B. Hilber, Sue E. Hoppe, Nina M. King, Patricia K. Lowry, Judy Hale McCrary, Gena Riley, Jennifer C. Strain, Sandra Sudduth, Phyllis Taylor, Department of Curriculum & Instruction; Donna Herring, John J. Ketterer, J. Gordon Nelson, Charles E. Notar, Carol Uline, Jan Wilson, Sondra J. Yarbrough, Mike Zenanko, Department of Educational Resources; Debra K. Goodwin, Paula Napoli, Karen J. Nemeth, Tim Roberts, Department of Family & Consumer Sciences; John B. Hammett, Donna L. Hey, William T. Hey, Department of Health, PE & Recreation; Terry Marbut, Department of Technology & Engineering.

Faculty members from the College of Nursing and Health Sciences receiving research awards include Katie Brothers, Mylinda Brown, Jane Cash, Deborah L. Curry, Sherron DeWeese, Susan M. Di Biase, Carrie Elkins, Kim Gregg, Beth S. Hembree, Lynn Hillhouse, Monika Hossain, Sarah V. Latham, Christie Shelton, Mendy Wright.

Faculty members from the University Library receiving research awards include Paula Barnett-Ellis, John-Bauer Graham, Sonja McAbee, Jodi Poe, Kimberly C. Weatherford.

Nancy Mellen, Criminal Justice, and Sherri Restauri, Long Distance Learning, received research grants for adjunct faculty and administrative staff.

Faculty recipients of service awards receiving service pins for their years of service included Marilyn Bougere, Diana Cadwallader, Blanche Colley, Deborah Curry, Guillermo Francia, Judy McCrary, Gordon Nelson, Lynetta Owens, James Powe, Sandra Sudduth, Connie Williams, 10 Year Service Pins; Patricia Borstorff, Chi Chin Chao, LaJoyce Debro, Mark Hearn, Gloria Horton, Marilyn Johnson, Ronald Koss, Janet Smart, Julia Wooster, Marsha Zenanko, 15 Year Service Pins; Mary Bevis, Rufus Kinney, Aquilla Mims, 20 Year Service Pins; Floyd Kirby, Steve White, 25 Year Service Pins; Stephen Bitgood, Rodney Friery, Theodore Klimasewski, Martha Merrill, James Roberts, 30 Year Service Pins; Quinn Head, Phillip Koerper, 35 Year Service Pins; Peter Robinson, 40 Year Service Pin.

Faculty receiving promotions included George Cline, Professor; Guillermo Francia, Professor; Kingsley Harbor, Professor; William Hey, Professor; Sri Krishnaprasad, Professor; James Rayburn, Associate Professor; Tim Roberts, Associate Professor; David Steffy, Associate Professor; Gail Steward, Professor; Kim Weatherford, Associate Professor; Laura Weinkauf, Associate Professor; Janell Wilson, Professor; Nouredine Zettili, Professor.

Faculty attaining tenure included Shawn Carter, Kingsley Harbor, William Hey, Sri Krishnaprasad, Tom Leathrum, Legare McIntosh, James McIntyre, David Neal, Steve Nowlin, Brenda Phillips, James Rayburn, Gail Steward, Lawson Veasey, Kim Weatherford, Laura Weinkauf, Nouredine Zettili.

Faculty recognized for their retirement this year are Ralph Carmode and Jerry L. Smith.

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